William Barr went on Fox News and what he said just changed everything

Attorney General William Barr is going public with his plans.

The Attorney General sat for his first interviews since taking over for Jeff Sessions.

And when William Barr went on Fox News he said the one thing that just changed everything.

When Barr said that the FBI spied on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, the fake news media lost their minds.

They claimed you could not use the word “spy.”

But in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer, Barr not only doubled down on the accusation that the FBI spied on the Trump campaign, but also added that the answers he was getting during the course of his investigation did not add up.

Breitbart reports:

During a portion of an interview with the Fox News Channel aired on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Story,” Attorney General Bill Barr said that whether government officials abused their power should be looked at. He also stated that “a lot of the answers have been inadequate, and I’ve also found that some of the explanations I’ve gotten don’t hang together.”

Barr said, “I’ve been trying to get answers to questions, and I’ve found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate, and I’ve also found that some of the explanations I’ve gotten don’t hang together. So, in a sense, I have more questions today than I did when I first started.”

He added, “I think people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. If we’re worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason, we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale.”

The ugly truth of what happened in 2016 is that the FBI and Obama administration likely broke the law with their spying on the Trump campaign.

That’s why Americans have seen a P.R. blitz from corrupt FBI officials like James Comey and James Baker.

They want to get their side of the story out on their terms before all the bad news breaks.

And as William Barr hinted to Fox News, there is plenty of bombshells still to drop in this story.

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169 Responses

  1. FORREST R. says:


  2. Moses says:

    All you right wingers are crazy from watching Fox, listening to Alex Jones, or Mark Levin and Hannity and O’Reilly and the squinter Sucker Carlson. Trump has always been barbaric, hitting a teacher, raping women, paying women off to not go to the police or newspaper. The Enquirer is in cahoots with Trump not to report his crimes but make up stuff about the Clintons and other Democrats. Trump has been a greedy thug his whole life, you know that, you also know he has been a corrupt businessman, cheating employees, not paying banks, 6 bankruptcies, paying virtually no taxes, lying about everything, insulting heroes like McCain, and the handicapped, black, Hispanics, chanting crazy ass things, preening like a sick peacock with bent feathers, sucking up to dictators like Putin, Kim, Orban, Duarte, etc. Threatening was against N Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and screwing up Yemen and tafiffs. The guy who really wrote, “Art of the Deal,” while Trump was supposedlly losing billions or lying about his income called his a sociopath as have many doctors who are experts, not me or you, but the people who study minds and medicines know a malignant narcissist when they see him all the time. He not only sucks up the oxygen in the room but the whole freaking world with his sick egomania, inability to apologize, his complete arrogance and his tantrum tweets. You people who support him will never understand how you have shamed yourselves, your families and entire country. May God have mercy on your racism, violent words and auctions and not speaking out about the white supremacy movement that has killed hundreds including Tim McVeigh, the church bombings, the school killings.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Moses, You are a blind stupid, dumb ass commy.

    • 1975 says:

      Please open your eyes and ears to see and hear things are happening. You too blind and stupid.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      The more you babble, the more stupidity you show to everyone. Poor thing. Just stop watching the MSM, especially the station for dummies, CNN. Learn how to do some intelligent research, glean something, then come back with a more reasonable attitude for intelligent conversation.
      You’ll be a happier person.

      • Mary says:

        I agree with you 100%, this guy is an idiot, who has listened to the “HATE” groups ;who have lied all along the last several years, they cannot admit that there are actually people who have a functioning, logical brain and know the truth.

    • WILLIAM RAMBO says:

      AMEN! AMEN!

    • c. Wilson says:

      You really need to go to a different website and vent your greviences because what you are saying is flat out lies. You have obviously bought the left wing idiocy A lot of this crap fits Obama a lot better than Trump. I have never been a racist and that is all you people have to say when you are stuck for words. Go take a long walk off a short pier.

    • Barbara says:

      That’s quite a rant there, Moses. You may want to get some professional help to bring things into perspective. You’re in for several more years of Trump and it would be a shame if you became unhinged.

  3. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Those who believe in “global warming” and “climate change” should contribute to eliminating it by not exhaling because humans exhale “greenhouse” gases. Hope that it happens which is doubtful as they want to stay alive so they can continue to preach that “Climate Change” myth.

    • Guns Nuts of America says:

      Another ignorant science denier Greg. You are smarter than the 99% of climate scientists who KNOW humans are changing the climate. You’re an embarrassment to all Irish Americans.

  4. Mary says:

    The Headline I’m referring to read BREAKING NEWS SENATOR LINSEY GRAHAM’S RESIGNATION BUT IT REALLY IS ABOUT JON COOPER THE DEMOCRATIC COALITIONS CHAIRMAN calling for Senator Graham to step down. Senator Graham replied NO

  5. Mary says:

    I just read another HEADLINE that isn’t true It reads tat Jon Cooper is calling for Senator Graham to resign nothing like that at all. Yes They Are Fancy and a HEADLINE people would read but in reality THEY ARE FAKE NEWS REPORTING AND A LOT OF NEWSMEN IN THE PAST HAVE GOTTEN IN TROUBLE FOR THAT Where is their Watchmen or women nowdays?

  6. Guns Nuts of America says:

    The Republicans viciously and absurdly called Obama not an American or unAmerican and even the anti-Christ. If there is such a being as an anti-Christ we now have the real deal in Donald J Trump, our Mobster-in-Chief.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Gun nuts, Yoi are a dumb ass commy fool.OBAMA is a rag head and not a american.

      • Dora says:

        Agree 100% that dumb ass which his ass is amarter then him and has maybe cooked his brain under his diaper cover head. When Obama attended Occidental College in California he was a foreign student then what happen to the foreign student status when decided to read his bible ” Rules for Radical by Saul Alinsky. Wake up from drug induced stupidity.

        • Guns Nuts of America says:

          Dora, you are probably the worst write and thinker I have ever seen on any site. Congratulations you are the best at something.

    • Juditer says:

      Guns Nuts of America – Don’t let the door hit you on your way out . Crooks like you don’t deserve to live in the USA.

      By the way – what is Guns Nuts of America?

    • Human says:

      Devil sent Dumbass Obuma to destroy America, he should and his thugs should be hung (if the law is still exist). God sent Donald Trump to save America. PERIOD!!!

      • Joan says:

        The Devil you speak of , Human, is short for Soros. His money has filled the pockets of so many Dem’s that there are too many to count. These Dem’s would never know how to live if they didn’t make behind door agreements with illegal people like Soros and live off the tax payers dollars and freebies from the Gov. Most of them do not even earn a penny that they receive each month from Uncle Sam. But KARMA will get them sooner or later.

  7. Will says:

    The Dirty Rats , each and everyone of them
    , Obummer / Barry the Traitor , Killary Hillary , Comey , The Wicked Witch Of The West Nancy , Chucky Boy and Boy Goerge Soros and many more , they all need to face the Hangman at The Gallows , for sins against God , Country and We The People of The USA , to see them Dangling from the short end of a good Rope , will be a great day in the History of our great country

    • Joe the Plumber says:

      sick, evil thug

    • Juditer says:

      Will – They don’t deserve a quick death. I’d prefer they be locked up in Gitmo sharing a room with the Clintons, Schumer, Shifty Shiff, Pelosi, Nader, Feinstein, Kerry, the mayor of New York and the rest of the self serving lefties. Let’s see how long it takes them to kill each other.

  8. Mary says:

    When I commented one ex secretary I meant Secretary of State. I don’t have to name names because all good law abiding citizens of this country knows exactly who that is.

  9. Mary says:

    Not all but Most Democrats sitting pretty in Washington DC is corrupt and think they are above the law and I’m pretty sure if we investigate them the right way like AG Barr is doing there will be several bad apples that will fall from the tree maybe including two ex presidents, one ex secretary in particular, an ex DOJ, an ex FBI Director even though most women in their forties think he was the best looking of all of the FBI directors this country has had. They really need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I click on my homepage and another phony HEADLINE READ KNIFE FIGHT BACKSTAGE AT THE WHITEHOUSE I read it there were three staffers who got their tails in an uproar all wanting the same position and a staffer who witnessed this argument told THE NEWSER reporter it was like a knife fight should be fired ASAP and none of the three should get that position. I can think of three really good people who would fit that position better but that is why THE POLICE, FBI AGENTS ALONG WITH THE DOMOCRATES AND JUDGES WORKING ON THE BEHALF OF THE DEMOCRATES have found them guilty of something or at least make it look that way so if President Trump would appoint them the SWAP in Washington has something to rage war on the only President that really is trying to do the right thing for all of this country.

    • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

      Mary, you know nothing of current events or history because it is clear you don’t read books and listen to people like Limbaugh and watch Fox News.

      • trapperwv1 says:

        I think a 1 inch snake with an 8 inch cutter should be sent down the tube to clear you out of the drain, then we can jet it and wash all your detritus away and finally trench you into the sludge field and let you do something useful like grow grass.

        • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

          You are possibly the only person in WV that knows the word detritus and although your words are violent sounding there is some humor in there somewhere. Anthony Bourdain did a good show about WV, good people, should have stayed Democratic though as the Republicans have done everything to break the unions in coal but also industry everywhere. As an educated person you must know that.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Mary, Joe the plumber is a loose nut.I agree with you. There iiis a old saying in the south Georgia ((GOD DOESNOT LIKE UGLY)

      • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

        Hey old Sad Sack, are you aware it is always the Republicans that cut funding for the veterans. I guess you didn’t by supporting the Mobster-in-Chief and his lieutenant crooks.

  10. Bill Littleton says:

    The entire Obama Administration should be heavily investigated all the way to Obama himself. Charges should be filed and convictions made with punishments handed out. No soft stepping this effort. We are talking about corruption at the highest levels and skull-duggery to implement a coup of the Presidential office. Furthermore, investigations looking into illicit donors, such as George Soros and his personal funding into the Obama Administrations activities to disrupt the campaigns and elections through violent activities such as ANTIFA, BlackLiveMatter and others.

  11. Carl says:

    This says it all!
    POLL: Do you think the Obama administration covered up criminal spying in 2016?
    YES ——– 99%
    NO ——— 1%

  12. Anna McGuire says:

    Do I understand correctly, at present, illegals are being shipped to be housed in States in the United States due to overcrowding at the border facility which can no longer maintain them? They are being transported via various forms of transportation paid for by the U.S. American citizen? Why are they not being brought back to their Country of origin? Why dump them into the main stream of the American public? If American citizenry is paying for transportation then transport the illegals back to wherever they’ve come from. This will discourage them from trying again, knowing they will only be sent back. To bring them to another State only encourages more to enter the U.S. illegally. Enough!

    • Penny says:

      I agree wholeheartedly they should definately be shipped back you put them across the United states they will never be found again and they got what they wanted

    • William J Vital says:

      I agree, let Mexico keep them.

    • Paul says:

      I say send them about 10 miles over the border after fingerprinting and told next time they cross the border they will face a firing squad.They are invaders of a nation.sending back to country of origin too much resources and time. PS use a machine gun,less time

  13. Guns Nuts of America says:

    Barr is another obese thug covering for another mobster. He is disgraceful, any legacy he had he sold his soul to the devil for a few dollars and an infamous footnote to history as the barbarian’s lawyer instead of the country’s.

    • Kat says:

      Must be a Democrat. Decent people dont spew forth nastiness like Democrats do.

    • Betty says:

      Not true. You have been deceived.

      • lou says:

        You are either deceived or stupid. Democrats spew lies and nasty words as much as they can. I read a lot of comments like GUNSNUTS of AMERICA and can spot a dem/lib every time. I hope people like yourself wise up before voting in the 2020 elections or we could have a government with the same reps that do all they can to disrupt our country.

        • Shirley says:

          It is called BRAINWASHING. Our so called learning institutions and media need to be completely torn down and rebuilt.

          • Bob the Builder says:

            It’s called panicking, they know the democrat part is on its way out just like what happened to the Whig party.

      • Barry says:

        BETTY – you’re right on!!!

    • L.C.Jr says:

      This is what happens when the left is exposed for treason and corruption. Facts and truth means nothing to the mob of outlaws. We the people have been deceived by these left POS which is about to come to a complete stop.

      • NOTOISLAM says:

        CA like the EAST COAST are Democrat deceivers – AKA LIARS . CA is full of corruption and has been 40+ yrs. The blame for the failure of the infrastructure and the LOW PERFORMANCE OF THE STATE SCHOOL is laid at the feet of the DAMN DEMS.

        • A. Gagne says:

          Be careful of what you say about the East Coast. I live here in NH, yes we have a liberal population (I’m very Conservative) but so far I haven’t seen or heard of any of them making noise like in other states. If they did they would immediately be put in their place. I’m not defending any of them. As for our schools, if you check you will see that many of our teachers are democrats because how else to brainwash our children, the schools only hire teachers that are democrats and occasionally a conservative to prove diversity.

    • Jeanne Pine says:

      Are you reading the same things about what AG BARR is doing to get the DEMARAT CRIMINALS from The SWAMP, as other people are reading????
      He’s doing a better investigation, the AG SESSIONS.

    • Alan Doud says:

      Spewing out accusations without proof to support it doesn’t prove anything other than you are losing. When someone can’t debate or at a lost for words they name call. Doing this you don’t win people over you only show your ignorance. The only people that will agree with you are those that are like you, so you gain nothing. Quit wasting ours and your time.

    • Phil says:

      what are you smoking?

    • Bumper says:

      You poor disgruntled SnowFart.

    • Truthseeker says:

      What country do you live in, please wake up.

    • ralph giizzi says:

      You are a moron Liberal Idiot! Hillary was guilty as hell and Comey lied and played the American Public!
      Your Ignorance is astounding as your crazy response! Really this Patriot is going to throw his whole 35 year Distinguished career by Lying To the American people,you are insane!
      Barr does not need money or fame,we need more Patriots like him and less Liberal Idiots like you!

    • Katee says:

      It’s amazing how rusted shut the minds of some people really are, especially with all the evidence that has been disclosed. Wake up!

    • Patricia says:

      In 8 years what did e-president Obama ever do for America. He cancelled the Easter Egg Hunt the first year, but then later had a large number of non-Christian on the White House Lawn. Before leaving office he brought in 10,000 Muslims and directed them to the State of Virginia. I know many blacks who had no use for him.

    • Theodore Dec says:

      Go back to the jungle you creep. Spying is spying you adshole

    • Bill Claggett says:

      Shove your opinion up your ass

    • david says:

      Get your head out of your assce.

    • Bob the Builder says:

      Congratulations! You have read and mastered “Rules for Radicals”, by Saul Alinski! You know, at least the part where it tells you, when losing the argument, or you can’t refute the facts, just call your opponent names, belittle him, and ridicule him. The next step is to change the subject.

    • Ken Miller says:

      Your finger should be directed at the Democrat Trump haters who paid for and then created the fake documents that authorized spying on an American citizen and a president. Why is this not treason?

    • Lynn B says:

      Wow what an Ignorant Ass you are —

    • trapperwv1 says:

      You should look down the barrel of a pistol , pull the trigger and tell me how fast the bullet comes out, I’ll wait.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Gun nuts you have none and Bill Barr has a pair and will get the trators one and all.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Gun nuts of America doesn’t have any nuts only a vagina.

  14. Honey says:

    We all could see it!Then We All could see that nothing was being done about it!
    Then YOU wonder why there is chaos int he streets now? Because people know
    things are Not Right in Denmark!Remember that old saying? Even our younger generation sees it!
    Therefore IF we want to keep our Nation Free we MUST punish The wrong doers!It’s that simple!

    • Bill says:

      Problem…. deepstatists Now know how NOT to get caught. American elections are no longer safe from deepstatists overthrow of the American electorate..

      Little short of Firing squads on cspan will deter and stop future coup conspirators.

  15. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Rip ’em ALL to shreds, General. Executions on public TV. No mercy for the traitorous deep state scum.
    Water the Tree of Liberty with leftist/globalist blood.

    • Sheron says:

      The Democrats are the most unprofessional supposed to be professionals. Just listen to mis Mazi the Hawaiin Beach speak. I have never heard any politician in my life speak to other members with such disgusting terms. I am ashamed of the Democrats and their demeanor. We look like fools to the rest of the world. They really show their true colors when they open their garbage mouths.

  16. Danny says:

    It’s almost unbelievable that the crimes that have occurred in the recent past could even happen here in America.

    The reason that this happened is because the Democrats turned a blind eye to the corruption. The Clintons are to blame they set the standards and no one held their feet to the fire. Then Obama came into power and because of the lack of standards and oversight of corruption people got more and more confident that they could do anything and there would be no consequences. There needs to be all the law breakers put in jail with maximum sentences in order to get our government back. The fear of wrong doing needs to mean something. The old saying that government employees should be held to the highest standards should apply.

  17. Gideon Rockwell says:

    This whole sick Clinton/D.N.C. created farce will wind up making Watergate look like jaywalking. This nation has been more divided than in 1861 the last few years and what this group of seditionist coup plotters has done has driven an even bigger wedge deeper. They deserve no mercy, the maximum sentences for each of their crime in a U.S.P. no wimpy Club Fed. F.P.C. for them. And maybe an assignment as shower and toilet orderlies.

    • Marty says:

      No Club Fed-Club Gitmo !! O’bunbler ,Hildabeast,Biden,Brennan Clapper, Lynch, Holder, Styrok, Paige, Comey, et al belong locked up, hanged or shot at dawn! Drain the Swamp!!!
      MAGA-on to 2020

  18. Buddy H. says:

    I can here the drums of civil war on the horizon. 2020 is gonna be rough.

  19. Robert powell says:

    it seems that comrade fine stain has het in the water over in IRAN, JUST LIKE OBUMMER AND HIS COMMIE MONKEY KERRY on the phone with the iranian foreign minister ..MORE LOGAN ACT FODDER FOR THE ATTNY GEN. TO PROSECUTE…

  20. Alvin Hooper says:

    Anyone notice Dr Ford has withdrawn her charges against Kavannah. They will
    be coming for her as Obummer had her set up to accuse Kavannah if Mitt Romney had won and appointed Kavannah( his second choice for the SC). Romney didn’t win so they held off until DiFi could do her thing – maybe they wil come after her also.!!!

  21. BitinDawg says:

    The problem is that law-fare has been brought into politics. It started with the impeachment of Richard Nixon. If there was really any concern about foreign intervention in our politics, the hammer would be dropped on Israel and the Zionist Lobby.

    • Eaglehawk says:

      Richard Nixon was not impeached. The only U. S. Presidents to be impeached were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached by the House of Representatives but Acquuitted by the Senate. Richard Nixon resigned before impeachment.

  22. James Hennen says:

    I noticed they got upset at the word, “spy”.
    They didn’t deny that they spied. Just tried to deflect by changing the issue to what word was used. Hmmmm.

  23. Larry Shryock says:


  24. Mike says:

    Looks Like Obama the Clinton’s and a bunch of FBI and other government officials will be headed to jail tor treason. Pay Back a BITCH baby.

    • Illie Csorba says:

      Jail is too good! Death by hanging is the punishment for treason. It should be done publicly on the Washington Mall for all to see!

    • Alan Doud says:

      I can’t remember any politician paying for their crimes or their children. Can you?

  25. Cowgirl Diva says:

    OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE, the TREASONOUS COUP orchestrated by the Obama Administration/FBI/DOJ/CIA/Lame Stream Media, was designed to overthrow a legally elected President of the United States….!! This TREASONOUS COUP is still an active ongoing TREASONOUS COUP…!! EVERY TREASONOUS TRAITOR involved…ALL of them….must be held accountable and punished for their crimes against the United States of America….!!!

    • MARK says:


      • Clifton Moe says:

        No jail exacutsion and televised. Traders of our Country don’t deserve jail for what they have done to us. All the lives they destroyed the money they stolen no they must be exacuted.

        • Kathleen Crane says:

          At The very least put Them in the worst run down prison we have no crowbar hotel with computer access so they can continue to run their dirty business not in the grand prison like the one in San Diego and I’m sure they put in some pretty nice accommodations in Gitmo they don’t belong there they need to be placed with the lowest of the low especially the pedophiles let them be used and abused like all the children they did the same to.
          I’ve always said let the punishment be the same as the crime committed payback is a bit– what goes around should come around.

          • Robert Jacobs says:

            Fake Money is the fuel for this whole bon fire. When we allowed the banks to print hased off dept we lost our country to traders and globalists. We need to have currency that cannot be manipulated and change from a fear based society to a love based society so we can truly save our selves thus country and our planet.

      • Diana Talmadge says:

        Don’t forgetJeff Sessions, he is just as dirty!

      • Jockamo says:

        It’s not jail, any sentence over 364 days, they get sent to prison. Jail is 99% people waiting for trial, the 1% is people sentenced to less than 365 days also people on writs such as testifies against someone or appealing their case which may have been thrown out or given a new trial. Or some other type of motion.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I believe treason is a crime punishable by death….. hope I’m right….

      • Rod says:

        Yes, you are. Hanging or firing squad. I would prefer firing squad for them because they desire to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

      • Alan Doud says:

        Only one person has ever been executed for treason against the federal government: William Bruce Mumford, who was convicted of treason and hanged in 1862 for tearing down a United States flag during the American Civil War. By 1965, capital punishment had been abolished for almost all crimes, but was still mandatory (unless the offender was pardoned or the sentence commuted) for high treason until 1998. By section 36 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 the maximum punishment for high treason became life imprisonment This monument was erected under the patronage of the State of Connecticut in the 55th year of …. Arnold was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined the relatively small amount of 50 shillings; publicity of the case and widespread sympathy .

  26. Alex says:

    We need to figure out the House and Senate, can get rich in office making 6 digits figure, when they don’t pay for anything.. All the pork they put in bills is where they make there money. They don’t pass any bills that help the American people. The only bills they pass are for the aliens coming to this nation. Look at California, Illinois, and New York where families are living on the streets, because of liberals giving housing and money for the aliens.

    • Linda says:

      In Oregon even when they over tax us rather than give our money back to us now they want to apply it else where. This is WRONG. It’s our money and we want it returned NOW. However we can all rest assured KATE BROWN will find a way to help herself TO HELP HERSELF to OUR MONEY. Call her write her email her tell we have a right to OUR MONEY.

  27. DeadEye Dick says:

    Obammie Lied- He used the foreign student application to assure his entry into prestigious colleges (( hummm ….kinda sounds like some of the celebrity frauds going on today??)). He lied about just about everything of importance, and made money of the Clinton Foundation of pay for consideration Inc. again–He lied. Now it is cooing to light- he spied on the average US citizen.. was caught repented and went back to doing what he decided wanted to do– spy on citizens, help Hillary get elected and destroy Trump’s credibility. He as left his cronies to do damage control.. slowly it is unraveling.. to slow for most of us.

  28. jim says:

    MAGA………GOP opposition doomed two Trump Federal Reserve Board nominees who were seen as partisan. https://www.wsj.com/articles/gop-traditionalists-thwart-trumps-push-to-install-loyalists-at-the-fed-11556875800 via @WSJo one was more stupid than those that voted for Trump.

  29. Vann40 says:

    Many Americans are stupid when voting for Bill Clinton and B. Obama to be presidents
    of US.

    • jim says:

      But, No one was more stupid than those that voted for Trump.

      • Donald Congleton says:

        It seems you have been sucking on the Democrat teat too long. Your brain is mush and you sound like a commie

      • Cowgirl Diva says:

        Your PURE RAW HATE has clouded your common sense, logical thinking and ability to reason..!! Your own HATE will be your undoing…!! God Bless President Trump and God Bless America…!!

      • Cowgirl Diva says:

        Your PURE RAW HATE has clouded your ability to think straight……your ability to reason logically….!! It has robbed you of your common sense if you ever had any in the first place….!! Your own HATE will eventually take you out..!! Your health will decline….your relationships will be ruined and your ability to function like a normal person will forever be altered….!! Mark my words…! God Bless President Trump and God Bless America…!!

      • James Hennen says:

        was it ok to vote against Hilbillary?

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        I think that Jokers as you who voted for Hellary Clinochio as I said before should sit in that bitche’s face saying lie to me lie to me.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        You are a puppet of George Soros and his cronies. Get lost and move to Venezuela you SOB

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Trump has done more for the country in two years than any other president did since Reagan….

      • Jan says:

        No one more stupid, than democrats or else they would have won.

      • Nitz says:

        It’s a shame you never recieved an education or had any common sense

      • Andy Sr says:

        Jim; WSJoke! The WSJ says they can print any thing an Stupid America will Believe! Recent: Judge Roy Moore an Judge Cavanugh stories: why was parents not charged go child neglect? Because it was a lie. WSJ don’t want anyone in our Government they don’t have interest vested in. Try to find just how much money is donated by the Democrates to WSJ, ABC, NBC, CBS. Why do Democrats want to control the Guns of law abiding citizens, yet do NOTHING about illegal weapons?

      • wailen says:

        wow …..it’s great to be this stupid …watching these brilliant demoworm crawling to their holes…leaving their little slicky trail behind them….

      • Donell says:

        …..Which leads me to believe YOU couldn’t care less about your Freedoms.

  30. Justin Case says:

    Obama was the creation of the CIA and Iran. That answers of the questions regarding his 8 years in office. The FBI and NSA also joined in the hide the corruption.

  31. Alex says:

    It sure will be nice when everyone has a “work-free” when the demo-communists take over….,

    With a Guaranteed Government job, a worthless a$$hole is given a job paying the $15/hr minimum wage -$31,200/YEAR. Being worthless, he/she/it doesn’t do a d@mn thing, so what does one do with such a worthless a$$hole!?
    Oh yeah…, they are FIRED, But WAIT we are guaranteeing them a job, so -LIKE NOW, WITH SOME VERY WORTHLESS GOVERNMENT WORKERS- we stick him/her/it up someone else’s A$$ to deal with!

  32. Darren says:

    Liberals are disgusting parasitic wastes of life.

  33. bagster53 says:

    tired of all the talk ,i want to see some arrests

  34. Brian Stansbury says:

    fat bastards living off the tax payers dime!!!

  35. Dewey says:

    Comey,Brennen,Clapper,Clinton, Ruppenstein, Nadler,Pilosi, Andrew, and the rest of the swamp, I hope you grab your ankles. Your about to get what you deserve.

  36. Benjamin Blumberg says:

    In retrospect, Bill Clinton was not all that bad a president. He was impeached for doing Monica in the White House during business hours, not for refusing to accept Osama bin Laden when the Saudis tried to hand him over or for the disappearance of Mena airport workers nor for the rape of several women while in public office, which were his real offenses. Hillary as POTUS would have been a disaster, since she was mainly interested in enriching herself through her political power. The best thing for Trump to do with them now is to BUY Haiti (real estate is cheap there), set it up as an American colony, appoint Bill and Hill Colonial Governors, and let them use the funds in their semi-illegal Foundation to improve the native infrastructure and lives. Bill should be happy as he will have access to some of the most exotic and beautiful women in the world; Hill should be happy as this is the closest she is ever likely to get to being a queen. The only condition: that neither Bill nor Hill can ever set foot on continental American soil again i.e. EXILE.

    • Danna A. Stevens says:

      Love it! I had suggested a desert island for the whole gang, and see how long it took them to wipe each other out!!! Give them some seeds to plant, dig them a well and let them pretend they’re in the Garden of Eden!!! LOL

      • Cowgirl Diva says:

        The Clintons could be sent to their rich friend’s pedophile island, but they would be happy there so that won’t work..!! I would rather see them BOTH in get very long prison sentences along with all the other TREASONOUS TRAITORS…!!

    • Will says:

      Nah, just hang the bastards

  37. Jca says:

    CNN? Telling the truth? Where have you been all these years!! The DEMS do not know the spelling nor the meaning of TRUTH. “Truth” for them means “like” and “Lies” fie them means “does not make me feel good”!!

  38. Sarge says:

    So now the Snowflakes”(FAKE NEWS)”!!! Tells us The American Public, we CAN’T call it Spying! Who the F–K are THEY??? They might want to REMEMBER to keep in mind if they have One left??? There is Always Someone or People on the other Side of the “LINE”!!! Try to THINK before U stick your head up your 4 point of Contact????

  39. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I think Obama covered up so many things that we may never know the extent of the things he covered up! I think he was so corrupt that we can not imagine the levels he went to! I think President Trump NEEDS more time to help with some of the corrections that need to be done. I think if we do not want disaster, we must re-elect President Trump for another 4 years. And maybe, just maybe he can accomplish enough to set us on the correct course when he is gone!

    • Alan Doud says:

      Only one person has ever been executed for treason against the federal government: William Bruce Mumford, who was convicted of treason and hanged in 1862 for tearing down a United States flag during the American Civil War. By 1965, capital punishment had been abolished for almost all crimes, but was still mandatory (unless the offender was pardoned or the sentence commuted) for high treason until 1998. By section 36 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 the maximum punishment for high treason became life imprisonment This monument was erected under the patronage of the State of Connecticut in the 55th year of …. Arnold was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined the relatively small amount of 50 shillings; publicity of the case and widespread sympathy .

  40. nANCE says:


    • william couch says:

      NO HE WASN’T!! You’re to stupid to even listen..

    • John Hull says:

      You are one braindead Demoncrap not worth the powder to blow you back into Hell where you came from!

    • Nancy says:

      God bless u in Jesus’s name. I pray he will open blind eyes&deaf ears.

    • DrSkippy1 says:

      Login to the Kenyan parliament minutes and do a search for Obama. You will find that as far as the Kenyan parliament is concerned, Barry Hussein Obama is their native son. There are eyewitnesses to his birth still alive in Kenya! He absolutely, categorically, was not born in the United States of America. Not something you want to hear, and not something you would believe if it hit you in the head like a sledgehammer, because Democrats never allow themselves to be confused by the facts. As for CNN being what you would refer to as reputable news is about as damaging to your reputation is though you were caught with your panties around your ankles in a preschool parking lot. Don’t embarrass yourself by mentioning those three letters again on any forum.

    • H Lee says:

      nANCE: Anyone referring to cnn as a reputable channel has lost all credibility. Anything you say carries less importance than cow flatulence and will get less attention. As soon as the “reputable channel-cnn” is shown then everything else is forgotten, ignored, and considered not worthy of the time and energy to even think about. What ever statement you made will have to re stated without an ” I am an ignorant brainwashed hillary and obama kiss up” statement included.

    • june Burgess says:

      who said anything about whether he was legal or lillegal alien, only that his multiple ILLEGAL actions are finally going to bite him in the A$$ And when they find that he overstayed his student visa then ICE can go and get him LOL

    • rodny says:

      You mean Clinton Nausea Network (CNN)

    • Jca says:

      CNN? Telling the truth? Where have you been all these years!! The DEMS do not know the spelling nor the meaning of TRUTH. “Truth” for them means “like” and “Lies” fie them means “does not make me feel good”!!

    • B. Ray Sosebee says:


    • kunquoda says:

      How do you know just how many lies were told and by whom? did you count them? I watch only one news channel, Newsmax. They don’t take sides and they don’t lie. Obama is a criminal that belongs behind bars along with his sidekicks Bill and Hill. Not to mention the others that took an active role in their corruption. If anyone can change things, it’s President Trump, he’ll have my vote on 2020.

    • Hoss says:

      You are a idiot if you believe that and are to stupid to talk to!

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Pull your head out of your ass and commit suicide. You have no right to waste oxygen.

  41. Janis says:

    Obama is most corrupt political person in history. .Smooth talking con artist opens his mouth, lies just fall out. I never liked him as President, I found him politically polished but with no awareness on fixing major business issues. .just talk, lies and more con. .

  42. karl says:

    Whattya mean Odumbo Admin. covered it up? It will come out that Obama ORDERED it.

  43. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I knew that that Barblockhead Obutthole was an Islamo-communist crook who wanted to discredit Donald Trump and turn America into “his vision” of a third world appologetic toilet.

    • Melody A Cox says:

      Absolutely! I can’t wait to se hat all Barr uncovers and I fully believe he will hang in there until every single person who had something to do with it will be found and brought to justice.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        I’m glad AG Barr is investigation the spying angle… The Democrats have been a lawless regime for so long I’m glad Trump has appointed someone that will bring law and order back to the DOJ.

  44. Bill says:

    Sounds like a good plan to find out exactly what the “B-O” administration and the Clintons did attempt: with the willing help from Jim C, Loretta . Holder. Brennan etc.
    Fortunately no one has been found dead so far.
    Maybe also revisit the Birth Certificate validity.

  45. Skip says:

    Using national intelligence agencies to perform surveillance on U.S. “political enemies” is not something that spins real well. Yes, they had a FISA warrant, which from the agencies’ perspective seems legitimate. However, the grounds upon which the FISA warrants were issued were not legitimate. The fallout of this should be squarely on those who applied for the warrants based on false and unverified information and on the ones who pushed for it. This was illegal use of US intelligence agencies to target one’s political enemies. The perpetrators (those responsible in the Clinton and Obama camps) need to be punished.

  46. Robert Ratto says:

    Those who willfully violate the law should be held accountable. Government officials should be especially be held accountable because abuse of power is not acceptable.

  47. If you think for “ONE MINUTE”? That Michelle Obama did not also know about this spying? I have a Bridge in Brooklyn New York to sell you! LOOK, let’s just face the NASTY TRUTH. The last administration was planned for years. The child that became President was groomed from an infant for this take-over. ANTI-AMERICAN forces are almost “UN-STOP-ABLE”. The only problem is the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” … You can fool some of the people some of the time? But you cannot fool ALL the people all the time. The OBAMA couple and their Administration is caught! RED HANDED.

    • Randy says:

      You are more tight than anyone wants to admit

    • Alan Doud says:

      I had a friend that partied with B. C.. 15 years before he became president. He bragged to my friend he was going to be president. That is how long before they were grooming him for the position. BTW My friend did coke with two politicians related to each other by mariage. Appears B.C.’s brother was right when he said, “He had a nose like a vacuum cleaner.”

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