William Barr made one announcement that has Robert Mueller on edge

Robert Mueller thought his troubles were gone when he released his report on Russian collusion.

But with William Barr as Attorney General, any of his potential wrongdoings will come to light.

And Barr just made one announcement that has Mueller on edge.

For two years, Robert Mueller dug as deep as he could to try to prove President Donald Trump colluded with Russians to win the 2016 election.

But there was no evidence to back the claim of collusion to begin with, making his investigation nothing more than a witch hunt.

And now he will have more questions to answer after the Barr-led Justice Department announced they will start releasing 500 pages of notes from witness interviews each month beginning November 1.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Justice Department will start releasing 500 pages of notes from witness interviews in the special counsel’s probe each month, beginning on Nov. 1.

A Justice Department lawyer said at a hearing that the agency has 800 witness interview transcripts, known as FD-302s, totaling more than 44,000 pages, according to CNN.

CNN and BuzzFeed sued DOJ to begin releasing 302s collected during the special counsel’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government influence the 2016 election, as well as whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct the probe.

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, said in a report that investigators failed to establish that a conspiracy occurred. He declined to charge or to exonerate Trump on the question of obstruction of justice.

The 302s will involve interviews with key White House and Trump campaign officials, as well as Trump associates that worked outside government. The documents are sure to contain interesting details into both the information provided by witnesses and the areas of investigation pursued by the special counsel’s team.

These witness notes will get to the bottom of what actually went into the investigation.

This is all information that Republicans have been wanting released since before Mueller even finished his entire investigation.

It will likely prove just how corrupt Mueller’s entire investigation has been.

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73 Responses

  1. Alan Gooch says:

    Weisman was a terrorist prosecutor and has been for years and been allowed to get away with his criminal actions. There were people they wanted at any cost and they made and promoted this terrorist. He put people into solitary confinement for days or weeks to get cooperation. Yes,he was a real monster working on the side of lady justice. What a joke he should be the first to go to prison. Then sid vicious and then some lady prosecutor and they were all bad news.You had no rights when it came to these people.

  2. Conservative Senior says:

    Completely agree. Barr seems to be afraid to arrest anyone. He’s already let Comey skate twice. All talk; no action.

  3. Steff says:

    I agree with you on that, but also understand that an enormous number of untrustworthy people must be let go and replaced and trained by people with integrity and honesty. We the people let this happen waiting on someone to fix the little things at first. Then these little things became the enormous group of crooks that we now have who have caused big rifts in our government. I would recommend that people who were credible and have retired be temporarily recalled to make sure no real security be leaked with the release.

  4. Steff says:

    When the justice system has been overtaken by crooks, then it is impossible for any real justice to occur. Mueller was not the person running the show. His deep state mentors selected the worst crooks in the DOJ to actually run the “investigation”. The chief was Weissmann who used lies, obfuscation, abuse of power, paid witnesses, threats, and obstruction in many of his cases. He cared little about innocence or guilt. He only cared about winning regardless how many suffered as a result. Read his history.

  5. Steff says:

    In my understanding of AG Barr, he has never let friendship stand in the way of the “rule of law”. Right now Barr and Durham are pulling in the best investigative and prosecuting attorneys left in the DOJ. The rape and purge of the non partisans by the Obama administration has really caused a shortage of assets who are trustworthy. They have an enormous task before them of investigation, indictment, then prosecution of these corrupt and seditious lawbreakers. I am just praying that Barr and associates can get them all. It took a long time for them to get this entrenched, but Barr is pulling the threads to make all the cloth unravel.

  6. reconviper1 says:

    They do not qualify as whistle blowers. They are C.I.A. operatives who illegally spied on the president and then leaked.

  7. Shelba says:

    In the investigation of Mueller Barr needs to sh*t or get off the pot, he knows Mueller lied to congress under oath no less, Mueller prosecuted some people when they did that during his Russian witch hunt, my question is is Barr going to prosecute Mueller for lying to congress or will he let him off because they are supposed to be friends and that is my question?

  8. G Davis says:

    Hey McCain , get a life you demoncrat lovin Moron ???? I mean really ? So Hillary , Obama, Biden , Pelosi , Schiff are all truth Sayers ? HARDLY!!!! God bles President Trump !!! Also William Barr and to all you Christians out there pray daily that God will continue to honor our country on behalf of all of that love and serve him ???? And sorry for calling you a moron McCain , but people like you really get under my skin , so I will just pray for you that you’ll open your eyes ???? and start seeing the truth (whole picture)

  9. Jimmie Chesser says:


  10. karl drumm says:

    Dirty COP Robert Mueller needs to be investigated! Most of the time he was asleep when he did the investigation so that all other 13 demolaywers were able to do a poor investigation!!!!!!!

  11. Daniel Brofford says:

    God loves everyone Jonathan. He loves our souls and wants for everyone to come to the knowledge of truth. You cannot be a democrat or vote for one and be a Christian. If you are on anyone’s side who is against God then you are as guilty as they are. If you help and take pleasure in someone’s sin you are as guilty as they are. You cannot serve two masters. You love one and hate the other so if you are a sinner you hate God and love the devil. God tells us that in the Bible. God does not take away our free will and the government should not either. There are a lot of Republicans you cannot vote for either.

  12. chief1937 says:

    Got any bias left for later? Looking for another anonymous whistleblower I guess. Why do none of them have names I wonder and why wait so long to speak out? Guess some took more prompting than others.

  13. Patti says:

    I am with all these people who r trying to get to the truth from all and so happy that Barr is ready to drop the bom on the discussting DemaRATS they should be in prison for all that they have done and the lies and that includes OBAMA and Hillary and the rest !!! How dare Pelosi say she prays for Our President Trump she a nut and needs to go retire I guess that’s another lie we can add to her incarceration along with Shiff Schumer and Durkinthey all diagust us Republicans!!!!

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