William Barr made one announcement that has Robert Mueller on edge

Robert Mueller thought his troubles were gone when he released his report on Russian collusion.

But with William Barr as Attorney General, any of his potential wrongdoings will come to light.

And Barr just made one announcement that has Mueller on edge.

For two years, Robert Mueller dug as deep as he could to try to prove President Donald Trump colluded with Russians to win the 2016 election.

But there was no evidence to back the claim of collusion to begin with, making his investigation nothing more than a witch hunt.

And now he will have more questions to answer after the Barr-led Justice Department announced they will start releasing 500 pages of notes from witness interviews each month beginning November 1.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Justice Department will start releasing 500 pages of notes from witness interviews in the special counsel’s probe each month, beginning on Nov. 1.

A Justice Department lawyer said at a hearing that the agency has 800 witness interview transcripts, known as FD-302s, totaling more than 44,000 pages, according to CNN.

CNN and BuzzFeed sued DOJ to begin releasing 302s collected during the special counsel’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government influence the 2016 election, as well as whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct the probe.

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, said in a report that investigators failed to establish that a conspiracy occurred. He declined to charge or to exonerate Trump on the question of obstruction of justice.

The 302s will involve interviews with key White House and Trump campaign officials, as well as Trump associates that worked outside government. The documents are sure to contain interesting details into both the information provided by witnesses and the areas of investigation pursued by the special counsel’s team.

These witness notes will get to the bottom of what actually went into the investigation.

This is all information that Republicans have been wanting released since before Mueller even finished his entire investigation.

It will likely prove just how corrupt Mueller’s entire investigation has been.

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