William Barr told one truth about George Floyd’s death that Democrats did not want to hear

Democrats seized on the death of George Floyd to press down on the gas pedal in their quest to remake America.

Liberals believe they can exploit this moment to seize power and remove Donald Trump from office.

But William Barr told one truth about George Floyd’s death that Democrats did not want to hear.

In the Oval Office on Wednesday, Attorney General Barr and President Trump announced a plan to expand “Operation Legend” and surge federal resources into cities like Chicago that saw a spike in violence following Black Lives Matter protests.

Barr blamed the uptick in crime on left-wing politicians demonizing police following Black Lives Matter protests calling for city governments to “defund the police.”

“We had that terrible death in Minneapolis,” Barr stated. “But then we had this extreme reaction that has demonized police and called for the defunding of police departments.

And what we have seen then is a significant increase in violent crime in many cities. And this rise is a direct result of the attack on the police forces and the weakening of police forces.”

Barr also pointed that proving black lives mattered also meant the federal government stepping in to stop the murder of young black men in cities like Chigago, Atlanta, and New York that were descending into lawlessness.

“The leading cause of death for young Black males is homicide,” Attorney General Barr added. “Every one of those lives matter.”

The simple fact of the matter is that in 2019, fewer than ten unarmed black men were killed by police.

Black Americans killed in homicides numbered almost 8,000.

“Black Lives Matter” has become a popular political slogan these last two months.

But demonstrating that all lives matter means reestablishing law and order in American cities and putting a stop to the senseless violence.

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