William Barr just got asked to do the one thing that will destroy the Democrat Party

Attorney General William Barr is facing a decision.

It could be the biggest choice of his career.

That’s because William Barr just got asked to do the one thing that will destroy the Democrat Party.

Americans were outraged when a video merged over the weekend of Antifa terrorists attacking conservative journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon.

Ngo works for Quillette and covers Antifa’s reign of terror in the city.

Antifa goons threw chemical weapons at Ngo by mixing quick-drying cement with milkshakes which causes chemical burns if it makes contact with the skin.

Antifa thugs also pummeled Ngo so severely that his lawyer claims he suffered a brain bleed.

This was the breaking point for many conservatives.

Liberal politicians and media personalities support Antifa because Antifa is the physical mob enforcers for the Left.

But Texas Senator Ted Cruz is demanding an end to this material support for domestic terrorism by asking the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate Portland mayor Ted Wheeler.

The Daily Caller reports:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to be investigated by the FBI and DOJ for his handling of Saturday’s Antifa protest, which led to journalist Andy Ngo being attacked and sent to the hospital.

“To law enforcement: find & prosecute these violent felons,” Cruz said on Twitter following the attack on Saturday. “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.”

Cruz went on to call out Vox’s Carlos Maza for inciting violence and implied Maza may have broken the law stating, “Should ‘journalists’ be inciting physical violence against those with whom they disagree? Calling for assaults with milkshakes apparently laced with quick-dry cement? Is that consistent with journalistic ethics or responsibility? Or the criminal code?”

This investigation would put a stop to the official support for Antifa and would send a strong message that support for political violence is unacceptable in America.

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