You need to see how Ben Carson just destroyed the biggest lie Democrats tell

Dr. Ben Carson had enough.

Democrats always look to gain power by misleading the American people.

And now you need to see how Ben Carson just destroyed the biggest lie Democrats tell.

Beginning with the Black Lives Matter insurrection in 2020, a sick lie became a mainstream Democrat Party talking point.

Leftists began attacking America as a systemically racist country, meaning that from the country’s founding all of the nation’s institutions are infused with white supremacy.

This lie forms the foundation of Critical Race Theory.

During an appearance on Brian Kilmeade’s Fox News radio show, Dr. Ben Carson called out leftists for these lies.

Carson ripped leftists who played the race card in an effort to force white people to feel guilty for racial sins they had no part in.

Dr. Carson said this was all part of the Left’s agenda to defund the police and open the borders to mass illegal immigration.

“What people need to recognize is that we have changed dramatically in this country. And there are those who wish to use the race issue as a conduit to beat people into submission, to make white people feel guilty. And one of the consequences of that, intentional or not, and I’m not sure. But if you’re feeling guilty, you’re not likely to be as vocal about some of the things that are going on. So when people start talking about defunding the police, letting dangerous criminals back out to terrorize communities, not guarding our borders so that everybody can come in,” Dr. Carson stated.

Dr. Carson added that anyone who accepted the Left’s lie that America is a racist nation has damaged the country.

But Dr. Carson asked the one question that blew up the “America is racist” narrative.

That question is why, if America is so racist, were immigrants from the third world making dangerous journeys to come here illegally and then trying to smuggle in their family members?

“And if you’re feeling really guilty, you’re just going to stand in the corner with your head down and hope nobody calls you a racist. That’s not good for our country and it’s not true either. And then there are those who say that we’re a systemically racist country. But if we were systemically racist, why would people be forming caravans trying to get in here? And when they got here, wouldn’t they call all their relatives and friends and say, don’t come here, this is a horrible place. That’s not what’s going on. And I think there are a lot of people who want to fundamentally change this nation who just say to you, don’t believe your eyes, don’t believe your ears, don’t believe your heart. Just listen to us. We’ll tell you what you’re supposed to think,” Dr. Carson concluded.

The good news is that woke ideology and doctrines like Critical Race Theory are turning into a political albatross for the Left.

And this November Democrats look set to pay a price for smearing America with accusations that it is a racist nation.

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