Winsome Sears dropped the hammer on Democrats that you need to see

Winsome Sears just took office as the new Lieutenant Governor in Virginia.

Sears is already shaking things up.

And now Winsome Sears dropped the hammer on Democrats that you need to see.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders on his first day in office, including one banning mask mandates in schools.

School districts in left-wing strongholds rebelled and announced their intention to defy Virginia state law and require children to wear masks for the entire school day.

A statement from the Arlington Public Schools read:

Arlington Public Schools implemented our mask requirement this school year prior to Governor Northam’s K-12 mask mandate, and we will continue to make decisions that prioritize the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff, following the guidance of local and national health professionals. Current law in Virginia, per SB1303, says: school divisions need to “provide such in-person instruction in a manner in which it adheres, to the maximum extent practicable, to any currently applicable mitigation strategies for early childhood care and education programs and elementary and secondary schools to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 that have been provided by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fairfax County public schools also declared itselves in defiance of Governor Youngkin’s executive order.

But Lt. Governor Winsome Sears was having none of it.

And in an appearance on Fox News, Lt. Governor Sears stated that the Youngkin administration would consider withholding state funding from any school district that required masks.

Under Governor Youngkin’s order, any parent who chooses for their child to wear a mask in school is still permitted to make that decision.

But Fairfax and Arlington reimposing the mask mandate shows that for the Left, COVID is really about control.

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