William Barr just shut down Robert Mueller’s last chance to impeach Donald Trump

Robert Mueller and his Democrat allies in Congress knew they were running out of time to remove Donald Trump from office.

So Mueller and the Democrats colluded on staging a massive spectacle to try to turn the public against the President.

But William Barr just shut down Robert Mueller’s last chance to impeach Donald Trump.

Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department released a letter to former special counsel Mueller ahead of his much anticipated Congressional testimony.

Associate Attorney General Bradley Weisenheimer warned Mueller to stick to the conclusions in his report as Mueller previously stated he intended to do.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Justice Department on Monday told former special counsel Robert Mueller that he must stay within the confines of the public version of his Russia report when he testifies Wednesday before Congress, setting the stage for potential drama with lawmakers.

In a letter responding to Mueller’s request for guidance on his upcoming testimony, Associate Attorney General Bradley Weisenheimer said that the Justice Department believes the former special counsel’s testimony is “unnecessary,” but that the final decision was up to Mueller.

After weeks of negotiations, Democrats on the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees subpoenaed Mueller to testify about his investigation. Mueller said on May 29 that he did not want to testify, and that he considered his 448-page report of the Russia report to be his testimony.

“As the Attorney General has repeatedly said, the decision to testify before Congress is yours to make in this case, but the Department agrees with your stated position that your testimony should be unnecessary under the circumstances,” Weisenheimer wrote Mueller, noting that the Justice Department “generally does not permit prosecutors such as you to appear and testify before Congress regarding their investigative and prosecutorial activity.”

Barr suspects Mueller and the Democrats will work together to set up a line of questioning for Mueller to make a statement that the media can play up as a “new revelation” so they can keep the Russia Collusion Hoax alive.

Given Mueller’s dishonest and bad faith conduct during the investigation, the administration is right to suspect Mueller will try a pull a fast one.

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169 Responses

  1. Kandace Nederhand says:

    I truly believe that everybody just needs to calm down on this site for right now. I believe a lot is happening right now it will soon surface and we all just need to sit and wait for it all to come out!!! Things are happening in the DOJ for a reason, THEY’LL COME OUT WHEN READY. The new AG Barr is going to follow the rule of law I’d be expecting something very soon! Just my beliefs

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Kandace I do believe Mr. Trump is trying in his own way but he seems to be attacking people for no reason. Every speech he gives all you hear is hateful words towards different people. I am so afraid that he will start some kind of race war and we will have to be the ones to suffer through it. I remember seeing the Watts riots on tv and it sure looked scary. The hateful situation could escalate drastically. I do not like democrats but if this continues I might not have a choice.

  3. Kandace Nederhand says:

    Keep the vote for Trump! Things are going to be coming down anytime I believe that will shed light on everything! From another concerned citizen!

  4. Roger says:

    At latest report 107 democrats favor impeachment so they are 111 short, they will never get enough and even if they did they would still need a crime and since no crime exists they would have to make one up in which case the Supreme Court would stop it! The democrats are not going to impeach President Trump they are/have guaranteed his second term!

  5. jreb57 says:

    I suspect that the people who call others a “Nazi” have no idea what a Nazi is. They act more like Nazis than the people they are calling Nazis.

  6. jreb57 says:

    Trump did not divide the country, the Democrats did. In the 50’s the country was divided along racial lines and both sides were opposed to communism. Now it is divided left vs right and many in the Democrat party share Marxist agenda.

  7. Degaroke says:

    Senior Chief, what you have forgotten is your tactful way of dealing with a JR Officer as your division Officer. Cowering as Obama did only lead to emboldenment in the same sense your inexperienced DO would have thought his policy was correct.
    Tactfully standing up for what is right worked better. That is what Trump is doing.
    I started as an E-1 just like you, but was promoted 5 levels above you. The first thing I told my juniors is that I do not tolerate “yes” men. That is what Obama was to enemies.

  8. Gregory Sullivan says:

    As far as I’m concerned, let them go ahead and impeach Trump as they are digging their own political grave which will guarantee his reelection and isolate themselves further from reality and make it more difficult to take back the senate or for that matter making them lose other elections.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am very concerned that what might take place in the future might not be what I have envisioned for our country. I voted for Trump and I have supported him but I am starting to realize that what he might be doing is just dividing our great country and setting us back in time to where we were in the 50’s. All that brought about was riots, KKK, white supremacists and nothing but hate. I hope I am wrong but about 35% of his followers, which has included myself, would probably go through a brick wall for Trump, but for what purpose. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but in my view it seems to be going in that direction.

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