William Barr just got asked to do the one thing that will destroy the Democrat Party

Attorney General William Barr is facing a decision.

It could be the biggest choice of his career.

That’s because William Barr just got asked to do the one thing that will destroy the Democrat Party.

Americans were outraged when a video merged over the weekend of Antifa terrorists attacking conservative journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon.

Ngo works for Quillette and covers Antifa’s reign of terror in the city.

Antifa goons threw chemical weapons at Ngo by mixing quick-drying cement with milkshakes which causes chemical burns if it makes contact with the skin.

Antifa thugs also pummeled Ngo so severely that his lawyer claims he suffered a brain bleed.

This was the breaking point for many conservatives.

Liberal politicians and media personalities support Antifa because Antifa is the physical mob enforcers for the Left.

But Texas Senator Ted Cruz is demanding an end to this material support for domestic terrorism by asking the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate Portland mayor Ted Wheeler.

The Daily Caller reports:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to be investigated by the FBI and DOJ for his handling of Saturday’s Antifa protest, which led to journalist Andy Ngo being attacked and sent to the hospital.

“To law enforcement: find & prosecute these violent felons,” Cruz said on Twitter following the attack on Saturday. “To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.”

Cruz went on to call out Vox’s Carlos Maza for inciting violence and implied Maza may have broken the law stating, “Should ‘journalists’ be inciting physical violence against those with whom they disagree? Calling for assaults with milkshakes apparently laced with quick-dry cement? Is that consistent with journalistic ethics or responsibility? Or the criminal code?”

This investigation would put a stop to the official support for Antifa and would send a strong message that support for political violence is unacceptable in America.


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275 Responses

  1. Independant says:

    If you don’t READ the Mueller Report, don’t talk about it! And, as far as I can tell, NONE of you read it! Why not? Don’t want to let those nasty little FACTS get in the way, huh?

    • Alberta says:

      If you read the Mueller report the first thing he said was that there was no collusion from Trump or any American and he couldn’t send Trump to prison because he couldn’t prove he obstructed justice. I know all of this is hard to take in with a liberal brain but suck it up buttercup.

  2. MB says:

    Antifas equal Communists…both apply same actions, et tu?

  3. MB says:

    Antifas equal Communists…both apply same actions

  4. Constitution Supporter says:

    I can’t imagine why people think you right-wingers are blood-thirsty morons- are you seriously going to tell me all y’all didn’t NOTICE that most of the shootings in the last few years were perpetrated by Trump supporters? Pretty lame…

    • Hannah Brown says:


    • Michael says:

      No that is Wrong! In fact the democrats are responsible for isis,antics, and division of of our great country! All this was orchestrated by Obama, Clinton’s, Charles Soros. Democratic’s in WASHINGTON wants to disarm us for 1. 2 they want us to become slaves to muslims., and foreigners that comes in to this country illegally!

    • Genya says:

      Idiots like you are the starting for the BROWN SHIRT and distraction of EUROPE and the HOLOCAUST,because you and who support this fascist organization it’s can happen here,show me one any Trump supporters who beat up any of LEFTIST IDIOTS like you,and SCHMUCKS like you deserve a good beating.
      I hope this will give you and all the left a heartache when President Trump will re-elected in 2020! Buy your self some poison you will be needing.Keep funeral homes busy!

    • Linda says:

      By all means, give us a list of these shooters. Didn’t think so….

    • Malcolm Davidson says:

      Please provide a list as to who they are. I can only think of one. Most I am sure are disgruntled leftists. Please enlighten me.

    • reconviper1 says:

      Does that include Rep. Scalise? The only morons are liberal snowflakes like you who get their “news” from CNN, the communist news network. Investigate for yourself and get the real facts instead of spewing left wing hate propaganda.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Trump supporters? Name one. Most have been nut cases who either skipped their meds or were liberals or both.

    • FEDUP365 says:

      Get your facts straight there moron or don’t post comments you know little about and for Gods sake don’t vote because you are a confused mess.

    • gary says:

      And he / she uses the name “Constitution Supporter” … just like a Leftist to put a false narrative out there under a phony name .. LOL … There IS a SUCKER born every minute….but 90% of them are LEFTISTS / Democrats ..

  5. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Wow are there ever a lot of comments! I think these ANTIFA thugs have really struck a nerve in this country! And not in a good way, but with there masks and riots, I am not really sure why they are getting a free pass! They are criminals, pure and simple! The should be locked up and the key should be thrown away! #NoFreePassforANTIFA

    • Jo says:

      ANTIFA is a gang of leftists trash that needs to be hauled off over seas and left to make it on their own. Just think, we never had things like this, all the cop killings, riots, before #44 was in office. He with his muslilm beliefs, his hatred of our nation and our legal citizens is the cause of all this trash. He should be send home to Kenya.

  6. George says:

    This is for all Trump haters, whether you like it or not we still live in a country full of patriotic Americans, this infection that is called the Democrat party are not the majority, that’s why you insist that we open our borders to lawless, Invaders. It’s all about votes, Donald Trump fills auditorium after auditorium, if you think you have an agenda that has validity try this, win the next election fairly, your party is crap, I can’t stand listening to any of your life sucking parasitic candidaes spewing their hate and lawlessness any more. These worthless punk, spoiled brat gangs only alienate your party even further away. I don’t think this clown, yes I said clown who calls himself GUN NUT, I call him numb nuts, is real, he is no more than a bot planted to try and divide us real Americans that are tired of the deep state. We need to stand United! If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14. I think you clowns better get right with God because the world you dream of, the Utopia you wish for will only bring misery and pain.

    • Sandi says:

      Excellent comment George. Hopefully many people will read this. The so called “Democratic Party” is non-existent. It is now a party of “TRAITORS and CRIMINALS” who seek to destroy our great country. Obama started the division we now have but once he is held accountable [and yes, I still believe he will be by AG Barr] then, and only then can our country begin to heal. God bless America!

      • Paul Trunfio says:

        Sandi, Nice follow up to Georges Post. I believe it is Now the final Nail in the Coffin for the Deep State Corruption. They Have Been exposed for the Low Life Anti Americans they are!!!! Tick Tock Tick Tock We Know the Cabal Players Now. History will reflect who they really were and Thank God they have ALL been exposed right up to Muslim Obama!!!

      • Genya says:

        Thank you!!!!AGREE 1000%!!!!

    • Paul Trunfio says:

      Excellent George!!! Well Said!! Right On The MONEY!!! Exactly How Most Americans Feel!!! Watch the 2020 Elections when The Silent Decent Patriotic Americans have their Say!! It is Going to Be Monumental

      • George says:

        The Democrat party is running a romper room attempt to thwart President Trump’s success in office, the antifa gang of nitwits is hyper judgemental of him as a president, to the point of violence! Yet, what has he done that is deserving of these attacks? Maybe they are being used as paid chess pieces in their attempts. Rather than acting on an ideology. Are they being paid? And if so what are the implications? How high up does this go? It is the height of arrogance for elected officials to feel somehow justified, just sayin’

  7. HELGA ACKMANN says:


  8. Jim says:

    What is wrong with the law enforcement in this state. Allowing this asualt to go on without arresting anyone, unbelievable.

  9. JUST WAIT until AWESOME AG William Barr starts to EXPOSE the swamp creatures involved with Obumma/Democraps colluding with russia to try to stop our AWESOME PRESIDENT TRUMP from being our truly duly elected President fo us WE THE PEOPLE–watch FOXNEWS Sean HANNITY and PIRRO for REAL NEWS–TRUMP LOVES America and us Americans not dumb nuts like theunhinged deranged democraps that hate america TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

  10. Rene Rivera says:

    Antifa’s antics have become increasingly bolder and dangerous. It should not have been allowed to come to this . proceed wagainst them and their backers with the full force of the law!

    • canam884 says:

      We can soon see violent action against antifa to stop them. Politicians who allow antifa to create havoc and attack people should be charged with assault and incarcerated, this is the law. Or are we, the American citizens allowed to attack the politicians in retaliation for antifa’s assaults?? I think not, it would be the crowbar motel for us. Law enforcement please note, “politicians are not above the law and cannot tell you to let people break the law”, if you follow their orders, YOU are breaking the law. Your choice.

  11. Bruce Klassen says:

    Since none of this stuff ever happens, may we assume your website and blog are just more FAKE NEWS? I think so….

    • D.A.N. says:

      No Bruce, the attacks did happen. And it is on film. In most States, if you are an adult and are out on a pubic street with a mask on you are legally committing a criminal act even before you start in with your violence.

  12. Gordon says:

    Good article, but far from factual. “Antifa is the physical mob enforcers for the Left.” Oh really???? They are anything but the enforcers. They are nothing more than domestic terrorists out to create anarchy against anyone with a view different from theirs. If that isn’t the greatest example of Fascism than I don’t know what is. That is anything BUT enforcement.

  13. larry gainees says:

    ANTIFA needs to be declared TERRORISTS , outlawed and eliminated

  14. Sue says:

    You do realize Portland is a sanctuary city. They let a lot of not-so-nice people in their community.

  15. Jack Handy says:

    Sen. Cruz does the Best he Can, in ‘calling 0ut —
    AG Barr Sits a HUGE PLATE. .
    NOT 1 ‘dissident’ Here, running mouth’ Could Handle
    such a ‘Task’. 0bvious i guess, can’t even ‘control’ your
    own Life, by what comes out of your mouth.ink.\(gun nuts etc.)

  16. Guns Nuts of America says:

    Barr is just as evil as Trump, both lying thugs, for a few dollars of silver he sold his soul to the devil and to become a more sinister footnote in history. What he did to the Mueller report is of historic corruption, he needs to be impeached as well

    • Arthur Daniel says:

      You sound like a real paragon of virtue!

    • KDS says:

      Pull your head out of your ass.

    • Steven Devenport says:

      That is just ignorant. You need to wake up to reality. The entire Demonrats party needs to be dissolved. They have ceased to be a viable political party in these United States of North America. They have become a venue for anti American leftist radicals, Islam, and Jihadists to enter our government, so they can attempt to conquered us from within.

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        Steve your Nazi party with Trump in control is dangerous, linking up to Russia to fix the election, Trump is an uncouth mobster, you know that if you have a brain but you like his racist policies, his tax cuts have hurt every Americans as has his tariffs, and his threat to pull out of NATO, and his attacks on our allies while kissing Putin’s and Kim’s butts while also praising other dictators lile Orban, Duarte and Turkey’s thug. We need to keep out jihadists and kill them but meanwhile white suprmacists killed 49 people last year, left wing people killed no right no one in hate crimes. Cneck that stat out all the right wing killers and gun nuts at the schools, churches and malls. Do you remember Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph, more right wing nuts. You are on the side of the KKK, Nazis, Commies such as Russians, white supremacist groups, militia groups and all gun nut groups. You must be proud to help elect America’s Hitler despite voter suppression and 3 million fewer votes and now in FL and NC voter hacking discovered. Read the real news, not Fox or Limbaugh.

        • Paul says:

          I doubt you pay taxes. Maybe five bucks a year. Do have ANY idea how incredibly illiterate and juvenile you sound?

          • Guns Nuts of America says:

            Many thousands a year, local, state and federal, yet maybe you use the tax Trump cuts to pay a dollar less that last year.

        • gayle clay says:

          Wow do u need to do some reading up on history and ALOT of research on just what is going on in politics today. You use the language of young children who haven’t been taught the difference between right and wrong. If you and the Democratic party cannot come up with something original instead of the Hitler, Nazi name calling, at least get it right and apply the derogatory names to the correct individuals in the correct party. It certainly isn’t the conservatives and Trump. Do the research and find out for yourself.

          • Guns Nuts of America says:

            I do the research but racists and brainwashed people like you Gayle have hurt this country, and yes, Trump is a Nazi, a preening mobster, serial sexual assaulter that he has bragged about. You helped elect that narcissistic criminal and you are proud of that and can put a coherent paragraph together unlike most of the right wing idiots on here that have no qualms about their violent talk and hatred of minorities. In a way people like you are more dangerous. Your second to last sentence proves it, taking no responsibility that Trump has sown with his attacks on allies, blacks, browns, war heroes like McCain, NFL players, virtually everyone who criticizes. He is running the government by his fascist maneuvers and inane tweets. Every living historian ranks him in virtually every criterion at the bottom. Why don’t you read actual journalism.

          • Meri says:

            You poor ignorant FOOL!!!

        • david says:

          YOU are full blown idiot.

        • D.A.N. says:

          GNA, one question but I bet you can’t answer it truthfully. Which party has ties to the Russian government through fake info used in the 2016 election investigation?

        • Rock’n Roscoe says:

          Stop your vitriol. You are too irresponsible an dishonest in your writing.

    • Small Gubmint says:

      Not so much. Great Americans—both of them! Bury the deep state! I’m

    • left wing watch says:

      The crimes the rogue FBI agents comey and stroke and struk and page on others in the deep state committed in covering up Hillarys crimes pale in comparison! You should put down the weed and Koolaid and get a moral compass !

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        ALL the major violence is coming from Trump and his supporters, the KKK, Proud Boys, Nazis, alt right at Charlottteville, white supremacy groups, gun nuts, biker gangs, militia groups and right wingers perhaps not you but many who talk violently on these sites. You see it if you have an ounce of integrity. Do you remember Tim McVeigh, KKK and militia group affiliations. Read something besides the Turner Diaries.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Funny, the ones you are complaining about had a permit to be there. Your gang of thugs did not. KKK? The founders of which were Dems and still includes a batch of southern DEMOCRATs. Or do you not remember Hillary’s hero, Robert Byrd?

    • NOBODY says:

      you must be a dem nut, change your name to that, OR the true evil/veil columnist nut job, YOUR a anti American propaganda B.S.’er and open boarders dumb a@#
      you bums don’t hesitate to stop our talk of conservatism by use valance while you hate, God and country. harass good and honest Americans and attack them like with Antifa

      along with Not necessarily the news (CNN) you BRAIN WASHED MORON!

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        You are nobody significant when you don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Conservatives are the violent ones, you are the party of right wingers that the Nazis, KKK, biker gangs, white supremacists, militia groups, gun nut mass murderers in churches and schools. You are disgraceful for supporting a serial sexual assaulter, mobster, egomaniac with no self control with his constant bullying, lying, thieving, bragging, whining not winning and insulting even men like John McCain. You right wingers buy into Trump because of his bigotry against people who are not white.,

        • gayle clay says:

          Tell u one thing o John mcCain was no angel by a long shot. Trump called a spade a spade on that one. Do the research and see yourself. So please don’t glorify him . He was a service man which earns everyone’s respect as I see it, but politics are a complete different story for McCain.

    • Dan says:

      I’m coming for your guns.youre CLEARLY unstabil, and unhinged due to DTS.

    • H Lee says:

      Hey gun nuts: why don’t you read mueller’s report for yourself. You are a halfwit who knows so much that isn’t true. While you explain that, tell us also why Russian donors sent 145 million $ to hillary’s Canadian charity. Shouldn’t that have gone to Trump?

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        I read a lot of especially the ten ways Trump obstructed justice. Trump is a serial liar, sexual assaulter, thief, braggart and insulter, almost every ally and people of color.

        • Paul says:

          I read a lot of the especially. Every ally and people of color. Dude. Go back and try getting that GED. YOU Illiterate twerp. While your at it, buy a Webster’s dictionary. Or in your case Dickshionary

          • Pat says:

            How can you call anyone illiterate when you don’t know how to use “your” & “you’re”? Oh, yeah, you’re REALLY well educated. And I can’t believe you right wingers watch anything but Fox, because you are entirely divorced from reality! It’s laughable that you say the LIBS haven’t done their research, when anyone can see you guys are cookie-cutter righties, too afraid of immigrants taking your jobs to be thinking clearly!
            Anyone can see through Trump; he’s the Emperor with no clothes! He’s cruel, uneducated (thinks there were airports in 1775!), greedy, and lies every other sentence, maybe more. And he would like to be a dictator. He’s been going against the Constitution in many of his actions, and he doesn’t care. The Constitution, btw, is the document that is at the heart of our government, and adherence to it has kept us a free nation for our entire history!
            And further, how can you call yourself Christians? Yeah, Jesus is ALL ABOUT putting children in cages!

        • D.A.N. says:

          It is not obstruction if it is true. Mueller and the whole gang were conflicted. Trump, as President, is the head of the Executive Branch of the US government. Under it is the DOJ and FBI. If a prosecutor has a bias, they are supposed to remove themselves from the case. Mueller and everyone on his gang was pro Hillary. That shows bias right there. But even at that, he could not say that Trump did something illegal. In fact, just the opposite is true. He said point blank that there were no connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. Which means, Trump was right when he said it was a witch hunt and stopping it would have been the correct thing to do. Which Trump could have legally done. But he did not interfere.

    • Dan Winright says:

      I’m sending the authorities for your guns.
      You are clearly suffering from DTS

    • David Strader says:

      I am sure your going to have a stroke when Trump wins again, or if the DemocRATS win when you are in jail for being a gun lover… If you really are???? Yep, as suggested if you can read the whole thing without help or with help read the report. Pretty sure you don’t have a clue what’s in it.

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        You don’t understand irony Strader, I picked gun nuts because they are ruining the country for voting for the mobster Trump, you are on the side of the KKK, Nazis, alt right, white supremacy groups, militia groups, biker gangs. Congratulations for your racism won this time.

    • Shell says:

      Democrats never change! Why? Because they “group think!” That means they don’t think for themselves they allow a head “Group thinker”/democrat to think for them.

    • John Hull says:

      Move to Venezuela Libtard Demoncrap moron you will feel right at home. Your worthless soul belongs to satan. That is, if you had one in the first place Demon!

    • Connie says:

      Exactly what evil has President Trump done? Increased my amount of spending money by cutting my taxes, making a great economy, reduced unemployment, TRYING to make our borders safe. And what did AG Barr do to the Mueller report? Two years and nearly $40 million dollars, and Mueller still could not find a crime. Mean old Barr published the report for the world to read, and it had few redactions. Then after much Democrat whining he provided an even less redacted version for the few Oversight committee members who wanted to read it. No Democrat has bothered to read it yet. I understand you do not like President Trump. That is totally your right. Problem is…..you are wrong about him being evil. He may be a bombastic character, but there is NO evil in his actions. AG Barr gave the country more than we have ever had from a Special Prosecutor’s report. He has followed the law exactly. Robert Mueller, on the other hand, did not. You don’t have to agree, but stop the lies.

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        About 98% of the people have not benefited by the Trump tax cut, many of the poor are paying more taxes, ask the financial advisor if you have one in your crappy town. The wealthy in red states made out, the tax cut was designed to hurt people in the blue states who already pay more federal taxes than the red-neck states.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Define wealthy GNA. Now why would the poor be paying more in taxes? Because maybe they aren’t poor like you claim. They’re just freeloaders who got their freebies taken away. Federal taxes are the same no matter where you live. State taxes are a different story.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            D.A.N., you’ll never convince nut sack of the truth. It’s beyond his comprehension. He subscribes only to communist propaganda. There is no middle ground with these fascist/communists. That is precisely why there will be war. These morons are destroying our freedoms little by little and bringing in alien invaders, legal and otherwise, to shore up their voter base and bring in communism full force. If we allow that to happen, we lose our freedom forever. Live FREE or die, the only choices we have.

    • George says:

      Suck that pie hole your head is shoved up..Your opinion screams Anti-American….Feel pretty safe behind your PC don’t you.?

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        I did 5 years in the army you foul mouthed idiot. My father was a Torretta Flier in WWII, and I lost my uncle on a B-17 over Europe. My brother was an embassy agent for 20 years. We all love this country more than you, because we accept all decent people, unlike the right wing haters like thugs like Trump and you Georgie Zimmerman.

        • TxAngel says:

          Guns Nuts – None of that impresses anyone once you open you mouth and spit out all that insanity

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          You’re a f’n commie moron who has absolutely no idea what real patriotism is. Hope to meet your sorry ass on the coming battlefield. I’ll give you your last lesson, pinko commie fag.

          • Guns Nuts of America says:

            Hoppy Toad, there you go again with your violent talk, typical of many draft dodging right wingers like your sick idol Trump.

    • Lorie Chaffin says:

      The Democrats have been the ones that lie to all Americans and love the illegals more than us.

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        No, that is not true. We just want them to be treated humanely, unlike most of Trump people like you. The oddity is they are all Native Americans and Spanish, and all have ancestors to the land of the United States way before you and me and all the hateful rednecks on here;

        • Paul says:

          Damn man! How the hell did you get in the military. They must have needed a toilet technician. Where did you serve and what rank were you you lying asshole

    • Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

      GUN NUTS,
      You must be a commie democrap and dumb ass that hates the flag and our great nation. You need wallk the walk before you talk the talk. Barr and Trump are doing what he was elected to do. Barr is a true american and has a pair and can’t be bulled. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        Hey Sad Sack, your years in the service didn’t help with your common sense or patriotism. True patriots from the military wouldn’t support a cowardly draft dodger who brags about repeatedly sexually assaulting women. I guess that was O.K. in your unit.

    • Paul says:

      A few dollars of silver? God your dumb. Go ask mommy to bring you another soda in the basement. DAMN your stupid. I’m sorry but you just show your pimply ass the more you attempt to put together even a simple coherent thought. Is English your first language?

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        It’s you’re asshole not your. Paul, you’re an idiot because you have to improve your English before trying to criticize liberals who generally much more educated than red state, right wing scumbags such as yourself.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Want to go up against me DICKHEAD? I’m educated and I’d be willing to bet I’ve had far more real life experience than most of you commie fags. For you blue ball state queers to be so ostensibly well educated you sure as hell don’t show it. I guess you’ve set yourself up as the grammar and spelling Gestapo. You don’t have to be perfect in syntax and spelling to be intelligent. It works the opposite way too. You’ve proven that yourself.

          • Guns Nuts of America says:

            Hoppy Toad, your IQ is probably 68 and that is spotting you 10 points,

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Try adding 100 to that and you’d be about right, Nancy boy. That 68 would be you. Your stupid moniker yet again proves me right. I’ll match wits and intelligence with a squirrel monkey like you any day.

  17. Terrorist organizations like ANTIFA, BLM, THE BLACK “KITTENS” , MS-13 GANGS and ISIS are the reason why I’m heavily armed both, at home and out. If I am to become a victim of these violent idiots, I fully intend to take a few of them with me when I bite the dust! If someone tries to threaten and/or intimidate me or my family I fully intend to stand and fight, so God help them if they decide to pick a fight with me or mine……

    • Ward Preston says:

      Right on bro!!

    • Rod says:

      Right there with you brother.

    • atcals says:

      We have the ability to identify everyone on the internet. Every bit of communication. If you are looking for a specific subject, text string or something else you can find it. You just need permission to look for it. The Government has that. Use it!

    • Guns Nuts of America says:

      You’re right about MS13 and Isis, they are not leftists though. It is the right wing evil from the KKK, alt right at Charlottesville, the militia groups, the Nazis, white supremacy groups like the Proud Boys and countless other ones like the Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood, right wing gun nuts shooting up our churches, malls, and schools. Antifa and BLM killed no one last year or any years but the right wing terrorists killed 49 Americans last year. Read a book besides watching right wing TV like Fox and avoid the Limbaugh and Levin lies and hatred that they constantly shout out.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Well Nuts, there are homicidal “nuts” on both sides, but far more on your communist side than ours. Most “mass” killings have been done by demonRATS or kids from demonRAT families. Relatively few “mass” killings have been done by right wingers and none by true conservatives. All the real violence is perpetrated by you left wing true Nazi communists. Spew your lies somewhere else moron.

        • Guns Nuts of America says:

          Your ignorance or lies are worse than pathetic Hoppy, read about it and apologize.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            I’ve read the “truth” many times. I never read communist propaganda crap, unless I’m in the mood for a couple of laughs. Yes, You do owe us all an apology… For being a soulless retard.

  18. camille ference says:


  19. Km says:

    Why don’t massive civilian hords surrounded these antifa maggots and pound the hell out of them ? They need a good old fashioned ass whooping!!! Are we all just going to be bystanders watching them assult descent law abiding citizens??? When are we going to RISE UP and defend our great nation from the war these fascist pigs are bringing to our streets??? I call on all descent Americans to RISE UP in mass hords and surround the next antifa mob and give them what they deserve!!! Then if anyone pilots a cargo plane let’s get this fascist anti American communist mob on-board and fly them to a communist country and drop them off!!! They need to go!!!!

  20. Km says:

    I think it’s time for civil war. Real Americans need to rise up and take back their streets, their communities and run these communist fascist Democrats out of their local governments. Im sick and tired of all the empty vain conversation. I call for action against these fascist antifa thugs. They are HYPOCRITES!!! And BULLIES!!! When are we the decent law abiding citizens going to say enough is enough with more than just words. Get these evil people out-of-office by mass marching in the capital and demand their resignations!!! The democratic party hates America and they need to go!!! Lets RISE UP and take our country back!!! They want war then I say let’s give em one!!!

    • kunquoda says:

      I agree we need to take control back, I too am sick and tired of everyone running our country except US. Send all the illegals back where they came from including the ones who have been in the country for a while. Send all the Muslims back to where ever they came from, Do a clean sweep of the country and close the borders, secure the airlines from bringing anyone here from a terrorist country. Then we can all take a deep breath and consider what we can do to protect our country in the future. I am a 71 year old female but I can do my part.

  21. Richard Daugherty says:

    AG Barr!! Where the H is the prosecutions??

  22. bagster53 says:

    well i’ve bin telling you for 4 years now , antifa is soros’s and obomas terrorist org. , the army of thugs oboma wanted to replace the cops , you can blame white supremisists all you want , but the truth is antifa is a 1000 times worse

    • Old Pioneer says:

      It’s really very simple Patriotic Americans!!! Stay LOCKED & LOADED in case these slimy, lying, illegal Bast*rds come calling in your neighborhood!!

      • Roger says:

        Citizens of sanctuary cities, county’s and states, you must POLICE your own communities!
        Every President, every Governor, every Mayor and every law enforcement officer in the United States of America must place their left hand on a Bible while raising their right hand and swearing before GOD that they will support uphold and defend the Constitution and enforce the laws of their state and the United States of America and when they violate this oath as they are doing in sactuary cities and states such as San Francisco and California, the President should send the U.S. Marshalls in to arrest them, this is not martial law this is enforcing the laws enacted by the Congress of the United States! Don’t wait for them, go after the scum!

        • Dwr says:

          AMEN , I wonder how much longer this is going to go on. It is criminal what these Democrat backed idiots are doing.

        • Guns Nuts of America says:

          All your capital letters show your ignorance and taste for violence, ironic because you right wingers are the cause of many deaths, the Nazis, KKK, alt right, Aryan Nations, bun nuts, Tim McVeigh, biker gangs, militia groups, abortion clinic bombers, Nazis. You are the side of all those right wing terrorist groups, you must be proud.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Those aren’t right wing groups Nuts. Those are considered fascist groups, just like yours. We are proud of our own. I hope to show you just how proud in the coming war, communist moron.

    • Maxx says:

      I’m with you! Antifa should have been investigated the second they showed up just like what the DOJ did/does for the KKK, Skin Head and other organizations NOT CONNECTED TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Barr is going to have to start stepping up to clean up the FBI and DOJ because both are filled with leftover Obama traitors. Force every single individual to submit to lie detection protocols.

    • HELGA ACKMANN says:

      Th ere is nothing anti about ANTIFA! The party was born in Germany that supported Hitler
      and is the ultra-right FASCIST organization.

      Thank GeorgeSoros and Obama about organizing Antifa and supporting them with $$$.
      They should be dismantled in the United States of America! Shameful that the DemonRats stoop that low and even allow them to exist here!

    • Guns Nuts of America says:

      Now there is a sick evil American, God help you and this country.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        God will help this country when we destroy all you communist cancer cells. I’m one of the treatments that will help cure our REPUBLIC of you cancer cells. You must be flying a rainbow flag in your yard Nuts. I’m extremely glad you’re on the wrong side.

  23. Han Solo says:

    Let me be blunt. Antifa is the reason law abiding citizens need gun rights. If I witnessed an assault like the one described here, I would absolutely intervene. You put a law abiding citizen in the hospital, I’ll make damn sure you end up in the bed next to him. If someone ends up with a breathing tube, I’ll make sure the perpetrator is drinking meals through a straw. Call me a vigilante if you want, but I call it justice. So if you don’t want to end up a vegetable, you thugs, you better pray I’m not nearby when you assault an innocent civilian.

  24. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. And the Liberal Left purposefully does not study history, which is why they do not realize that ANTIFA is more like the SS, or the KKK than they are like the Calvary. The fact that they feel the need to cover their faces should tell people all they need to know. A person who has to hide who they are so they will not be seen doing something is not someone who is proud of what they are doing. Look at our military, they do not cover their faces, they are proud the be a part of something greater than themselves. But ANTIFA? Dressed from head to toe in black? No, they do not want to be seen, because they know they are doing things that are wrong, illegal, immoral and just plain bad.

    • Maxx says:

      It is very sad, what has happened to Washington State, Oregon, California, Colorado, Hawaii when the liberal vermin from California are paid to move to those states and turn them into liberal/communist hell holes. Time to send in National Guard troops to physically end Antifa and the other anti-American domestic terrorists that thrive wherever the democrat communist party controls the cities. A few dead domestic terrorists will be a good start.

  25. Gideon Rockwell says:

    The Dems call ANTIFA patriots and say they are doing a public service. I guess that would apply if your a Bolshevik Thug. They should be declared a terrorist National Security Threat Group. ANTIFA has been out of control in Portland for an extremely long time. The mayor allows them to run rampant since they are the militant arm of the D.N.C.. I say put Portland under Martial Law, with a General assigned as Provisional Governor of the city, back a National Guard Combat M.P.s and a Group of Federal Prosecutors assigned to investigate the Mayor, his administration and the lack of police response to the ANTIFA violence.

  26. Ed says:

    Also we need to stop supporting the companies he gains all his billions from, Gieco Insurance is one.

    • Jerry Teitsma says:

      That is news to me. I have refused to even get quotes from Progressive because of their ownership. If others have heard the same concerning Geico, please let us know. I need confirmation.

  27. Al Capone says:

    Hey Bolshevik faggot Mayor Wheeler and lesbo Governor Get-Outta-Town-by-Sundown Brown.
    Why don’t you 2 and your cowardly Antifa criminal thugs come down to the Sons of Italy & try showing us how tough you really are??? BTW-we’re pouring some concrete foundations that could use some extra “body” added to it.
    F.U. Wheel-liar.

  28. Pam says:

    These you people have no idea they the fascist! They are reborn the Brown shirts of Hitler…exactly by their actions and mentality …this frightens those who have experienced this and why history is so dire! Know truth and all will be different.

  29. Amy says:

    This is no different than people throwing acid in other people’s faces.

  30. Both the Mayor and Chief of Police should be investigated for Obstruction of Justice.
    This action is part and parcel of “The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization”.

  31. Darfman says:

    Antifa needs to be destroyed as an operative organization. Kill every man and women in it.

  32. dd says:

    Declare Antifa a terrorist org and prosecute the hell out of them and those that support them either directly or in the case of this POS Mayor indirectly.

  33. Larry Gaines says:

    that Crooked Governor needs to be investigated also as she supports ANTIFA also

    • Beverly Skinner says:

      ANTIFA needs to be IMPRISONED and SOON!! And THEN start IMPRISONING EVERY LIBERAL that has used them

    • Steve Earle says:

      No question plus it wold make great sense for ANTIFA to be declared a terrorist organization, which it surly is. That would allow the FBI to arrest and charge it’s leaders plus victims could sue in civil court for damages just like we did to the KKK.

  34. Larry Gaines says:

    That Crooked Governor needs to be investigated also for involvement as she supports ANTIFA

  35. Mary says:

    I’m glad that trump has an attorney General who is playing ball the right way. It’s been a long time coming. I’m ashamed with Niki playing politics with their American customers Kaepernick is just one American so if the rest of us would not buy Niki and petitioned sports team not to buy any old Niki would be bankrupt in just a matter of weeks. I am not buying any of Niki’s products.

    • Roebert says:

      “playing ball the right way”? I don’t see that he’s playing ball at all.
      More likely, he’s out playing golf (with all the “good” , public-spirited people)!

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        Yeah, when are we gonna see some of this Barr person we keep hearing about? I keep hearing how hes gonna do this, or do that, but I have seen nothing impressive in my opinion. We know for 100% fact Hillary broke many laws. FBI even has admitted it in paperwork. Yet, she still walks free. What if it were you or I that obstructed justice, wiping 33,000 emails after subpoena? Think we’d be out enjoying the flowers? Or would we be behind bars? Hhmmm? Until we stop seeing two sets of justice, I say we Americans go on strike. Complete and utter disregard for all the laws. Until we see action.

        • bert Lub says:

          Don’t you get it? The Hillary Cartel has the best hitmen on their payroll. There are some people who start to come out and ready, to tell the truth about this witch, but as we know She has so many dead friends and acquaintances who have committed Suicide by two bullets to the back of the head, and no gun was ever found…..Two bullets to the back of the head? Suicide by two to the back?…. Come on now who would really take on that bullcrap? If I knew what the people knew, I would really think about being a witness. This is why nothing gets done, all her friends are in the courts, FBI, CIA, FEMA, and all the other made up three letter con jobs in government. She is a very dangerous woman to leave alive on the street, no one is safe.

        • Roger says:

          If there is no law for the Democrats, then there is no no law for anybody.
          Get it Antifa. I hereby invite you to come to Texas. We will be your complete demise. Bring Satan Soros with you. Please come here.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      The name of the company is NIKE, not Niki.

  36. William J Vital says:

    If they have their face covered, swing and BREAK their leg(s). If you have a CCW permit, shoot their knees out.

  37. Don says:

    I have a CCW permit and if anyone threw chemicals on me and started hitting me I would shoot them simple

  38. NOBODY says:

    the Portland mayor Ted Wheeler. should suffer the same as Andy Ngo did, as well as others that support
    Liberal politicians and media personalities support Antifa

    these commie Liberal politicians are so dumb they think we want it, but I say send them to as commie country for life they’ll sing a different tune huh? but don’t let them back.

    it’s one thing to talk about it but to lie, steal, to get it, and say to hell with what the American eople want
    I say go to hell come to my house I’ll show them what I have to say about it.

    I’m glad my life is going to be over soon, because communism is forced labor and poverty, and is implanted only by force after we the people find out who really ends up winning at our expense we will have a civil war long after I’m dead and gone

  39. Mike says:

    Simple solution to Antifa it’s called concealed cray. When attacked Shoot to Kill.

  40. Charles says:

    I’m tired of investigations. What the public needs to see is arrests and Democrats being hauled into court room for trial.

    • James says:

      We The People Feel the same way… nothing has been done in murders, bad behavior, and “bad judges.”

    • The Last Conservative says:

      Simply another example of the glaring double standard that is foisted upon us in today’s political scene. It’s also the answer to a sick joke . . . “How do you get a Democrat to shut up ? ” “Cause harm to the other side !” Did anyone watch The Ingraham Angle, last night ? Jessie Watters was the guest host. He had this democrat strategist on . . . and of course, when you have nothing constructive to say . . . . HOG THE AIRWAVES ! This Shane Harris guy kept on alluding to his interpretation of the similarities between the Jussy Smollett farce with the Ngo – AntiFa beating. He kept calling it an “alleged” beating . . .even though there was direct video showing the attack and the assailants committing the crimes. No evidence in the Smollett case. Of course, the immediate correlation was the white (Asian)/black inference. If one side could NEVER admit that they were at-fault for a disgusting event like this . . . . I sense NO HOPE for future race relations. The point is, unless we gain agreement that this is TOTALLY unacceptable in today’s America, we can try to investigate and even indict . . . to NO avail !

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      And until we do, Americans should go on strike. Obey no laws, except obviously the really bad ones, and show them this isn’t going to fly anymore. No more Obamacare for us, and platinum care for them.

  41. Sue Rich says:

    None of this would have happened if the border had been secure. The Democrats need to be voted out of office in every election. We need to make sure they have an opponent, where it’s a Republican or an Independent.

  42. Bender says:

    I’m sure there were very fine people on both sides. Let’s not forget Charlottesville. Let’s investigate the proud boys and your other white supremacists groups while were at it if you really want to do something about home grown terrorists.

    • Mike says:

      one group had a permit, the police let the anti demonstrators confront the permit holding group. That could’ve been avoided

    • Robert Cochran says:

      Oh Shut up !!! Charlottesville was a fraud !! George Soros paid BOTH sides to be there !!! There were no true Conservatives even there !!

      • Pathfinder0100 says:

        Prove it!! Easy to say, not so easy ti back it u is ot??

        • Pathfinder0100 says:

          “to back it up”

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Charlottesville was a complete communist setup. Everyone with more than two brain cells knows that. The commie “protesters” were bussed in from out of state, paid to act self righteous and indignant and generally cause civil unrest. All bought and paid for by your friendly wannabe communist dictators with Soros footing the bill. Of course, in many cases, the fascist commies are careful to cover their odious tracks. That way they can continue to blame the conservatives and be perceived as demigods by their moronic, soulless constituents, like you Pathloser.


    • White Supremacists were labeled a terrorist group long ago! KKK…The problem of violence seems to lie on the left, and let’s face it, ANTIFA is a Fascist, violent group. They must be labeled as another home grown terrorist group, and be dealt with accordingly!

    • Neubie says:

      Speaking of taking things out of context. We all know what president trump was talking about when he made those remarks. Get a life

    • Rose says:

      You are on the wrong tract Bender,WAKE UP!

  43. Thomas Hopkins says:

    If they do not do something about this violence,then I believe that we are going to have a really bad event with many deaths occuring in the near future.The fact that the police in many of these incidents are told to stand down is going to let a really bloody event happen.God help us all.

  44. Bob says:

    Renato, Sadly our US Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) has a criminal son who is an Antifa thug! Fake News just keeps covering up all of Kaine’s radical-left background and voting record—Baby killer, Iran Nuke Bomb Deal, Obamacare, Big spender, Open borders, Pro Illegal Aliens/Anti American Citizens, Hillary Clintoon suck up…..

  45. Anne Gerrard says:

    The journalist was not the only one attacked that day. Two men were also attacked with a crow bar around their heads causing fractures. Antifa is getting way out of control and they need to be arrested and jailed and the mayor/police commander should be right along with them. The left should be getting investigated for all the times they have encourage violence. Any person or group attacking conservatives should be arrested. Also the media need to be stopped from curtailing free speech. Both social and main stream media.

  46. renato says:

    anybody who is involve of throwing milkshake/eggs or anything captured in video should be arrested
    and prosecuted by law and maybe now they will understand if you got caught in video you will subjected
    to be arrested and prosecuted by law

    • gary says:

      Apply the good old fashion public tar and feather party and televised public swift justice of public execution that sure would stop it!

    • Dan says:

      They ought to reinstate the practice of public flogging and stocks, just for the antifa sissies. Use a thick, wide strap and beat their bare backs. Then put them in stocks for a week for public ridicule. Post photos of their faces online, with their full description, such as height, weight, hair and eye color, along with where they were born and where they lived. Fine them sums in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and give them prison time, solitary confinement, in military prisons. Make them understand that they are no different than other fascists.

  47. Will says:

    Antifa chicken ” S ” Punks. , Picking on one person ,. You try that crap with me boys n girls and it will be your day of reckoning , that’s a fact , if your feeling Lucky please do step up to the plate Punks ,. Shame on all you Liberal chicken ” S ” , your thugs are just like you dummies , all mouth and no guts !!!!

  48. Don Nicholas says:

    The left controls the narrative. When they don’t, they just ignore the truth and go on like everyone agrees with them secure in their bubble.

  49. Del says:

    The Democrat Party have already Destroyed themselves with their Platform for Destroying and Bankrupting Our country and Failing to uphold the Oath of Office by protecting and providing for Illegals over American Citizens..

  50. Timothy Toroian says:

    Some part of the national media, perhaps Fox, should point out that Antifa’s tactics are those used by Hitler’s goons in the 30’s until he got supreme power. Black was the scary color but his people weren’t wussies wearing masks. Mayhaps they should get a lesson on true violence. No deaths, just real thumpings and full face photos in spread around.

    • John T Kos says:

      Everyone should be aware that this domestic terrorist group is funded by Soro’s. They follow the Saul Alinsky “rules for radicals” weapons of choice SPYING LYING & DECEIVING. Hiring masked thugs to create chaos is just one of many weapons suggested. The president should make an EXECUTIVE ORDER to declare masked thugs DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

      • CrawfishFestival says:

        Absolutely, John. At no point should these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS be “protected” by corrupt Democrats as Mayors and Governors. These are co-conspirators in Mayhem, Chaos and Destruction.
        Why should US citizens be subjected to THUGS wearing Masks – on their city’s streets…….that is maliciously intended to intimidate law-abiding citizens – to not gather in civil demonstrations or a walk down the street – or face ACTS of VIOLENCE.
        Those people funding ANTIFA should be ARRESTED for SEDITION, HANGED until DEAD.

  51. Susan Thompson says:

    William Barr will not be destroying the Democrat Party by investigating the actions of the
    Portland mayor; he will be doing his job. The Democrat Party is destroying ITSELF by supporting one lawless group or activity after another and they have been working at this long and hard for a long time now. Don’t blame Wm. Barr for the inevitable results of the
    self-destructive Democrats who have allowed and encouraged the radical baby-killing lunatics within their party to take over and lead them down the road to doom.

    • Jerry says:

      I agree with you 100% However,I believe the Coward Chief of Police should also be investigated for dereliction of duty.To take orders from a tyrant and neglect to uphold the responsibilities of protecting and serving the public merits investigation and removal from office.

      • Thomas Hopkins says:

        when I was in the military there was a thing called lawful orders,I wonder why the Police Chief didn’t tell the Mayor that he was hired to uphold the law and that he was asking him to break his oath of duty to the people of the community.

  52. Charles Mitchell says:

    I do no wish to see the democratic party destroyed, as we need a two party system in this nation, what we need is people in both parties to learn they are not our rulers, they work for us, the common citizen of this proud nation. Think things through, read the bills they are voting on, understand them. Its odd, our founding fathers had so little to work with in their day, fastest means was by horse back, now days with all the electric do-dads we have, both parties seem to screw thing up with just a push of the button, thin what is best for our Nation and people, not what is best for either party.

    • Terry L says:

      There are more than two parties the media just focuses on the democratic and republicans as if they were the only ones.

    • Rose says:

      The problem is ,it is no longer the the democrat party,they have become Soros thugs! They wish to screw this country up so badly that it will be easy for the NWO to march in and completely take over! Aka,Taking away our guns leaves us defenseless!NO! IT IS NOT THE Dem. party any longer!

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        The communists WILL NOT take our guns Rose. There are millions of us preparing for this now. The militias are preparing. We have the majority of the approximately 400 million guns in this country and 80 to 100 million of us WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH, the death of the communists. We are watching, we are waiting, we are ready.

  53. Bill Littleton says:

    Portland City Mayor Ted Wheeler should be Investigated by the FBI and charges filed against him for failure of his Civic Duty to protect the citizens of Portland, dereliction of duty as a Civil Servant of the People, Misuse of Power for direct PPD to stand-down during a riot, causing damage to both public and personal property and allowing bodily injury to occur on individuals without lawful recourse. Mayor Wheeler should be Censored and throw out of office!

  54. Jim says:

    First, if you wear a mask or any article that will hide your identity in public, that should be evidence you are going to break the law and do not want your identity known. It should be unlawful to hid your identity in public unless you are attending a event that allows costumes that hide you face. Next and finally, the mayor
    has no authority to tell the police to NOT ENFORCE the law. The only person that can legally put a hold on enforcement is the attorney general of the state, and then, only when the law is being challenged in court for its legality. Its long overdue that those affected by such a situation take legal action in federal court.

    • Terry L says:

      Unless it is extremely cold or extreme pollution there would be no reason to wear anything that covers ones head and face.

      Therefore when it is 70+ degrees with no pollution that requires any kind of filtration to breathe and people show up at an event dressed to hide their identity carrying weapons (and yes the term applies to what they used it does not have to be a GUN to be a weapon) then it is clear their intent is not to PEACEFULLY participate in the event.

      Further if the police continue to obey ILLEGAL ORDERS to stand down and allow the POLITICALLY MOTIVATED violence (IE terrorism) then the people will have to eventually exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to stop the violence themselves.

      Nowhere in the CONSTITUTION was the authority to PROTECT the people restricted to government approved organizations such as the police. We simply allowed them to be created for the convenience of not having to do the job ourselves expecting those who take the job to actually do the job not STAND DOWN because of illegal POLITICALLY based orders to allow the violence.

      Those following these kind of orders (and this is not the only time it has happened remember the “give them room to protest” order) or doing EXACTLY what their counterparts in Germany under Hitler did when he sent his thugs out to commit the same kind of VIOLENT ACTS in order to intimidate and SUPPRESS those who opposed his political agenda.

      Once this put him in power he then TURNED on those who followed those orders as they were no longer needed. He then went on to DISARM the civilians he planned to target to promote his IDEOLOGY of one supreme race (that he himself did not qualify as a member of under his own guidelines).

      The history of Hitler’s rise to power is repeating itself right now in the US only the IDEOLOGY and ACTORS involved have changed. If those tasked with PROTECTING the people do not act the next time a DEMOCRAT gets in the office of president this nation will be “TRANSFORMED” again this time in a manner that no one can reverse.

      For those not paying attention ANTIFA is a FASCIST organization violently suppressing FREE SPEECH and openly attacking anyone they feel supports Trump or who OPPOSES the RACIST agenda of leftists.

      They are aided by POLITICIANS who keep ILLEGALLY ordering the police to “STAND DOWN” and allow the violence and those who continue to follow those ILLEGAL orders. As well as the politicians and PUBLIC LOCATIONS where the GOVERNMENT has selectively allowed just the POSSIBLE threat of violence to be used to PROHIBIT conservatives and others who oppose the democrats agenda their right to free speech.

      The “Heckler’s veto” as it is sometimes called has been used repeatedly since Obama took office to SUPPRESS people’s free speech unless it SUPPORTS or AGREES with the POLITICAL AGENDA of democrats.

      During their opening attacks when they started the mainstream media has continued in their attempts to REVERSE who is the victim and who is the aggressor in every incident.

      • JamesH says:

        I read this rather quickly as I don’t have much time for these blogs but, in addition to what you wrote, I believe that when a person of authority (such as a mayor, etc) calls for a police stand down in the face of a protest (most especially where there may be violence), if in fact there is violence and a person or more and property is damaged, that the person calling for the stand down be held liable and pay the cost of property replacement or repair, the medical bills of persons injured. The person/s would be personally liable not the government office where they were employed, that they would NOT be covered by any TORT law or coverage.

        • Jean says:

          Terry L said it just as it is. Well done !!! But the end game is towards international
          Communism. Open Borders, ending sovereign nations and being ruled by unelected
          officials out of a foreign area much like the EU. These people to rule will be picked by
          those that control the international flow of money.

  55. Robert says:

    Antifa is going to start something they can’t finish so syco is going to bring a gun to one of these riots and its going to end badly. I’m just glad I live in a state were these thugs are not a problem. There going to push someone to far one day. Face it there domestic terrorist plan and simple.

    • Tim says:

      I can hardly believe it hasn’t happened already. And it doesn’t have to be a “psycho.” Anyone with a ccp and who happens to be attacked by one of these terrorists has the right to defend himself. In fact anyone does, ccp or not. (I believe in Constitutional carry) Back to the point, one of these thugs attacks the wrong guy and ends up dead. Good deal! One less thug! The DemWit lib wackos will call this an escalation, leading to the Antifa Terrorists carrying guns. If so, there are more of us than there are of them and … no more Antifa! Terrorism, home grown or not, needs to stop or be stopped! Antifa needs to be labeled a terrorist group (which they are) and wiped from the face of the country, either by law enforcement or, if it comes to it, by vigilant citizens removing a cancer before it metastasizes and sickens the entire country.

      • Terry L says:

        This is why so many democrats are pushing for their “red flag” and other gun confiscation laws.

        Not because they want to protect the people it is because they want to protect their violent enforcers who violate the law endangering lives.

        Basically for those who do not recognize the term this is where after IGNORING existing laws that could have been used to save lives the POLITICIANS point to those crimes to demand a NEW law that makes gun owners GUILTY upon accusation.

        Without them even being TOLD they were accused of anything (much less following constitutionally required due process that allows defending against the accusation) allowing the GOVERNMENT to disarm them based only on the ACCUSATION without even filing charges against them.

        (enforcement of these laws have already resulted in the deaths of INNOCENT people some at the hands of police trying to steal from them all because they refused to recognize the UNCONSTITUTIONAL nature of these laws others at the hands of the CRIMINALS who abused the law to have the police DISARM their intended victim) The mainstream media fails to report these.

        They then have to go to court and PROVE they are innocent. (nearly impossible to do if they HIDE the identity of the accuser as many of these kind of laws do)

        They want to ensure that NO ONE can defend themselves when the police obey an illegal order to stand down and allow them to be attacked.

        The only reason antifa members have not been shot by CCP individual they attacked yet is people understand that when they finally do defend themselves the MEDIA and politicians will use that as an excuse to OPENLY confiscate guns from those who are not SUPPORTERS of their agenda using the claim THEY were the aggressor because their attacker used SOME OTHER weapon type than a gun.

        There are actually POLITICIANS pushing the lies that criminals only use guns because their VICTIMS might have one, that if guns were banned from their intended victims those criminals would simply TOSS THEIRS and NOT commit the crime, or that we are somehow RESTRICTED to only using the same kind of weapon as our attacker when we defend ourselves.

        I guess they think if the attacker is waving a grenade around we should use be required to use a grenade to stop him. (and yes that is where the LOGIC of insisting we can only use a KNIFE to protect ourselves instead of a gun if the attacker was using a knife not a gun leads)

        As if Criminals who violate existing laws (this includes existing gun restrictions) would suddenly OBEY the new ones.

        • Publius Fouroh says:

          Seems like ANTIFA only gets violent in cities that have strict gun control. Frankly, I cannot imagine ANTIFA terrorizing on the streets of Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio. And, as far as a CCL holder or just about any Texan being reluctant to defend themselves or another person if life was threatened , , , , it has been just the opposite here in Texas.

        • Rose says:

          Terry L. You have hit the nail squarely on its head! That is exactly the problem!

    • JamesH says:

      I am totally surprised this has not already happened. I would not be shocked to see a person being assaulted and pull out a semi-auto pistol and fire off about 15 rounds killing those who attacked him, seems pretty much a given.

  56. These Antifa protesters will have at the wrong people one of these days and they will have HELL to pay.
    And I believe too that the mayor should be taken out of office and brought to trial to the fullest extent of the law. What they need to do is something I saw when I was a kid where the people took a rapist and cut a tree down and stripped him and nailed his balls down with 8 penny nails and left him there for the weekend.

  57. PJ says:

    James A Langham; you need to educate yourself and deal in reality. Trump is no angel, but what is on the left makes Trump the only viable option. Do not take my word for it, just watch the election results November 2020. Nothing more needs to be said. We’ll all wait and see.

  58. John says:

    Oregon is an anti gun/self defense state so being legally armed is out. What about bear mace? It is made to deter bears. Granted bears are more intelligent than Antifa but it would knock them back.

    • WthellOR says:

      Can not use that either! I think the reason for that was people were spraying it, when there was riots before. The Mayor the governor of Oregon wants us to all be wimps! And live in in communism ways

  59. Unicorn76 says:

    Some jurisdictions have already made identity concealment illegal. There should be a federal law regarding identity concealment. One knows that the Antifa thugs are scared to do their dirty and criminal deeds with their faces uncovered. Except for Halloween and the use of protective safety gear, only those with criminal intent hide their identities. Such a law is gender, religion, politics, ethnicity neutral.

    • Rich says:

      Another tip-off is the pipes and crobars they carry to rally’s, which would, to rational folks, mean they are looking to create trouble.

      • WthellOR says:

        Yes! I agree. You can carry crowbars, but God forbid you carry a gun! This State sucks crap! And I am positive that Brown & Wheeler are In Cahoots with one another. Why else would they allow state of Oregon to fall apart she doesn’t care or does he if businesses go or people go. They’re both crazy and they both need to go! For brown to push people around like she did during the walk out! She is the Biggest liar & Bullier around!

        • Vicki says:

          Could not agree more. Her latest tactic is now that the voters voted NO on her tax & cap bill, Republicans walked out so they couldn’t push it through with legislation, now she thinks she can do it through Executive Order! I’d like to see both Wheeler & Brown hanging side by side.

  60. We need to change laws to make it illegal for anyone to show up at a demonstration wearing a mask and carrying a weapon…when we start putting these goons and thugs behind bars this fu*king nonsense will stop…until then, hold your nose folks, it’s going to be a long hot summer…

    • Edward Perkins says:

      William is correct. Antifa and other similar groups have been taught by the Obama administration they have nothing to fear as the leftist mayors, police chiefs and governors have made it clear they will not use the law to stop this insanity. They see it as a means to secure their values, even if it means people have to die for those values in spite of what the law says.

    • Terry L says:

      You have to specify what you mean by WEAPON in such a law because to many of the POLITICIANS think the term only applies to guns. and judges toss out laws that are in their opinion “to vague” even when they are not to anyone who knows English while letting actual vague laws stand and be selectively enforced.

      This why they keep letting them bring CHEMICAL, BLUNT, and other weapons not classified as firearms or guns.

  61. Paula Waldrop says:

    Personally with the crimes Hillary and Obama have gotten by with including but not limited to Treason I’m not surprised antifa I continued to get away with terrorism. They have threatened border patrol as well. I’m sick of it all, the courts keep blocking everything President Trump trys to do to insure security and voter integrity. If Democrats have their way voter fraud in 2020 will remain rampant. I refuse to fill out a census in 2020 if the citizenship question isn’t on it, it’s time to take back our country by any means necessary.

  62. Please remove me from your email list

    • Charles Mayton says:

      I guess you must be a supporter of violence from antifas that means you are progressive liberal Democrat go figure Rev I guess you and the Reverend Sharpton and Rev Jackson all you supporters of violence against conservatives can’t handle the truth I’m not surprised

    • Edward Perkins says:

      Rev. Sally I would truly like to know why you appear to want to uphold Antifa and deny this liberal gay reporter the protection he should have had based on our Constitution. Hard for me to understand a pastor not wanting to protect the rights of this reporter.

    • Terry L says:

      I believe there is a link in the email you received that will take care of that for you.

    • Julia Gurule says:

      You just had to advertise, didn’t you. There’s another way to unsubscribe.

  63. Jimmie says:

    It is a sad day in America when we start looking like a third world country. Viewing the video made me realize how look the whole nation has sunk. It resembles the riots in Hong Kong,Venezula,and China. It shouldn’t matter if you are black,white,libera,conservative,Republican or Democrat. This is America where men fought and died for our right to express our opinions and beliefs. When someone uses violence to try and prevent this they should be held responsible along with anyone protecting them.

  64. tbone188 says:

    This idiot mayor evidently does not know right from wrong, he should be jailed for mal-feasance. Just because he is gay and a left loon doesn’t mean he has the right to support a terrorist group that runs the streets. Democrat anyone? Remember in November!

  65. Allen Morgan says:

    Antifa is a misnomer. They act as if they are Hitler’s youth brigade or Fascist youth. They hit the elderly with crowbars and baseball bats, set fire to autos and trash cans, threaten to throw acid in the faces of citizens. Those are acts of destruction and of assault with deadly weapons to inflict severe bodily injury.

    Antifa should not only be arrested but given long sentences…but in addition, be unmasked and revealed. Their photos, names, and addresses should be published.

    • Pris says:

      You’re absolutely correct Allen. ANTIFA are the White Supremacists of America. It’s time these basement dwellers go to jail for domestic terrorism and anarchy.

      • Maddy says:

        How do you know that they are all white?? In many videos I’ve seen, there are quite a few Blacks mixed in. If one looks closely you can tell by the color of hands and foreheads…both white and black.

    • Terry L says:

      And since they do all of this violence and threats of violence in an effort to IMPOSE one political agenda while silencing any opposition to that agenda these crimes are classified as TERRORISM under US law.

  66. Louise says:

    Oh HELL get all the assholes DEMOCRATS every last one.

  67. Robert powell says:

    the governor of OREGON,WASHINGTON,AND CALIFORNICA ALL NEED TO STEP UP OR RESIGN. this kind of insurrection should be put down with national guard action. this violent action by antifa is totally illegal and with the governors aquesient behavior , it is being used to put down the legal voting public by violent anti-american hoodlums.

  68. If Barr took a shot at Nancy Palosi, he must have had an empty gun, or he is not a good shooter. He
    missed her, Why don’t we ever get someone that shoots straight anyway.

  69. Paul Brown says:

    ANTIFA should be declared a terrorist organization! The let;s see how fast they vanish like a fart in a whirlwind!

    • Jeanette says:

      I agree 100%. They also need to take George Soros down with them.

      • Edward Perkins says:

        Jeanette is on target. Soros is the primary funder of all the Antifa organizations. This has been made public for some time. Soros needs to be deemed a traitor and his US citizenship taken from him, stopping him from entering our country based on his treasonous acts OR charged with the crimes he is directly linked to via Antifa and other similar groups he supports.

    • Terry L says:

      Actually they have been.

      However Certain Politicians keep shielding them some with illegal orders to stand down when they commit their crimes others by claiming they have “RIGHT” to “EXPRESS” themselves as if Freedom of EXPRESSION using violence has somehow replaced freedom of speech.

      With their faces hidden from cameras catching them while they are committing their crimes is about the only way they can be successfully prosecuted.

  70. Gary Hall says:

    The Demo. Party has moved the United States of America to it’s lowest level of Trust by the world in my lifetime. Lies, cheating, theft, misuse of power, Lack of concern for the very people that trusted them and put them in office. It is time for a new party that American can trust. Right now Mr. Trump is doing all he can to make America strong again and the Demos. are doing all they can to tear it apart.

    • Ted rigger says:

      You are correct Gary but when you get people like Newsome, waters, Cuomo, Pelosi and Schumer just to name a few supporting these actions it difficult to stop. Especially when it basically a man alone.

  71. Tony says:

    Hyperbole much? Antifa are wrong and should be prosecuted, along with all domestic terrorists.
    But the end of the Democratic Party?? hahahahahhahahaha. The Democrats will launch a huge blue tsunami like the did in 2018 and wash out all the corrupt Trump swamp creatures. The only reason Trump won in 2016 is because Hillary was not liked much and so few Democrats came out to vote. When they did in 2018, they had the biggest blue victory since 1974. Better start practicing for when the Dems turn the table back on you for when the republicans were in control.

  72. ANGELO says:

    to hell with the politicians, mayors, governors, representatives etc
    who promote VIOLENCE to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. LETs HAVE

    • Taylor made says:

      Hypocrite – -you just proposed violence YOURSELF!!!! The most violent call for action that has been posted in a long time. I am a Democrat, and I condemn Antifa and think they should be prosecuted. But be honest, Federal data shows right-wing radicals are four times as likely to be domestic terrorists. Like you Angelo!

      • Mary says:

        Please do point me to these right wing radicals that are 4 times likely to be domestic terrorists? Where did you get that statistic? Please do give me your unbiased source. I call bull on that ridiculous statement.

      • Michael Boyd says:

        Really Angelo so please tell me your source because I want to see it the reality is that it is conservatives who are being attacked marginalized and discriminated against after all it was the Democrats in Congress who decided to attack senators and congressmen who are conservatives in restaurants threatened them at home and attack them and even the liberal media has reported that.

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      I agree 100% Angelo. True Americans have been passive for far too long. It’s way past time to fight back against these communist/Nazis. The DemonRATS sanctioned the antifa terrorists, it’s time to take them all down… The hard way.

  73. Keith D says:

    EVENTUALLY they are going to try this with some one that’s ARMED!!!! Then and ONLY then something will be done!!! Unfortunately they will BLAME the one DEFENDING THEMSELVES!!!!

  74. Karin says:

    I don’t care what organization it is they should never be allowed to protest when they commit ONE physical attack on any ONE person for no apparent reason. And I wish to thank Omar, Tliab, AOC, and Maxine Watters for their egging this type of illegal action on. Of course they will not think it is a crime to be illegal.

  75. libra says:

    Antifa is the enforcement arm of the demomarxist party. Soon, if not unmasked and stopped they will murder someone who gets in their way.. What they did to a conservative reporter reminds me of the rise of Hitler and Stalin in their quest for world domination–frightening. Portland used to be a beautiful city but with the liberal policies they have invited the homeless due to bad habits and mental illness to take over the city and turn it into a dirty, smelly, dangerous, sick place.

  76. DSC says:

    It’s about time! I’m sick of these cowards. I say send the bikers in…lol…they wouldn’t come out of their mommys and daddys basements. It should have been stopped at day one.

  77. Junius says:

    What is wrong with the other Republican Senators, Republicans need to come together. Th e Democrat sponsored Antifa, Goons need to be stopped now. The Democrats have gotten away with too many crimes, for too long!

    • Roger says:

      Democrats did not sponsor Antifa just like Republicans did not sponsor the neo-Nazis and KKK in Charlottesville. You radicals spend SO incredibly much time blaming everything on others. Even calling Democrats communist, but no one has caved and sucked up to Putin like Trump. Trump is Putin’s puppet . . . as any fool can plainly see!

      • RanchDude43 says:

        If you can “plainly see” you need to CLEAN your glasses!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ted rigger says:

        Yes, Roger and you are that fool.

      • Angela says:

        Let him suck up, as long as it brings world peace.

      • Stan G says:

        Umm, who sold out America and Europe to Putin? Obama told Putin he would have more flexibility after the election, let them take the Crimea and removed the missile defense system. Hillary sold our uranium to them and lined her pocket. She also made us look foolish with her reset button. Trump has destroyed their energy grip over Europe, but he is the puppet?

      • Rose says:

        Fools lean to the left; The Wise man leans to the right.

      • Rose says:

        Rodger you must be one of the ANTIFA COMMUNIST! SO FULL OF BEANS AND HOT AIR!

      • Trump Hates Constitution says:

        Roger, you are right! That is, correct! Why are these righties so full of emotion and so devoid of FACTS? Why don’t they have any real information- instead they have a bunch of conspiracy theories that show what puppets they are, and how gullible! They blindly believe anything liars tell them- and if they say that Trump isn’t a liar, Barre isn’t a liar…we fall down laughing! OMG, they have lied so much and so obviously we can’t even BELIEVE it! And they are so distinctly UNchristian! Always talking about hurting someone or saying it’s okay for our government to treat immigrants like sub-humans…their hearts are missing….

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          You’re more full of $hit than a Christmas goose. For one thing we don’t “immigrants”, we have illegal invaders, rife with criminals and diseases. Christianity doesn’t specify you have to put yourself and your family in eminent danger to make illegal invaders “comfortable”. Literally EVERYTHING that comes out of a demonRATS mouth is a lie or extreme delusion. You morons think if your brand of communism takes over you’re going to live in some kind of utopia, where everyone is tiptoeing through the tulips and farting sunshine and rainbows. That is absolutely insane. We’ll all be SLAVES to a totalitarian regime that could care less about the rights, prosperity or comfort of it’s “subjects”. Morons like you are an extreme danger to true Americans and especially conservatives. You will be delt with.

  78. Carl says:

    Oregon is following in the foot steps of California protecting the criminal element like Antifa.

  79. James Howard says:

    Antifa is involved with “Gay Pride” & other Leftist-progressive-communist horror shows. They are financed by super rich Leftists interested only in power & money.

    • Oilfield Trash says:

      George Soros, James I bet a dollar to a dime if you check their pockets you will find the puppet masters money . They hide their face to avoid face recognition camera’s, probably professional protest’s maybe some of the same used in Fergusson Mo.

      • Out lady NOT says:

        I agree, Soros is a bad ass with lots of $$$$. I would love to see them come up against some pissed off motorcycle gang and send a message to Soros that he is next.

  80. David Sunkle says:


  81. A Seeker says:

    Americans are FOR AMERICA! When a Citizen who puts any others’ welfare above our Country’s very own, that peson is ANTI Ameirca! Who must faces JUDGEMENT!

  82. Rocky says:

    There were plenty of males in the crowds at the two head bashings I saw so why didn’t they defend the people getting pummeled with chains and bricks and kicks and punches? WHERE ARE REAL MEN IN AMERICA? I Guarantee you I wouldve beat them down. Stomped on their skulls. As many within reach.

  83. Gregory Sullivan says:

    That Portland communist mayor should be executed along with all members of antifa for trying to overthrow the government of this country .

  84. Mac Ball says:

    SWAT Team these violent communist maggots.

  85. T. Bell says:

    Oh hell yes…..Please have that asshole investigated !

    • James A Langham says:

      Of course Ted Cruz and ya’ll want HUMPTY DRUMPFY and his cultists at his Nazi like rallies and the good guys(so called christian white suppremasists) on the other side at Charlottesville investigated and prosecuted. Sure. Right.

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