William Barr is laughing hysterically after a RINO Congressman had a meltdown trying to destroy him

The Democrat Party is going all-out in their war against Attorney General William Barr.

And they just picked up a new “Republican” ally to help take him down.

But their plan isn’t doing well after this new RINO ally suffered a meltdown that left William Barr laughing hysterically.

William Barr thinks it is hilarious how much Democrats hate him.

Following Democrat votes to hold him in contempt, he made a fool of Nancy Pelosi by asking her if she brought her handcuffs to arrest him since the charge can lead to jail time.

And now Barr has a supposed “Republican” Congressman parroting Democrat talking points against him.

Rep. Justin Amash went on an unhinged 25-Tweet rant this week, accusing Barr of misrepresenting Mueller’s findings in the Russia Investigation.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Rep. Justin Amash tore into Attorney General William Barr for his handling of the rollout of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

In a 25-tweet thread on Tuesday, the Michigan Republican accused Barr of misrepresenting Mueller’s findings in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

He capped the tweet tirade by advocating for some sort of pushback to Barr’s “misrepresentations.”

The tweets come a few days after Trump delegated Barr sweeping powers to declassify documents related to the origins of the Russia investigation in order to determine if there was any politically motivated misconduct by federal officials.

Amash has become a hero for the Democrat Party.

In recent weeks, he has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment after buying into Democrat conspiracy theories against Trump.

But it isn’t that surprising that Amash is supporting Democrats, considering he supports many of their policies.

He is a supporter of open borders, even voting in support of allowing sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants to violate U.S. law.

So he is no friend of President Trump to begin with.

And his calls for impeachment are going to cost him gravely.

His biggest donors, who come from the DeVos family, chose to cut off all support for Amash in his upcoming race.

There is a big chance that he will lose in his next election.

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100 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    First off the names you just posted are the same ones I said would be Republicians who go down the drain when the cesspool in Washington gets drained.
    Romney’s son was on the board of Burisma, I have not verified that myself but the source is normally relaible.
    McCain was never a hero if anything Look up “USS FORRESTAL” He was taken off the ship within days of the fire. He was the only person removed from the ship who was not injured in the fire. 134 American service men died in that fire. Most evidence points at McCain as the cause of the tragedy.

  2. Christine says:

    Carl, you are so right. We know who the traitors are. Do not vote for them again.

  3. Mama says:

    Good list.

  4. Hydro says:

    You are not worth wasting a comment on . Go back where you came from or learn to speak the truth instead of parroting the Democrat talking points – put facts out not opinions written by others.

  5. Carl J Bujan says:

    Rep. Justin Amash is not a republican, he is of the likes of Romney and McCane a RINO so add him to your do not elect or re-elect list. Here is my list.

    For decades now the republican establishment RINO’S has been stabbing it’s voters in the back long enough. We must unite and be smart enough to recognize a RINO and make sure he or she is not elected or re-elected to office like Utah did with RINO Romney and Arizona did with RINO McCain. Here is a new list of RINO’S we must not re-elect.
    Lamar Alexander (TN), Mike Lee (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Rand Paul (KY), Mitt Romney (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Jerry Moran (KS), Pat Toomey (PA), Roy Blunt (MO), Roger Wicker (MS) and Rob Portman (OH). Rep. Peter McCoy (SC), Mitch McConnell. Justin Amash (R-MI)

  6. Mary says:

    A marsh is exactly what he is. I can not believe any person who is suppose to be representing their state in Washington DC could be this dumb to believe anything coming from the democrats mouths and to tweet the same old thing over and over again and just keeps sending the same tweet over and over again has a problem. I would call it OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Derangement) from an idiot who likes to see how much he can stab a person in the back Republicans should throw you out of Washington DC by the seat your pants

  7. You sure don’t act, talk, or think like any 30 plus year Marine I know, including myself. You sound like the usual Democrat ass.

  8. Steven Munz says:

    What an idiot you are, typical libtard!!!

  9. Dora says:

    I had a good laugh about your comment. Amash rhymes with mashing of food for which it is crap and that’s that POS

  10. william couch says:

    Minnesota is the capital..

  11. Dora says:

    Gun nuts is no American what he is a nut less nut cake that someone forgot to bake is raw and the nuts have been eaten by Demo Craps because they are all nut less.

  12. Mama says:

    Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  13. libra l says:

    He ran on the Republican ticket just to get elected and now when Trump is attempting to stop other countries taking huge financial advantage of the USA and the AMASH family is being squeezed over tariffs on their Chinese businesses–he turns on the President. Why not bring the China business to the USA and hire some of the Mich. Muslims living on USA welfare.

  14. libra l says:

    Allah akbar mr gun nuts–You have read too much demomarxist propaganda–LIES.. The truth will soon be available and there will be lots of demomarxists quaking in their boots and in need of depends.

  15. libra l says:

    Michigan is gone from the USA–It is controlled by Muslims who refuse to join the American Family.. The DeVos Family did not do their home work or they would not have given him financial support. They must feel like dupes about now. Amash will probably run again only on the demomarxist ticket and he will probably be elected again–that is if the supreme court forces the redrawing of congressional districts–we shall see. Amash is a traitor and has no allegiance to the USA–only to mohammad.

  16. MSPS says:

    Jean, How is it that folks can just decide another person whom they have never met, know nothing about their character, but know that they have absolute respect in their field is a liar. What evidence do you have that Barr is lying?
    We know that Mueller is liar. and a coward too. He was given every opportunity to say what he wanted to say and after over 400 pages was unable to guilty or not guilty? when I was in college we had to write research papers and provide the theory, rationale, pros, cons supporting evidence, opposing evidence and so forth. They was usually limited to a specific number of pages.
    I was blessed because I was able to pack in several journalism classes, which is an entirely different style of writing. It is how to present an event, story, of who, what, where, and when using just the facts, no fluff, completely objective style of writing yet providing a comprehensive report with the facts as they were known at that time. It was torture for me because I was used to long reports, papers. However, in my chosen field it became one of the best classes I never knew I needed for my profession.
    As a person with an advanced degree in his field Mueller also had to learn to gather evidence, supporting data, pros, cos, strengths, weaknesses then the who, what, how and why while maintaining complete objectivity and compile it in a professional manner to his peers, a judge and all of those involved in the litigation process. A well trained professional never throws off that training, or thought pattern. It is ingrained within one’s brain. And because of the longevity of presenting said case one just by sheer fatigue would want to keep it as brief as possible while maintaining a useful and respectful document to a court of his peers to establish and maintain a reputation of due diligence, honor etc.
    So, knowing all of that and all of the resources, including assistants, documents and so forth do you honestly believe that Mr. Mueller was unable to compile all of said information and simply state “Not guilty”, or “we find evidence to charge Trump with these charges”
    If you admire Mueller so much surely you would not believe hotshot that he was supposed to been would have to resort to invisible ink or some other juvenile manner of communicating secret data for the dems to follow up on? Why is it difficult to state that after a review of all evidence presented we find no facts to support a charge of >>>> or we find evidence sufficient to to support blah blah. He had already wrote 400+ pages of his existential emotions, feelings, to receive and advance for a novel so why not just say yay or nay! A manly man, a decent respectable litagater would have done so and he knows full well what he should have done yet he left Barr to present his cowardice to the public for him.
    Mueller is involved hip deep in this conspiracy, and he is proving to be a coward. He knows full well Trump isn’t guilty but he has to maintain face for the dems and the deep state and this report of his is no more than cheap toilet paper to wipe his yellow away, but his cowardice is too deep.

  17. John Sivo says:

    LIKE OBOZO AND KILLARY. What’s going to happen when the truth finally comes out.

  18. John Sivo says:


  19. Harold says:

    Your full of it!!! Take a exlax and go flush yourself dumdass communist!!!!!!!

  20. Herbert Lubitz says:

    You don’t even know what you are talking about. Gun Nuts of America you are also a Democrat with a deceiving name. You don’t use your own name because you would be shunned. Now go away and suck a Democrats ass because no one else will anymore. There finished and maybe eve be replaced by another Party like America first party.

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