Winsome Sears told Fox News one hard truth that Democrats do not want to hear

Democrats fear losing their lock on the black vote.

Republican inroads with minority voters is a fatal emergency for Democrats.

And Winsome Sears told Fox News one hard truth that Democrats do not want to hear.

Winsome Sears became the first black woman to hold statewide office in Virginia when she won her Lt. Governor race.

Sears emigrated from Jamaica as a child and served in the Marines before running for elected office.

Republicans swept all three statewide offices in Virginia due in large part to a revolt by parents horrified about Critical Race Theory and other left-wing ideologies infiltrating their kid’s school.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Sears bashed Democrats’ adherence to racist philosophies like Critical Race Theory.

Sears contended that the Left’s efforts to pit Americans against one another on the basis of their race led to Republicans winning statewide elections in blue states like Virginia where the Party hadn’t won since 2009.

“They’re tired of the Black against White and the Asian against Latino,” Winsome told host Chris Wallace. “They’re tired of it, and they’re tired of politicians who won’t let the wounds of the past heal.”

Sears added it was possible to teach American history without teaching kids to hate America, as is one of the central tenets of Critical Race Theory.

“I’ve just always assumed whatever room I’m in, I belong. Whatever I want to pursue, it’s mine for the taking,” Winsome added. “Nobody is denying that we don’t want to hear all the history, least of all me. I certainly don’t want the sins of the past to be repeated. We don’t have to tear one person down in order to build another up. That’s no way to be. That’s not America.”

Republicans continue to see working class black and Hispanic voters trend towards the GOP in the Virginia elections.

The political realignment that accelerated under Donald Trump rolls on.

And if working class minority voters continue to drift towards the GOP, it sets up a bleak decade for the Democrats.

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