William Barr just found out the bad news that could land him behind bars

Attorney General William Barr knows the Democrats painted a target on his back.

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi and her allies finally put their plan in motion to destroy Barr for good.

That’s when William Barr just found out the bad news that could land him behind bars.

After Chief Justice John Roberts’ stunning betrayal in the census case, Congressional Democrats stepped up their attacks on the administration by subpoenaing William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for documents related to how the administration decided to put a citizenship question on the census.

Barr and Ross refused and the Democrats voted to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt.

The New York Times reports:

Wednesday’s contempt vote formally authorized the oversight panel to take Mr. Barr and Mr. Ross to federal court to seek judicial enforcement of subpoenas for the material in question. A lawsuit is expected in the coming weeks, and the administration has maintained it is on firm legal footing in its position.

It also leveled a stinging personal rebuke to Mr. Barr and Mr. Ross by formally referring them to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. There is no real risk the department will pursue the case — Mr. Barr is the head of the Justice Department — but only once before has Congress held in contempt a sitting member of a presidential cabinet: Eric H. Holder Jr., President Barack Obama’s first attorney general.

The Justice and Commerce Departments maintain that in this case they have sought to fully cooperate within legal bounds with the oversight committee’s requests. Democrats, they argue, are more interested in a political clash that can attract attention from the news media and embarrass the administration than they are in actual fact-finding and prematurely abandoned the negotiating table.

Democrats will now ask the Justice Department to criminally prosecute Barr and Ross for not turning over documents they had no legal obligation to turn over.

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