You won’t believe how one popular Fox News host defended Joe Biden

In the past, Joe Biden has whined that he doesn’t receive fawning coverage like the rest of the corporate-controlled media provides.

Biden won’t have that complaint today.

And you won’t believe how one popular Fox News host defended Joe Biden.

During a speech at the White House, Biden’s cognitive decline was on full display for all the world to see.

Biden intended to announce a new plan to sanction Russian oligarchs, but instead he claimed America would now “accommodate” Russian oligarchs.

Biden then could not read the teleprompter in front of him, which described how Vladimir Putin’s Russia was a “kleptocracy.”

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton tweeted the clip of a confused Biden unable to form a complete sentence, writing that the video was “alarming.”

The corporate-controlled media sought to suppress any coverage of Biden’s clearly deteriorating mental faculties since he first announced his Presidential campaign.

Biden’s “senior moments” were ascribed to a childhood stutter that no one could remember being part of his political biography until the 2020 Presidential election.

But Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy defended Biden on the grounds that it was the teleprompter operator’s first day on the job.

“Apparently, yesterday was the first day for a new staff member at the White House,” Doocy said, adding that “because somebody put into his teleprompter a word that regarded the oligarchs that Joe Biden simply could not say, and so he laughed it off.”

That explanation does not hold water.

There is a litany of videos showing a rambling Biden losing his train of thought, forgetting what he was saying, and stumbling over his words.

The most recent example was Joe Biden confusing his decision to repeal Title 42 – the Trump-era border security measure – with a federal judge’s decision to repeal the transportation mask mandate.

Doocy’s on-air commentary has alarmed Fox News viewers for a while now.

Last year, Doocy was one of the loudest supporters of the coronavirus vaccine, and would often speak in favor of the jab when guests or co-hosts would attack schemes to force Americans to submit to taking the shot.

And now Steve Doocy is making excuses for an obviously cognitively impaired Joe Biden.

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