William Barr walked up to Nancy Pelosi and what he said will leave you speechless

William Barr and Nancy Pelosi finally had a face-to-face confrontation.

It happened just days after Pelosi and the Democrats threatened Barr with jail time by voting to hold him in contempt of Congress.

But then Barr walked up to Nancy Pelosi and what he said will leave you speechless.

Attorney General Barr and Nancy Pelosi came face-to-face at the annual Peace Officers Memorial Service at the Capitol.

This took place just days after the House voted to hold Barr in contempt for not breaking the law by turning over the unredacted Mueller Report.

Fox News producer Josh Gibson reported Barr walked up to Pelosi and jokingly asked the Speaker if she had her handcuffs ready.

Pelosi chuckled and told Barr the House Sergeant at Arms was nearby.

The Daily Caller reports:

Attorney General William Barr reportedly took a jab at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday as the two crossed paths at the annual Peace Officers Memorial Service at the U.S. Capitol.

Barr, according to Fox News producer Jake Gibson, joked with the Democratic Party leaderabout the upcoming contempt vote and threats to jail him if he failed to comply with subpoenas that demand the full and unredacted Mueller report.

“Attorney General Bill Barr spoke to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in person today, after the National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the Capitol,” Gibson tweeted. “A source close to Barr says he asked Pelosi if she had brought her handcuffs. There was laughter but no word on Pelosi’s response.”

This episode showed that even Pelosi knows the Democrats’ quest to jail Barr is futile and they have run up against a brick wall.

This will infuriate rank-and-file Democrats who want total war on the administration.

But they will have to accept defeat on the Barr contempt matter in the same way Pelosi did.

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110 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Pelosi get ready for handcuffs and no one can stop them from being put on you. You will look good in orange. Hope you get a good cell mate. Can’t wait.

  2. Kenny says:

    California or where ever she is from should not vote her back into Congress.
    She is a 2 faced lier and wasting tax payers money trying to impeach Trump instead of using it for the good of the people.
    Evidently she doesn’t care about what the Bill of Rights says.
    By the people FOR the people

  3. John L says:

    I just read an article that said William Barr stopped the FBI investigation into The Clintons corruption as it relates to illegal expenditures of Bill Gates charitable donations in excess of $200 million. Can anyone verify this. Anyone that stands in the way of the Clintons being investigated immediately stands on my bad side , regardless of anything they ever did that I agreed with. Siding with the Clintons is a vow to side with evil eternally, therefore I can not stand with nor stand for anyone who aides them in their quest to be the most corrupt politicians to plague this planet. Standing in the way of anyone attempting to expose them is the same as aiding them, and if william barr really stopped the FBI investigation, then I expect President Trump to announce ousting him any day now.

  4. Mark says:

    two diff stories in one Nancy responded the house sergeant of arms was nearby second part she said nothing why is there two answers completely different on the same article

  5. Jerry Moore says:

    Nancy is a cheap C word

  6. Jerry Moore says:

    Pelosi is a California cheap street hore

  7. bulbsnatcher says:

    Nancy pelosi and the group brought all false accusations should be impeached the whole group for abuse of power fired, and attempting a hostile take over, proof, planned from the time he ran, all should be tried, evidence handed over to the fisa court and do the same thing while Trump is running,if the fisa court does not do it disband them

  8. Will Penny says:

    AG Barr has done not one thing wrong , end of story . The Wicked Witch Of The West Nancy , is a crazy communist liberal vagina suit girl . Wow
    , that’s a scary vision . Nancy ,and her Old Broom are in mid air , and just about out of fuel , and her butt is going to Crash , and burn , in one big pile of Liberal Crap . Fitting I’d say , for a Old Broom Rider as Nancy . Also , tearing up the Presidents speech on live TV the other night . That just shows Nancy has no class , no common sense , no morals and needs her butt kicked out of Congress and sent strait to ” Hell’s Kitchen ” , right where the Old Witch belongs . To pay up for her sins , which are many !!

  9. Fonnie Preston says:

    I am proud of you me president
    You have done what you have been sworn in to do plus much more
    You have become a beloved president

  10. SJ says:

    Master Gunny thank you for your service to this country

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