William Barr’s reaction to Jeffrey Epstein’s death will leave you speechless

Americans were shocked to learn of the death of accused pedophile and Clinton associate Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan jail.

Millions across the country suspected foul play.

And William Barr’s reaction to Jeffrey Epstein’s death will leave you speechless.

Epstein died under suspicious circumstances on Saturday.

Though Epstein allegedly tried to kill himself on July 23, prison officials took him off suicide watch.

The guards also failed to perform their standard check every 30 minutes.

There were no cameras in his cell.

Nothing about this death added up.

And given Epstein’s connections to the rich and powerful, many people suspected there were high-profile individuals who had an interest in seeing Epstein take his secrets to his grave.

Attorney General William Barr declared he was appalled and ordered the Department of Justice Inspector General to investigate the matter.

Fox News reports:

Attorney General William Barr said Saturday that he is “appalled” by the death of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein – and said that he has spoken to the Department of Justice’s inspector general about opening a probe into the circumstances surrounding the apparent suicide.

“I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

Epstein, who is accused of sex trafficking minors, was found unresponsive inside his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City around 6:30 a.m. Life-saving measures were initiated immediately by responding staff. He was transported to New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital and was dead on arrival, officials said.

The New York City medical examiner’s office told Fox News that an autopsy is pending to determine the cause of death. But the death comes two weeks after the 66-year-old was placed on suicide watch after being found injured in his cell. Epstein was in his own cell at the time of his death and was no longer on suicide watch, according to the Associated Press.

Given Attorney General Barr’s track record of taking on the Deep State, this investigation may be the one chance to sort through all the conspiracy theories and discover the truth about this shocking death.


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69 Responses

  1. Jonathan Conover says:

    It was Ted Cruz’s father. Case closed.

  2. Sam R says:

    To find out what really happened to Epstein just follow the money. Watch the banking activity of all the guards who had access to him. When you see something unusual lean on the guard and find out WHAT happened to Epstein, and WHO paid for it.
    It’s called “follow the money”. For something like this, there is always a payoff.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      I think it was Ted Cruz’s father that killed Epstein. After all, the President claimed he shot President Kennedy and I believe my President.

  3. DonRS says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if AG Barr would demonstrate as much ENERGY in PURSUIT of the DOJ/FBI DEBACLE to ILLEGALLY “Get Trump” as he has shown in the Epstein DOJ/FBI DEBACLE!

  4. gary vogt says:

    There are a bunch of very happy worthless politicians right now. Barr can’t even get one high profile case to court with tons of evidence let alone one where the main guy was killed by the government.

  5. Justin Case says:

    Hillary owned the FBI ever since her first lady days. She had FBI files on all political opponents. She can and has gotten away with everything the Clintons have pulled. She is the brains of the outfit (Clintons) Bill is just a corn pone dick. Money talks and the Clintons walk. Nothing to see here, just move on.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      You get the DOOR prize—900 + F.B.I. files “removed from OUR White House” THE DAY THOSE OCCUPIERS walked those once hallowed halls====
      BLACKMAIL has been Witch (self professed California Coven Member) Hillary’s ACE IN THE HOLE—-right along with contract murder paid for with campaign funds and SPECIAL ACCESS===URANIUM ONE= special access, or, as some put it : PAY TO PLAY.

    • Will says:

      I am inclined to believe what you wrote here , but this has to be cutting into her stolen hope chest. , after this one , look for another book deal or speaking engagement , to reclaim what this is costing her . That dam Bill just keeps screwing up her off shore bank account

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Remember that one man J(?)Edgar Hoover—-in charge from it’s inception—the FOX guarding the HEN HOUSE—denying what He knew all about–The MAFIA——good guys using bad guys against the taxable middle class???
      Mister Hoover had a very complete file on the NWO’s “target” J.F.K. , the rude little bastard that was upsetting Their applecart–Their Cows to milk & (when dry) simply slaughter.Hoover knew John was bedding Mafia Girls as well a Russian Whores—-trouble was RFK was not in the limo with John,the Cabal eventually got it’s way—ten.


    • Dennis Buckmeir says:

      I never thought of this scenario. The Government could be protecting him from being Clinton assisted suicided. Darn clever of you to conclude this!!! Thank You.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Murder most foul and leaves a bad taste in the mouthes of swamp dwellers all.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Hold that thought—some say R. F. K. is alive somewhere
      Years ago Jimmy Hoffa was thought to be alive
      Many swear that Adolph Hitler was still alive an seen at a gas station on Santa Monica Blvd—-1980’s
      WE do know that Our Justice System has been corrupted. Look at Those that have been allowed to resign, for GOD’s sake.

    • an says:


  7. Jeannette says:

    Why was Barr’s response supposed to leave someone speechless??

  8. Will says:

    With all the speculation about the Clintons , being behind all of these deaths , just goes to show that you don`t have to personally own a gun ,to be a mass murderer. This could be the poster for GUN control. and before I get jumped on for gun control issues , No I am not for it

  9. Randy131 says:

    Too many things were done wrong to believe that this was not a set up to a kill. It was completely perfect to make sure nothing could be identified as wrong doing, just too perfect for nothing to be seen of what really happened. Every aspect was covered to make sure nothing could be seen of what went wrong and of what actually happened, as all bases was covered to make sure nobody would ever see what really happened. Those many things just don’t occur accidently, they have to be planned and executed perfectly. Too many things all went wrong at the exact same time to open a window to a kill that could never be detected.

    • Jan says:

      Wonder how much the hit man made to do the job???????

      • John says:

        Note that someone wanted to try to tie Trump into this by stating trump acquaintance? Why not point the finger at his real buddy like Bill Clinton or his other corrupt clients. You mean Clinton’s hit man? However, someone had access to Epstein so you can bet some prison guards and maybe the warden were also in on it and have recent additions to their savings accounts? You know the saying track the money or their financial records and you will find the criminals involved.

        • Paul Williamson says:

          Trump was deeply involved, he forceably raped a 14 year old girl who Epstein procured for him, who BROUGHT CHARGES against Trump until he bought her and her parents off. Trump did not want this brought out during Epstein’s trial right before the election,. He told Barr, a known liar ,to fix it., and Barr did by directing the acting head of the Prison system to tell the Warden to :” ix it”, and he did. Trump and Barr had direct control over Epstein, and the Clintons had nothing to do with it. Trump and Barr are guilty of MURDER.

          • Will says:

            WOW , really ??? You should take up writing fiction, Cause this is a BS story

          • Sharon says:

            Sorry Charlie. Trump did not do anything like that. What he did was after noticing his behavior he ban him from his place. Now your bud bill was buzum buddies til the end.

          • RRR says:

            Either you’re ignorant or just one of those hypocritical leftists who will not even acknowledge Clinton went to Epstein island a documented 26 times , but spew liberal hearsay, false accusation and spin as truth .

            Feigned outrage is total hypocrisy.

            And your comment is laughable BS

          • an says:

            You, Paul, are the Poster Child, for “Democrat Supremacy”!

          • George says:

            Nonsense! No proof, no evidence of your conspiracy! The truth is Hilliard and Billy Clinton were in business together with Epstein. Clinton’s have a history of destroying witnesses of their corruption. You know it well! Admit it in public.!!!!

          • Jerry says:

            You should jump up and down, maybe your head will fall out your ass. You Democrat’s are the most corrupt people in the history of America.
            You keep loving Clinton, Democrat’s slogan Rape, murder steal don’t forget lying. Just hope Obama and cabinet goes to prison

          • Robert Ingram says:

            Paul, that is a damned lie and you low life sob can not prove one word of it. You like other leftist fools have the intelligence of gnats!

          • Country girl says:

            Paul, was the tooth fairy involved in your demented dream?

      • Ben says:

        Probably, 2-3 M.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      PIZZA GATE and this are connected as is the murder of Seth Rich and the entire Satanic Cult that treats people as commodities to be used and thrown away—like the girls on Epstein’s Island that were thrown out of a plane after They complained.

  10. 2004done says:

    And here I thought clintons no longer held power. Now, who believes bubba or hitlery will pay for any of their crimes, ever? NO CONSEQUENCES – 45 Years and counting.

  11. Keith D says:

    Clinton Crime Family 152 and counting!!!!

    • Bruno says:

      AMTV on Youtube reports he is still alive and in witness protection. They showed pictures of him alive and a head shot between to EMTs. The ears and nose are not the same

    • june says:

      HIRER THAN THAT 200+

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      The Boys murdered and covered with a tarp after being laid on the rail Road Track in Arkansas after witnessing the Cocaine being off loaded at the Mena Airport====Their friends later that talked—all before these GRIFTERS occupied Our White House—Vincent Foster—probably died in the White House room where $10,000.00 worth of repairs were blamed on SOCKS , the cat.These people sell their souls.

  12. Grandmas Mad says:

    I just hope this all does NOT get sweep under the rug….I want this investigated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda Camp says:

      I pray this get the attention it deserves. Those girls need to be vindicated for their suffering at the hand of those old perverts

    • Gloria Vitale says:

      Remember, the Crooked Clinton Gangsters are the only PEOPLE WHO ARE ABOVE THE LAWS.
      If Crooked Hilary got away with Treason, and putting the American people in danger, SLICK WILLY, is praying to the DEVIL, he will never be exposed for all his Sexual fantasies with under age young girls that his buddy and personal friend, Jeffrey Epstein provided him with.

    • Mark says:

      He probably shot himself in the back of the head twice like Vince Foster did!

    • june says:

      They said there were NO cameras in his cell whell what about the hallways leading to his cell? Who do the see going into his cell from them

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Think about this: Had Lee oswald not been assassinated there would have been a trial and He could not have been convicted—-wax tests on Him revealed He had not shot a rifle—he was an asset for the government as His financial records show many small payments—-same with this Guy, on a different way—He was a PIMP with Billionaire Clients—-Ta–Da!!

  13. Yank says:

    Epstein was put in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City !? That was convenient! Anyone with a fully functional brain knew Epstein was going to be found dead sooner or later but not this soon! Why was his suicide watch cancelled would be the second question but the first question would be why was he not put in solitary confinement away from EVERYBODY ELSE IN THAT PRISON? Epstein was set-up to die from the first day he was sent to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City!

    • Gary says:

      Conspiracy, maybe. But the Clintons have a trail of bodies that would make Joseph Stalin proud.

    • Robert Baird says:

      Yank, from what I heard he had a cell mate until about 2 days before this happened. For some mysterious reason the cell mate was transferred to a different cell???

  14. matt says:

    This is simply the case of good vs. evil right before our eyes.

    Evil has to skate the truth and sometimes the truth can become known

    i hope and pray for starters that the people who ordered the hit on Epstein are prosecuted. Secondly, i hope Barr prosecutes all involved, which is half of the deep state, a lot of congress, senators etc. they all have to go .

    pure evil has taken over the ruling class and eventually Rome was destroyed. it’s coming and i will have a front row seat to all this child sex and deep state pure treason. Barr needs to put key players away for life

    for starters

    ohr’s wife

    that’s for starters. all should receive life in prison

    then maybe it will not happen again

    • Gary J Miller says:

      Life in prison for this group is simply another burden on taxpayers. They should be publicly executed for Treason, which is the penalty for the crime. I bet if you simply did one or two, you would have the rest of them turning States Evidence against the Elites for a plea deal. And when they could hang slick Willie, Killery, Obummer, Finestien, Meuller, Pelosi, and a host of others, including that Nazi Billionaire Soros, the American people would be able to establish a beneficial Administration “For the People, By the People” with Leaders like DJT who love this Country, our Flag, our Military, Veterans, and Citizens.

      • Sher says:

        I agree with you. No prison time they should be hung or face a firing squad for committing TREASON!!!! Im so sick of these Demonrats getting away with everything, they need to be STOPPED NOW!!!!!

      • Mike Otrok says:

        kilery,obummer? UH no yuu cun speek engleesh? Yuh moost bu veruh dstupid uhr sumding?

  15. Loyd says:

    J Epstein was caught up in a mess of his own making, Money can’t buy freedom. That judge saw through his behavior and called the right call. Now it might be interesting who in high places are involved.

    • Will says:

      Yeah, and they should start with the judge that put him there , They are not all above board either , as one might like to think. This guy was a scum bag true but I sure would have liked to see him name names .That would have been worth the price of a ticket . Don`t you think ??

  16. Mike Otrok says:

    Luckily Trump is no pervert. Ivanka sho be purty!! I think Stormy Daniels was mas at daddy Jeff.

  17. Km says:

    Don’t these perverts and rapists and pedophiles have any fear of God at all?! Not even a little bit?!

  18. CAROL BRUNER says:

    The track record of Clinton associates with inexplicable deaths (suicides, plane crashes, heart attacks while in jail, murder … etc) is very hard to ignore in the face of Epstein’s alleged “suicide.”

    One can only hope that the coroner is honest and will investigate all possibilities including cyanide poisoning and an air embolism.

    • Jeff Beard says:

      Epstein’s death has the smell of Clinton all over it, but as for the coroner being honest, don’t forget we’re talking about New York where the word honest does not exist. Does the names Scumbag Schumer, the Clintons, Fruit Cake AOC and lets not forget about the nut case mayor of New York city.

    • Will says:

      They said that the autopy was done , but would not release it until more information came in. What might that be ?? Make sure the check has cleared her account ??? I don`t think there is an honest person back there . I would have to go look if one of them told me the sun was coming up Lies and cover up is all that they are capable of

  19. Melody A Cox says:

    Oh yes! Just what I was mulling over.

  20. Tom says:

    The Clintons bag another one! That pervert Bill, didn’t take advantage of Epstein’s whore-house is laughable given Bill’s track record! Suck that up Demo-commies!

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