William Barr just found out the bad news that could land him behind bars

Attorney General William Barr knows the Democrats painted a target on his back.

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi and her allies finally put their plan in motion to destroy Barr for good.

That’s when William Barr just found out the bad news that could land him behind bars.

After Chief Justice John Roberts’ stunning betrayal in the census case, Congressional Democrats stepped up their attacks on the administration by subpoenaing William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for documents related to how the administration decided to put a citizenship question on the census.

Barr and Ross refused and the Democrats voted to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt.

The New York Times reports:

Wednesday’s contempt vote formally authorized the oversight panel to take Mr. Barr and Mr. Ross to federal court to seek judicial enforcement of subpoenas for the material in question. A lawsuit is expected in the coming weeks, and the administration has maintained it is on firm legal footing in its position.

It also leveled a stinging personal rebuke to Mr. Barr and Mr. Ross by formally referring them to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. There is no real risk the department will pursue the case — Mr. Barr is the head of the Justice Department — but only once before has Congress held in contempt a sitting member of a presidential cabinet: Eric H. Holder Jr., President Barack Obama’s first attorney general.

The Justice and Commerce Departments maintain that in this case they have sought to fully cooperate within legal bounds with the oversight committee’s requests. Democrats, they argue, are more interested in a political clash that can attract attention from the news media and embarrass the administration than they are in actual fact-finding and prematurely abandoned the negotiating table.

Democrats will now ask the Justice Department to criminally prosecute Barr and Ross for not turning over documents they had no legal obligation to turn over.


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72 Responses

  1. Paula Hendricks says:

    The question should be why did Obama take the citizenship question off the last census. Could it be so illegals could vote? Women were put in jail that tried to vote before 1920. I don’t recall a constitutional amendment being put in that illegals could vote. Democrats know they can’t win fair.

    • Tim Smith says:

      He took it out because he was still legally a citizen of Indonesia. When his step father adopted him and then took him to Indonesia to live. Barrack Sottero (adopted father’s family name Sottero) gave up his American citizenship as a minor. There are no official documents after Barry came to age requesting his US Citizen be re-instated. Barry also has a bogus SSN which has become legalized by the time factor of not taking any action to prosecute and deport by the USA GOJ.

  2. The Dems are scared of what’s about to happen to them so they want Barr out of the way so they can get away with what they are doing to President Trump. All of the Dems need to go to jail because they haven’t done a damn thing for this country except tear it down . I hope the AMERICAN PEOPLE wake up in 2020 and vote all the Dems out of office because they are not doing their job nothing. They should be going after Obama and his people their the ones that got us to where we are today NOT!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  3. Nobody says:

    Glen100: Just what collusion? Nothing has been proven guilty. ALL OF IT has been proven false. I have something to give you so I would love to meet you in person. I have a handful of stones. Cast the first one. I am sure you are guilty of something unless, of course, your name is Jesus and you are perfect.

  4. glen100 says:

    colluding in its self is not a crime is not illegal so the question is mute. He has committing obstruction of justice on at least 2 occasions but since he controls the DOJ he can’t be indicted but he can be impeached on those charges. There are at lest 8 more occasions where he may have committed obstruction of justice

  5. TOMMIE CLARK says:


  6. Dorothy says:

    I think it is past time to line up all these DemoRATS and execute them for treason.

    • Sondra Simpson says:

      YES!!! I wish they would QUIT wasting our money!!! How is it they can continue to have all of these hearings and do absolutely nothing for us the ones paying their salary.

  7. jreb57 says:

    There was a poll on this thread asking:
    “Do you support the Democrats?”
    There were three boxes which could be checked.
    Yes, No, and Not Sure. Missing was the HEll No box.

    • Gene Hudson says:

      Yeh, I just got an email from the Chuck Schumer camp with a poll and asking for donations. Expressed my opinion about him and the Dumocrats but would post until I filled in a donation amount.What a pack of looser hypocrites

    • Mary Jo Bankard says:

      jreb57 You are so right!

  8. cathy a fox says:

    FU Pelosi. you morons will do or say anything to get your way. grow up bitch.

  9. Jape says:

    The Dummycrats are really scared about what will be coming out on them soon

  10. Mark says:

    Lock up fat slob Nadler harassment if AG for records he has no right to and slimeball Schitt for lying to America about proof he didn’t have on Trump plus confluct when he met with Simpson in Aspen privately while on the committee doing the investigstion and being the known leaker of committee findings

  11. neo says:

    WHY wasn’t the SAME democrats this eager to subpoena Holder/Lynch and hold them in contempt when they refused to give congress information that they wanted in the “Fast and Furious /Tarmac scandals”?????…I know they were Obozo/Killery’s lap dogs …

    • Tim Smith says:

      Very obvious why. Now to fast forward to the present. The Chairperson of the committee that wanted this action by the house against AG Barr and Mr Ross is black, he tries to appear non-racist which he does not hide successfully. He is very racist and prejudice against anything connected with Trump to include the AG and Mr Ross. This was his chance to have a criminal contempt of Congress against a white AG as a pay back for the criminal contempt of a Republican Congress against AG Holder who is black. Too bad Mr Cummingings can not get along with the opposing party in Congress with his many years of occupying Congress you would think he would work together with both parties to achieve greatness. But here we have a ranking member of the black caucus back biting from a position of power. Or I should say misuse of power.

      • Fred says:

        Mr. Tim Smith, Sir, back when The Liars And Chief #44, Mr. Holder and His 1st US SOS Mrs. HRC, Do Have Blood Of Legal Americans All Over Their Whole Body, When Mr. Ambassador Stevens (who sent between 400 to 600 Emails For Extra US Military Protection, Which Were Ignored) and his Detail Of Only Three Military Protection Detail (Mr. Sean Smith, Mr. Glen Doherty And Mr. Tyrone Woods) Needed More US Military Protection, Was Told To Stand Down, These Four Legal Americans Were Killed/Wasted/Smoked/Murdered And Hopefully Were NOT BURNED ALIVE, Fake Tears From #44 And Mrs. HRC! In December 2010 AD, US Border Guards Mr. Bryan Terry And Mr. Nicolas Ivie were Killed/Wasted/Smoked/Dead/Murdered Because Of US AG Holders Fast And Furious Failed Gun Running Operation, and also in 2011 AD #44 And His Administration Were Caging/Separating All Of Those Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, When Their Questionable Illegal Immigrant-Alien Parents, Who Were Sent To American Courts For Illegally Crossing The US Southern Border (Those IIA’s Illegally Using The US Southern Border Like It Is An Old Fashioned UNSECURED Department Stores Revolving Front And Back Doors, Which As Of 7/19/19 Finally Agreed With The True Conservative Republican Party, We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA And The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump (A Non-Professional Politician And A Businessman) #45 Have Been Professing Ever Since His First Day As The Legally Elected US President! God Bless #45! God Bless Mr. Donald John Trump And His Family And His Administration! God Bless “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA I Standing Our Ground Against All Of Those Migrants From Other Countries That Did Not Go To Their Home Countries US Embassy, Who Did NOT Fill Out Those US Immigration Application Truthfully And Sincerely First, Who Did NOT Go Get Medically And Mentally Checked Out By A Licensed Doctor In There Home Countries Second, Did NOT Learn The English Language Third, Did NOT Wait For The USA’s Approval Fourth, DID NOT LEAVE ALL OF THEIR DANGEROUS, DEADLY VIOLENT AND DESTRUCTIVE ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS BEHIND IN THEIR HOME COUNTRIES FIFTH AND FINALLY!, God Bless The US AG Mr. William Barr, Who Will Find Out Who Started This ILLEGALLY VERY BIASED (TO FIND A CRIME) INVESTIGATION,That Did Not Have Any Idea What Crime(Illegal Coup) To Hold Against #45, WHO HAS NEVER BROKEN ANY PORTION OF THE US CONSTITUTION AND THOSE AMENDMENTS THAT PREVIOUS US ADMINISTRATIONS DID ADD FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY THAT THOSE 13 COLONIES, WHO NEVER HAD ANY REPRESENTATION INSIDE GREAT BRITAIN’S ALIAS THE UNITED KINGDOM’S PARLIAMENT, THOSE COLONISTS DRESSED UP IN INDIAN CLOTHING, BOARDED THOSE BRITISH SHIPS IN BALTIMORE HARBOR, HAD A TEA PARTY, THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION HAPPENED, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND EXPANSION HAPPENED, 1803 AD, THE LOUISIANA PUCHASE, ETC. ETC. ETC!!!

  12. George says:

    This world is at a precipice, you name the disaster and it is happening somewhere, there are wars and diseases, earthquakes, huge near earth, bus sized rocks flying past earth all the time. What will it take for us to stop the petty infighting? California is going to get rattled soon, scary! It’s time for the grown ups to take the wheel! We only have one real grown-up left in the whole bunch, president Trump!

    • Jo says:

      I think Sarah said it all, when she mentioned dealing with ‘toddlers’.
      Time to play nice and take care of our country….. Enough……

    • Max says:


      • Emma says:

        You & me both!!
        Time to end the democrats.
        This is nothing short of criminal harassment by the Democrats and AG BARR needs to level harassment charges against those involved.
        Dems have nothing to offer this Great Republic but chaos & degradation..
        Those who vote Democrat wish to exist under communist rule, AMERICA is Not where you need to he. We will NEVER ALLOW our Great Republic to be taken down. Not now, not ever!!!
        🇺🇸💖 TRUMP 💓 🇺🇸 2020

    • Nick Byrne says:

      It’s tome Christ returns to take the wheel, and I believe that will happen very soon.

    • Nick Byrne says:

      It’s time Christ returns to take the wheel, and I believe that will happen very soon.

  13. Billy Cooke says:

    I agree with the overwhelming majority of these comments — GET THE ROPE! And lynch JERRY NADLER, AOC, Schumer, AOC, Rosenstein, AOC, Weissmann, AOC & THE SQUAD.

    • Tim Smith says:

      Billy those comments are seditious. Better yet use the same intelligence data that is collected in Utah and Maryland to discover were their money came from, who did the bribing, who accepted the bribe money and whom is blackmailing who. Expose the corruption. Prosecute the dirty bags on both sides of the aisle. Clean house. MAGA.

  14. Tim says:

    I’m sure Mr. Barr is trembling at the very thought — the idea — that perhaps — just possibly — Jerry Nadler and Schiffty are after him. He may need to switch over to Depends while considering his fate. Or –maybe at this point, the reverse should be true. Mr Barr could actually DO something if he decided to break it off in those DemWits rear-ends. Break ’em of sucking eggs, in the vernacular. Have that pair arrested for being a waste of skin and for consuming oxygen that could be better used elsewhere. like supporting the combustion of methane by lighting farts, for instance. Here we are, coming up on another Congressional vacation and Ms. Pelosi says we need to have another CR by Friday. She said that on Wednesday, allowing two days to decide about how to fund the government after wasting month after month after month of doing ZERO but antagonizing our President and contemplating their navels. There must be some sort of metric of accomplishment that could be applied to these people before they see a paycheck. DIGUSTED should be the rallying cry for the public to take to the the polling stations during the next elections to eliminate these idiots from our collective body politic.

  15. April says:

    Before any other person connected to Trump goes before the communist micky mouse court, the entire dumacrap party should be investigated and show the world the total criminality in the dumacrap party and EVERYTHING they have been hiding for years, that will shut all of them up, well maybe, they don’t have one function brain cell between them. LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP!

  16. Chilidog1947 says:

    I don’t know about others, but it seems to me that another civil war is looming. The Left is just too crooked for words and the right has to go along with the left’s obstruction of justice. When is all of this going to stop? Oh, never mind, I know they won’t stop until the left are the kings and queens of the U.S.A.

  17. Larry Gaines says:

    Pelosi and the Democrats want to take control of America and turn it into a waste land

  18. Earl says:

    Attorney General Bar and the President need to play Serious HARDBALL with these ridiculous JERK-OFF dems!!! Send a very Special Military type team over to their offices, arrest the leadership then ship the Traitorous ASSHOLES to GITMO!!! Get them out of our country once and for ALL!!

  19. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

    • Bruno says:

      Barr shouldn’t go to jail. That POS Nadler should go to jail for treason. What a scumbag

    • john says:

      Id give up a one time Trump, to remove every single senator or representive with more than 3 terms or 12 yrs. thats plenty of time to fix what these assclowns claim to do. Jokes really on us. Limit House and the Senate to a max 3 terms… Hell I understand a life time appointment back in the day. And this would still be a 25 year term .

  20. snooky6677 says:

    Visul Murti I’m a little confused I do believe we need the census so the government knows how many people are in this country weather you are a citizen or not a citizen. Since when? has this been unconstitutional the census is done every 10 years did I miss 10 years of my life.? When did it stop? Please enlighten me.

  21. Sher says:

    Such idiots those demos are…all they want is to hurt the people that are putting our country bac k where it belongs….we need to vote off these demos that Are causing issues….WAKE UP AMERICA…..YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO….GET THESE DEMOS OUT NOW….

    • Kep says:

      The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. They are communists and ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL of these anti-American commies should be deported or jailed as terrorists.

  22. john says:

    No, the Census has been conducted ever since it started, except in 2010 Lawless Obama took it off. Allowing activist judges to way in is wrong. POTUS, should over rule them on this question, but letting them do their thing with no flow back is bad, as they think they can do it anytime to POTUS.

  23. Tim Smith says:

    They all will be counted even with a citizenship question. The non-citizens with work visas and immigrants with green cards should be included in the total number, by district, by state. The illegals that have been deported many times, the illegals not yet identified, the illegals that have stayed beyond their expulsion date by a federal immigration judge, and the illegals waiting disposition of their cases should not be allowed to be counted for federal distribution of monies to states or to determine US Congressional members. They need to be counted so that our executive branch can increase number of ICE agents and other federal law agencies in the highest concentrations of illegals living in our country. Remember they broke the law to be here, they should not be rewarded for flipping the middle finger at law abiding US Citizens and legal immigrants. Its time to label the Democrat party as extreme racists and treasonable persons. Anyone in the US Congress that apposes US Immigration laws and aids illegals by voice or action (other then changing the laws) should be apprehended for treason and be tried by military tribunal instead of civil/criminal law. It’s time to stop dancing around the Mulberry Bush.

  24. Fred Zehend says:

    It’s a total joke. Just a ploy to get publicity from the left’s news media. Anything to promote attention, but for the wrong reasons. The Deathocrats are just destroying their chances for 2020, even more by their insane menu. Gruess Gott

  25. Helena says:

    My one comment to vanu is WHY should illegal immigrants receive any federal benefits at all. They don’t pay into the federal system and don’t want to if they are illegal so why should any of them benefit.

    • TimSmith says:

      Helena, sorry to say but their are many unscrupulous legal immigrants and illegal immigrants that have Social Security Numbers. They loan out those SSNs to other illegals across the United States. Thousands and thousands of illegals. A good color laser printer and ala a perfectly good SSN. Then our sanctuary states and districts give them US Drivers licenses. If you check the I-9 work form requirements a SS Card and a drivers license qualifies a person to work in the USA. Also qualifies you to vote, get healthcare, welfare…. I remember awhile back that the IRS discovered thousands of illegal filings for child credits, earned income and income tax refunds that were fraudulent. I’m sure the Obama IRS destroyed or buried this information, otherwise there would have been mass convictions and deportations. Meanwhile 100s of millions are given to California and NY o give those dirt bag illegals better care then American Citizens and legal immigrants. False SSNs and legal drivers license by-passes E-Verify. Judicial Watch or some organization should bring federal lawsuits against states issuing drivers licenses to illegals so that teeth can be put back into E-verify and truth in voting.

  26. Will says:

    Wow , Now like this is really going to happen. Barr is the head of DOJ, so what is he going to do convict himself ??? This is so beyond ridiculous, it is not even laughable . Just more stupid Dem BS

  27. Jersey Prophet says:

    What you, a leftist federal judge, or even a Supreme Court justice allege is unconstitutional is in and of itself in contravention to the Constitution.

    Article I, Sec. 2, Cl. 3 gives the power to conduct the “enumeration,” or census, to Congress, not the states. Congress has delegated the power to “determine the inquiries” on the census to the Secretary of the Department of Commerce. States and judges have no say over those questions. Your – and these judges’ claim that asking a citizenship question — which has been done consistently for 200 years either in the decennial census or other surveys — is unconstitutional is without merit.

  28. Rich says:

    The first place you are wrong is it has not been decades since the question was removed, Obama removed the Question in 2010, that was the last census, it should not have been a big deal to reinstate a question takenen off by our President at the last census without giving a reason why he removed it. The second place you are wrong the question was not found unconstatutional, Judge Roberts specifically ruled on the reason given, not the question, and said he would consider changing his ruling if they had another reason. My wording is not an exact quote, but you will find the content correct. Please feel free to look up the court decision, as well as Obama removing the citizenship question in 2010. You seem to need a source of non fake news

    • Franz says:

      The last census that asked everyone their citizenship was 1950. There was no citizenship question in 1960. Beginning in 1970, two forms have been used, a short form and a long form. The long form was received by about 1 out of every 6 households and included a citizenship question. Starting in the early 2000s, the Census began doing a yearly American Community Survey that contains most of the questions in the long form. In 2010, only short form of the Census was used, so no citizenship question. The 2010 American Community Survey did include a citizenship question.
      As with most things government, the Census is complicated and every time you think you’ve figured out what’s up, it’s rarely what you thought it was and it’s usually not what you were told it is.

  29. Sher says:

    Vasu is talking like a true Demonrat, who is for the ILLEGALS so the demonrats can win illegally. I am on social security and i dont get much but I’ll be damned if i will pay these illegals(my money)to live comfortably when i cant. WE THE PEOPLE get everything taken from us because of you Demonrats/Liberals not From the Conservatives., we will protect the Census not your party.

  30. Will says:

    John Roberts , Sir you need your Ass Kicked you Liberal Snowflake , May Shame be brought too your name John Roberts , a Traitor to our Country and CONSTITUTION ,. Get A ROPE Fellows , it’s time to Stretch some Necks in Old DC , wishful thinking right , damn Liberal Idoits
    , your day of Reckoning is coming boys n girls , that’s a fact !!

    • Tim Smith says:

      There is no statute of limitations on treason. To digress a moment I have heard it espoused that Hilary and her minions to include President Obama are beyond the statute of limitations for civil/criminal court. That may be true but they are not beyond a military tribunal for high crimes and treasonable acts. Why did the US Senate pass on making a complete inquiry of our US Intelligence agencies for iphone, tablet, computer messages via voice/data on Hilary Clinton, her family, her friends, the aides and immediate families. I’m sure that data is still retrievable. Check who hacked her and caused her to compromise Ambassador Stevens and his mission in Benghazi. I am sure beyond a reasonable doubt her unsecure hackable by a fifth grader computer server compromised and caused Ambassador Stevens death. US Senate go look for that data its there. Then have the conjons to apprehend and prosecute. I bet the Secret Service has the conversations recorded between Obama, his aides prior to Justice Robert’s vote on the affordable care act. Go get those conversations. Impeach Justice Roberts. If the SS does not have that data I’m sure the NSA or DNI has that information stored deeply in their archives. If, illegally obtained Fisa Warrants were obtained to spy on presidential candidate and his campaign I’m sure the data above is available and those archives need to be investigated. Where are you Lindsey Graham????

  31. Marie Perkins says:

    Nancy Pelosi and her dump Democrat criminals always wants to put Trump or William Barr in jail. Why can’t SHE start with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, they are true criminals and almost destroyed USA. Obama and Clinton wasted taxpayers money to commit all the wrongdoings to the American citizens. They need to pay for it NOW.

  32. Carl says:

    So far every thing that the democrats had tried so far to take president Trump down has failed. This attempt to take Barr down will fail also.

  33. Sam R says:

    The Administration has declared Executive Privilege on that matter and has every right to do so. No Administration has ever been demanded required or expected to explain their thought process in arriving at a decision, nor should anyone demand they do so. The House is out of bounds on this. John Roberts should be impeached for flagrantly violating his oath to uphold the U. S. Constitution. He has done that twice now. Once when he “re-wrote” Obama Care law and changed the fee to a tax. And now once again with the Census question. It is undeniably within the purview of the President to decide matters related to the collection of the census.

    • Gary Jensen says:

      It is true that John Roberts is no doubt one of the worst Supreme Court Chief Justices we have had, then again we have to look at the President who appointed him. Roberts created law where he had no right to do so, we can only look at the sorry state our medical system is in, from the disaster that is Obama’s, as well as that of John Roberts. The Democrats must have some kind of dirt on him.

      • john says:

        Roberts was being blackmailed nu O as O spied on all to find weakness he could use to proffer his gains, lied for 8 years THE USURPER OF THE OVAL. Born in Kenya

      • john says:

        they did, he adopted two boys and brought them to the States against fed law, he should resign

  34. Gene Hudson says:

    And yet not a word on prosecution of all the lying criminals that had a hand in the Russia investigation. Funny how the Dumocrats have tunnel vision when it comes to their own party. What a bunch of hypocrites. And Im sure Barr is packing his bags to go for a long prison term, NOT

  35. Tom says:

    Sorry the intent is to get proper monies and benefits for Citizens and Legal Immigrants. We have been flooded with illegals sucking our system dry. Never heard of Welfare or Benefits for illegals being cut but Social Security has been raided and will run out down the road. If the Democrats are the last line of Defense we are truly in trouble. Nice long winded version of your defense but enough is enough. What about the power grab for Democrats for more seats in NY and Florida. We are a Republic and once you refer to “Foundation of our Democracy” I know where you are coming from and that is trying to heist the Electoral College . Once again we are a Republic and it demands protection form loading the ballot box which Democrats are most noted for. Dead people and illegal votes count.

  36. Nobody says:

    If the Democrats continue with the subpoenas on Mr. Barr for him not handing over papers that he has legally no right to handover, they all will be in contempt of court themselves as they are creating obstruction of Justice in a legal investigation. If Mr. Barr has to hand over those papers, the Dem’s will obstruct information that will hinder his investigation and the Dem’s just may find out information that rules against their own party and that could end the Democratic Party and put their own lives in jeopardy and perhaps end up putting many of them in jail on top of it all. If that happens, I hope it comes out that they all end up in jail for treason. I have absolutely had it with this third world tactic measures that the Democrats are pulling.

    • Melody A Reed says:

      Totally agree with Nobody! How can they get anything done for our country? All they do is “in-fighting” – and I am sick of it!! Time for them all to go! Convention of States!!!

  37. Tom says:

    Imagine if all the time and effort to obstruct President Trump was put to better America and get things done.
    This is criminal in itself that everything President Trump’s hand touches or says must go under the torch with do nothing Democrats. He has done amazing things without them but only wish for a little cooperation.
    Shows they are for the Party and not for the Country. 2020 vision ahead shows them being destroyed or destroying themselves from within if their inaction continues.

    • Vladilyich says:

      If you will be honest, the House has passed over 100 bills and sent them to the senate this year. McConnell has kept his stated word so far that ANYTHING the house sends will be DEAD ON ARRIVAL and not get voted on. He has tossed EVERY one of the passed legislation so far. It is NOT the house that is obstructing legislation, it is 100% Mitch that is doing it and not doing what he is supposed to, All he has done so far is collect his Chinese checks from his wife.

  38. Mary Johnson says:

    Barr has done nothing to go to jail for and the citizenship question belongs on the census just because it would expose just how many illegals are in this country is a needed thing. Just because the Democrats don’t like it is even more reason it properly belongs.

  39. Vasu Murti says:

    Every ten years, the United States government is required by law to complete the Census and count every person in the country. But even something as typically bland as the Census has become controversial under Trump. His Commerce Department is attempting to force households to disclose their citizenship status.

    This will discourage non-citizens from participating—and could result in the loss of everything from health care funding to congressional representatives for immigrant communities.

    Trump’s “all important citizenship question” — the one that will demand respondents tell the government whether they or other members of their household are U.S. citizens — is nothing more than an intimidation tactic.

    A question about citizenship status hasn’t appeared on the survey in decades and is designed to scare away immigrant families and historically-disadvantaged populations from participating in the count. And when these groups are under-reported, their communities — citizen and non-citizen alike — won’t get the funding or electoral power they deserve.

    That’s not a “radical left” talking point.

    In fact, two federal judges concluded the addition of the question is unlawful — one even ruled it unconstitutional. Independent research shows millions of Latino residents would be undercounted in 2020 if the question was added to the survey.

    The Census will determine where $800 billion in federal funds goes — which communities get funding for schools, investments in infrastructure, and more.

    The Census will set electoral representation for a decade. In 2021, after all people are counted, the Bureau will give each state its new population data. This data will determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives and further inform how the people responsible for drawing maps draw new districts. That’s your representation in government!

    The Census is, in so many ways, the foundation for our democracy and it’s on the line because of the current Administration’s reckless actions.

    If the Census data states receive in 2021 isn’t accurate or reliable, it’s not hard to see what will happen: Funding and voting representation will be skewed for a decade, hurting communities who need help and support the most.

    We can’t let conservatives get away with this. The census has a MAJOR impact:

    It will determine Congressional Districts for the next 10 YEARS.
    It will determine which areas receive more federal funding.
    It will be used as a power grab for Republicans to RIG elections.

    Three judges have already ruled the citizenship question unconstitutional. It is more than a population count. The Census determines the distribution of political power and money from the federal government to our communities. When we aren’t counted, our communities don’t get their fair share.

    There’s too much at stake. Democrats are the last line of defense to protect the Census.

    • john says:

      a bunch of hogwash, DEM’S FOR 50 YEARS IN CONTROL HAVE SQUANDERED look at NYC, CHICAGO SF, LA Poop, needles everywhere bankrupt state or city, lawlessness runs rapid.

    • Paul M. Wilson says:

      The census is not the foundation of our democracy. That would be the Constitution. Have you read it? Also, and very important, we are not a democracy, we are a Republic. We need to count everyone in the Nation as carefully as possible so that we can identify how many people are here illegally and who are not citizens. Non-citizens do not have the rights of citizens. Are you a citizen, one wonders?

    • Sam R says:

      First of all, I don’t care one whit about non-citizens not participating. The citizenship question was in the census every ten years until Obama removed it in 2010. As for “two federal judges”, they were both appointed by Obama. The Democrat House has turned everything into a ridiculous circus and is making a mockery of our government. Don’t even think of blaming Trump for the House’s offense against decency and common sense. Just look at the line up in the House. Who is in charge? I mean, really. Who? Pelosi has lost control and should be removed if she doesn’t have to decency to resign. And you sir, are pretty good at what you are trying to do, and plant seeds of doubt about this administration. But I have no doubt. The Democrat party has turned into an anti-American force that needs to be purged from our shores.

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