William Barr was seeing red over this decision to jail James Comey

William Barr took over as Attorney General setting his sights on taking down Barack Obama’s Deep State.

One of the biggest targets was former FBI Director James Comey.

And William Barr was seeing red over this decision to jail James Comey.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his long-awaited report about James Comey leaking memos to a friend to start a special counsel investigation against President Trump.

Horowitz’s report painted a damning picture of Comey, accusing him of mishandling classified information, failing to follow FBI protocol, and setting a bad example for future agents when he leaked memos of his private conversations to law professor Daniel Richman.

NBC News reports:

According an Office of the Inspector General report released Thursday, Comey violated DOJ and FBI policies, as well as the FBI’s employment agreement, by keeping copies of four of his memos in a personal safe and asking a law professor friend to make one memo public after Trump fired him in May 2017.

“The responsibility to protect sensitive law enforcement information falls in large part to the employees of the FBI who have access to it through their daily duties,” Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote in his report.

“Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility,” the report said. “By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees — and the many thousands more former FBI employees — who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information.”

But even though Horowitz referred Comey for criminal prosecution, career officials at the Department of Justice protected Comey by not following through on prosecution.

That tied Attorney General Barr’s hands and left him furious.

But Comey will not be the last chance to hold Deep State officials accountable for trying to overthrow Donald Trump.

Attorney General Barr is not yet done with his own investigation and the DOJ is still debating charging disgraced former FBI Director Andrew McCabe with lying to investigators about press leaks during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.


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194 Responses

  1. Steven Butcher says:

    Why do these insane mass shooters that have poppped up lately, pick innocent people. Do they not watch the news.

  2. Stuart L. Meyer says:

    Unsubscribe me. Your headlines are invariably misleading and often say the opposite of what is contained in the articles. Reading them is a waste of time.

  3. J says:

    How in blue blazes do you answer that question when you ask if James Comey should be in jail? You have put as choices, Donald Trump, or Joe Biden. I SAY YES LOCK HIM UP IN JAIL FOR LIFE.

  4. File says:

    Yes Comey should be jailed. He does not support our country. He is just plain evil.

    • Martha says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for this to be done. Barr has already passed up two times to do this. I don’t think Barr is going to do doodly-squat to any of the Demos involved in this scandal. I have lost all faith in him as being a true Conservative. I’m afraid Trump has made the mistake of picking another “Rhino”.

      • William J Vital says:

        I think the problem is the people from Obummer’s “Deep State” not allowing the AG to put Comey in prison where he belongs. The same thing will happen with the rest of the “Clinton Klan.”

  5. Mark McKinney says:

    Do any of you truly believe there is equal justice under the law? Don’t kid yourselves. The investigations, the threats of indictments only belong to We the Little People. Hillary/Bill Clinton have been crooked for years. From Arkansas to the White House to New York. Nothing was done. There will be some type of disaster to take our minds off these criminal investigations! Obama was crooked Bush’s and their CIA connection was crooked. (worse than Obama and I’m a Republican) Where is the justice for the big-time politicians? I lost ALL confidence. Everything going now is a game to make us “think” justice is being served. I puke at the thought!

  6. J says:

    How in blue blazes do you answer the question about should Comey be arrested ?You have the names of Donald Trump and Joe Biden I don’t believe that is an answer to the question It should be a YES or NO. And my answer is a big YES YES YES to the question

    • Surly Curmudgen says:

      NO! The SOB should be shot on sight!

    • stuart meyer says:

      If you want to waste our time with these meaningless polls, at least use coherent English so that replies can be meaningful. It was a mistake: ‘fess up and correct it.

    • maryanne says:

      why is it taken so long to do something about all of the Crooks ?we all see that it was the Democrats behind everything but all tho its nothing being done ..getting tired of them all giving Obama Hillary and Comey a free past and a lot more ..Hillary and Obama been getting by with Crimes for years now and not one thing been done about it ,nothing but talk ..they all need to be in prison ,do your Job and put those crooks behind bars where they belong ..if they were Republicans they would already been behind bars ,so get to work and lock those bastards up ,they have been getting by with to many crimes as it is ..they will keep on committing crimes as long as they’re free .

      • Frances DiPentino says:

        I TOTALLY AGREE! WE WANT JUSTICE FOR EACH & EVERY POLITICIAN NOW!! People breaking laws in our country are catch & release put out there by useless OBAMA! They might have done this so if time comes they were put in the slammer they would soon be released themselves. It is all about them!! I am so pleased with President Trump and want his team as tough and hard working as well!! He gets his job done so all should since we pay them to do just that!!

    • chief 1937 says:

      Could not help but wonder the same thing. No way to answer the question. Don’t know what Trump or Biden had to do with the article. Someone must have made a big mistake.

    • JoAnn says:

      Thank You! My vote…YES…Absolutely YES. Many of this clan should go down…Comey as good as the next to be the 1st of many!

  7. Rick77 says:

    To all the Republicans out there, “wake up and smell the coffee” you all are in a wishful thinking mode for justice to be served. Just as much justice will be applied to Comey and the rest his corrupt crew as there was with Hilary and Kerry..NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Half the country has been brainwashed by 90% of the Media, the liberal progressives, our education systems and not to mention, the Hollywood elites. If they ever shut down FOX News, we will be at the mercy of these progressive Zombies and that spells disaster for this once great country. We better do something now to exterminate these democratic progressive cock’ er roaches because after Trump finishes his terms, who do we have to replace him with? Remember, all we have left is a “VOTE” and vote we must ALL do. P.S. Say a prayer Justice Gingsburg retires peacefully off to the sunset.

  8. Kara Wright says:

    The complete DARK STATE are all criminals including Obama. They will not see a day of jail time but FINE them all BIG TIME. All should not be able to have a part in Politics for life. I feel that in its self will be perfect for all. But I do believe that John Kerry should do JAIL time for the Iran situation.

  9. nightlight says:

    What’s with the poll at the bottom of this article?
    It asks the question, “Should James Comey be in jail?” but provides two options for answers both of which are irrelevant: not Yes or No but “Donald Trump” or “Joe Biden” then asks for the voter’s email address.
    I would have voted Yes (James Comey should, at the very least, be in jail) if this poll had been written properly; it’s hard to think that Patriot Pulse could screw up a poll like this so completely……by accident…

  10. Eva12 says:

    No, Richard. It was BHO Jr. or whateverhisnamereallyis, who committed numerous crimes, worthy of impeachment. First, being illegal to even run for POTUS, due to not being a Natural Born Citizen, as required by the Constitution. In 2016, we had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal who were none NBC. This time we have Kamala Harris, an anchor baby. Not a NBC, and Tulsa Gabbard who is also not eligible. There is talk about Nikki Haley on a VP ticket, also not a NBC. This must stop! It is critical that we abide by our laws.
    Richard, Trump desired to grab women by the privates, you never, ever had such a desire? You prefer a male potus, who prefers to grab men by their privates? I dont! Some have said Obama was in a comprising situation during Benghazi.

  11. NOBODY says:


    • Proud vet says:

      I fully agree with you but I am afraid it’s going to have to take the American people to make that happen as our system of justice is totally corrupt! Do you really wonder why they want to design the American people? It’s not for our safety it’s for their safety, that the Constitution was written to protect us from their Tierney!

  12. Mike Flanagan says:

    Give it up they’re Liberals they are Like greased PIGS you just can’t hang on to them and they all stick together cheating Lieing and commiting crimes and HI Treason but you’ll never convict any of them.

  13. larry gainees says:

    Comey should be in prison for a very long time

  14. RS says:

    Quit lolly-gaging around………..Indict……convict and jail these lawbreakers……..There are many deep state criminals……anyone with any brains can see who these felons are……..LOCK them up……..!!!

  15. Will says:

    Why is this up here again ???? I read and commented on this a week ago.
    Oh, and BTW he is the head of the DOJ if he can`t lead what good is he ?? This is just more smoke and mirrors

  16. Walt says:


    • Harold says:

      Mr.Barr is as corrupt as Comey to let the man go for all the thing he did to America there is no reason why he is walking free tonight It’s Corruption,Mr.Barr talks a lot but he does very little he is like the republicans talk talk talk and do very little,the wall voted ID Obama care I could go on but what the use.

    • glock19fan says:

      The first that I heard about Comey was when he fabricated a crime to charge Martha Stewart with. Like a Cleveland lawyer pointed out, no American should be criminally charged for publicly denying charged leaked by anonymous government sources and that is what Comey did. I have never watched MS – i’m not into folding linens – but I know injustice when I see it. Comey seems to have wanted her to be a stepping stone and I was one of her defenders on AOL. A losing cause bwcause the fix was in. How many others have been stepping stones as well?

  17. Nonya says:

    PROBLEM ????

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Do You use proof readers? You ask a Yes or No question, then offer Two choices, neither of which was Y orN>

    • DR. Richard says:

      As should that other prick, Donald Trump. He’s committed numerous criminal offenses and uses his office to keep himself out of prison. Certainly he’ll be indicted the moment he leaves office but frankly, anyone else who committed these crimes ( and that includes you, Nonya ) would already be serving their sentence. What make this prick so special? I guess it’s his charming personality and the fact that he can grab women by their pussies and the let him. How many men are currently in prison because they did just that?

      • Barbara says:

        Not very many, Dr. Richard.

      • Anne says:

        Name one, you moron.

        • Moron says:

          There was this guy named Epstein, he was in prison but only for a few days before he as carried out, feet first.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          Anne, really, are you trying to beat Cleopatra for QUEEN OF DENIAL? Besides the 10 investigated counts of obstruction of justice (well established), you can add all the crimes that landed Trump’s lawyer Cohen to prison (Cohen did they at behest of president, and on payment by the president), let me add the numerous ways Trump has gained money for himself by draining off federal funds for his pocket. On course all the money gov. pays so he can continually play golf at Mar-O-Lago, Trump has even diverted military planes from refueling at a lesser cost on European bases, to spend millions of dollars to refuel commercially at a small airport in Scotland that is about to fail, and thus would kill his Soctland golf course (which is failing also). Then Trump’s plans to have next years G-7 conference AT HIS FAILING GOLF COURSE (CORAL) IN FLORIDA TO GIVE MILLIONS TO HIS POCKETS. Don’t forget how he had Mikey Pence to gov business in Ireland, but stay 180 miles away at one of his resorts, lining Trump’s pockets again!

          And I am just getting started Anne. You have to be a cult follower or ignorant by choice to not be aware of Trump’s crimes. Why do you think Trump works so hard not to get his records?

      • Bumper says:

        I’ve got a tube of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste if you need, I can tell you’re still Butt Hurt from the 2016 election.

        • 2004done says:

          Bumper: I’ve got a pile of sand he can use for his relief, because if he’s still sore from 2016, 2020 election is not going to help coming up so soon.

      • Eva12 says:

        No, Richard. It was BHO Jr. or whateverhisnamereallyis, who committed numerous crimes, worthy of impeachment. First, being illegal to even run for POTUS, due to not being a Natural Born Citizen, as required by the Constitution. In 2016, we had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal who were none NBC. This time we have Kamala Harris, an anchor baby. Not a NBC, and Tulsa Gabbard who is also not eligible. There is talk about Nikki Haley on a VP ticket, also not a NBC. This must stop! It is critical that we abide by our laws.

        • Chilidog1947 says:

          Absolutely! Without laws there is no country, there is no peace within our borders either. This is EXACTLY what the Left wants! They want to overthrow our existing government and replace it with Communism! Hillary is in the background and is stirring up the war cry because she wants to be the Dictator of the new Communist country. Ilhan Omar and AOC think they will be in charge, but they will be bowing down to Hillary, and doing her bidding.

      • Eva12 says:

        No, Richard. It was BHO Jr. or whateverhisnamereallyis, who committed numerous crimes, worthy of impeachment. First, being illegal to even run for POTUS, due to not being a Natural Born Citizen, as required by the Constitution. In 2016, we had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal who were none NBC. This time we have Kamala Harris, an anchor baby. Not a NBC, and Tulsa Gabbard who is also not eligible. There is talk about Nikki Haley on a VP ticket, also not a NBC. This must stop! It is critical that we abide by our laws.
        Richard, Trump desired to grab women by the privates, you never, ever had such a desire? You prefer a male potus, who prefers to grab men by their privates? I dont! Some have said Obama was in a comprising situation during Benghazi.

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        DR. Richard, You are just in here to create a storm, but you aren’t even making a ripple. Go away. There must be some numb brained leftist conversation going on somewhere on the internet. The majority of the Left are no better than the people they elect into office….fodder for prison, such as Hillary. Bill was smart enough not to do what she wanted him to do, but that doesn’t mean that Bill isn’t a crook, also, because he is!

      • Michael A. Gilliam says:

        You are not a Doctor sunshine. if you were hopefully you would have enough intelligence not make such inane statements in a public forum. Let me guess, it’s a nickname your nephew gave you.

      • the man says:

        you must be brain dead. or just plain stupid. you have to be a domorat. to even spout of such a stupid statement. our president is nothing less the a hero!! he could of bought an island and watched America sink. instead he put his life on the line for you. and every American. only to be harassed daily. false investigations. and idiots like you. and for what. nothing more then his love for America. go watch your fake news stick your head in the sand with the rest of the sheep… moron

      • mary l conner says:

        BOY!! you are one sick democrat with ”’NO COMMON SENSE”’CAN YOU PROVE THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP DID WHAT YOU SAID… YOU SAW A HOLLYWOOD TAPE WITH MEN JOKING AROUND AND MADE UP STORIES… COMEY and his sidekicks should be in jail and you know it…

  18. mzaz says:

    I believe AG Barr wants all the ducks in a row to go after Comey. I heard on the news that DC jury would be all libs and AG Barr doesn’t want to lose. I want to believe that Comey all the way up to the top HRC & BO will be included. After all, the dems keep saying, no one is above the law. Let’s pray that’s true.

    • Rob says:

      If the liberals, Leftists, and ACLU can shop for a friendly judge, then let AG Barr have Comey prosecuted in a conservative area like Western PA. There are enough people who are not liberal here and we would not let Comey walk–except to FCI Loretto.

    • Dr. Richard says:

      Here’s the thing: Trump said in his famous “access Hollywood” video that he could grab women by their pussies and they would let him. What he should have added was that he could screw everyone one that voted for him and they would let him, not only that, but as he was screwing them they would cheer him and praise him, and come back every day for even more screwing……..no kidding! Now , the ordinary man would probably say there was something wrong with anyone who would react to getting screwed like that by remember, this Donald Trump we are talking about, one of the kindest and moral men this country has ever seen; a man that is so honest and talented as well as being so highly educated that he’s banned each of the schools he attended from releasing his transcripts because he didn’t want his supporters to feel inferior to him since he was such a stabile genius and smarter than everyone else. You gotta love this guy he’s just the best president that ever was. Hooray for The Donald!

      • Eva12 says:

        Richard, I was born during FDR ‘s days in the WH. I have been awa re of presidential elections since Eisenhower’s 1st run, 1952. Reagan was the best, Trump is about to take 1st place. No telling what he could accomplish with just a little cooperation. I am do disgusted with these dumb Democrats trying to cook up impeachment on Trump instead of doing their jobs. Al Green, E. Cumming, Shelia Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Elisabeth Pocohonas Warren, Bernie Math deficient Sanders, and the rest of those running for Dem. Presidential nominees are do far left and wrong to be leaders of this nation. Not a one of those running has the first positive thing to offer.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Great post Dr. Richard. An example of that screwing and liking it are the farmers who still support Trump after he is screwing American agriculture by his waffling, flipping tweets and statements about the tariffs. One very honest thing that Trump said (because he was bragging) was that his followers were so loyal that he could KILL someone in broad daylight on fifth avenue and get away with it!” Trump is the ultimate con man, and really, a CULT leader. Studying cults, most of the worst in our history showed they cult Stepford followers would NOT accept any flaws of the cult leader . . . until after it was too late.

        Trump’s professor at Wharton told numerous people over the years that “Donald Trump is the dumbest go**amn student I have had in 30 years!”

  19. Mama says:

    Barr IS NOT Going to ‘prosecute’ Comey.
    Am so ‘frosted’, More than Dry Ice.
    Entire scenario IS TOO Large for Barr
    to Handle &&& he ‘knows ‘it’. So does Comey etc.
    > Comey ‘walks’ & laughs about it./ Along w/the
    ‘previous administration’.
    >This ‘coup’ Against POTUS IS 1 of ‘largest’ In USA History.
    >Add JFK (warren Report) & 9/11. Good nite.

  20. Archangel III says:

    AG Barr do it… Just get it done… The government already waisted a whole lot of time and 25 billion dollars on a which hunt that everyone including us, the American people, knew from the get go was all fake… Meuller knew this thing was over a year ago. He basically never really ran the investigation, never wrote the report and obviously never even read it when “whoever” completed it. Are you already planning to continue this current investigation, where there is actually overwhelming evidence of a deep state coup to bring down our president, thats just going to end up being another distracting stage show? Another waisted year and another 15 billion or so, using every cowardly excuse in the book why charges and prosecutions against Obama and the Clintons, (who we already know will never be touched… EVER), former AG Lynch, Brennen and Clapper, Peter Strohk, caught texting Lisa page regarding the “Insurance Policy” (aka, the Russian Collusispineax), Bruce Ohr and his wife Millie, (who owns Fusion GPS), all will most likely never happen. The cowaring decisions has already starting with Comey with no charges. I am a staunch Reagan conservative independent. I haven’t called myself a Republican since we lost the House AND Senate back in 06, and deservingly so, but are starting to show promise again… If AG Barr and the Republicans stay the course, never waiver, never cowar, and actually bring justice to these corrupt criminals, I may once again put the “R” by my name again. But so far, President Trump is the only Republican with a spine… C’mon Reps… Show your spine… Time to show the Dumocraps and the Mainstream Mafia how the “BIG BOYS” do it… Make us all proud to be Americans. Put these criminals away and continue draining the swamp.

    • Archangel III says:

      I would hate to see this fall apart right before the election. If no one is charged and/or prosecuted, it could cost Trump the election… That would be unacceptable.

      • Mama says:

        SEE ‘it’ NOW – ‘falling Apart’ . It’s basically 0ver, ‘Arch lll’.
        0ne ‘Saint’ Said: “HOPE IS a ‘Good Breakfast, but a
        Very Poor ‘SUPPER’. Capish,no?
        > Hope< till you die. For What? ___ eom.

      • Mysty says:

        Archangel, GOD PUT DONALD TRUMP INTO THE HIGHEST SEAT IN THE NATION. No man or woman will remove him. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has kept his Faith with God. GOD continues to guide PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

        • Pierrette says:

          Yes,it is up to Us…

          • Mama says:

            4 MORE, than what?
            Prepare ___
            Enjoy Your Life, NOW ___ But Prepare..
            > Have Had Long Vision , For a Long time.
            > NOTHING ‘knocks’ you in the head ,
            Except for an ‘Local accident’/ —
            Got that ? Good.
            In ‘politics’/ GEO politics, IT IS ‘All
            Wide Eyes SHUT’. ‘They’ TELL E’VRY
            THING !!! Most just can’t SEE ‘it’ / UNTIL Way Tooo Late. !!!
            > 0n a ‘roll’ tonite, lol

    • Mysty says:

      Archangel, oh something WILL happen to the clantons, the obamys, all that you named but MANY MORE TO BOOT!! Mueller included. They will burn in hell for ALL OF ETERNITY!!!!! They will screech in agony from pain brought on by Hell’s fire that will NEVER STOP.
      They will beg for another chance.
      They used up all their chances. They will plead to die.
      They never will.
      They’ve been warned oh so many times.
      But they are stupid enough to believe that they can, & will, get away with ANYTHING because they have gotten away with an AWFUL LOT OF REALLY BAD STUFF FOR MANY, MANY YEARS ALREADY.
      They are smug, thumbing their noses at anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Doing their utmost to destroy human beings’ very lives.
      They have sunk so low as to literally worship saean. They have sold their souls to him so they will achieve total power, total control over The United States of America. They have whored their souls for great riches & there will NEVER BE ENOUGH OR TOO MUCH MONEY. I individually they have no friends…they will cut each other’s throats to further their own positions & riches. They will step on ANYONE in their way to get what THEY want.

      • S.Preston says:

        Wow, you seem to know scripture, but not the truth. Everything you write is with itching ears. I believe everyone on both sides are in it for themselves, you need to except that. Stop looking and pointing at who you want to be right and point the finger at the truth.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Mysty, you may know some scriptures but sure cherry picked them and missed the MAJOR points ma made by Jesus and the prophets: Judge NOT, lest YOU be judged.” No one but the Divine has the right to judge the souls of anyone. No matter what mistakes people make in their lives (and ALL of us do), never forget the loving forgiveness Jesus showed to the man being crucified next to him on the cross. I believe we are His beloved children and he rejoices when they turn to the light and ask His forgiveness.

    • Pierrette says:

      Yes,it is up to Us…

  21. TAmbrosia says:

    AG BARR heads up the dept and can and must over rule these career DOJ folks who are the DEEP SWAMP.
    AG BARR can and must bring all charges against Comey et al, and do it without delay and anyone standing in his way, gets fired. If you or I did 1/10th of what comey et al has done we would already be doing time.
    AG BARR also has the authority to dismiss all charges against Gen Flynn, Papadapolus et al, for the illegal actions of DOH personnel
    Why does Comey still have 24/7 security for him and his family, as well as Top Secret Clearances.
    What comey, Brennan, clapper, clintons, obamas, lynch, kerry etc has done is TREASON and we still Execute TRAITORS.

  22. Texas Belle says:

    I don’t understand, shouldn’t Barr as Attorney General, have the last say about who is prosecuted and who isn’t? How can lower echelon people in the FBI override his decision? Comey should definitely have been indicted.

    • Sue Neely says:

      I would think Barr would be the one to make the decision. This site makes me doubt the fact of ever seeing any justice being served in this situation because of his association with the Crooked Clintons.

    • Bruno says:

      Exactly!! Who the hell is running the DOJ?? Barr is. Why is his hands tied?

      • Donald Duck says:

        Brutis. And so many others like you.
        BOZO BARR and so many retardicans also Clinton’s/ Obama’s yes unlike RETARDS like you I’m not afraid to call out any one connected to the deep state.
        First and foremost you have to stop being afraid or ashamed of your stupidity, BOZO BARR is the leader of the deep state since Bush sr.s death not a conspiracy theory just a fact.
        Until you become brave enough to see or admit that nothing will change.
        The last thing he will do is any investigation none zipp zero it will only diclose his and many retardicans involvment in very serious crimes including treason and murder.
        When you support the crooks or put your hope in barr or cheeto man your complacent in these crimes thats why your retarded, you just keep hoping your crooks will some how save the day.
        They want to save their own as#es they don’t give a sh## about truth and justice.
        Now hurry up run out and vote for more injustice you STUPID MORONS!!!

    • D.A.N. says:

      I think AG Barr is wait for Durham to get finished with his investigation. Then Barr will likely pick a prosecutor who thinks that he can win the cases to handle them. I say cases and them because you can bet on there being more than one. It might ven already be that Durham is going to be the one who will take them to the grand juries and it won’t be in liberal DC courts.

  23. Phil w says:

    Donald Duck Scott 27. just 2 of the demon crap trolls that will be crying with there antifa coward. buddies in 2020 when Donald trump wins again antifa. butt. Givers.

  24. Bill says:

    Does anyone actually believe that any of these people who have held high positions in our government will be held responsible for any of the crimes they commit? Anyone who does is living in a dream world. The first rule of those serving in the highest echelon of any organization is get to know everyone in power and then cover each other’s ass. If you doubt this, I ask you why Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Comey, etc. are still walking free? These so-called investigations aren’t held to uncover any information, they are simply for show.

    • Sue Neely says:

      Not anymore. I think the Clinton’s have them all by the shot hairs as my dad would have said and we are all just screwed. If any one of us citizens had done anything half what these SOB’S have done we would have been in jail before the water got hot. But since they are Democrats and connected to the Crooked Clintons they walk.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      It’s not over. There is always hope that these upper echelons will be prosecuted. The wheels of justice is slow to turn but hopefully with Barr they are turning.

    • Donald Duck says:

      Bill. Your correct so correct your only flaw is not mentioning how much conection retardicans have in these crimes by not accepting that fact your only complacent in these crimes.
      Don’t even try to say that retardicans are GOD fearing HONEST people nothing can be farther from the truth.
      Just admitt you’ve been BRAINWASHED and learn from your mistakes and move on and actually try to make informed decisions not based on the all mighty “R” or “D” but facts true facts, don’t believe in that FAKE NEWS crap at least most of them try to tell the truth.
      Just because they rip cheeto man a new a##hole does not make it FAKE NEWS.
      We had plenty of the same crap under Obama same people same networks just different POS POTUS.

  25. Light Foot says:

    People on here like scot 27 and Donald Duck are nothing but trolls we the people that are real patriots need to let the A G finish the job and bring the real crimes to the surface for all the bad actors so they can be found guilty of treason against the USA and the American people if that does not happen we have to vote them out it’s not too late for democrat patriots to walk away I would welcome you but if the demon craps take over the POTUS. Then we know the the fix was in CIVIL WAR. KAGA. SEMPER. FI.

    • Scott27 says:

      Really, Light Foot? If your dear leader loses the election, you would engage in killing fellow citizens because they don’t agree with you? Do you identify more closely with the American Taliban or ISIS? Because your civil war because an election didn’t go your makes you no different than those groups.

      • Light Foot says:

        Scott 27 if you back the obuma Clinton cartel and all there cronies then yes you and punks like you are the enemy of American people MAS. SGT USMC SEMPER FI

    • Bill says:

      Anyone who actually believes that any member of the highest echelon of government will be brought to justice for their illegal actions is living in a dream world. If you think otherwise ask yourself why Hillary, Holder, Comey, McCabe, etc. are still walking around free. Attorney General Barr may prove me wrong but I’m not going to hold my breath until it happens.

  26. Jeff says:

    Come should be considered an enemy of our country and arrested and charged along with McCabe and friends not to mention his security clearance’s must be removed immediately!
    I am so angry but then again the citizens of the USA already knew they weren’t going to do anything to him or any other politician especially the Clinton Clan!
    I personally believe we the people need to gather people by the millions and March on DC and demand prosecution of all of them immediately and not leave until we see the, all in handcuffs and in a jail cell with real charges now!
    We the people already knew they weren’t going to do a damn thing two different sets of law for American people the crooked politicians are never held responsible for anything ever, YET THESE SAME PEOPLE HAVE DONE EVERYTHING THEY CAN HAVE OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT REMOVED FROM OFFICE BASED ON WHAT THEIR LIE AFTER LIE THIS MUST BE STOPPED ONE WAY OR OTHER!!

  27. M. Parr says:

    Americans are so angry that Comey was not prosecuted-where is the justice. The Clintons got away with so much-now Comey is afforded the same. This has to stop-there has to be accountability. The Democrats are so corrupt-can anything stop them?

  28. George says:

    Everything that is done in secret will be exposed in the light, no one is above the law, look at Weinstein and all these pedophiles, they have all been exposed, soon everything will come out, hopefully right before the election so everyone will see how corrupt the left is and Donald Trump will be elected to a second term. After that he can finish draining the swamp, everything hangs on the 2020 elections, if we take the house and hold on to the Senate, all hell is going to break loose and there will be an attempt to form a coup or there will be a civil war like we’ve never seen before. I believe in the end the Democrat party will be eraticated and the remnants will have to concede. IMHO.

    • Joan says:

      you havea poll says should James Comey go to jail but instead of have choice of yes or no it shows Donald Trump as one choice and Joe Biden as the other makes no sense

  29. Sam Phillips says:

    Wish AG Barr would read most of these comments. I agree with many of them! I’ve been on line all night, getting more concerned, depressed by the minute & now I’m just D..N ANGRY!!! For the past 2+ years we’ve seen the Democrats trying to kill our country. Seems a lot of them (in addition to the ones mentioned in the other comments) should be tried for TREASON! So often, I keep seeing “He/She will go to Prison for their actions & LIES!!!!”…but alas, it never happens! OMG, How many did Mueller put in prison for LYING???? Why can’t our AG do the same for the LYING DEMS??? I fear for my adult children, their spouses, and my Grandchildren and the USA! My only hope is that AG Barr is waiting for ALL the reports, and will round up all the “Deep State Dems”!!!

  30. tom matt says:

    Here are a few misconceptions that keep being put forth : The “deep state” goes back to Obama’s time “Wrong It has been a part of our history for decades ! #2 The “left” or Democrats have attempted to block any or the President’s efforts.Wrong . The entire Washington culture has been blocking his efforts ..The President cannot change the culture and the way that Washington does business under the present rules. The answer is : Declare Martial Law and allow the Military courts to determine the guilt or innocence of those accused lawbreakers regardless of their positions or power .The President could choose to decline to run for the 2020 election and let an honest Washington start a-new …

    • George says:

      Tom, really? If it weren’t for “president” Trump we wouldn’t even know about the depth of the corruption in Washington, why in hell should he not run?it would be business as usual if Hillbilly Clinton would have won. Thanks to God Donald Trump is president! I’m sick of hearing that he shouldn’t run, who else is there? The idiot Joe Walsh? That guy is a clown, I’ve listened to him on the radio, he’s a brainless never Trumper. Can we stop with the Trump shouldn’t run crap already?

  31. Ernst says:

    The Department of Justice still has far too many leftist holdovers from the Obama administration. There should be a further housecleaning. It is wrong to not prosecute such obvious wrongdoing as that by James Comey. If these obvious offenses are not prosecuted, what will ever be prosecuted? Hillary committed egregious offenses and was never held to account. Do all Democrats get a free pass on breaking the law?

    • Pathfinder0100 says:

      Well, they have so far (2 years)

      • mike dar says:

        Up till ‘Barr appointment’, all the Agencies were essentially Deep Stators driven. What I think might then be relevant is the ‘Barr’ time rather than the ‘2 year’ time frame… to say, ‘So far..’ might only encompass (>< 8 months) and with the massive interference like the FBI literally resisting document turnovers.. well…

  32. wolfen244 says:

    NOTHING but NOTHING will happen to ANYONE from the Obama Regime. Nothing. Not a damn thing. Ever.

  33. Larry Gaines says:

    Is Barr hiding something?

    • Robert Christopher Laity says:

      BARR is the USAG. he can supercede subordinate DOJ personnel and proceed to order Comey prosecuted.

      • Pathfinder0100 says:

        One would think so but the article says “his hands are tied”!! I wonder why??

        • mike dar says:

          Sort of says it all. ‘I didn’t get arrested so you have to apologize to me’. At the head of these Agencies they take authority they are not authorized to do.. by the very Agency protocols created to keep the Agencies honest.Comey took memos of Whitehouse meetings, the protocol is that the generator(Comey) needs to classify the memo, Comey did not and took them home as ‘Personal’. Then leaked them to a Lawyer Comey himself got hired into the FBI, a Lawyer Comey himself got a secret clearance for.. so that when the ‘Memos’ were leaked, were discovered, were classified by existing FBI administrators, the Lawyer had legal cover as he had a secret clearance and allowance to be in possession of said memos… latter classified that Comey did legally have as not being classified as Comey failed in his duty to classify them before stealing them/when the Memo document was made.While it was a ‘Smart move’, it did violate his duty, his authority, Agency protocols. Comey believed he was above the authority given him by his position… just as Comey did with doing the job of the DOJ in handling the Clinton e-mail situation… he misused his authority- hence being fired per Agency Protocols.So Comey yells for a apology for not performing his duty…. only a fired Agency head can get away with such a demand…. and he won’t get it.
          The ‘tying of hands’ involves not having a clearly defined avenue to showing breaking existing law.. because “Protocol’ was the model, rather than law, to prevent Comey’s actions or present Justice ramifications for his actions.
          The same sets of actions seem relevant to Brennan and Clapper, so three Agencies not restricted where the Heads can circumvent possible law restrictions not in place might be applicable in regards to some of their actions- leaking.
          This would not seem a applicable defense concerning other actions, especially miss leading the FISA court.

  34. Robert powell says:

    the american people have been lied to for way too long by our corrupt government on BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE. when only corrupt officials are chosen for any supervisory position, we are only get more corrupt jackasses to run the departments ., we can not even rely on our judge advocate general in the military for help O’BAMMA SAW TO THAT. his picking through the command level officers has left nothing of the real american general-officers with a back-bone and a conscience that we used to have. THE RECORD OF DESTRUCTION IN AFGANISTAN tells the truth of what is left,only one-world leftist pro yes-men for the democraps ..the record of prosecutions of nco troopers for war crimes with no evidence, has shown that the communist left is running that branch of the military. SAILOR TOOK A PICTURE OF THE CONTROL BOARD THAT HE RAN ON A DAILY BASIS TO SHOW HIS WIFE AND FAMILY , that warranted a major prosecution and prison time ,,the SECRETARY OF STATE GAVE THE CHINESE free run on her computer server [the illegal one] god knows what all they gleaned out of them. NO PROSECUTION.. she should have been shot for treason. 15 billion dollars disappeared in baltimore ,NO PROSECUTION.. it go’s on and on ILLEGAL AS HELL BUT NO PROSECUTION..

  35. Timothy Queen says:

    What kind of pole asks should the treasonous traitor asswipe Comey be in jail and then has President Trump’s name and traitor Joe Biden’s name for the answer’s? What about yes and no. You can stick that crooked pole all up in your ass.

  36. gary vogt says:

    Barr isn’t charge of the DOJ
    Wray isn’t in charge of the FBI
    Pompao is not in charge of the State Department
    No one knows about the CIA, or DNI

  37. Cranky Independent says:

    Look, NOTHING will happen to any of these criminals: Comey, Brennan, McCabe, the Clintons and their crime syndicate, Obozo, FBI agents who participated in cover ups and schemes to overthrow Trump. Let’s just face the facts. There is a dual system of justice in America: one system for the political “elite,” and another system that comes down hard on the ordinary citizens. Live with it and quit letting your blood pressure go through the top of your head causing you to stroke out or die of a heart attack. These criminals aren’t worth it.

    • wolfen244 says:

      It costs us a lot when these criminals still live among us with plans to destroy us while we have to let them destroy our way of life.

  38. Robert Hogue Sr. says:

    How can people in the DOJ not prosecute Comey, when they work for A,G. Barr? Isn*t Barr their boss? I think someone threatened Barr and he won*t do anything about the corrupt deep state. I would think that almost all Republicans know exactly what all happened, and the people that is the deep state. Way is it so hard for A,G. Barr to figure this all out. The deep state goes all the way back to O Bama. We need and want JUSTICE!

  39. Harry Katz says:

    So then, who was it that decided NOT tpo prosecute Comey and what was the “official BS reasoning? The citizens have a right to know and the DOJ has an obligation to provide that information. Whatever happened to “Drain the Swamp”? There doesn’t appear to have been any decrease in the population and the resident critters are getting bolder by the hour. The law relies a lot on precedent and they are setting some dangerous “All ye, all ye,in free” precedents.

    • alicia cervera says:

      Do any of these lawyers have any b@@ls to do whats right for our country????

    • Roger D Mann says:

      As far as I am concerned, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Christopher Wray, Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller, Eric Holder James Clapper, John Brennan and even Barack Obama and many more were complicit in spying on or trying to unseat a duly elected President!
      Every one of them needs to be arrested and prosecuted for treason against President Trump, the American people and the United States of America! Firing or allowing these criminals to retire and collect pensions paid for by the American people for the rest of their lives must stop and it must stop now! No one is above the law no matter who they are, what their name is or the previous position they held in government, public or private life.
      Now that the Mueller witch hunt has concluded after two and a half years of wasted time and over 40 million dollars of taxpayer money squandered chasing a pack of democrat’s lies and even though some brain dead democrats still want to waste more time and taxpayer money chasing their tail, it is time for republicans to grow a spine and go after the democrats and the party of corruption, like Senator Lindsey Graham has proposed.
      Every person named herein should be arrested, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sent to prison for the maximum time allowed by law!
      The FISA court knows that they were lied to, why haven’t they said anything?

      • GERARD HARKIN says:

        YOU ARE 100% CORRECT!!!!!!

      • steve says:

        And some others also, now you know why the push to infringe on the 2nd.

      • Robert powell says:

        hang or shoot the bastards we can not afford to feed them for the rest of their natural life..they are not worth the beans it would take to keep them alive.

      • Sue Neely says:

        Not anymore. I think the Clinton’s have them all by the short hairs as Dmy dad would have said and we are all just screwed. If any one of us citizens had done anything half what these SOB’S have done we would have been in jail before the water got hot. But since they are Democrats and connected to the Crooked Clintons they walk.

  40. IrishEyes says:

    Hey people, AG Barr will use the more serious crimes that Comey and McCabe committed then the memos. They both committed treason and the FISA warrants are the more serious charges. I also believe they would rather try them in military tribunal court then federal court and there’s a HUGE difference. In federal court a judge could throw out important documents and exhibits for being too prejudicial to the defendants, whereas in military tribunals EVERYTHING is concluded. A few months ago, both Barr and Trump got the okay from the Supreme Court to use military tribunals in these cases of treason and there is no statute of limitation on treason. These cases would be tried in DC, and liberal strong-hold and the chances of getting these corrupt individuals could walk by a liberal jury or an Obama or Clinton appointed judge. If they choose to try them outside DC, their lawyers will complain about an unfair trial, they would rather take their chances in the DC Court. Barr is also allowing them to think they got off. You forget these two corrupt, arrogant clowns think they are smarter than everyone else. Barr wants them to think that, wants them to believe they have nothing on them. Especially Comey, he’s a twisted person, he’s also an arrogant, pompous, a malignant narcissist and a sociopath. Barr set a trap this passed week and Comey bought it. He just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and couldn’t help himself by being boastful and portraying himself as the victim. The trap was set, and Comey took the bait. Comey thinks he’s smart, but Barr is smarter. This game isn’t OVER, it’s just getting started. Everything that I’ve read and watched over the past few weeks tells me they found what they needed, and it will devastate these corrupt clowns and the American people and President Trump has reopened Camp X-ray in Guantanamo Bay. It’s why they keep releasing a little information at a time and leaks.

    • John and Dianne Simpson says:

      Who’s to say that these same assholes that tied Barr’s hands on this one won’t tie his hands on the bigger FISA crimes that he committed. Who are these idiots that tells Barr what to do and not to do???

    • Jim Tierney says:

      IRISH Eyes, I agree with you wholeheartedly and can’t wait to see it start happenung

      • Light Foot says:

        Irish Eyes you are right on give AG Barr a chance he is much smarter than these criminals I trust in him to bring them to justice SEMPER. FI

  41. Ray Jernigan says:

    Barr is just like the rest of the deep state. He will do nothing to any of the ones that have caused all the problems of the last couple of years. I hope I’m wrong about him but it doesn’t look like it. Maybe he is waiting until all of the reports are in and then, maybe he won’t have any other choice but to prosecute. I think you can through the Epstein case in the mix. A lot of people that have known the Clintons have died mysteriously. And maybe he is another one to die knowing Clinton dirty secrets.
    The moral fiber of this country began to unravel when Bill Clinton stood up on tv and pointed his finger at us and said that he didn’t have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I think that changed everything in this country. Someone famous once said that the only way this country would be destroyed would be from within and I think Bill Clinton pulled the first string that started the moral downfall of this great country. Every democrat since Clinton has followed him by taking a little piece of this country and destroying it. I am in my seventies now, and I don’t think I will see the end, but I think my children will, or their children for sure. That will be a sad day for sure. God bless America in her time of need and bring sanity to a world gone crazy.

    • Spanky says:


  42. Unicorn76 says:

    Who were the career DOJ officials that saved Comey’s corrupt butt?
    Sounds like collusion to me!

  43. Intelligal says:

    AG Barr-America is watching your follow-up investigations very carefully! The DOJ knows that they may need to jail some of these officials that did many things against the law and America expects Justice to be served on these rats! We need to stop BS now and the aiding and abetting buddies in the FBI and the deep state liars! American Patriots are watching the investigations very carefully! Please, do serve “We The People” as this was after all in your oath of office after-Americans expect Justice to be served!

    • Spanky says:

      Intelligal. Don’t think for a second that your blogg ID means your informed or smart or patriotic nothing could be farther from the truth.
      American Justice, We The People, American Patriots, Law And Order.
      BLA!!!! BLA!!!! BLA!!!!!

  44. Will says:

    I thought maybe it was a : whose on first question { Abbott and Costello}

  45. frank says:

    Time for Trump to rid the DOJ of the traitors who choose not to prosecute Comey. In fact, they should be charged as co- conspirators & indicted along with the rest of the deep state..

    • Vicki S says:

      Was just thinking the same thing. Of course they’re going to protect their own, clean house & start over with people who haven’t been corrupted. I’ll bet there’s more than we think that don’t support the bad characters.

  46. William says:

    They have set a president here with Comey! Now they can protect McCabe. How can you throw McCabe in jail while Comey runs free for they same kind of crimes. Your only saving hope is the judge in this case. Personally I think it was done deliberately and will be done again and again so they all go free. The dog and pony show goes on!!

  47. NOBODY says:

    Throw those worthless creeps out of the DOJ!
    they are worthless traders of the GOOD USA out on their ears (Bloody of coarse)

    the Citizen here has less rights, harder prosecution, while the FAT ASSES get away with murder rape, and molestation of minors….. and they walk…….. it makes me so sick I want and am thinking of rejecting my American citizenship, as much as I LOVE the USA.

    let the pagan Dem’s have it and destroy it and shoot any of them that goto where I Move to (ON SIGHT)

    they hate us so why not give that hate back, they attack us for wearing a hat or shirt that they hate,
    of trump, but I think I’m going to buy a few tee shirts that has stuff they don’t like.
    god help them even though they don’t deserve it, but when they attack me there will be 1 less dummy
    I won’t take a attack w/o a defense so they shoot just shoot me so they can destroy the rest
    after I’m in hell for as angry as I am at this crooked government.

    many years ago it was said the US can only be destroyed from within!
    it was either a president elect or a president several decades ago

    I say we might need to give them the same treatment…..

    YES this is a rant…… I usall wait to type, but I’m so angry I couldn’t wait………..

    get those commie bastards out of office

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      In the 1950’s the Department was infested with communists and since Hillary Our department of state is infested as well.

    • Spanky says:

      NOBODY. I really hate to break your heart after you put so much effort into your RANT.
      I don’t know how old you are but anyway if you vote RETARDICAN then you voted for the deep state 80% of the deep state is your party.
      Any one pro cheeto man has fully endorsed the deep state that is controlled by BOZO BARR when H W BUSH died he took over as the number one guy the leader the head honcho the big cahona the big cheese the big rat numro uno boss man you name it thats BOZO BARR!!!!!

  48. Jimmie Peters says:

    Am I wrong here Barr is the head of the DOJ, it falls on HIM to decide whether or not to prosecute. I think this whole Doj needs to be fired and replaced, Maybe this would get rid of the two tier justice system that is firmly entrenched now.

    • Hurley Henson says:

      Exactly it rests on Barr. Another useless deep state criminal. Trump seems to be getting what he deserves for appointing two AGs that are as useless as a box of rocks.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Perhaps the trials due are so significant that they need to be Military Tribunals, as foreign entanglements are rife within this swamp of activity.
      Using the Military Tyranny can warrant a “swift” execution of all those involved in crimes akin to URANIUM ONE.

    • Steven Pike says:

      I think Barr is pushing ahead to the FISA abuses and other issues .Comey did leak-He admitted it, but I think Barr is looking at far more serious charges against not just Comey, but senior officials in the DOS, NSA, DOJ , and FBI. At least I hope so. I am thinking there needs to be an enema applied to these crooked, lying, entitled federal official who abused their oath and office.

      • Vicki S says:

        I agree with that. People are not thinking straight. We need to get Comey for a big crime with harsher penalties, than the current charges. If Barr was really a member of the deep state, do you think he would be p*ssing them off every chance he can?

    • Spanky says:

      Jimmie. So you want BOZO BARR to self incriminate I’M ALL IN THANKS!!!!

  49. Statesman Patriot says:

    The double standards of justice will be the crushing means for the beginning of the civil war Democrats are working so hard to start, that Republicans do not want, but that we so desperately need.
    I will call it the one week war!
    Dems have Bernie, a fake Indian, BLM and Antifa.
    We have the guns and ammo and the fortitude to protect our constitution!

    • Max Grimes says:

      Amen brother!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Let’s start with MILITARY TRIBUNALS as was done at the end of WWII.

    • Fred says:

      Semper Fidelis! Mr. Statesman Patriot, Sir!!!

    • Donald Duck says:

      S P. Oh Oh Oh another chest pounding neanderthal gorilla fully loaded and ready to kill I’m impressed can i be your boy friend can we play together with our guns pretty please big macho man i just love someone ready to kill another human being your so cool i want to join your club let me guess neo nazies KKK white supremacists antifa come on give me i clue

      • Hurley Henson says:

        But ole stupid Donald Dick is too fried from strong dope to know that he supports the very people, the democrats, that started and were all members of the KKK. And I would bet that the thug is also a supporter of Antifan

    • Scott27 says:

      The problem is, S.P., you and the ones agreeing with you are not quite smart enough to realize you would not be protecting the Constitution… you really don’t know crap about the Constitution, you just want to play war and kill your fellow citizens who don’t agree with you. Right now, instead of protecting the Constitution, you are protecting a dictator.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Scott27, protecting the Constitution can involve a short trial and then a hanging or execution of the convicted treasonous former members of our government. If you really knew the Constitution and the first ten Amendments you would know that the Second Amendment was given to us to protect our right to get rid of a corrupt government. The Dictator is none other than the former President, B.H. Obama. Why do you think he didn’t leave DC like all the past Presidents have? That is being proven out even more every day. We know that he knew this garbage was going on because we have the words of those involved that the WH wanted to know all. So why don’t you run along and learn something from somewhere other than M$NBC or CNN because it is making you look stupid.

  50. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Who are these idiots at the DOJ who felt that Comey did not deserve to be prosecuted? I think that their names should be listed. That would stop this protection of the Deep State!

    • Hurley Henson says:

      It doesn’t matter who they are, Barr has the final say and he is the one to blame.

    • Scott27 says:

      Comey went against policy; he did nothing illegal. You can’t criminally prosecute someone for not following policy. What part of that don’t you folks understand?

      • gayle clay says:

        But how many times did he lie while being questioned under oath? Yet again all of those FISA warrants were obtained by Comey swearing under oath that everything he submitted to gain the warrants was true. Now we already know those were again lies under oath. Charge him with the hundred of lies while under oath. Under oath means nothing to those in gov. Positions, but by God be a regular citizen and you would be sent to prison for ten years. All evil!

    • Connie says:

      “Career officials of the DOJ”. Here’s my concern….isn’t Bill Barr their boss? Why does he have to do what they say???

  51. Barbara says:

    It is beyond my understanding as an American citizen, why there are many democrats having committed crimes and are evil are not arrested and held and been found guilty, where as if it be a republican then they are criminals and have to be in prison if the Democrats had their way. Take our President, they want to have him impeached, but take AOC.She spends money that people have donated to give her lover fpr travel. She also married her brother to get him into America, then married another man without getting a divorce. Why is there double standards for democrats and republicans?

    • Will says:

      Omar was the one who married her brother , but it does`nt matter, they are all inbred A**holes who need to be kicked out

    • gayle clay says:

      Right! I agree, why aren’t they being arrested and charged with these crimes? What about Cummings and his wife for embezzelment? How about waters and her daughter for embezzelment? And God only knows how many more. Talib for her crimes too? Why aren’t we heariñg of their arrests and charges? They aren’t above the law because they are DEMOCRATIC CRIMINALS! ARREST THEM!!!

  52. Desert Fox says:

    We Patriotic Americans want to see equal justice and that means charging prosecuting, and jailing, all involved in the last three year fiasco; and if AJ Barr is not willing to do it we might as well have do nothing SESSIONS back.

  53. edward m pula says:

    I doubt we will ever see equal justice, to many politicians on both sides are involved with corruption and if one would get indicted they would spill the beans on all the other politicians and they are on both sides Democrat’s as well as Republicans it would cause a domino effect effecting our whole government!

    • Will says:

      It still needs to happen , as it is we really don`t have a Govt, just a free ride for all who are in office . They are in there for their own gain , and that is their only goal

  54. Peter Mullen says:

    What IG Horowitz did was to confirm that Comey’s decisions had a specific intent. I.e. to force the appointment of the Special Counsel (Mueller) and to provide evidence for Trump’s impeachment.

  55. klsparrow says:

    Horowitz referred Comey for criminal prosecution; career officials at the DOJ protected Comey by not prosecuting him. That tied Attorney General Barr’s hands. I thought AG Barr was in charge of the DOJ guess I was wrong the career people run the place. Why do we need an AG if he has no power?????

  56. Donaldo says:

    I think we need to find out who the “ career officials at the DOJ “ are that wouldn’t prosecute and demand to know why we now have a double standard of laws in this country. Time for some heads to roll.

  57. Truckman says:

    the shadow men whos been pullings scene before JFK the group J edger hover set up

  58. Leftshot says:

    “That tied Attorney General Barr’s hands and left him furious.“

    I agree with Keith. You are going to have to do a lot better than this. Making baseless assertions that the A/G is furious and saying his hands are tied when he is the head of the DOJ won’t cut it.

  59. Keith D says:

    WAIT just a second, Barr has FINAL SAY as to who gets indicted!!!! These “REPORTS” on these blogs seem to have been MADE UP LATELY!!! When I first started reading and commenting on blogs you could read them the a few days later they would be on FOX with validation. Now it seems like click bait for the ads that make them rich! COMEY NEEDS JAIL TIME!!!IF not he then EXPLAIN HOW HE GOT THE EXACT SAME KILLARY TREATMENT!!!!Did several wrong things and even TREASONOUS leaks but then it’s NEVER MIND HE DIDN’T “intended” TOO SCREW us!!!

    • Scott27 says:

      He was not referred for prosecution because he did not leak classified information; he only leaked his own memos to himself, period. It was against policy, but not against the law… unlike several in trump’s camp, a few who are already behind bars.

      • Scott27 says:

        And speaking of classified info… did you all see your moron in chief tweeted out a classified photo yesterday? Serious stuff. And you are whining about a memo to self??? Where are your priorities?

      • Scott27 says:

        And speaking of classified material… did you see your dear leader tweeted out a photo from a classified briefing yesterday? Appalling. And you are whining about a memo to self?

        • Miss Daisy says:

          You are wrong. Comey DID leak classified material. He leaked classified material verbally, and then provided a copy, in its entirety, to his legal team who leaked it to the media. This is according to a DOJ Watchdog document. So be informed!

          • Scott27 says:

            Like most of what you folks believe here… that’s a lie, Daisy. It’s simply not true. And it’s not what the investigation showed.

    • Jan says:

      It’s my belief that Barr is waiting to indict James Comey when the FISA abuse surfaces! That’s when Comey will really get the treatment! This latest Comey wrongdoing was just scratching the surface!!!

  60. Mike Flanagan says:

    Put them all in a Leaky junked freighter in the middle of the north Alantic with tin cups to bail. If they refuse to bail they go down with the ship.

  61. Miguel Angel Serrano says:

    Unleash The Donald Trump 2020

  62. Rodney says:

    How can you answer a “Yes or No” question with Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

    I think there’s a strategy in play at the DOJ. The rest of the Horowitz report is due out before long, that’s the FISA section, then there is the Durham investigation into the whole Russia Trump collusion hoax. I think they just want a mountain of evidence no judge or jury can dismiss.

    • Mic J Palazzolo says:

      I’m beginning to think that this “Durham Investigation” is nothing more
      than appeasement. That the intent here is to create the illusion that “something is being done about this travesty of justice” when in fact,
      nothing will be done about it. Can’t set a precedence here, right?
      After all, if the AG at the DOJ honestly and openly did his job and put
      that fu*king Comey behind bars, he would then be expected to put the
      remaining criminals of the deep state behind bars. Who would be left
      in Washington D.C. to “operate” and “manage” the federal government?

  63. Mike Otrok says:

    What are hamberders?

  64. Jim Tierney says:

    This just proves who is still in charge of the DOJ. Will these treasonous demonrats (sp intentional) ever be brought to justice? As Bill , Hillary, and all their cronies continue to thumb their noses at us, we really have to wonder. Look what they did to Gen. Flynn and what they would do to any other conservative, given half a chance. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of this great country. President Trump would need your more terms to get the good old USA back

    • Donald Duck says:

      Jim T. I really truly do feel sorry for you counting on cheeto man to save the good old USA.

  65. Junius says:

    Just who is running this poll, it is laid out like Joe Biden, is writing it,all confused!

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