William Barr said the one thing that sent Nancy Pelosi running for her life

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are hell-bent on removing Donald Trump from office.

Robert Mueller’s July 17 public testimony is their best chance to make that dream a reality.

But William Barr stepped up and said the one thing that sent Nancy Pelosi running for her life.

Attorney General William Barr granted a rare interview to the Associated Press where he discussed the upcoming Mueller testimony.

Barr questioned the need for Mueller to testify before Congress given that Mueller already stated that his report was his testimony and that he would not stray from the report if Congress wanted him to testify.

The Attorney General also dismissed the event as a “public spectacle.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Barr accused House Democrats of trying to create a “public spectacle” by subpoenaing Mueller to testify July 17 before the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees, he told The Associated Press.

“I was disappointed to see him subpoenaed because I don’t think that serves an important purpose dragging Bob Mueller up if he in fact is going to stick to the report,” Barr said during a visit to Edgefield, S.C.

“It seems to me the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle.”

Barr said the Justice Department would support Mueller if he decides he “doesn’t want to subject himself” to the public hearing. He also said the Justice Department will block any attempts by Congress to subpoena members of the special counsel’s team.

Democrats know the polls show the American people are overwhelmingly against impeachment.

Speaker Pelosi and her allies are gambling that, by parading Mueller in front of the TV and cameras and allowing Americans to see Mueller describe his findings, it will change their minds.

But Attorney General Barr helped to dash those hopes.

His comments that this would be nothing more than a “public spectacle” destroyed any chance that a significant number of Americans would take the Democrats’ claims of trying to get to the truth at face value.


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85 Responses

  1. Beverly says:

    You need to put my last e-mail up. U do not censor anyone else. U people dont like the truth. I’ve read the rest of your comments and they are much worse, language wise, than mine was. My was the proof from a secret service person in the WH for 8 years with the Clintons. No I didn’t already ssay that. This a message to the facebook people, the other t wo were for the general public.

  2. Beverly says:

    You need to put my last e-mail up. U do not censor anyone else. U people dont like the truth. I’ve read the rest of your comments and they are much worse, language wise, than mine was. My was the proof from a secret service person in the WH for 8 years with the Clintons.

  3. Ernst says:

    Mueller’s public testimony will firmly cement into the public consciousness the “no collusion, no obstruction” results of the two-year, multimillion dollar witch hunt. It is important that Mueller publicly testify to put the whole thing to bed. Democrats are shooting themselves in the feet.

    • Jo Scott says:

      Pity they don’t shoot higher maybe we wouldn’t have to see their ugly mugs again or hear anymore of their lies.

      • Beverly says:

        Unable to understand why the dems what Mueller questioned again. WHAT IT SHOWS, is plain ignorance. Nadler and associates are going a mile too far.Trump has an immence base and the Dems are just dumb. Th3ey think the baase is going to leave him and come to them. WELL< the BASE doesnt care at this point about Trumps past, they dont care about Stormy DANIELS AND OTHERS, (LOOK HOW MANY WOMEN Bill used for sexual pleasure) we dont care about his tax returns or that his father gave him money to start his construction business. The Dems are just that stupid. I am interested in how many laws the Democrats have broken, how many men had to retire due to sexual problems, about money problems, ripping off the government (MAXINE WATERS!) and all the gifts from lobbyists, trips to Bahamas, clothes, jewelry, homes, cars and more. HELLERY didnt deserve to win and thank GOD for a higher power “arranged” her to lose. She respects no one and looks down at everyone.

        • Joel says:

          This is nothing but an attempt at a coup. I have seen on the net, talk of a second civil war. I understand why they feel that way. I believe that things would cool down if AG Barr would start bringing in indictments from Grand Jury’s. So many indictments to be had.

    • Mary says:

      They are wasting money hard working Americans have made by all this obstruction/Russian garbage. Why are we paying them. For what. Then they want a raise. Wow. Let’s be done with this whole thing. President Trump will be elected and you all will have to figure out what else your going to do to waste taxpayers money

  4. Chris Wells says:

    Why do the democrats and other people want to keep wasting tax dollars to hear a Mueller report that will have no bearing on the Trump presidency? His term is almost over and everyone has the opportunity to get Trump out of office if they choose. The Democratic National Committee had announced that they are broke and yet they have 20 candidates running because they do not agree on everything. No wonder Trump was elected. The Democrats need to get their act together.

  5. oaktowngrrl says:

    New book out called: House of Trump House of Putin. Not only is Trump exposed but so is his father, Fred. Connections with the Italian mob and later the Russian Mafia. One Russian thug went into business with a Dr. Levine…..who happens to be the uncle of Michael Cohen, longtime attorney for Trump until now! Even Kellyanne Conway’s grandfather was friendly with the mob, even if not a member. Just remember all the people Trump put into his cabinet at the beginning: Tillerson (who would make oil $$ if sanctions lifted); Wilbur Ross (partner with Russian obligarch in Cypress bank that did a lot of money laundering); Flynn and Manafort (both been working for foreign gov’ts in eastern Europe. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy up and retires, permitting Trump to put in another conservative judge. Kennedy’s son worked for Deutsche Bank in the real estate office and was “friendly” with the Trump children. Remember Deutsche Bank was fined a lot of money because they were laundering Russian money….and somehow, the Trumps got a lot of money from them when no U.S. bank would lend to them anymore. So much background to come out. Hope some of you investigate the facts….rather than just call names.

    • mary brumley says:

      oaktowngrrl, “…investigate the facts…,” you mean listen only to main stream media bytes. No thanks!

    • Jeanne Pine says:

      I GUESS your a DEMARAT, bringing all this ????????????up, now.
      So what , you can be friends with anyone, it doesn’t mean your in thier PARTICULAR line of work.
      How about bringing up some of the, BENGAHZI MURDERER, KILLARY ,, and her proven band of merry gangsters, that murder anyone that was going to be witnessing in court about the CLINTON GANGSTERS ROLE. How about OBUMMERS CRIMINAL TRESONOUS Activities against AMERICA??
      Where’s that information??. Oh you just want to bash, OUR PRESIDENT that’s doing a better job, than any of those MONKEYS.

    • Candice says:

      oaktowngrrl: There’s an old saying: Believe nothing of what you see and only half of what you hear. In this day and age of lying MSM et al, I would even add…”and only half of what you hear AND READ.”

    • Charlie says:

      Oaktowngrrl,,, the government is the MOB, did you not know that, way before Our duly elected D J Trump came into office and Giuliani Now his attorney lock up the mob..yes do some research ….

    • joel says:

      If you’re that good at investigating backgrounds, let’s see your research on a multitude of democrats, and it’s a very long list. Do you accept this challenge?

  6. Vasu Murti says:

    Robert Mueller has tons of evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia! But Donald Trump is calling it “Fake News.” Do you think Trump is innocent or guilty of collusion?

    Did you know that Robert Mueller has already put four Trump campaign staffers in jail for conspiring with Russia? If Robert Mueller proves that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, do you think Trump should be impeached?

    Robert Mueller has all the evidence he needs to end Trump’s presidency, so Donald Trump is working overtime to silence him for good! The American people have yet to see the unredacted Mueller report.

    If we’re going to get to the heart of the matter, we need to see the unredacted Mueller report, and we must protect Robert Mueller until he can testify before Congress on July 17th.

    • linda says:

      Mueller has nothing on President Trump, this President has not done anything other than win an election. he has done a lot for our country,im sorry your to stupid and blind not to see the good things he has done

      • JASWANT S BAWA says:

        Linda is 100% right and you DEMS , don’t and can’t understand how did Mr. Trump won the election. Russians did not come here to vote, the people of United States elected him and you have to live with that.

    • Charlie says:

      Are you Adam Schiff , you sound like him oh he’s has Russians connection, are you incognito , you lefty democrats are what is wrong with this country today ur all in Lala land and talking to any of you is like Administering First aid to the DEAD…

    • Malcolm Davidson says:

      Who were the staffers? Some people went to jail who were in the Trump orbit, but not for collusion. Manafort for some tax related screw up, Roger Stone for lying about something, though he is going on trial, and has pleaded not guilty, General Flynn for some snafu, which is coming to light that he did nothing wrong, but was spied on by Obama, because he didn’t side with the Iran Nuke Deal. I don’t remember anyone going down for collusion.
      I think that if Trump did collude, Mueller would have come out and stated that there was collusion. I think it is all wishful thinking on your part.

  7. Rob says:

    Democrats are leaving the DNC at a never before seen Pace! Only the dumbest of the dumb are riding this disaster out! A total spectacle is a humiliation to intelligent DNC supporters and they can see the difference between corruption and heated banter!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      For a long time I have been convinced that the reason Donald Trump is being attacked is that He is not corrupt as are many in Washington’s SWAMP. They fear Our President’s bringing Them to justice for Their crimes—many felons and many treason charges–life behind bars and the hangman for many–1,300, my best guess.

      • Malcolm Davidson says:

        Tend to agree with you. He was elected in my estimation, because millions of Americans were, and are sick of all these do nothings, care nothings, lie around pretending to care about the people they serve, when all they really care about is getting elected and re elected, ie. politics as usual.
        Many people all over the world are sick of politics as usual, as it doesn’t work all that well for a great many people- it might for the politicians, but not so much for the people. Look at what is going on in Italy and Hungary to name but a few. Many countries want their politicians to be accountable to them, not the global, corporatist, George Soros bullies. This is why Trump got elected, and this is why so many people like him.

  8. Bob Seeger says:

    Knowledge is King so listen to Fox News, especially Hannity. I never listed to Fox till after the election, then someone challenged me. Now that is all I listen to Knowledge is not scary it is king!

  9. Debra Lambert says:

    Trump 2020.???????? Just wait…ALL the demonscrats are all going down for humane trafficking Babies,Snuf films,Rape,Drinking there blood.Sacrafices.Demons that’s the Left.

  10. Three Gowdys says:

    Trump is a traitor, he asked for Russian help, and just a few hours later there was the Clinton email dump. Isn’t amazing you right wingers haven’t found any horrible messages in those emails, that gets lost from your crying about her emails. Trump’s campaign had over 140 known contacts with Russian agents and operatives and everyone of his criminal pals, Sessions, Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Gates, Kushner and many others ALL LIED about it in their original statements. Don’t you ask yourself why if it was harmless communication? You people are brainwashed or so blind from racism you won’t acknowledge Trump’s lies. chaos, aggressiveness, lack of protocol, laziness, sexual assaults, his constant bragging, blaming, demeaning, insulting, attacks of the FBI, CIA and the press, and his gluttony for adulation, money, junk food, leering, sneering, and ignorance somehow makes him a good President, He is a mobster, carnival barker, a ripoff artist of employees, banks, and paying taxes like you and me. Besides Trump U he has lost hundreds of lawsuits, and he makes the whole world cringe with his idiotic, lying, stupid statements that can even provoke a war like calling Kim little rocket man. Now he says he is in love with him and he always kisses Putin’s ass so there is that communist connection, Trump will sell this country down the river, and has, to make more money, that was always his goal despite inheriting hundreds of millions and still managing 6 bankruptcies. You who have voted or him have hurt this country, but worse the ones that can still support this sinister egomaniac have disgraced yourselves and this country.

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      OH MY! I did NOT know that junk food was a criminal act… I need to call my grandkids TONIGHT to ensure they immediately stop breaking the law … especially the little ones with happy meals… to be a felon at such a young age would totally destroy them for life! MERCY!

      • Three Gowdys says:

        You picked out one irrelevant line and didn’t address the 99.9% sadistic aspects of Trump’s personality and your name is really stupid

        • linda says:

          who do you think that you are President Trump does not deserve your NASTY comments about him , no one helped put Obama in office he had a lot of help from his cronies that got him their for 8 years,now we have a desent President ,you don’t like him that’s your problem their is a lot of us that do.

          • Three Gowdys says:

            It’s spelled decent Linda but Trump is truly indecent because of his sexual assaults and horrible because of his other criminal acts and his sick egomania.

      • squirrelmender says:

        I absolutely love your response and I think that three gowdys needed to vent since his psychiatrist is probably tired of listening to how much he misses the criminal pantsuit KILLARY. The psychiatrist is probably now needing a psychiatrist after listening to three gowdys. I certainly wouldn’t want to be any kind of doctor with a patient like the three stooge gowdy.

        • Three Gowdys says:

          There is not one intelligent sentence in your little paragraph. You need to improve your creative writing skills instead of tending to squirrels.

    • Rob says:

      You helped put a Kenya Born Indonesia Raised manufactured Obama in the People’s House! The Ayers family made Obama, Domestic Terrorists, and communists!
      The DNC gave HRC and BHO the green light to rig their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election, HRC wasn’t even supposed to run against Trump! That’s your DNC! So shut your stupid pie hole!

    • Rob says:

      Uranium1 Mueller was the go between! The Russians demanded they use him!
      Most of Muellers time investigating the NO Collusion, was spent cleaning up after that Obama hood rat fiasco! Obama the only fraudulent ex POTUS, classless amateur stayed in DC because HRC was supposed to win and give Obama a third term as a false storefront! They cheated and still lost!

    • linda says:

      I do not think trump would sell this country down the road I do beleave you would,you don’t like this president go to a country that you love and a dictator you would love to have in your life.as for the rest of us we will stick with President.you are a very hateful and spiteful person and as far as racism goes we are not rascim goes your the only one that’s rascist,hate speech brained washed why because we have a President that we like,you need some serious therpy. you are a disgrace to our country.you are a very sad person.I even

      • Three Gowdys says:

        Nazi or commie Linda? Your hatred and ignorance oozes off the site. Your spelling is terrible even with Spellcheck. Trump is pure evil, and you are getting close as idolizer of a satanic creature.

        • Michelle WISE Sorcic says:


        • Joel says:

          Well 3 jerks, it looks like you prefer the left. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to identify yourself. After all, I can see that you prefer child sex trafficking, abortion, infanticide, rape, murder, homosexuallity, (BO),a trans FLOTUS, MO. So many mysterious murders surrounding the Clintons. A phoney paster, home grown terrorist. A final thought, how much of all of this immorality are you involved in?

    • Edward says:

      We knew Obama was a Kenyan born Muslim and we kept our peace for 8 years. Trump is a true American who knows how to run a massive world wide corporation. This is in contrast to your idol Obama who was a pot smoking, know nothing flunky before he fooled the American public. Search “Chume gang” and see for yourself!

  11. Robert Hogue Sr. says:

    All the dems on this page are all blind to the facts. The collusion Was all started by the dems. The F,B.I. falsely got permission from a judge to spy on certain people. They lied to the judge to get the o.k. If it ever comes out, it will go all the way back to the Obama Administration. To name a few who need investigated. Obama,Biden,Susan Rice,Hilliary, DNC,Brennan, Clapper,Comey, Mc Cabe Lynch, Page, and Strzok Investigate them and there*s your collusion and the made up dossier.

    • Ronsch says:

      Neither Hillary nor her campaign had anything to do with the Steele Dossier. They and a conservative website just happened to be clients of the company that ordered and paid Steele for the Dossier. Steele was interviewed by an investigator into the Russian investigation, and he found Steele to be creditable and that a FISA investigation of Carter Page was justifiable by the Dossier. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/09/christopher-steele-trump-dossier-doj-1403318

      What about these facts? The Mueller report lists 146 contacts the Russians had with the Trump Campaign. Whether there was conspiracy or not, the Trump Campaign welcomed Russian assistance in the campaign. Trump famously said as much on television. Trump then, as the Mueller Report states, committed crimes of obstruction of justice trying to prevent any investigation into Russian involvement.

      • Rob says:

        Good try dumbass!

      • Rob says:

        Uranium1 Mueller was the go between! The Russians demanded they use him!
        Most of Muellers time investigating the NO Collusion, was spent cleaning up after that Obama hood rat fiasco! Obama the only fraudulent ex POTUS, classless amateur stayed in DC because HRC was supposed to win and give Obama a third term as a false storefront! They cheated and still lost!

      • june Burgess says:

        your dreaming clinton and the dnc and all the way up the obama administration had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE RUSSIAN FAKE DOSSIER AND ATTEMPT TO FRAME a standing President a/k/a TREASON

  12. David Munson says:

    Fools know no shame! Enough said ?

  13. Jimmie says:

    I only wish Trey Gowdy was still in office so he could be there to question mueller. He is like a pit bull on a bone. This is the type of leaders we need in DC. Trey didn’t take any crap from anyone. He is a breath of fresh air in the stinking swamp.

    • Sue Rich says:

      AfterTrump, I think Trey Gowdy would make a kick-butt president.

      • daddy boy's mama girl says:

        MANY would love to have him as prez ( or JUST BACK PERIOD!) …. but, if his wife’s whining prevented him from staying in office now… there is no way she would ever allow him to do something that take so much of his time away from her like being prez would!! she came to DC with him originally… HATED IT and moved her and the kids back home! HE then commuted home as often as possible to see his family… she wasnt coming back to DC. .. when he announced he would return to the private sector and had something he wanted to do … he went further and stated IF I DONT GO HOME … MY WIFE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO LIVE WITH!! even just the other night he was on a talk show… and made a comment… I HAVE NOT WON AN ARGUMENT WITH MY WIFE IN THE 30 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED… AND I DOUBT ANYTHING WOULD CHANGE THAT NOW! and he was NOT SMILING or acting like he was teasing!! after a comment from the show’s host … he further stated; WELL, I CAN DO WELL IN THE COURT ROOM BECAUSE MY WIFE IS NO PART OF IT … THAT IS WHY I CAN WIN MY COURT CASES … again… he was NOT acting as if he was making a funny … but that he was stating a fact! there have been a few more comments we have heard him make …. but, going home is the PROOF that he loves and adores his wife to the point he WANTS HER HAPPY at all times.. even if it means that she always gets her way!! there are just some people that love that deeply… that even when they are giving in to the other person … seeing the one they love happy is worth it because they like the loved one to be happy MORE than winning or getting what they want!!

        • Rob says:

          The Indictments are on the way, I hope Holder, Obama, Ayers, Soros, Kilgore, and the gang enjoy prison! I’m sure Obama will.

    • Three Gowdys says:

      Trey Gowdy looks like a freaking ghost from Scrooge. He thought 7 Benghazi investigations weren’t enough but one of Russian invasion into our election system was too many.

      • rdgoo1 says:

        This from the character who criticizes everyone’s writing and grammar. A personal insult, how scholarly. Remember who held the White House during the Russian Invasion

  14. Martin Harford says:

    Tell me why Mueller could be forced to testify after he has resigned from his post when other officials cannot be once they have left government service? If the answer is purely that of voluntary testimony, why the talk of subpoenas? And if not, why do the Republicans play the game of “Mother may I” when they wish to get someone from the other side to testify? Is this yet another example of Democratic double standards coupled with Republican bungling? This sort of crap is why I am no longer a “died in the wool” Republican. I can give you a list of failings and frank betrayals by them. The Democrats are just frank traitors to our nation. Neither side (with very few exceptions) are fit for the offices they hold. About 1/3 of office holders are true patriots. The remainder are dolts and traitors. A pox on both their houses! Trump 2020 may help lead us out of the damn swamps!

  15. NDboots says:

    Mueller turned over his report after millions was spent to get it. It should be a done deal, except for the donkeys that seem to love to continue to keep digging holes in their own manure at TAX PAYER EXPENSE!

  16. Gary Perkins says:

    Tired of hearing all the proof beyond reasonable doubt and nothing, not 1 arrest or indictment against the dems. WTF?

  17. Grampa says:

    the left can only hope to win with first discredit the president . because people vote with their finances it is imperative that they put the nation into a downward economic spiral. causing many to lose jobs and cause the ruin of families and trashing peoples dreams. the other is using the votes from illegal, dead, and institutionalized people like nursing homes to bolster the votes to win the states that have changed the rules to give all the electoral votes to a single candidate. the Trump win did great damage to the left and their plans. they must stop him and the investigations that will destroy many people on the left which will include many donors they depend upon———–Grampa

  18. Harry says:

    Nancy the posey Pelosi a blooming idiot and Chuckie fix your glasses Schumer the grave diggers out to bury America.

  19. T. Bell says:

    I really hope Nasty PISSalocie trips while running for her life and breaks her Fing neck !

  20. Patricia says:

    There is no damn way we would ebver change our minds and vote for those vile nazis with Hitler and Stalin policies over that POS Muellers testimony! FORGET IT MS CABAL WHORE!

    • Lincoln says:

      patricia, it would not be to change your mind. Trump even bragged how Trumpers would let him murder someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue, you would still support him . . . he knows it is like a cult with him as a cult leader. But if you actually look at the support for impeachment for Nixon, it started low and as the information got out on Nixon, it grew to include the majority of Americans. Same is happening with Trump – – let’s face facts, most Americans don’t pay much attention, know the issues and many do not know the names of those who represent them. Once awakened to the Mueller evidence, they will also see he is guilty of numerous crimes.

      • James says:

        I am a Trump backer, I am not a cultist. All we hear are ambiguities and generalizations which none are true. I don’t like his hair,but I’m big enough person to look at the facts which the fake news has a hard time doing. Mueller shot his jump shot already. Tow plus years, $30 million wasted. If that is the ilk you want to govern, then try at the ballot box, something you folks don’t seem to covet. Perot left Trump $100 million before he died. WAKE UP and smell the roses!

      • Debra Lambert says:

        Trump 2020.???????? Just wait…ALL the demonscrats are all going down for humane trafficking Babies,Snuf films,Rape,Drinking there blood.Sacrafices.Demons that’s the Left.

      • Vin says:

        No! When all comes out you will see just how corrupt the DNC is, especially Obama and Hillary. I mean Donna Brazile giving Hillary the questions prior to the debate? All the crimes by the DNC and its members and they get away with it! Mueller had a special counsel that consisted of all Hillary supporters ( talk about conflict of interest?) and still came up with nothing! So sick of the damn double standard! Talk about obstruction of justice? Deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails and not held accountable because of a corrupt DOJ. Kiss this country good bye if democrats get control of the White House again. Trump 2020!

  21. Scott says:

    I think Mueller should be interviewed as a person of interest in the Russian Hoax against Trump.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with Scott!

      The division among the Americans in these few replies is alarming!

      Shouldn’t we all really want truth and justice to prevail? This mess in DC is so deep!
      I stand for America, The Constitution and “justice for all”. When the chips are down what does “race” have to do with it?
      Racism is taught, it is a sickness that is human born! How dumb!!! These race baiters and race card players are spewing dung!

      People tearing each other apart over fantasy politics and leadership that continues to provoke anti-American agenda….they’ve got too many followers on board.

      Trump 2020

  22. mark says:

    Im sick and tired of the dumbacrats TRYING to find something. The criminals in the dumbacratic party are running around scot free while the dirt on them has piled up and you don’t have to dig to find it. We need to prosecute these people. WE all know who they are!

  23. Unicorn76 says:

    How long is this BS going to last? Frankly my dear Nancy I am getting damn tired of hearing of this collusion, conspiracy, cover up, obstruction, Mueller nonsense. Now you come up with the Epstein crimes you are trying desperately to link to Trump because witch-hunt number one, bit the dust. Maybe you could consider doing your main job, which is legislating. But I get that is asking a lot considering you have political motivations in everything you do.

  24. Jack Adler says:

    Like his Boss, Barr and Trump in the big house, he way hey abuse their power!

  25. Carl says:

    Nasty Nancy is what people call a snake in the grass.

  26. Karin says:

    If Mueller says anything other than what his massive report says, he would have to be charged with lying to Congress. If he says anything about the why he did not make charges, other than the DOJ section then he will have lied in his report and either way he was lying to congress. That is one of the things that got a lot of others in trouble because they might have used a different word when testifying instead of the original testimony. Seems to be a sand bar that Barr could then go back on him for.

    • Don says:

      You are absolutely correct. He will have to tiptoe around his report and try and recollect what he has previously stated. Good reason for him to have a copy of his report next to him and transcripts of all his previous statements. He’s walking into a Lions den with the Democrats. They’re going to want him to say things that contridicts his previous comments in order for them to get what they want to go on their revenge rampage for their election loss.

    • Scott says:

      Mueller is corrupt but not stupid. If he does show up which is doubtful, in all of his answers he will refer to the Report he submitted. He will not let himself get caught up a in perjury trap like Flynn and others did.

  27. Mary Johnson says:

    Considering the investigation should never began in the first place falsifying documents to get a fisci warranty to start with how about stop wasting the Americans money and do what you are on the hill to do which is balance a budget and that is not giving yourselves rises while taking from the American people.

  28. Sam R says:

    Why hasn’t she died from her own venom?

  29. T. Bell says:

    I hope PISSalocie trips while running for her life and breaks her GD neck !

    • Ric B says:

      Oh look, you Trump like to be grade-school cute and make fun of names. That seems to be something that entertains the weak minds of the right-wing nuts.

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