William Barr issued one warning that stopped Washington, D.C. in its tracks

Attorney General William Barr quickly became one of the most hated men in the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

Democrats sit in nervous anticipation every time Barr goes on the attack for fear of the Attorney General going after one of their sacred cows.

And now William Barr issued one warning that stopped Washington, D.C. in its tracks.

Hating police became a defining characteristic on the left.

The anti-police Black Lives Matter movement – egged on by support from top Democrats like Barack Obama – fueled a false narrative in the Fake News Media that police were racist killers out hunting black men for sport.

But William Barr warned this would have disastrous consequences for the very communities that needed police the most as law enforcement would become less likely to engage out of fear of inciting community unrest.

The Washington Post reports:

Speaking to a roomful of police officers and prosecutors on Tuesday, Attorney General William P. Barr drew a parallel between protests against soldiers during the Vietnam War and demonstrations against law enforcement today.

But this time, he suggested, those who don’t show “respect” to authority could lose access to police services.

“Today, the American people have to focus on something else, which is the sacrifice and the service that is given by our law enforcement officers. And they have to start showing, more than they do, the respect and support that law enforcement deserves,” Barr said in pointed remarks delivered at a Justice Department ceremony to honor police officers.

Barr added that “if communities don’t give that support and respect, they might find themselves without the police protection they need.”

Democrats and the Fake News Media immediately denounced Barr’s words as a threat against black Americans.

But it was a simple truth.

A 2017 poll found 72 percent of officers were less likely to use force or stop and question suspects out of fear of becoming the next target of mass protests and being demonized in the fake news media.

This was dubbed the “Ferguson effect” after Black Lives Matter and the fake news media spread the lie that officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in cold blood after Brown made a “hands up, don’t shoot motion.”

These lies affect police officers ability to do their job and all the Attorney General was doing was offering a rebuke of a radical anti-police culture on the left and in the Fake News Media that is harming the very people liberals claim they are looking out for.

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99 Responses

  1. Culper Ring says:

    Hello, Carl. Is there a line to be drawn? Those who choose safety over freedom, perhaps wind up with neither. Regardless, there should be an actual curriculum for firearms, which would probably only consume quarter of a credit hour. Schools should stop shunning the Reserve Officers Training Corps. As to the freedom of any minor, his or her legal guardian has significant discretion over the freedom and can also be held responsible that ward’s use of property owned by such a guardian. Also, in the United States, we are supposed to punish somebody after he or she commits a crime, not before. The ways of promoting “crime prevention” require certain things that rightfully cost tax dollars: more police patrol units who know the law, value human life and are skillful, yet stay within their jurisdiction; more courts of law, rendering “tougher” sentences for actual violent crimes, while staying within jurisdiction; penitentiary systems that do not promote unethical let alone criminal behavior among incarcerated persons within the system’s jurisdiction.

  2. Cari says:

    Culper Ring. I just wanted to comment abt what you are saying abt the 2nd Amendment. I was the only 10 yr old, and the only female in NRA when I was growing up. My grandfather a gunsmith & a sherriff. Self enlisted into the Coast Guards so the young men did not have to fight by themselves! Ok … As far as 17 yo’ s using guns in war. Yes, they do often times if they are in that type of unit. Most are not sitting in an office, or only doing the training our infantryman etc. These young men in training, training to use a gun correctly, how to be responsible, how to care for it, And Alot More. I thank God that Hillary & Obama, & the rest of the idiots that were trying to vote us into giving up our guns didn’t get it passed. I couldn’t begin to imagine! NRA will not let it happen. We would have one cold war for sure! I understand your so mad, & You have a right to choose just like the rest of us. Now, as far as under 21 having a gun … NOT EVERYONE has been trained to use a gun. Some are Way Over 21 & have still never even touched one, & if they did pick one up it might go off! You get my point. Many of these 8-9-10+ yr olds that know what to do with a gun is because their 15-16-17-18 yo brothers, cousins, neighbors are in gangs, or other illegal troubles. All I am trying to say is … Where Do you want to draw the line, & how? How would you set it up to keep us safe from kids that don’t know the first thing abt keeping a gun, appropriate use, safety, & care. TRUMP has all the wanna be fun banners down his back too. It makes me dizzy seeing & hearing everyone trying to find fault with every little and big thing he does, & gun control is another Dragon breathing down his neck. I am very Thankful I am 63 & can have or own a piece of I choose. I know how to use & protect myself & loved ones. I know the respect it has to be given at all times. No, I cannot agree that any teen should be able to carry if they just want to. That’s an accident waiting to happen. I don’t know how to really handle it. We need protection, we need it to be reliable, controlled, taught, practiced. We can just hand ANYONE @ ANY AGE a piece & think they will handle it correctly. My Grandpa had a bumper sticker, you know it. “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. There are many many Many outlaws young & old that have gun (s) already & usually illegally. I have 3 teen Granddaughters that all shoot Well! But they do not go out and shoot with out an adult. They could, but why let that happen? The guns are locked up. They did get to them RESPONSIBLY in an emergency. TRUMP isn’t trying to just snatch a young man’s rights away. Do you really think if a young man wants a gun he’s not going to get it? Good or bad. A resp trained teen wld know the rules. The untrained would be dangerous. Look at the statistics of how many children are killed accidentally already, & that’s with a legal parents gun. 2nd Amendment all the way, but don’t give a gun to my teen neighbor that skips school, his/her parents are rarely hm no matter the reason, & the older he gets the more troubled he has become. Or Not.

  3. IRENE says:

    The ones like you two, Smart and Independent prove every word that defines a democratic liberal. Arrogant, condescending, pricks, mocking, rude, blind, and politically, egotistical morons. Move to Kenya with their native son, just like him, the reason this great nation WAS going down.

  4. Dave says:

    i agree but the demorats are the ones who keep playing the race card if they don’t or didn’t get their way. they also were the ones that created the KKK.

  5. Lebo says:

    A. G. William Barr is shaping up to be one of the best judges since Roy Bean!

  6. Culper Ring says:

    Oversimplification much?…

  7. Culper Ring says:

    Bullcrap! If they loved the Constitution of the United States, then they would try to change the core legal principles of their nations of origin to be more like the American way. Most people in the world do not know anything about our Constitution, whether they want to be in our country or not, and even less about the history of English common law tradition, Enlightenment philosophy, frontier living or the Iroquois Confederacy, all upon which our legal systems are based. Most people come to the United States for economic opportunities, without really considering the impact of legislative decisions and legislative indecision upon the markets.

  8. Culper Ring says:

    Let us not ignore the fact that the depth and scope of training varies with jurisdiction.

  9. Culper Ring says:

    The American Civil Liberties Union may be no stranger to racial politics, but their mission is the defense of the “Bill of Rights”, as well as the ninth and tenth sections of the Constitution of the United States, in addition to the fourteenth, nineteenth, twenty-fourth and twenty-sixth amendments. While the ACLU has historically been very weak at defending the second amendment, it snaps into action against bills of attainder, ex post facto statutes, unreasonable searches/seizures, eminent domain without just compensation and deprivation of due process of law predicated upon disarmament. Perhaps you meant to include the Southern Poverty Law Center at the top of your derision?

  10. Culper Ring says:

    Russia is not an enemy of the United States let alone the worst one. The Soviet Union is long gone. That’s not to say that Russia is an ally of the United States. Oddly, allies of the United States, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, can be very unfriendly at times and can get away with it. The situation is complex, and everybody expects the United States military to be either world police or a weapon that can be turned against rival factions.

  11. DEM777 says:

    Educated, I could not write you because there was not Reply so I could not leave a post.

  12. DEM777 says:

    January 11, 2020 at 6:42 pm

    “18Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. 19It is better to be lowly in spirit among the humble than to divide the spoil with the proud.…”
    Sums up Trump, to a Tee! Who is PROUDER (and of what?)


    Matthew 7:1-3
    1“Do not judge, or you will be judged. 2For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?…

  13. Culper Ring says:

    There are also plenty examples of cops not abusing people! Those cops may even be bald and wearing sunglasses.

  14. Independent says:

    Oh, puleeze, you guys will literally believe ANYTHING! How retarded you sound! And how Childish! Come to think about it, just like the Orange God of Fools himself!
    Your grandchildren will one day ask, “But couldn’t you see he was…like a used car salesman?” Unless, of course, they’re no smarter than you….

  15. Smart says:

    Good question. Don’t see that covered on RIGHT WING sites, either! And yet all this blaming of the Liberal Media!

  16. Smart says:

    There was nothing remotely autocratic about Obama, no matter what your Russian handler said!
    Trump has brought SOME of this country back to thinking it’s okay to hate people who aren’t like them, and he’s brought LOTS OF people to their senses, saying, “Wait a GD minute! This guy is trying to subvert our nation, ignore our Constitution!”
    Short answer, Billy’s not stupid, and he actually owns a heart! You, on the other hand….

  17. Independent who loves the Constitution says:

    Linda, they printed them, even ‘though they’re paranoid and stupid as hell! I’m sure you have absolutely not ONE fact that backs up these allegations- indeed, they come here not to change our Constitution, but because they ADMIRE it! And guess what, that self-same Constitution does not allow us to go around STERILIZING people! Jeez, what ARE you, a NAZI???

  18. Smart says:

    You are absolutely correct, but far too logical for this crowd! They would have to get their heads out of Trump’s butt for a minute, but they can’t, they’re a CULT!
    So they have to keep going to only retarded sites like this and shore each other up with lies….it’s SAD.

  19. Smart says:

    So, Barr said this to an audience of cops and prosecutors- oh, my! what a risk-taker! And “Washington stopped in it’s tracks”???? Ha! More like Washington YAWNED!

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