Winsome Sears made this demand that will have Democrats shaking in their boots

Democrats crossed the line.

Now Republicans are demanding leftists pay the price.

And Winsome Sears made this demand that will have Democrats shaking in their boots.

Leftist mobs mobilized outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices who live in Maryland and Virginia.

The mobs gathered following the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion that showed conservatives had five votes to overturn Roe v. Wade.

It was a move straight out of the Black Lives Matter playbook.

But there was one problem.

Protesting outside of a judge’s home violates state and federal law.

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears posted the statute in the Virginia criminal code that made it a crime to protest outside of an individual’s home.

Sears demanded the Commonwealth Attorneys in the relevant counties enforce the law and arrest the left-wing mobs attempting to intimidate Supreme Court Justices.

Protesting outside the homes of judges is also a violation of federal law that makes it illegal to parade or picket with the intention of interfering in the administration of justice or to intimidate judges.

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley fired off a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Grassley’s letter called out Garland for overseeing the FBI targeting parents who protested at school board meetings as domestic terrorists while giving a pass to left-wing agitators in clear violation of federal law.

“The President may choose to characterize protests, riots, and incitements of violence as mere passion. But these attempts to influence and intimidate members of the federal judiciary are an affront to judicial independence. No fair-minded person can question that ‘such conduct inherently threatens the judicial process,’” Grassley wrote.

“After this administration chose to publicly and vigorously marshal the Justice Department’s resources in response to a letter from the administration’s allies on school boards, the tepid response to the demonstrations against the justices has been deeply concerning. It took this administration just five days to forcefully respond to a letter concerning the supposedly grave risk posed by parents seeking to have a say in how their children are taught in schools. The serious threats to the Supreme Court demand no less of a robust response,” Grassley added.

This episode reminded many of how the Biden administration sought to throw the book at January 6 protesters, but let BLM rioters off the hook by dropping charges in many cases.

If the rule of law is to exist in America, the law must be applied equally.

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