William Barr sent the Left into a furious rage with one bold move to stand up for law enforcement

Law enforcement is under attack in inner cities across the country.

Left-wing cries of “police brutality” have put a target on their backs.

That’s why William Barr just took one bold move to stand up for law enforcement, and the Left is in a furious rage over it.

In a recent speech, Attorney General William Barr came to the defense of law enforcement who are facing attacks from the communities they are in place to protect.

And at one point in the speech he said that if communities don’t begin showing more respect for law enforcement, “they might find themselves without the police protection they need.”

USA Today reports:

Attorney General William Barr said that if communities do not show more respect to law enforcement officers, they may lose “police protection.”

Barr made the comments, which have drawn criticism from some liberal groups and commentators, at an award ceremony Tuesday honoring officers and deputies for “distinguished service in policing.”

In his speech, Barr compared being in law enforcement to being in the military. Barr said it took decades after the Vietnam War for troops to earn respect. He said he remembers parades as soldiers left for then returned home from the first Gulf War in the 1990s.

“But when police officers roll out of their precinct every morning, there are no crowds along the highway cheering them on. And when you go home at the end of the day, there’s no ticker tape parade.”

Barr said Americans, instead, need to focus on “the sacrifice and the service” of law enforcement.

“They have to start showing more than they do – the respect and support that law enforcement deserves,” Barr said.

“And if communities don’t give that support and respect, they might find themselves without the police protection they need.”

Police have been made into targets in many communities due to anti-police politicians and community leaders.

In New York City, police are often attacked and humiliated by those in the community, and are left with little recourse as the city’s leadership often refuse to side with police under pressure.

Just this year, ten New York City Police officers have committed suicide, likely due to the disrespect they face on a regular basis.

So when the Left criticize Barr for his comments, they are almost certainly ignoring that fact.

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89 Responses

  1. Texas Belle says:


  2. Texas Belle says:

    Coffe “break”, not brake. Salaries, not salary’s. If you can prove that a police person uses lights and sirens to go to a coffee break, give us the facts. They are all due a break from duty just as people in any other business. Maybe you hold a grudge against a particular “cop”:?

  3. Texas Belle says:

    You are so right. Obama started all the slander and hate of the Police and it is continuing. Yes, there are corrupt Police persons just as there are corrupt politicians, but we depend on them to come when we call and to solve crimes that endanger all of us. Obama is the most corrupt person to ever serve as President and he continues to work behind the scenes to try to oust Trump from the presidency.

  4. Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a sleeper cell or the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. He was sent to US to undermine our government and does done a fantastic job of undermining our police, military, educational system, political system. Nancy Pelosi chose Obama as a candidate for president before she ever investigated him. She is as dumb and stupid as she looks. She brought a traitor into our midst that gave Iran $1.5B to undermine all the countries in the Middle East, now starting with Iraq, in Lebanon, Hamas, Yemen. Obama has locked away all his records so we can never see where he came from but he has invited al Sharpton, general of Iranian forces and others against the US to the White House. Sharpton, a murderer, who murdered the young man in Crown Heights, and other retailers in Harlem, is Obama’s best friend together with Farrakan, Jesse Jackson and other Muslim traitors. Allowed illegals to cross our borders so it costs US citizens a lot of money for their care and health care. Allowed 4 men to be murdered at Benghazi with no assistance as TRump has given the embassy in Iraq. Obma is a sleeper cell in this country set to undermine US and steal money from bribes of other countries as did Joe Biden and his son. Thieves stick together.

  5. Legendary Statesman says:

    Statistically speaking, that would certainly help. There is still going to be the minor issue of police using force where none is needed. Also, some police officers are Democrats, racist minorities or even radical Muslims, feeling entitled to act like godless heathens. In theory none of them are illegal foreigners, but in a Democrat jurisdiction, anything is possible. Haha.

  6. Leon says:

    WELL! Stop breaking the law and the police wouldn’t need to use any forces. However since the demoncraps, illegals, racist minorities and radical muslims feel their entitled to act like godless heathens. So to quote a famous 70s cop show “don’t do the crime or you will do the time!”

  7. Culper Ring says:

    Maybe so, but it is also important not to blame the individual police officer for defects in the police department by which he or she is employed. Truly concerned citizens will constantly record what the police are doing and file a monthly report or something like that with the chief of police, the sheriff or the head of State police, and if the individual occupying that office does not respond properly, then he or she will wind up working very hard to retain the occupation. The good things that police are doing need to be reported in the newspapers and media. The evil things that police are doing also need to be reported in the newspapers and media. Unfortunately, often the media outlets are committed to either being too friendly or too antagonistic, toward law enforcement sharing the same “coverage area”, and since the media outlets are private entities, it is actually much harder to hold them accountable than it is to hold the government accountable. If respect has to be earned, then journalists and news executives have to earn it too! People are getting tired of the media conspiring with law enforcement to disenfranchise the public, or on the contrary feuding with law enforcement. They ought to try respect each other somehow! Invariably partisan politics arises in this matter. This is why we have more than one jurisdiction in every one of our States in our nation.

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