William Barr’s coronavirus ultimatum had a top Democrat ally scrambling to avoid charges

Attorney General William Barr is stepping up his role in the federal government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s bad news for some on the Left.

And William Barr’s coronavirus ultimatum had a top Democrat ally scrambling to avoid criminal charges.

Attorney General Barr recently appeared at one of President Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings to announce a new administration initiative to go after people and entities that horded needed medical supplies like N95 respirator masks, gowns, gloves, and ventilators.

Within days of Barr’s announcement the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) – which pumps tens of millions of dollars into Democrat campaigns every election cycle – coincidentally announced it “discovered” a

supply of 39 million N95 masks that it would immediately donate to the relief effort.

THE SEIU wrote in a press release:

The union launched an exhaustive search for masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) five days ago in response to pleas from frontline healthcare workers that they need more protection and feel unsafe on the job as they treat the growing number of COVID-19 patients. SEIU-UHW has 97,000 members who work in hospitals across California.

Within 48 hours of painstakingly calling leads and potential suppliers, the union discovered a distributor who had the 39 million masks, and has since found another supplier who says his company can produce 20 million more masks a week. The union also has found a supplier who can deliver millions of face shields.

Government employee unions are the dirtiest and nastiest players in American politics.

They will fight tooth and nail to protect their ability rip money out of workers paychecks and funnel to union label Democrat politicians.

But many Americans are wondering if the SEIU got caught hording much-needed masks that could help frontline doctors and nurses battle the coronavirus pandemic.

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64 Responses

  1. SweetOlBob says:

    The last I remember about the SEIU was that they were loading buses In Illinois to protest a Governor’s moves to break union power in Wisconsin.
    It seems the difference in state lines didn’t impress them much at all !

  2. mwm says:

    I understand how a distributor might not be aware that they had a couple thousand of something, but how could any entity not know it had 39,000,000?

  3. Terry says:

    Let’s start investigations on those state democrat governors on hoarding of much needed medical supplies, the ones crying the most beginning with NY’s governor Andrew Cuomo..

  4. rev andy hird says:

    take back the congress keep the senate and reelect president trump and I hope he gets a Nobel prize for keeping the world and America safe.

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