William Barr put the fear of God in a Deep State agent with one announcement

There is nobody more dangerous to the Deep State than Attorney General William Barr.

He is launching a series of investigations to get to the bottom of their wrongdoings.

And William Barr just put the fear of God in a Deep State agent with one announcement.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe may be fresh on the job in his new position at CNN, but that doesn’t mean his past wrongdoings will go away.

And it was just announced that a Barr-led Department of Justice investigation into McCabe making false statements during an internal inquiry into news media leaks is in its “final stages.”

Breitbart reports:

An investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) into whether disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe made false statements during an internal inquiry into news media leaks is in its “final stages,” according to a report.

DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz last year referred for investigation and possible prosecution allegations that McCabe lied under oath when questioned about the source of information in a 2016 Wall Street Journal story about an FBI inquiry into the Clinton Foundation. McCabe has acknowledged that he permitted subordinates to speak to the reporter to correct what he said was a false narrative, but he has denied that he lied to investigators. Horowitz’s report formed the basis of a recommendation by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility for then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire McCabe in March 2018.

According to the New York Times, McCabe’s legal team recently met with senior DOJ officials to discuss the investigation in what may have been a last-ditch attempt to sway authorities from bringing charges against the longtime Deep Stater.

Lying under oath is a charge that the Left has religiously used to punish their political enemies.

But those on the Left have continually been able to get away with similar charges.

For many years, the Left-wing establishment has been above the law.

While Trump allies like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are facing harsh charges, dozens of Obama-era officials have been able to get away with their wrongdoings.

It appears that may be coming to an end with William Barr leading the Justice Department.

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121 Responses

  1. H lee says:

    brennan, mccabe, clapper, mueller, comey, strozk, page. holder, lynch, obama, hillary, susan rice, etc., etc., etc., have been above the law for a long time. This has been known since Benghazi, the Fast & Furious, the meeting with bill on the tarmac, hillary’s destruction of evidence, etc. No one is being fooled by democrats and the democrats in the House, who will protect their criminal party members. Mueller wasted no time in charging several Trump affiliates with lying, but others( democrats ) who have lied continuously is another story. Start with comey, brennan, clapper, lynch, obama, etc. There are two classes of democrats, the caught and the uncaught. There are two classes of voters for the democrats, whose opinions reflect their support of the democrats, and that opinion is that if they are corrupt, then so what? Whatever is needed. And the 2nd opinion is those accusations of corruption are just hearsay initiated by the right and are to be ignored.

  2. Alvina Sedwick says:

    Karen, I have lost all faith in in Barr, he has become to be very disapointing

  3. John Hull says:

    Here in lies the rub Karen. IG Horowitz is a RINO. A report on something a serious as FISA court abuses will be sugar coated or played down. Don’t expect much. Moreover, I have always suspected that the FISA court was never lied to in the first place. I have always believed they were culpable. Any secret court, which has no oversight and reports to no one is a perfect storm for mayhem! That’s all the deep state was missing. Now they control it all. God help us!

  4. Alvina says:

    William, No one will ever be prosecuted, all their doing is wasting tax payers money

  5. Alvina says:

    Bill, I agree with you, there is no justice any more, Barr has turned out to be a big disapointment

  6. Bill says:

    How do you put the fear of GOD into someone who doesn’t believe in GOD? What the Attorney General must do is actually prosecute and jail those swamp creatures who are wrecking our government. So far all we have heard is promises. Seems to me there is too damned much of this you pat my back and I’ll pat yours going on in government. What pisses me off most is these insiders are getting away with things that would have the rest of us serving jail time. So, it is time for the president and his administration to either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

  7. Mary Johnson says:

    If they know who the deep state then they should all be in prison ed because to have a deep state is treason

  8. John Hull says:


  9. Weeping Patriot says:

    NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! Barr is part of the dog and pony show for all of us. He is one of them, put there to make sure the show goes on as long as they want it to. The REAL question is…..Is Trump One of Them?
    Why would he keep putting the deep state players in the key rolls of our government if he isn’t?
    Read this and weep…..Barr can’t and won’t indict and charge those at the top because HE WAS and IS PART OF THE CRIMINAL CABAL.


  10. BitinDawg says:

    Ugh! Deep state is Jew and it is Zionist. It is treasonous and so completely infiltrated into the institutions of the US Government and our society as to render all of them suspect. Including this typically misnamed website. This comment is unlikely to ever even be seen.

  11. John Hull says:

    Tell him Julia! I’m amazed the dumb phuck Eric’s brain can provide enough energy to allow him to place one foot in front of another. Much less read and comprehend anything. That’s why there are brainless Trolls.A/K/A Libtards, Demoncraps or RINO’S!

  12. Jim says:

    All they’re doing at this point is going after the scapegoats, when are they going to stop wasting the taxpayers money and go after the heads of this criminally treasonous syndicate?
    There is MORE than enough evidence to charge and convict ALL OF THEM!!!

  13. John Hull says:

    You are absolutely right Shirley! Talk is Cheap. I’m so sick and tired of this constant BS. There is no justice in America. Hasn’t been for a long long time. Our Republic is going down the drain. A Republic is the only governing system that works. Which is a set of laws that apply to all equally. You lose that you lose your Country. Perhaps, a Convention of States is our only chance to save our Republic. I hope it hasn’t gone that far. But, we could very well be there at this point. If A.G. Barr turns out to be another eunuch like Sessions, then you will know for sure, we are there. Pray to God. Believe me, He is our only chance!

  14. Magoo says:

    Well said.

  15. William XL Harkness says:

    After letting comey walk I be surprised if anyone is prosecuted, like they should

  16. Julia Gurule says:

    Save your vomit for another site.

  17. Magoo says:

    Oops. coming to??

  18. mlhtd51 says:

    Hey mike, it’s a hamburger, sorry Trump misspelled it One Time, Trump Still Loves You, and the kool aid get some, make sure it has ethylene glycol in it, oh and the Cancer never goes away it will consume you the same as “TDS”, Sorry mike.

  19. Eric says:

    I’m good with seeing everybody from lil dee trump on down, from both sides of the aisle, take a fall for any misdeeds. The difference is that I get my news from everywhere, not just conservative click bait blogs like this one.

  20. Amazement says:

    Tell everyone this..Put a clothespin on your nose and duct tape on your mouth and see what happens first in any indictments made

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