William Barr shut down CNN with one message they did not want to hear

Fake news CNN and other so-called “mainstream” media outlets keep telling Americans one giant lie.

So-called “journalists” maintain that they are objective truth seekers.

But William Barr shut down CNN with one message they did not want to hear.

Attorney General Barr spoke to the 2020 National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

During his speech Barr took on the Fake News Media as a hopelessly biased institution that views the world through the lenses of its liberal hive mind.

“Today in the United States, the corporate – or ‘mainstream’ – press is massively consolidated,” Barr told the crowd. “And it has become remarkably monolithic in viewpoint, at the same time that an increasing number of journalists see themselves less as objective reporters of the facts, and more as agents of change. These developments have given the press an unprecedented ability to mobilize a broad segment of the public on a national scale and direct that opinion in a particular direction.”

Barr noted that a unified press damaged democracy by whipping up a tyranny of the majority.

“When the entire press ‘advances along the same track,’ as Tocqueville put it, the relationship between the press and the energized majority becomes mutually reinforcing,” Attorney General Barr continued. “Not only does it become easier for the press to mobilize a majority, but the mobilized majority becomes more powerful and overweening with the press as its ally. This is not a positive cycle, and I think it is fair to say that it puts the press’ role as a breakwater for the tyranny of the majority in jeopardy. The key to restoring the press in that vital role is to cultivate a greater diversity of voices in the media.”

Christian Americans are specifically under assault from the mainstream press.

Homosexual marriage became legal in America largely after a sustained campaign by the Fake News Media and Hollywood to normalize it.

Once it became legal, the press and its activist allies moved on to demanding Christian bakers, florists and wedding photographers violate their sincerely held religious beliefs to participate in homosexual weddings.

None of this would have been possible if the so-called “mainstream” media was not monolithically in favor of homosexual marriage and hostile to Christian believers.

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60 Responses

  1. Karl Drumm says:

    America needs a third honest party which watches over the two corrupt parties which points fingers every four years at each other about things which have been promised and NEVER accomplished!There are NO checks and balances what either one of them does or does not do.A person like president Trump is not liked because he does not play the game the way Washington loves it! He would make a good third party President and he would win most republican,democratic and independent voters easily!We need term limits,accounting for things done and undone.We need a justice system with judges who have NO party affiliations because some of them you cannot TRUST because they might be biased.We praise ourselves how great we all the time but we really do not act like Americans within our own borders!

  2. Ann Marie Galloway says:

    We need to get rid of the state judiciary because they are corrupt in every state
    SICK SICK JUDGES have been in operation for way too long….

  3. Mitch Warden says:

    It’s so nice knowing that President Trump will be a two-term President! Personally I thank GOD for him and I know that once he starts his last term, justice will gather new wind in its sails. Heads will roll. Mark my words, justice WILL be served!

  4. James H Roberts says:

    Looks like Barr is being questioned by the Courts on releasing the full Muller Report, indicating Barr wasn’t being truthful!! Looks like we have a plot corruption between Barr and Trump!!! The opinion of the Justice Department that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted has given Trump the idea that he is above the law and is the law!!! That is the making of a Dictator!!!

  5. Somebody says:

    I say, “Let’s invite them all to a weini roast and have a bal!

  6. Scooter 59 says:

    I just can’t watch them anymore and I quit watching the late night shows when Trump won because I couldn’t listen to the bashing of our President especially since he’s doing a really good job!

  7. Diana says:

    I have a Special needs sister who informed me that I was not acting as a Christian because I’m prejudice towards homosexuality, that I should NOT show any difference towards them. That I would not get into heaven. I Had to tell her that God speaks many times about Homosexuality and it is Not condoned. Yes, I’m suppose to pray for them but not condone or accept the behavior.

  8. Burton Pauly says:

    We’ve given up on the press, and nearly all TV news, because all or the majority of them are biased in their so-called reporting. So we just take a grain of salt on their behalf , and use our common sense in all of our daily news reports. Maybe more folks will awaken and use the brains God furnished them with. MAGA, elect D.J. Trump once again.

  9. Nick says:

    Let’s control education, health care, housing, food supply, and of course the media…sounds familiar? If not, google Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, Russia…did I leave anyone else? Oh yes, Germany under Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, Argentina under Peron…so what’s trending in today’s US political arena?

  10. Patriotson says:

    America no longer has a fair and balanced press or media. They have injected political bias into their reason for existing and have turned off the public

  11. Carbine Williams says:

    Must only be cretins and people with the IQ’s of chimpanzees that watch any MSM.I sure can’t find any that’s unbiased .But then Liberals need constant brain washing for their continuing education into the unknown.The twilight zone of reality



  13. Veracious says:

    Who is the 1% / Don Lemon, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Anderson Cooper, Graig Melvin, Ali Velshi, Wolf Blitzer,
    Mika Brzezinski and her hubby, Little Larry, and the two Chris from MSNBC.

  14. George says:

    No holds barred!!!!!!
    Sic em barr
    The forked tongue lying scum media hate America and president Trump please watch the scum PROGRAMS and e mail the company’s that sponsor the view and Kimmel and the lying media
    Tell them why, please get the message out before it’s too late
    If you have children and grandchildren you need to get the Demon Craps out before it’s too late!!!!
    Please get your family friends and neighbors to register and vote the Demon Craps out before it’s too [email protected]@!

  15. JOHN T. FOX says:


  16. Ann says:

    When only a few corporations own all of the broadcast channels, we get their agenda. The readers on TV are not journalists, only robotic readers who are so indoctrinated, they really believe the lies. This is not freedom of the press. The country watching these channels are actually subject to brainwashing. It is really devastating for our country. The only solution is to breakup the monopolies owning all the broadcast channels and put in a balance with other viewpoints on all subjects.

  17. spktruth says:

    3 or 4 Large Corporations Own ALL of the Major News Outlets, Therefore Independent and unbiased Journalism is Dead in this Country!

  18. Public_Citizen says:

    From the days of “The Yellow Press” on the main stream media have had a liberal bias.
    It didn’t take the mask of “impartiality” off until after Woodward and Bernstein broke the Watergate Story.
    Now we have blatant leftist partisan propagandists attempting to put the mask back on, while the portion of the population actually capable of logic and reasoned thinking recognize their Blatant Partisanship and their attempts to represent Propaganda as “news”
    Veritas Vincit

  19. Terri Cole says:

    They should lose their title of news!

  20. Vito Via says:

    As EXPECTED!!!!!!!!

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