William Barr will destroy the Democrat Party after they hit him with a lawsuit you won’t believe

Democrats have been extremely unfair to Attorney General William Barr.

They are trying to impeach him because he works for President Donald Trump.

And now Barr will destroy the Democrat Party after they hit him with a lawsuit you won’t believe.

In the past year, Democrats have gone all-out to try to take down William Barr.

They held him in contempt of Congress and tried to throw him behind bars.

But that never happened.

So now they just filed a lawsuit attempting to force Barr to release information to the House Oversight and Reform Committee about the Trump administration’s failed effort to place a citizenship question on the 2020 census.

Democrats are also including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on the 85-page lawsuit.

Politico reports:

“The House Oversight and Reform Committee filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to enforce the panel’s subpoenas seeking information about the Trump administration’s failed efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

“I am filing this enforcement action today because the Trump Administration’s brazen obstruction of Congress must not stand,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), the chairwoman of the Oversight Committee. “President Trump and his aides are not above the law.”

The 85-page lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, comes a day after House Democrats won a major victory in their months-long fight to secure testimony from former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

The suit is an indication that Democrats believe their hand has been strengthened by the victory in the McGahn case as they seek documents related to other subpoenas that the Trump administration has defied.

The House first voted to enforce the subpoenas in July, formally holding Barr and Ross in contempt of Congress for defying the committee’s subpoenas seeking information about the administration’s ultimately unsuccessful efforts to add a citizenship question to next year’s census.”

Of all the fights Democrats waged this year, killing the citizenship question on the 2020 census is the most ridiculous.

They believe that the census shouldn’t include a simple question about whether the people in the home are U.S. citizens.

And even after winning this fight, they want to punish Barr over it.

You can be sure that William Barr is going to fight back with everything he’s got.


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180 Responses

  1. Annie Maull says:

    President Trump is not the antichrist and I can prove it. The Bible says of the Antichrist…….” Who can war with him”? This by its self should prove President Trump is not the Antichrist. Everybody is at war with him one way or another. Find someone else to be the Antichrist. Do you know why the Bible says no one will know him until he sets in the Tabernacle and proclaims himself God? I do.

  2. Chenz says:

    Washington examiner journalist connects the dots. SHIFF is dirty and His Laundry
    Came from Hillary and Obama.
    If the Senate does there Job he’ll be wearing it

    • Susan Meyer says:

      I agree 100%. BTW – it should be “their”, NOT “there”. Cannot believe the # of people who have trouble with the words that sound alike, but spelled differently, and have different meanings. Please don’t take it personally Chenz. You are just one of many. One more; Shiff should be Schiff. I’ll stop now. Just a little constructive criticism . BUT, I AGREE WITH YOUR POST 100%. God Bless!!!!

  3. Mike Geverd says:

    This is off subject. But, I am very concerned about the attempted impeachment of Trump because he allegedly asked Ucraine to investigate Biden and his son’s deal that made them both richer. Does that mean that a candidate for election cannot be investigated for a crime??? Damn . . . I’ve wasted my time. I should have been a politician . . . then if I commited a crime, the investigator would have been put in jail!!

    • Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ. All of this BS is from The Hypnotic Spell he puts on the People. He has lied to us all of the way; People arrested for him being Loyal to him are Thrown to the Bus, And what he wants is to be part of Russia

      • Randy Humphries says:

        You’re an insane libtard! For your information, Trump is harder on Russia than was Obozo! Obozo refused to give Ukraine offensive military aid to protect itself from Russian encroachment, Trump delivered, after he was sure they were going to use it properly, not abuse it or allow more corruption. Get a life and get away from the propaganda spreading MSM!

      • alicia says:

        fred, YOu are a MEGA MORON! full of it and an indoctrinated brainless jerk.

      • Bob Britt says:

        You should be certified as an idiot, but we understand why you sound of so stupidly. That is because you are a democrat. The only hypnotic spell in politics is how you democrats can believe what you preach. Donald Trump is the best thing that has hit the Presidency for decades. But idiots like you supported Obama, the worst anti-American president ever. Maybe you should open your eyes and ears, Fred Amirault. The DNC , Clintons and the Obama Administration are the ones wanting Russian support and collusion. But I guess being a democrats prevents you from reality. Just look at your comment. Dumb Ass!

      • The_Professor says:

        Fred Amirault, did you forget to take your meds today?

      • Robert Berry says:

        Okay Fred we get it. you ARE a Democrat, a smart one too.

      • Daniel Brofford says:

        Hey Fred The lowest unemployment in 50 years. The lowest minority unemployment ever. Billionaires say they have never seen an economy like this one. One billionaire has interest in over 50 companies and he gets a cash flow sheet for everyone of them every month and he said he has never seen numbers like these. He says best America economy ever. You for some reason like the party the was the founders and members of the KKK and the same ones who fought citizenship and voting rights for blacks. Either you are a racist or just to stupid to understand who is on your side and who isn’t.

    • Cecil says:

      The older you get the more you learn
      In the past it was callef wisdom. The name dejour is guilty.
      Thst is the same reason Cambodia is called ” killing field”. In Cambodia if you could read and write –‘guilty! Bottom line if ypu wore glasses you were guilty.

    • Robert Berry says:

      Exactly Mike, WHY are they letting the Biden’s of the hook?….The evidence is on national TV….Talk about Quid pro quo…it doesn’t get any better than that…You are right on subject.

    • Ted Rigger says:

      Mike, listen to the phone call. He NEVER asked them to investigate Biden. All he asked them to do was investigate “crowd Strike.” There was NO “there” there. Don’t listen to the lies of the liberals. They have an agenda and won’t stop lying.

    • Joaeph Cagnina says:


      You have hit the nail on the head! Where does it state a person running for office is not subject to investigation when suspicion abounds?

  4. Don Juan says:

    The Democrats will never be held accountable for their misdeeds in Washington DC. They are the gatekeepers and the strong right arm to the Deep State. They are untouchable. You will see that not one big fish Democrat among them will ever be indicted. Crooked Hillary escaped justice. Her sleazy husband escaped justice. James Comey escaped justice. The whole upper echelon of the Democrat Party are too powerful to be brought down. The only time they will truly be brought to justice is when they each stand at God’s judgment bar to have sentence pronounced upon their sleazy heads. Sorry, folks. That’s just the way it is in our current government. The Democrats have hypnotized too many simpleton people in our country to continue voting them in time and time again. They will never be brought to justice.

  5. MB says:

    Only way the Democrats and Leftists to cease is to really have a public hanging or military public shooting for treason
    Until it becomes a full view in the eyes of the people, then we will know that our duly elected are correct in their upstanding with the USA and it’s hard working people are being served REAL JUSTICE

  6. Rex Mark Williams says:

    Sedition is a Federal crime. 20 years imprisonment for those found guilty. This is why the Democrats are panicking. What they did in 2016 election with foreign governments and the assistance of the US intelligence service is despicable. FIE! GO Attorney General Barr. This must never be tolerated ever in a Democratic Society.

  7. Rex says:

    Sedition is a Federal crime. 20 years imprisonment for those found guilty. This is why the Democrats are panicking. What they did in 2016 election with foreign governments and the assistance of the US intelligence service is despicable. FIE! GO Attorney General Barr. This must never be tolerated ever in a Democratic Society.

    • This is a case to be tried for treason after investigation. As many of the citizens have indicated, all those involved in this scandal, with aim to derailed Donald Trump’s election of 2016, should be investigated and if found guilty they should be tried and sent to prison for the minimum of twenty years each.

  8. GaShooter says:

    Well, it certainly seems TOM has outed himself as part of the problem and relishes his criminal contributions to society! Personally, I consider myself a Constitutional Conservative – not joined at the hip to either party. I do tend to vote along GOP lines because the Democratic Party is going crazy. I grew up in a time when it might be difficult to distinguish Democrats from Republicans as everyone seemed moderate but this is no longer the case. Perhaps I might have fancied myself a little liberal when I was younger but, alas, that is no longer the case; I’m now an old retired guy with kids and grandkids. But it does seem that few people get the education my generation did either – we studied the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the “Federalist Papers” and “Anti-Federalist Papers” before graduating high school. Also, every male student was required to learn how to maintain and shoot a weapon before leaving high school; they still are to this day. With full support of the community. And the community has one of the lowest “gun related” crime rates in the state. And I credit the school system with assisting in my overall character development along with a great set of parents. From the first day of first grade till the last day of high school we recited the pledge of allegiance and had a morning devotional read over the PA system. There was a prayer before every sporting event.
    I despised Donald Trump before his election. I refused to watch his “reality” TV show. My impression was that of a loudmouth bigot. But I voted for him because all I ever saw from Obama was a weakening of our nation. Trump vocalized exactly what I felt deep down and probably a lot of other people thought but, to speak it aloud was taboo. And despite his faults and sometimes odd actions, he does seem to be guiding our country back on a course it was intended to. And I am thankful for Barr and Durham’s work in looking into the anti-Trump actions of our own government – at the highest level. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when the founded this country and, drawing from their wide exposure and knowledge of how other governments faltered and failed their citizenships, did their best to work around these examples when putting together America. Those who say the Constitution is out of date need to realize that it did not lay out laws per se rather defined the reason for founding the nation and spelled out specific restrictions on the central/federal government where it was not allowed to interfere with inalienable rights and liberties. That is why Trump is trying his damndest to get government out of everyone’s daily business and livelihood. After all, the basis of the GOP is reducing the central/federal government ‘s size and power. The nation belongs to “We the people” – not to a political party and certainly not to specific politicians!

    • Will says:

      GaShooter,, Yeah that Tom ,, is a real peace of work ,, he calls everyone else RETARDED,, and then goes and spills his guts on the internet that he is a criminal ,, I don`t know but that ,, to me,, when I read it just reminded me of Joe Biden .. It has to be a DEMOCRAT trait.. If anyone can figure out that kind of thinking is beyond me ..Sounds like you had better schools then we did here ,, but I had an Old Man that lived thru the depression and he dam sure made it clear what one needed to live with a**holes like TOM

    • John says:

      GaShotter, I so relate to your Trump comments. I too was was someone who hated his reality show and wrote him off as a buffoon. I like you voted for him and see him in an entirely different light now. He is a patriate and religious. He is ethical and because of all of that is why he is so despised by the left. He is our best choice for POTUS now and thru 2024.
      My hopes are after his reelection he will unleash on the REAL Crooks in DC, namely the Clintons, then ALL the others. Whew now that is a tall order!

    • John says:

      As an old guy too,you made my case for being a non- neocon Republican. America has been the becon of light for all the world.

    • John Smalley jr. says:

      Thanks for saying what is in my thinking GO vote while we still can
      our country is teaching our kids being American is not something to be proud of . VOTE make America great again.

  9. Hobie601 says:

    as for AG Barr destroying the democratic party, to the best of my knowledge, you cannot destroy a flaming turd.

    • domaho says:

      under what law protect these terrorist traitors? since these terrorists are not following US Constitution law, WE THE PEOPLE can take these lunatics by throwing them over the pacific ocean cliff without violating any law.

  10. Joe Masefield says:

    The Democrats want America destroyed, starting with impeaching Trump, closing the Supreme Court, ending all security at America’s borders, and of course using the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights as toilet paper, with Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi given first chane to wipe themselves with with these precious documents.

  11. N says:

    These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  12. Shelba says:

    Another stupid lawsuit and another waste of taxpayers money, I would like some one like Tom Fitton to total how much money the democRATS have wasted trying to subvert the Trump administration, people we have to vote the democRATS out of office as soon as possible if they stay they will continue throwing good money after bad, so in 2020 vote a straight republican ticket in order to take back the house and increase the majority in the senate, that is the only way to curb the democRATS who think killery should be president, the democRATS will never accept our decision to vote republican and elect a president who has tried to keep the promises he made to the US citizens, if only he didn’t have to fight and find a way around the democRATS at every step

  13. I find it RIDICULOUS that this is even a Question! Of course, the answer is YES!!! Just like Voter I.D.!! You need Proof to Buy cigarettes, Alcohol, Ect!! YES you Also Need to PROVE CITIZENSHIP!!! IT’s the LAW!!! As AMERICANS, we Should File Law Suits on ALL of the Obstructionists, Traitors, in Congress and Offical Public Office that are Not Following the LAWS and Constitution to the Letter!!! As They STATED, No One is ABOVE THE LAW!!! Glenn Beck Time Lined it ALL OUT!! Must Watch and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! IT is BEYOND the TIME to HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE!!!! Want the TRUTH!!!!

  14. David Smith says:

    The only answer is to vote these obstructionists out of office. This includes the “do nothing” congress who are all Democrats – wake up America!

    • Mike says:

      This is really the most humorous site on the internet. I thought you people might possibly be really as wacko right wing as can be but then I read your post and I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes.
      “do nothing Congress who ate all Democrats.”. OMG so funny. Everyone knows the Democrat led Congress has literally sent hundreds of bills to the Senate only to have Moscow Mitch ignore them.
      I have to tell others about this hilarious site!!!

      • Ms. Munchkin says:

        MIKE, Maybe you missed the TITLE of this site, it is for TRUE PATRIOTS, not loser DEMS who seek to destroy our country by allowing any criminal to just parade across the border, or FORCE everyone on UNIVERSAL healthcare that half of us DO NOT WANT or set up a bunch of cesspool sanctuary cities for illegals or kill cows because they fart or babies because mommy “made a mistake.” YOU AND YOUR KIND ARE NOT PATRIOTS, YOU DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD! YOU DO NOT FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY, YOU FIGHT FOR ONE AGENDA, YOUR WAY OR NO WAY!

      • Ole Mike doesn’t have the sense of a toothpick. All the bills that democrats has sent to the senate are anti America bills and against just about everything in the constitution. If the senate did vote on them idiotic bills by the trash and filth democrats, President Trump would veto them in a split second because he is a true American patriot.

      • Eddie says:

        Mike, have you suffered from your mother pulling what little brain you had out of your head with a coat hanger or does stupidity just run in that inbred tribe of yours ? What ever the welfare pimps will take care of you and your tribe.

      • jim says:

        hey mike that is what harry reid did so suck it up butter cup lol

      • William says:

        You want real comedy? Watch the democratic presidential debates!!!! You’ll die laughing.

  15. Scott says:

    Every single one of these democrat traitors should be in prison.

    • Rick says:

      In any other country a coup attempt of this magnitude would end up with the assailants lined up against a wall and shot. I do hope we get through this without blood shed, but it has to stop some where. The people of this country, including the media need to wake up and see the Democrat’s for what the are. And I thought the Tea Party was ridiculous.

    • Robert Ewing says:

      Prison, or face a firing squad. I vote for the latter.
      The penalty for treason is death by hanging or by firing squad. Let it be.

    • Lenora says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!! They frivolously spend our tax money like drunken sailors on shore leave.


  16. Mama says:

    Ok, tell me. Thank you.
    DID obama REMOVE the ‘Census question’ re citizenship ???
    Thru E0…
    0r was it a Congressional Vote ???

    • Mama says:

      Waiting for reply. PPL 0n site ‘know stuff’ Rite ?

      • D.A.N. says:

        The first recent time there was no question on citizenship was 2010 when it was stripped from the long form that 1 in 6 addresses got. The other 5 of 6 had not gotten that question since the census went to two forms, the long one and the short one. The last time all households got the question was in 1950. 1960 census only asked for place of birth for all. 1970 census started the two forms.

    • DNFU says:

      It doesn’t matter when or by who the citizenship question was removed. It should be reinstated. The census is used to allocate voter representation, and federal tax dollar allocation, as such only US Citizens should be counted towards allotment of representatives, and spending. This is why those who seek to import illegals by the millions want to get them counted to increase their total number of representatives in federal voting, and to get millions of dollars which they are not entitled too to help fund even more illegal immigration. No illegals should be used to influence and bias these.

  17. Of all the foregoing comments about the census forms and ballots, Bob had the most sensible solution. Write on the form ” I am a U.S. Citizen”. If that invalidates the form well then that’s just too damn bad, isn’t it?

  18. Tony Brown says:

    Journalists need to start using the talking points. The President is not trying to add a question to the census, he is trying to put it back. Barry Soatoro had it removed.

  19. Chyanne Farina says:

    It’s time we Patriots all get permits to carry a gun, rifle and go back to real Law and Order and get our country back. I am so fed up with a s*** that these Traders get away with. They’re the ones that think they are above the law!

    • Nanci Schuman says:

      So true…. I am getting a permit!

      • Mark the 2nd says:

        Permits in themselves are unconstitutional. The second amendment says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. “Permits” among other communist “laws” are an infringement. Many of us carried for years without a “permit”. Many of us don’t acknowledge any unconstitutional “laws” and never will. It’s a personal choice and you should always do what you believe is best for your situation. It is however, always in your best interest to carry, with or without a “permit”.

    • Randy Humphries says:

      No one is above the law, unless there’s a “D” after their name!

  20. FRED says:

    We seriously need to bring back hanging–the “coup” is not going to be stopped while everyone is treating the POS no-goodniks with kid gloves–By now everytime they come up with another schitthead wet dream they should be called to account–the fact that schitthead wasn’t hung after his sexual fantasy reading of that letter is way beyond me

  21. John J says:

    EVERY DAMNED THING the demo maggots do is anti American

  22. Jeff Brodhead says:

    Reset DC! Drain the SWAMP and pressure wash the BOWL-RINGERS down the drain!

  23. Will says:

    The question ,, in question,, used to be on the Census,, SO why was it taken off in the first place and ,, when was it taken off ,,, I would think that if it was on there before it could,,, and should,,, be placed back with out any QUESTION !!!!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Good Question. When was the citizenship question taken off the census, who took it off, why was it taken off and it should be returned to the census.

      • Will says:

        Sharon,, after reading down these posts ,, Someone said that it was Oblowbag ,, that had it taken off ,,,so in turn that pretty much tell why it was taken off

      • Robin Riley says:

        Obama removed it, the question on the sensors .

      • Nanci Schuman says:

        EXACTLY. We all know it is about getting fake votes!

        • Randy Humphries says:

          More over, it’s all to increase the amount of congressional seats they get. Seats are decided by population, the larger the population, the more districts, the more seats in the house! Californication stands to get 2 or 3 more seats for the state!

      • John Goudge says:

        It was removed in 1950 long before Obama was born but after the Orange man was.

        Hillary was three at the time. Maybe she did?

        • D.A.N. says:

          Not true John. The only previous modern time census where it wasn’t asked was the 1960 census. The 1970 and later long forms had it until 2010 when it was taken off of it. While it never was on the short form, it was on the long one that 1 in 6 households got. 1950 was the last time every house got the same form and it was there then.

    • Mary says:

      It was deemed un constitutional. It was in th news quite a bit. Its history. Boy slot of you white nationalists need to watch more real news.

      • Mark the 2nd says:

        So dumbass, how is it remotely unconstitutional? I have two copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and I see NOTHING in these documents that would indicate this question is unconstitutional. That interpretation seems to be only in the tiny “minds” of the fascist/communist DemonRATS. By the way asshole, it has absolutely nothing to do with race, it has to do with national sovereignty, freedom and protecting the voting system from voter fraud so as not to have communists illegally voted into office.

        • wil delito says:

          Yes the ones trying to rewrite the Constitution.

        • Badrooster says:

          Mark the 2nd. You are spot on with your post. I firmly believe that the citizenship question needs to be added back to the census survey and report. I didn’t fight for my country just to be over-run with the communists and subversives that want to destroy our great nation just to satisfy the democratic party that we all know are out to destroy our very freedoms and our way of life. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

          • Mark the 2nd says:

            Thank you Rooster for your service and for your post. Unfortunately, even if we take back the “government” we still have a nation full of communists as well as a mostly communist media and “educational” system. The fight ain’t over yet Brother. Arm up and be ready.

          • Bob says:

            Write it in somewhere on the form when you send it back.

        • Hillary lost, get over it says:

          Because it hurts her widdle feewings, dontcha know? Her widdle feewings are more important than knowing how many illegal cockroaches, oops, aliens, are in our country. Sorry Mary, I didn’t mean to make your teeny, tiny, brain explode. Being as theres not much between the ears, the explosion will be like one of those little pop pops that 3 year old thrown on floor to scare the cat.

        • Sharon Green says:

          People better pray that President Trump gets reelected or our country will be gone in less than a year! Talk to family and your neighbors and get them to the polls on election day.

        • Mack says:

          Good Educated Answer … Unlike any DeamonRAT with demented Trump Derangement Hysteria.

          A GOOD MAN DOING GREAT THINGS – and all these IDIOTS with their BLIND HATRED can do is HATE.

          Tells you EVERYTHING in how they think of themselves .. ALL Abused Children

          • Mark the 2nd says:

            Thank you Mack. Hopefully their hate and “give me everything for free” attitude will completely destroy them. I would love to see the DemonRAT (communist) party cease to exist in any way shape or form. They’re a cancer on the nation and indeed, the entire world.

      • Colin Kovacs says:


      • Lj Sh says:

        Nope. Not unconstitutional.

        Also, it would appear you don’t understand what being a nationalist means. Might want to look that up someday….

        Lastly, do you mention everyone by the color of their skin? I mean, because that’s just really racist, no matter the color…and certainly “choosing” a color for them when you have no visual or even know who that person, must make for some very humiliating moments for you…and everyone around you, “Mary”.

        Ps. That unfounded smugness of your’s is about to be fleeing your face soon.

        Draining the D.C. swamp is a slow but steady process, considering, 1. the time everyone in office had to become that criminal and 2. The time it took for the Former Obamas and his islamic muslim administration to infiltrate all levels of government blackmailed to cover for them!

      • Dona L deAvera says:

        I am not a white nationalist! I am a mixed race woman who has followed politics since the Democrats killed milk, jfk and JFK for the equal rights for blacks. That is when lb. Became president and started the whole anti black thing in Washington. You need to read your history. Start with who started the civil war , the clan and Jim crow.

      • Bruno says:

        “Deemed” indeed. The census is exactly meant to determine the number of citizens in the United states

      • NANCINET says:

        That is the funniest thing I heard today…REAL NEWS….What a joke. Barely exists!

      • D.A.N. says:

        Nothing of the sort. In fact it is something that should be demanded. If you aren’t here legally, you should have no say in anything nor be counted. If you are a legal resident alien, that is a different story. And end birthright citizenship because criminals do not deserve to have it. A few catapults on the border to fling the invaders back would be a good idea.

    • Wotton Bev says:

      What’s actually hard to believe & needs to be Addressed is:
      a) How can a subpoena for this Issue actually be legitimately warranted let-a-lone be issued given, if in fact Obama had this question removed & it was ‘never’ an issue for the Dems during Obama’s Presidency plus the 3+ years of current President Trump’s Administration ‘suddenly’ become such an urgent compelling Issue ( & at the vast expense & misuse of Taxpayer’s) ? I should think that alone would nullify it’s validity exposing a sordid Dem Agenda & set them up for some form of Treasonist prosecution, a Lawsuit and or, at the very least to be subpoened to answer Why the sudden importance now?
      b) the bigger question that’s so inconceivable to me & most of the World reeling in mocking laughter is WHY are American’s, who the World’s Suppressed once looked up to America as an Icon of hope, & the World’s heinous Leaders once feared, allowing the dark-side’s heinous, bubbleheaded puppetry to make a laughing mockery of them & America on the World stage, notwithstanding dashing the ‘one day’ hope of peoples who could only secretly dare to dream..
      How… Why is America’s incredible Constitution conceived in foresight & Wisdom being ignored & unenforced?
      Why are specific Laws written (one example, approx 1952) making it illegal for specific People & their Culture to even Enter & or practice such culture in America let-a-lone become Elected Officials blatently, publicly spewing Treasonist anti-American rhetoric, not being enforced?
      How does any ‘real’ American reconcile ignoring & not enforcing Laws that would prevent exposed enemies from within, one of her very own or Elected Officials to continue imploding Her to Her demise… WHY is that America?! Our God gave America a reprieve in 2016, when are you, coming to the table in Her defence, grateful & armed with the Constitution, Laws that will not only unseat these Elected heinous, oxymoronic, imploding Dems but prosecute them, those from the previous Administration & those complicit. to the fullest extent with the Agenda that ENOUGH is Enough! In other words clean Your Swamp, after all you Elected them & paid their Salary, now immediately fire, prosecute & replace them … you have the legal right, the Constitution, Laws, Power & our God, the only ingredient seemingly missing to end this insanity is your ‘heart’. How sad is this?

    • JoAnn Cooper says:

      Now the dems have taken it from “question” to law suit…OVER WHAT? They clearly want to count the illegals into their redistribution of electoral districts. These people are out of their traitorous, power-hungry little minds!!!

    • HowdyDooty says:

      You should realize that anything the Kenyan foreign student who Democraps made President, is all anti-American. He tried to destroy America from within, and was almost successful! As I heard Dr. Gorka state, American had 3 wheels over the precipice. Had Hillary become President we would have gone down as a country.
      This is the way the Communists have been plotting to take over this country. Do not believe the fight for America is over yet! Obama is still trying with George Soros to ruin our country. He’s constantly dividing the nation, against law and order. A nation without laws, is not a nation.
      The purpose of the census question about citizenship is to know eligible voters in a district. When you have more registered voters than citizens there’s a problem. Also illegal aliens are not entitled to social services. To be legally here in the country, you need to show skills needed to promote our country. Along with the ability to support oneself without government assistance.

      • jim says:

        Obama and soros need to be locked away or worse

      • Randy Humphries says:

        I more fear the radical Muslims than anyone else! They’ve stated time & time again they were going to take us over from within! Already have 2 radical Mussys in the house, Talib and Omar. From what I have read and heard, there are as many as 500 more running for local, state and federal offices next year. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  24. Zaw Soe says:


  25. John Curry says:

    Thank God for the second amendment

    • Burnttatertot says:

      Yep they’re gonna push us over the edge soon or later

      • Bev says:

        Sorry Burnttatertot, only if you let them, is that what you are going to do?

        • Mark the 2nd says:

          Do you intend to let them take over and subjugate you without a fight? Do you really think voting will get rid of the fascist/communists infesting, infecting and rotting our nation from within? Do you want to be a subject (slave) to a bunch of power mad, greedy morons who’s desire is to control anything and everything? We must be ready for the worst. If history is any indication we’re past due for another great war. Arm up and prepare.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      May I ask why? It isnt like it will ever get used. Liberals keep destroying the country, and wrecking our President, and what do we do? The left goes out like a mob, and what is it that we actually do? The libs are now cheating in every election, and what do we do? Look at Virginia. All blue now. People saying that the gop candidates weren’t even on the ballot. Others told they cant vote, still many said they picked the conservative, and as they were turning the page, it jumped to the dem. Now, ok. Electronic stuff fails. But why is it that it ONLY hurts GOP. Never the dems. Look at Mcsally last year in Arizona. Winning on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. Wake up Friday morning and the race was called for Sinema. Seems a returned rental car, was found while lot boys were cleaning it was boxes of ballots. What do you know. And they just happened to put Sinema over the top, when she was never winning. And where is chain of custody? If it had helped Mcsally win, do you think dems wouldn’t burn down the city? Chain of custody is a big deal. How do we know what or where the ballots were? The entire thing is a scam, and I believe Mcsally got paid to shut her mouth, and just wait to get appointed. Which is exactly what happened. Hate to say it, but, dems are going to cheat more than ever next year, and steal back senate, presidency, and house. Because they know we ain’t gonna do a darn thing about it.

  26. Bob says:

    Without the citizenship question, what’s to stop the democrats from bringing in a massive amount of illegals into the country just for the census? Every non-citizen that is counted (or allowed to vote) diminishes the voice of citizens. The apportioning of representatives is to be done based on the number of citizens in each state.

    • Debbie H. says:

      That is the ONLY reason the Dems don’t want the citizenship question on the census because They have calculated State rep #s based Entirely on “Total Population, Not Citizen Population” for Decades. Apparently nobody paid attention to this Blatant Unconstitutional Action out of DC, either! Why do you think CA/OR/WA/IL/NY/MD Welcomes Every Illegal or Refugee they can get their hands on? It makes it Very Easy to Hide Corruption & Voter Fraud When Many Non-Citizens Are Encouraged To Vote By Dems!

    • Colin Kovacs says:

      That definitely seems to be their plan Bob.

  27. John says:

    The Democratic leadership is playing in water way over their heads, caution.

    • Roger says:

      The stupid democrats think that Barr works for President Trump because the President appointed him! SG Barr works for justice and for the people an he must get to the bottom of the reason for the Russian collusion illusion and people like Peter Strzok, James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan need to go to prison as well as many others!

      • Roger Mann says:

        Correction: The stupid democrats think that Barr works for President Trump because the President appointed him! AG Barr works for justice and for the people an he must get to the bottom of the reason for the Russian collusion illusion and people like Peter Strzok, James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan need to go to prison as well as many others!

  28. your alter ego says:

    The Bull Crap the DemonRATS are trying by shifting blame (above the law) is a concept taken right out of Saul Alinsky’s Book, “Rules For Radicals.” The Demmies have done everything by the Book, Alinsky’s Book that is.

  29. Barry says:

    William Barr BETTER destroy the communist bastards that are trying to take over our country. If not….the communists will take over and when and if that happens…..millions of people are going to die. Don’t be on the wrong side. Fun and games are over!!

    • miklamesh says:

      This ain’t Russia … Communist aren’t welcome here.

    • Debi Burkett says:

      Wait just a cotton picking minute, I have come to believe The Democrats know they are going down. They have spent our money to try and impeach our President and anyone else like William Barr for doing a great job. Democrats know how corrupted played a HUGE PART on made up fake news. The real truth about corruption , it started with the Democrats but it will end with the Republicans. The news is out
      Democrats are going to jail Or even prison . . Our God does not like ugly

  30. Shelba says:

    Whether a person is a citizen or not should be on the census, if it is not there will be states that will increase house and senate reps, the supreme court was wrong to rule against a census question since obemer was the one who instigated the removal of this important question, there are a lot of non citizens in the US, Trump should consider an executive order to include something on the census to indicate whether the household are citizens or not

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      ‘Citizenship ‘ … 0r Indicate ‘Lack there0f’ …
      > US Supreme Court IS ‘Weakening’ & Not to the Interest
      &/0r the Protection of Sovereign USA.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Correct Steel magnolia… the sad part is WE THE PEOPLE can’t get rid of the SCOTUS justices.. they are in there for life….

    • linda says:

      Also they should have to PROVE they are not one of the ‘Dead’ voters that are voting using dead peoples social security numbers.

  31. The Real M says:

    #@%$#&&@#$%@ Democrats!
    All this junk they are doing to AG Barr is a part of the Dems master plan to undermine Barr’s authority and credibility in their effort to stop him from bringing indictments on any Dem criminal thugs! You watch them yowl like a cat with a elephant standing on its tail and wait for all the reasons AG Barr is unfit to do his job and have any of their people arrested! If they don’t like the report coming out in Dec, get ready for their hair to be on fire, more charges filed against Barr, law suits, just look for the very worst of the Dems to come out in full rage mode!

    • Mysty says:

      Oh yes, they are the DIRTIEST, MOST DEVIOUS, SATANISTS ON THE PLANET. They sold their souls to satan a long time ago for riches, power & control.
      They will do ANYTHING to destroy PRESIDENT TRUMP, but you see God’s Hand protecting him everywhere. HE exposes all their dirty secrets, actions & words that they spoke when obamy was occupying OUR HOUSE (I didn’t call it the WHITE House while they were there). NOW they all talk a different story…just the opposite as a matter of fact & they keep hoping no one will find those old videos…BUT…HA HA HA…PEOPLE ARE FINDING THEM!!! The dems of course scream louder with lies about PRESIDENT TRUMP, hoping to divert attention away from them…

  32. Antoniette says:



  33. Antoniette says:


    They are preventing anything good about the PRESIDENT.

  34. Ronald W says:

    Hey Tom, have you ever thought of going back to grammar school? They teach grammar there.

    • Philip Schneider says:

      Hey Ronald, have you ever thought becoming a liberal progressive democrat lemming would make you look dull and listless?

  35. Roger Kuhn says:

    Thanks to Obama and his criminal Mafia of Democrats in Congress, there are 20 to 30 million illegals in this country, that 80% if go unchallenged, will vote for a CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT ! Democrats cannot win unless they cheat……….. like voting tombstones, multiple times, going state to state, and a criminal Democrat overseeing the electronic and/or paper ballots ? When are we going to get these disease carrying illegals to Doctors for shots…. but first to find out which ones are bring these diseases back to this country, that we thought we had wiped out?

  36. terri mikula says:

    yes it should be on the census and the ballots!

  37. Tom says:

    What a bunch of retarded RETARDicans illegals voting come on are you really that stupid, yep you sure are retarded.
    Where’s the proof, how many, where are they, what state has the most, give us numbers, did you witness it first hand, or is it 2’nd or 3’rd hand information, maybe hearsay, how about a conspiracy theory, why don’t you show up like a militia guns a blazing and K### all these so called illegal voters, why don’t you ask Putin to interfere in yet another election, show up in you’re white robes and white pointy hats like the good old days and burn crosses outside polling places, why don’t you RETARDS get a life and quit with all the BS fed to you by Rush, Sean, Tucker, Laura, Mark, Randy and all the other idiots that have you so brainwashed, for once in you’re life grow up and quit being such big cry babys like you’re supreme leader you’re cult leader that POS TRUMPZILLA GET A LIFE RETARDS. STOP CRYING MORONS.

    • Zeke says:

      No kidding, Tom! The Trump GOP is all about spreading a bunch of falsehoods rather than things substantiated by any evidence. For example, there have been several institutions (not always government, some are universities) that have studied illegal voting and the several dozen have concluded at it is less than 1% of all votes, if that!!! Even individual states commissions have found the same thing. It is just yet ANOTHER EXCUSE the GOP uses when they lose elections – – and they refuse to look at the facts and evidence that the GOP is predominantly about OLD WHITE MALES – – and that is not where America is moving demographically. American is predominantly becoming urbanized, and it is the cities that strongly vote Democratic. America is becoming less about white people and more one of diversity. And women are much more likely to support the Democratic party because more females are educated today than men.

      • scooch says:

        TOM IS 0n the ‘sauce’ 0r screwed up ‘meds’.
        Don’t go there, Zeke.

      • The Real M says:

        Zeke, You obviously got your information right off the Dem talking points page of untrue crap. You know the one to be used to discourage and depress Republicans hoping to make us give up!
        News flash! Your factless information is so bad and wrong it wouldn’t work on a deceased Republican much less the living!
        There is every kind of voter fraud imaginable being perpetrated by the Dems going on in every state. Off the top of my head I know of two Dem Supervisors of Elections who have been tried, found guilty and sentenced to jail. We need a couple (at least) new laws, one to make it mandatory to have supervised reviews and correct voter roles on a scheduled periodic basis to get rid of people voting who should not like “dead people, people registered in multiple precincts, illegals voting, etc and a national mandatory voter photo ID,, no ID can’t vote period! That’s a couple off the top of my head. It would be interesting to see how many people are fraudulently registered to vote! There are other things that need to be audited and corrected.
        Our voting system stinks and it will take laws to make the needed changes because every time the Republicans try to get it cleaned up they get blocked by the Dems. The Dems are afraid for the voter roles to be cleaned up and for it to be mandatory to have voter photo ID because they know how many people voting Democrat would be disallowed and removed from the voter roles!

      • You can call William bar anytime you want.
        The first thing they tell you is….
        Sorry but we cannot comment on a ongoing case. Which meant the case is acting out.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        1% can make of break an election. Sorry Zeke… I’m a well educated degree person and I refuse to vote Democratic with the current Democratic party. I see no viable candidate at present. Democratic party is so splintered and fractured it is about to break.

      • jj says:

        As usual evidence with no evidence. One thing about anti-Trumpers, they think that what they say is fact but there is no info. They have a disease it is called demo-abnormality the severe case is Schiff’sin’drome……….. The very mild case is called “Foot in Mouth Disease”, the media seems to have that problem. You should take a better look at those democrat controlled cities, LA, San Fran, Baltimore, NY just to name a few………………..

        • Mark the 2nd says:

          I’ve been all over the U.S. and a couple other countries working under military contract. I’ve been to most of the big nasty cities as well and I can tell you jj, they’re full of small minded, rude and bad tempered communist morons. I was always happy to get the hell away from those sewers of corrupt humanity. I believe if all the mega cities were bombed off the face of the earth we’d be a hell of a lot better off.

    • Adam Selene says:

      Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing.

    • William Milot says:

      Hey Tom, My grandfather got a thank you from the Obunger administration for being a loyal Demoncrat and casting his vote for them 7 years after his death! My Father went through the roof when it came in the mail and turned it over to the DOJ and it was supose to be getting looked into and my father pushed the issue till the day He died trying to find out where he cast this vote and it was told to him it came in on an absentee ballot but my Father died before it was resolved! These crooked Bastards DO use the Dead to cheat and if you’re that blind that you can’t see how big of a cheat your party is then just do the Math, how did Hillary get 9 Million more votes than there are Registered Dummicunts in this Country!

      • holly @&$&
        William I feel bad for you. I heard about this
        using deceased people’s name on register voter forms. Also votes that outnumbered the actual residents living in a district.
        Good luck William just keep praying.

      • TOM says:

        W Milot
        If Hillary got that many more votes then registered Democrats it just proved that not all people are as ignorant and stupid as the typical RETADican voter.
        I know you hate to see it happening but yeah even some RETARDicans are never trumpers.
        Not everybody likes a pathetic cry baby.
        Not everybody stupid enough to believe his everyday lies.
        Not everybody dumb enough to believe he’s not a Putin puppet.
        Not everybody blind to the fact he’s breaking the emoluments clause.
        Not everybody likes his kids involved in corruption with Russia and not passing a top secret clearance exam because of daddy.
        Not everybody wants a dictatorship.
        Not everybody dumb enough to believe all you’re conspiracy theories.
        Best of all not everybody going too make that mistake again, he will be voted out, his whole family will be investigated for grand larceny, more then likely they will all go to prison.
        Most everybody will be happy to see this nightmare end.

      • D.A.N. says:

        For the past 6 years we have been trying to get dad’s name stricken from the Miami-Dade County voter’s roll. But being Dem controlled, even with a certified death certificate, they still have not removed it. So each year I check and make sure that he casts no votes. If ever it shows he did, the county will face a lawsuit.

    • Jimmie Chesser says:


    • ALSCV says:

      You are among those who can’t se the trees for the forest. Try researching to see the good Trump has done for this nation ( if you can find ow to do so). You have been brainwashed by the liberal lying media. Have you ever noticed tht they all say the same thing, even using the same phrases? That should tell you something, or maybe not since you demonstrate 100% prejudices. Advice for you: It is better to remain silent than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt!

      • TOM says:

        I did all the research and everything leads back to the great economy Obama left tangerine man, unemployment hasn’t even dropped more then 2% under tangerine man wages increased less then 2% the one and only thing that POS has done is give over 3 trillion of free money to the ultra rich, piss off every country on this planet, bankrupt farmers, created an atmosphere of hate not seen since the sixties, no factories have returned, Mexico not paying for that worthless wall, gave more power to the deep state, him and his kids have stolen over a quarter billion from the tax payer, all he does is play gulf that we pay for, so where’s all this greatness that nobody can see.
        If you’re going to use the remain silent phrase at least know how to post it, you’re so far off it’s pathetic.
        And that phrase was originally designed for red necks.
        I’m not prejudice I’m not racist I do hate RETARDicans and I only post facts I’m not blind or deaf I know a lie when I hear one something all retardicans are incapable of figuring out common sense is not you’re strong suit.

        • D.A.N. says:

          As his comment was, ” he didn’t build this”. The fact that Obozo could not come anywhere near the record that Trump has bares this out. In fact, it was Obozo that said jobs would not be coming back and an under 2% GDP were the new normal. Both have been proven to be lies just like the rest of Obozo’s claims. As for giving money to the rich, what happened to you? Did you get hit with taxes you should have been paying that we the rest of the taxpayers were footing for you all along. Like your State Income Taxes. I got a reduction in my Federal Income Taxes. Nearly a $1000 drop. And no, I’m not rich. People like you claim a lot but can’t back it up. You may not be racist but you sure are a bigot and a stupid one as usual. By the way, since Democrats claim they are so smart, why can’t you even spell the word “Golf” correctly?

          Atmosphere of hate fomenter, that would be the half Black racist President for 8 years by the name of Obama. Or was it Barry Soetoro? Where is the record of his name being changed back after he was legally adopted?

    • Moe says:

      We’re stupid, but your smart, look at the impeachment scam it is based upon hear say, your a very sick puppet, and ignorant as well. The proven failed coup , will prove your a pompous ass like your left wing buddies trolling these sites. We might be able to look up your heroes finally.

    • Emma Peck says:

      The only reason some folks are still walking around is because it’s illegal to kill them.
      The LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are not the problem.
      Are YOU willing to open YOUR HOME & take them in?
      I’m not.
      They get drivers license and are automatically registered to vote.
      Dead people vote. I know, because my grampa voted nearly 20 years after he died, a life long republican but voted Democrat.!!!!
      Car loads of “found” ballots after the fact.
      My personal opinion is this.
      If caught, give them a choice. The first time.
      Go back, or be shot where you stand. If you come back, you will be shot.
      I’m beginning to think open season, no bag limit.
      TRUMP 💓 🇺🇸 MAGA 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸 2020🇺🇸❤️

      • linda says:

        Right!! Im sick of allowing them illegally. Let them apply legally, just like everyone else has to. They can’t just slip in, vote and get on our welfare rolls for us to support any longer. We need to do something about this.

      • TOM says:

        Let’s see the last just recent voter fraud committed was in North Carolina by none less then a RETARDican they had to have a new election and the crook behind it all was still able to run for election so please remind us all how honest you’re party is, you can’t because you just got caught, as for you’re grandpa still voting 20 years later please tell us another lie it just gets funnier everyday the 💩 you people dream up .
        I got one even better my grandpa’s been dead 43 years and I still fill out his ballot just try to stop me cause you can’t, I also own property in two states so I get to vote twice for that so I’m canceling out four red votes for four blue votes get over it it’s 100% legal.

    • Colorado Art says:

      Obviously you are writing this description of yourself…..

    • Well, considering most of you’s Want everything for free, and that’s why most of the universities are crap, because a education
      is the last thing on a person mind when he already gets everything for free anyway.
      That’s why I voted for TRUMP to get you’s
      off you’re butt and get a job.

    • DSC says:

      You are stupid, do you know that? Would you really like me to text you all of states that has had voter fraud? Because I will then I would like an apology from you.

      • TOM says:

        Go ahead with all these states you have clear undeniable proof of voter fraud just don’t forget North Carolina and the voter fraud perpetrated on that state by none other then a RETARDican.
        I’ll never have to apologize because you got nothing zero zipp nada just a big nothing burger, come on tuff guy I’ll wait as you try to come up with BS, you know moron cows 💩 too but they don’t brag about it.
        Please come forward with you’re 💩.
        And don’t say California that state alone has been investigated for decades finding a big fat nothing burger I’m still waiting.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Tom, I’ll do it with just one county. Broward County Florida. So bad that the Democrat Election Supervisor was fired by the Governor for mixing illegal ballots with good ones. The same county that has Democrats too stupid to even know how to check a ballot for a hanging chad before turning it in. The same county that had their Sheriff removed. The same county that had a student who should have been searched every day walk into the school and shoot other students, when he wasn’t even supposed to be on the school’s grounds. By the same county deputy that hid from the gunshots and let others die. All caused by the fact that Democrats run the county. Or should I just call them all Democraps because you can’t be civil to Republicans?

    • Hcatman says:

      In California an illegal can go to any DMV get a driver license AND register to vote at the same time, thanks to country hating Communist Jerry Brown.

  38. blt says:

    the demorats and libturds don’t want the question because it would expose all the illegals in this country and they would lose all those votes. the question is one that needs to asked and answered.

    • Ann says:

      Even your “chosen one” president said there was little need for this question and they could get this information from other sources. Besides, who would even answer that question who was an illegal?

      • Will says:

        Yeah,, Trump did say that ,, I heard him ,, so if it is such a non question to begin with why was it taken off ??? AND yes you`re right most would not answer truthfully anyway,,, that`s the democrat way right ???

        • TOM says:

          I’m white and on the ethnicity question I always answer black or brown, so if you put citizen question on the form i’ll answer illegal as a matter of fact I’ve even avoided the census all together a couple of times to me it’s just more government BS they have no right to know, as long as we have RETARDicans in power I’ll do just as they lie my a##off just try to stop me.

          • Will says:

            Tom,, Do you realize ,, that you just admitted to a federal crime ??? Wonder how the DOJ would like to take a look at that post ??? Don`t worry I `ll save it ,,just in case you try to have it removed ,, some how Have A nice DAY ,,

  39. teresa l crose says:

    yes it should be on the census and the ballots!

  40. vince says:

    Why not have the question?

  41. Will says:

    It seems as though without the legal US Citizenship question on the US Census to be conducted during 2020, that they are counting on “illegals” to vote during the Nov., 2020 Presidential Elections, which is not right or legal.

    • Thomas G says:

      Bull Sh*t!!!! God, you make up so much B.S., but what is really SAD is how many of you ignorant fools believe your own B.S>!!!! It is like Trump pushing Russian propaganda that it was the Ukraine that interfered in our 2016 election rather than Russia. Even Putin admitted in Helsinki that he did take steps in our election, our 17 intell agencies all found evidence it was RUSSIA, and only the stupid and/or those lacking in integrity (like Trump) pretend differently.

      • R.C. says:

        Totally true, Thomas G – – – I cannot see being a member of a party that spreads so many blatant lies and misinformation as Trump’s GOP. The GOP used to have a lot more integrity and honesty before Trump and even some republicans have been honest enough to admit those falsehoods – – like McCain did when he took on that old woman at a rally who said Obama was a Muslim. Sure, the Democrat party has its issues, but there are just so many stupid and debunked conspiracy falsehoods spread by such charlatans as Alex Jones and Hannity and Limbaugh – – and the weak minded are foolish enough to believe them without being willing to check that B.S. out! Shep Smith debunked the Uranium One falsehood, and yet many ignorant people on this site still support it. When are you going to stop being the party of stupid?

        • your alter ego says:

          The demmiepoops believe anything that comes out of the Media. They take it as Gospel (The Truth) even after it is proven False. They make up all kinds of excuses denying the fact that the media doesn’t make up stories so it’s gotta be true. They are so tied to Momma’s apron they can’t think for themselves. They allow someone else(media) to do their thinking for them. They believe they are the truly intelligent ones and everyone else are dummies. The media has them well trained as Stupid sees, Stupid does. Bunch of sorry whiners they whine about everything. If it doesn’t fit into their well being then it must be some one else’s fault (Trump). They gotta blame someone as they are as doubtful as their dotard mother Hillery.

          • Fred Raby says:

            That’s why they own the news. They get the media to put it out there, then when they repeat it they’re not liable !

          • Ronsch says:

            Conservatives seem to do the same thing with Fox News, they believe whatever they says as Gospel.

        • TOM says:

          R. C. & Thomas G
          They can’t stop they’re too far in, they’re too embarrassed to admit it, they’re too deep into that conspiracy 💩, they’re too brainwashed, they can no longer tell right from wrong, it’s like if they go on vacation with their wife asking them how long are they going to drive before they stop for directions, it’s that macho thing if you admit you’re wrong you show weakness, their friends will make fun of them, they prefer to act like a bunch of know it all bullies that don’t know S###.

      • Jimmie Chesser says:


    • TOM says:

      What’s it like to go through you’re whole life as one big F-N moron just answer that one question that’s all I ask.

      • Will says:

        Tommy,, I am not the Will that you posted that to ,,,but I will tell you,, if you would want to ask me that in person ,, I`m sure you would change your mind about attacking people on here ,, without knowing who they are ,, and so for your answer ,, I suggest you only have to look in the F***ing mirror

      • Mark the 2nd says:

        Look in the mirror and ask that question Dick Weed, I mean Tom. Intelligence is definitely not your forte, or the forte of any twisted DemonRAT. Lie enough and you begin to believe your own lies. Accuse the right of the sins of the left often enough and some of the more feeble minded will believe you. Thankfully most of us on the RIGHT are far too intelligent to listen to anything coming out of those crap holes you call mouthes.

        • TOM says:

          I know mark you only believe the lies you’re super leader tells you to believe or is it Rush Sean Randy mark Laura Tucker how many more tell you lies you believe you just can’t keep them straight anymore they’re coming from all sides all day day after day so many lies so little time to process all the lies coming from the right coming from behind where are they all coming from who to believe anymore so many so many people it’s just so confusing tell me more lies.

          • William says:

            DAN, I suggest ignoring TOM as he is living in fantasyland with his fake brain. Just let his stupidity motivate you to get out to vote in November. I can hardly wait. We are going to see a red wave that will give TOM a big douche to clean him out. MAGA and KAG, Donald!!! Tick tock, 2020 is coming. Let’s take the house and then start cleaning house!!!

    • Antoniette says:


      • Chenz says:

        THAN,WHO??STAND UP !!

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