William Barr sent one letter that Robert Mueller hoped he would never see

Attorney General William Barr is locked in standoff with Robert Mueller and the Democrats.

Mueller and his allies on the left are accusing Barr of orchestrating a cover up to protect Donald Trump from impeachment.

But William Barr responded by sending Robert Mueller the one letter he hoped he would never have to read.

The whole fake cover-up scandal started when Mueller’s March 27 letter claiming Barr’s announcement of the Mueller investigation’s findings did not generate enough negative media coverage.

Democrats demanded the unredacted Mueller Report.

Barr refused because complying with the Democrats’ demand would violate the law on disclosing secret grand jury testimony.

Democrats threatened to hold Barr in contempt of Congress if he refused to comply.

But Barr shot back when the Justice Department sent a letter to Congress saying the President would invoke executive privilege on the report if Democrats went through with this plan.

The Hill reports:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says it will ask President Trump to invoke executive privilege over the Mueller report if the House Judiciary Committee goes through with its threat to vote on whether to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd in a letter on Tuesday to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) threatened to turn to the presidential power on the eve of the contempt markup before the panel, a move that is certain to deepen the agency’s feud with Capitol Hill.

“In the face of the Committee’s threatened contempt vote, the Attorney General will be compelled to request that the President invoke executive privilege with respect to the materials subject to the subpoena,” Boyd wrote in the letter to Nadler, which The Hill obtained.

“I hereby request that the Committee hold the subpoena in abeyance and delay any vote on whether to recommend a citation of contempt for non-compliance with the subpoena, pending the President’s termination of this question,” he added.

Barr already went above and beyond his lawful duties with regard to the report.

The law only allows for Mueller to make a confidential report to the Attorney General on his decisions to prosecute or not to prosecute.

Barr is under no obligation to produce a public accounting of the investigation.

This fight is a manufactured scandal by the Democrats because the American people have moved on from the Mueller probe after it brought no charges against the President.

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