William Barr is laughing hysterically after a RINO Congressman had a meltdown trying to destroy him

The Democrat Party is going all-out in their war against Attorney General William Barr.

And they just picked up a new “Republican” ally to help take him down.

But their plan isn’t doing well after this new RINO ally suffered a meltdown that left William Barr laughing hysterically.

William Barr thinks it is hilarious how much Democrats hate him.

Following Democrat votes to hold him in contempt, he made a fool of Nancy Pelosi by asking her if she brought her handcuffs to arrest him since the charge can lead to jail time.

And now Barr has a supposed “Republican” Congressman parroting Democrat talking points against him.

Rep. Justin Amash went on an unhinged 25-Tweet rant this week, accusing Barr of misrepresenting Mueller’s findings in the Russia Investigation.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Rep. Justin Amash tore into Attorney General William Barr for his handling of the rollout of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

In a 25-tweet thread on Tuesday, the Michigan Republican accused Barr of misrepresenting Mueller’s findings in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

He capped the tweet tirade by advocating for some sort of pushback to Barr’s “misrepresentations.”

The tweets come a few days after Trump delegated Barr sweeping powers to declassify documents related to the origins of the Russia investigation in order to determine if there was any politically motivated misconduct by federal officials.

Amash has become a hero for the Democrat Party.

In recent weeks, he has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment after buying into Democrat conspiracy theories against Trump.

But it isn’t that surprising that Amash is supporting Democrats, considering he supports many of their policies.

He is a supporter of open borders, even voting in support of allowing sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants to violate U.S. law.

So he is no friend of President Trump to begin with.

And his calls for impeachment are going to cost him gravely.

His biggest donors, who come from the DeVos family, chose to cut off all support for Amash in his upcoming race.

There is a big chance that he will lose in his next election.


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98 Responses

  1. Carl J Bujan says:

    Rep. Justin Amash is not a republican, he is of the likes of Romney and McCane a RINO so add him to your do not elect or re-elect list. Here is my list.

    For decades now the republican establishment RINO’S has been stabbing it’s voters in the back long enough. We must unite and be smart enough to recognize a RINO and make sure he or she is not elected or re-elected to office like Utah did with RINO Romney and Arizona did with RINO McCain. Here is a new list of RINO’S we must not re-elect.
    Lamar Alexander (TN), Mike Lee (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Rand Paul (KY), Mitt Romney (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Jerry Moran (KS), Pat Toomey (PA), Roy Blunt (MO), Roger Wicker (MS) and Rob Portman (OH). Rep. Peter McCoy (SC), Mitch McConnell. Justin Amash (R-MI)

  2. Mary says:

    A marsh is exactly what he is. I can not believe any person who is suppose to be representing their state in Washington DC could be this dumb to believe anything coming from the democrats mouths and to tweet the same old thing over and over again and just keeps sending the same tweet over and over again has a problem. I would call it OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Derangement) from an idiot who likes to see how much he can stab a person in the back Republicans should throw you out of Washington DC by the seat your pants

  3. Mama says:

    Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  4. libra l says:

    Michigan is gone from the USA–It is controlled by Muslims who refuse to join the American Family.. The DeVos Family did not do their home work or they would not have given him financial support. They must feel like dupes about now. Amash will probably run again only on the demomarxist ticket and he will probably be elected again–that is if the supreme court forces the redrawing of congressional districts–we shall see. Amash is a traitor and has no allegiance to the USA–only to mohammad.

  5. Guns Nuts of America says:

    Amash has integrity, unlike all the other representatives and Senators who know Trump is an evil egomaniac, a criminal who had the election fixed and has done countless illegal deeds in real estate and money laundering. There once were some good Republicans like Dole, Ford, Jim Leach, Javits, and now there are a few who timidly speak out like Romney, Collins and it was sad to see Flake, Corker and McCain leave the Senate as they were somewhat outspoken about the draft dodging nut job President.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:


      • Herbert Lubitz says:

        You don’t even know what you are talking about. Gun Nuts of America you are also a Democrat with a deceiving name. You don’t use your own name because you would be shunned. Now go away and suck a Democrats ass because no one else will anymore. There finished and maybe eve be replaced by another Party like America first party.

      • You sure don’t act, talk, or think like any 30 plus year Marine I know, including myself. You sound like the usual Democrat ass.

    • Dude says:

      I live in Michigan, believe me we know how bad amash is. He is a big pile of crap……. the only reason he’s shouting his mouth against trump is because mommy and daddy have a BIG business in China and president Trump is stepping on the big money of the family business. So he’s going give trump the Hi Ho. They want the country to go down the tube.. big back stagers.

    • Dennis Clements says:

      Gun nuts should be NO NUTS. What an a**hole this person is or persons are.

      • Dora says:

        Gun nuts is no American what he is a nut less nut cake that someone forgot to bake is raw and the nuts have been eaten by Demo Craps because they are all nut less.

    • Gary Kaye says:

      What a dupe you are. Yeah, because you’ve been “duped” by a crazed liberal Media. I love it, when pseudo-intellectuals, like yourself, come out to play (i.e. post garbage in public forums) , and you can never show support, or evidence for the childish, uninformed positions that you take. What an idiot!

    • Murphy says:

      Hey nuts, you really are!! You must want to join in the clown car!
      Sgt USMC

    • LC says:

      You are a complete AH who does not have one fact to back up your propaganda.

    • Harold says:

      Your full of it!!! Take a exlax and go flush yourself dumdass communist!!!!!!!

    • John Sivo says:


    • libra l says:

      Allah akbar mr gun nuts–You have read too much demomarxist propaganda–LIES.. The truth will soon be available and there will be lots of demomarxists quaking in their boots and in need of depends.

    • Steven Munz says:

      What an idiot you are, typical libtard!!!

    • Hydro says:

      You are not worth wasting a comment on . Go back where you came from or learn to speak the truth instead of parroting the Democrat talking points – put facts out not opinions written by others.

  6. Val says:

    This is one sick dude. He does not represent anybody in this country help him pack for Argentina they just might take him for fun .

  7. Amash, is an INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    That being said, amash was WHELPED from a SWINE, who in fact was FORNICATED by a DOG.

  8. Bill Littleton says:

    Amash is no RINO, he’s worse. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He misrepresented himself running under cover of the Republican Party. The people of Michigan were hood-winked again. Get that traitor out of office and send him packing with his tail between his legs back to where ever the hell he came from. We do not need deceitful deceivers like him in this Country!

  9. It’s time for the Republican Leaders to Boot Amash out of the Caucus. Good riddence!!

  10. Yank says:

    “Amuck” is a snowflake DB! He misrepresented his constituents by running as a Republican but he plays the victim card and acts JUST LIKE a “snowflake”! Those in either house should be physically removed from office should they lie about their party affiliation and loyalty.

  11. Scott27 says:

    Wow. Just wow. Reading these comments is an eye-opener. I knew all my life there were differences of opinion in this country, but I always thought they were at least educated, respectful differences. You people are over the edge misinformed, ignorant maroons. How in the hell do you negotiate life with that kind of blinders on? The evidence is there in front of you, but you choose to be willfully ignorant. And your hatred, especially for this nation, is blatantly obvious. But then, I guess Hitler, Mussolini, Quadafi, Hussein, all had their rabid supporters too. Idiots.

    • Ann says:

      Awash is a Palestinian. Need I really say more? The reason all the Muslims in Congress are having a fit is because Trump is good to Israel (and America) both of whom they hate.

      • Stuart says:

        Is Awash an American Citizen?

        • John Raffa says:

          He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or better yet just a plain asshole.

        • libra l says:

          He ran on the Republican ticket just to get elected and now when Trump is attempting to stop other countries taking huge financial advantage of the USA and the AMASH family is being squeezed over tariffs on their Chinese businesses–he turns on the President. Why not bring the China business to the USA and hire some of the Mich. Muslims living on USA welfare.

    • Tim Woolsey says:

      Hey Scott27. Why don’t you use your real name like a true man and patriot? Is it because this name is your safe place where you can sit behind a keyboard sucking on your phallic shaped pacifier without anyone knowing who you are? Just like all the snowballs on the left! And lets talk about who is going through life with blinders on. It is so amazing to me how liberal ass hats like yourself call anyone ignorant morons? Or maroons as you say, which is actually a type of cookie. Liberal ass hats are so out of tune and believe anything that the crooked MSM feeds them. I have a challenge for you. Put down you phallic shaped pacifier, leave your Mommy’s basement, and think for yourself for once in you pathetic life.

    • Joe Passanante says:

      Give it up, Scott—you know it all LOSER!!! If you don’t like this place, we STILL LET YOU OUT here!!! And don’t group me with the losers of history you name. I know a real loser whose name was Hussein too, and he was a do-nothing fraud that you probably adore!!! Now have a nice day—it’s a great day to be on the WRONG SIDE of US HISTORY!!!!

    • Milton K. LaDue says:

      Maroons? ? Were you calling Conservatives members of Maroon 5’s band members? Or…Maybe you meant to call Conservatives Coconut Macaroons?..? Also, we Conservatives only hate traitors to our country. And that is where you and your party comes in.

    • Jay says:

      Scott, I think your over the edge and misinformed (How about that ) And your hated for these country is more than your willing to admit

    • Donna M. says:

      And how are the comments any worse than the Democrats calling people what they do with NO proof at all. They have been doing it ever since Trump won the election’ How is it any worse than what the so called ‘protectors’ of this country did to a Presidential candidate? The Democrats have driven people to the brink of insanity. It is one thing when they make accusations but when they get on the National News and flat out LIE to people saying they have proof (which of course they NEVER do). The Dems call white people Nazis’ just because they are white and that is what I think is ignorant. They tell everyone that Trump is against ‘Immigration’ when in fact he is FOR Immigration but it should be LEGAL! Ignorance is KNOWING laws are being broken but let it happen anyway because it might get you a vote!

    • John Sivo says:

      LIKE OBOZO AND KILLARY. What’s going to happen when the truth finally comes out.

  12. JC says:

    Amash has his face stuck up the Democrats butt. He sold out for some damn reason and he will pay dearly for his transgressions. Perhaps we should look deep into his Chinese investments and ties.

  13. Annie says:

    I liked Amash when he first started out. He touted himself as aTea Party conservative. I’ve been to quite a few of his town halls and watched him morph into the ass that he’s become. He’s been holding fewer and fewer in the last couple of years. I pretty much stopped going because, since Trump was elected, the meetings have become pretty much very loud, very mean and very threatening democrats that do nothing but yell and interrupt a republican trying to speak. The last two I went to were kind of scary. I was a little worried walking to my car because those people were more like a mob. And now Amash only emboldens them to act more radical.

    • James A Langham says:

      Mueller just gave a news briefing today, in which he he confirmed Rep. Amash’s assessment of the Mueller Report. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!! LOCK DRUMPF and ALL his CRONIES and his GRIFTING SPAWN UP!!!

      • PJ says:

        Yes, James, LOCK him up, ALL OF THEM. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Stroke, Page, Waters, Obama, CLINTON. NO, Trump is no angel. Of that I have no doubt. But what was done to bring him down, what was done to bring down a president of the USA and disparage the office of the president was so insidious, immoral and corrupt, it makes Trump look like an angel. This is the most disgusting spectacle in this countries history. You may not like Trump, but the facts are quite easy to see in terms of what transpired since 2015 and if you cannot see those facts, you are completely blinded by hate and liberal obsession.

      • JON DARMES says:

        You really can’t fix stupid, can you. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

      • Rich says:

        Have you or any of your Demented-Dems in the House ever determined what “high crime or misdemeanor” was committed and can be proven?

        The only “high crime or misdemeanor” that was committed was when “the witch” and her Coven paid their attorneys, who paid Fusion, who hired Steele, who hired “Russians” to draw up the bogus Dossier . . . . which started this whole mess that’s been “papered over” so many times by the Left it looks like a new recipe for paper mache.

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        James Langham, You are dead wrong. Mullearwould have given his report with charges and there was .none.
        Now the stupied demogogs are twisting words that are not in the report to cover theire ass’s but that pig wll not fly.The hate for Trump has been the down fall of the commie demogogs. Hilly dilly lost get over it she has blood on her hands and a lot more crooked acts and it will come out. Semper Fi USMC RETIRED

        • Wondering Woman says:

          Gunny, take another look at traitor Mueller’s statement “I wasn’t allowed to make an indictment”! Who would be in a position to deny him an indictment?

    • Stuart says:

      It is My belief that Republican’s deserve our respect.
      You however have apparently decided to express your disdain for both the Republican Party as well as for the democats in so far as failing to Capitalize the Initial letter of the word Republican!

  14. NOBODY says:

    I call for all rhino’s to be kicked out of the rep. party

    Justin Amash has no honor or respect, let him and other rhino’s go to the dem’s
    their districts will see what they are are vote some one in that cares for us and our country

  15. Carlos Sanchez says:

    This piece talks about every reason for Amash to do the $h1t he did- all but the most flagrant. The guy’s a Palestinian and pandering to his raghead base. He won’t be impeached, he’ll be reelected unless they can gerrymander the district away from the raghead scum voters. That’s not gonna happen unless the GOP wins back the House in 2020.

    • Annie says:

      Maybe you should look up the district Amash represents. Not really what you’d call a “raghead base”. That would be the eastern side of the state.

  16. David J says:

    Justin Amash is an idiot in simple terms. He us pushing fir a US Civil War! Wonder what is it it for him? Sure not representing a single sensible thing. Sure put America at risk!

  17. Loren Clobes says:

    Is it Amash or AWASH? I think that he should change his name to AWASH if it has not been done so far.
    And this stupid JOKER is thinking of running for POTUS??????? How can someone who is totally AWASH even think of running for POTUS???????
    We “the people” deserve someone much better than “AWASH”

  18. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you support Justin Amash?

    NO, amash is just like omar & tlaib

    and filthy muslim!!!

    • Hello fellow patriots,
      Time for the people to drain the swamp and spray the cockroaches.
      they are so afraid Trump will be reelected and he will. In my neck of the woods, I fly a Trump 2020 flag on my truck every day. People ask me where did you get that flag.
      I proudly reply to Amazon . They want to hassle AG Barr because they are afraid he will be the one that puts them in jail. He is hand-picked by Trump. The Demorats are running scared. now about AWASH . He is the same as Bloody Hilary Clinton.

    • dumbAOC says:

      You took the word out of my mouth. Yes, he is kissing tlaib’s and omar’s asses. He is scared b/c MI is running by muslims.

  19. Tom says:

    He is a Palestinian. End of story.

    • Floyd says:

      I read he also co-owner of a company in China not too happy about the trade deals, don’t know how true it is

  20. Michael Moses says:

    I don’t believe in name calling, so we Republicans let keep giving them any ammunition calling us racist TRUMP lovers. But from all of my Republican friends out there, you comments are very correct. The last few so call Republicans who still wants to hate on our great president will regret it when election day comes to vote their sorry asses out of office especially Mitt who is so jealous of Mr Trump Romney, he still can’t believe what a big loser is is for losing to someone as sorry as sorry Obama. I am a black man who is very proud for voting for Mr Trump and a very proud veterans who really wished that I had a leader like Mr Trump when I served. Stay strong guys and continue to support Mr TRUMP and Mr. Barr. God bless this great country!

    • Danna A. Stevens says:

      Thank you Michael, #1 for your service, and for showing that all black men do not fall into a block of blindly following the Democrat leadership! I am very proud that many have opened their eyes as to where they were being led, and are thinking for themselves and leading others to do the same!!!

    • Jackalyn Morrison says:

      First let me say thank you for your service!! God Bless you and second you are one hundred percent right

    • Ted Supulski says:

      Michael, Thank You for your service, God Bless You, & Yours. I retired in 1996. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

    • Dianne says:

      “Thank you” isn’t enough, Michael. Your loyal service to our great country is forever admired & appreciated.
      Your comment is SPOT ON & supported by millions of true American’s.
      May God bless & salute you for your selfless & patriotic contribution to the United States of America.

  21. Ibis says:

    What do you expect from Michigan but a RINO? It is full of muzzies, is Amash an Islamic name? Sounds like it might be. Anyway, I have heard that Justin Amash is thinking of running for president (hahahahah) and so he is trying ANYTHING to bring his unknown name out to the forefront with controversy. Ignore him, he should be living in his mommy’s basement eating cheetohs.

  22. Keith D Gage says:

    Not the first, nor will he be the last. GOP controlled congress, mid 90^s, let the arkansan CS^r off the hook; and they knew who he was(liar, thief, murderer). And still reaping benefits from white water affair. Im conservative and have always registered independent. Trump has done more than most,for this country. Needs to suspend the twit tweet twot nonsense, however. Grow up republicans!! Stand up and fight!

    • Arline says:

      Keith D Gage
      Sorry but the only way President Trump is going to get out to the public what he has accomplished is to tweet those accomplishments.. Only one news media (Fox News) tells anything as to what he has done while in office so I say “KEEP THOSE TWEETS COMING PRESIDENT TRUMP”.. I love reading them and love learning everything he has signed into bill or done for America and Americans..

    • Ted says:

      Those RINOS, are caught in their own WEBB, their afraid of their own SHADOWS, because Inc they got too CONGRESS they sold their SOULS , for MAJOR PROFITS, their votes are for their “DEEP STATE “, supporters & WALL STREET, once AG BARR “CLEANS HOUSE”, many things WILL CHANGE. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  23. Curt carver says:

    He should be a democrat because he is not a republican he is a wolf in sheep clothing.

    • Jobert Ronson says:

      Curt carver: I guess this I DOT has taken lessons from Mittens, the Kitten, RHINO Romney.

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        Jobert Ronson, Both are stupid dumb ass commy demogogs that need to get the hell out of this great nation. People like that need to to be ln hell. SEMPER FI USMC

        • Ibos says:

          @master gunny sgt USMC retired thank you for your service, sir. I wish we could bench all RINOs because they don’t belong in the Republican party of our great firecracker of a businessman president Trump who set the USA back in glory on the world stage. Now most of Europe is following in the nationalism of America First/My Country First against the encroaching and unelected EU ‘officials.’

    • Ibis says:

      Good comment @Curt carver and something we should really be on the lookout for in 2020 elections. In the 2018 midterms, in a state like Maryland or somewhere around there, 2 women ran as Republicans and after they won revealed that they were actually democrats. Since the dems have absolutely no solid policies to build a platform on for 2020 since all they’ve done since Trump won was try for impeachment = we will have to vet and review everyone’s credentials and political history before we vote for them. It might be a trick that more dems will try in 2020, masquerading as Republicans. And California and Michigan have had the gall to threaten to leave Trump’s name off the ballot if he doesn’t reveal his taxes, of which there is no LAW anywhere forcing any private citizen including the president to give up taxation privacy rights. If CA & Mich persist the Supreme Court will have to step in. Watch out for dem tricks – it’s their only chance, they know it and they will pull them if able.

  24. Gideon Rockwell says:

    This trust fund baby RINO punk is mad because his family is heavily invested in Chinese business interests. The new tariff increases are cutting into the profits they were making on the bloody backs of political prisoners used as forced labor in Chinese Factories. You should have invested in America RINO Punk.

  25. Babs Chasty says:

    I wish my Republican congressman would hold a town hall meeting but I guess he doesn’t have the courage of Mr. Amash (and where does a comment calling someone a “Raghead” come from … shame shame shame is all I can say). Sorry to say my congressman hasn’t held any town hall meetings.. I watched Rep. Amash’s townhall meeting a few nights ago and thought it was of note that he received more than one standing ovation from his constituents for his integrity and courage … and the fact that he actually read the Mueller report. I guess the commenters paid no attention to the response from his constituents attending the townhall meeting and instead posted uninformed and mostly ignorant comments.

    • Jo Deplor says:


    • RAG-HEAD! (or, TOWEL-HEAD! – actually, EITHER one is perfectly acceptable when referencing Seditious, Lying, RACIST, ANTISEMITE, MUSLIM SCUM the likes-of Omar, Tlaib… and other such disingenuous, GODLESS SLIME!) — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

    • Jon Darmes says:

      Well Babs, You sound like a real democrat in good standing. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • James Howard says:

      Babs you are ignorant beyond belief. You are BATS.

      • Babs says:

        really … and what was ignorant about my comment? Is it ignorant to wish my Congressman would have a town hall meeting? Is it ignorant to watch a town hall meeting that is being shown on tv and comment honestly about what I saw? Just what was ignorant? And I don’t know what BATS is supposed to mean … so much name-calling on this site and I do not understand how it is intended to be helpful in any way … IMO.

  26. Bruce says:

    I’m feeling a little left out, Republicans just don’t have a attack wolf , like nasty Pelosi or Waters, to go after Amash. My party , Reps, seem to still insist on playing nice! Several old time Reps need to get some balls and step up, been collecting big salaries and benefits for 35 to 40 years, earn your pay!

    • Cheryl Hargiss says:

      Bruce ,sometimes playing isn’t really nice. Just wait.

    • Arline says:

      Our Republican congressmen can hold their own as we have seen during the recent House Committee meetings while drilling William Barr but I would never want them to act like Maxi-pad Waters as she is a disgusting foul mouthed P.O.S. who does not belong anywhere near our government.. She’s a thief, liar, racist, and always tries to incite violence..

  27. Timothy Toroian says:

    This schumck needs his horn clipped just like the real rhinos. What a dunce!

  28. Expat Tom says:

    I can’t believe that the DeVos family supported this prick! Michigan is truly a messed up place. I had family who live there when I was young and thought a lot of michigan and my summers on the UP. OMG, How far a once great state has sunk!

  29. jean says:

    *A.G. Barr should be on his way to jail for lying to congress.

    • Wrong. He did not lie.

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        Cheryl, You are right. All the crooked demogogs no Barr is going to unleash holly hell in DC and it is damn time for the truth to come out. The Cia, FBI, NSA, DNC, OBAMER, HILLY DILLY, AND BILLYBOY are looking prison time fot the failed coup whtch was treson. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

        • Joe the Plumber says:

          Hey Gunny Sad Sack, you need to get some sleep, all your comments are like a nightmare anyway. You got your pension how did you help the country?

          • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

            Joe plumer, I served our country under Johnson, Clinton, Bush, and Regan as combat marine for 30 years and yes I get a check.I also recived 4 purple harts and the Navy Cross and 5 gallon bucket full of metal. Joe I earned each one with blood and sweat.You have no rite to talk until you do the walk. Some gave some and some gave all so stupid nut cases like you can be free to talk your trash. Respect the armed forces of this great nation and the Deviel Dogs and all U S Marines we are traind to kick ass and when it is called for send people like you to hell. You can kiss my ass I love my country and Trump has done no wrong he’s the best sence Ragan. I am 75 fit would like to get my hands on you. SEMPER FI ( MEANS ALLWAYS FAITHFUL)

    • You are a disgrace to the the Republican party the people voted president Trump in if you can’t stand with him and the American people you need to get out.i dont think barr has done anything wrong

      • I am with you Darlene. I always know the want everything free kind. They should be afraid that their lazy rear ends will go to work. Trump ,is on it and the sorry takers do not like him ,because welfare is on it way out for the sucking up our tax dollars at the American’s expense.

    • Jeanna Brack says:

      When did he lie.??? When will Obama be questioned for saying the Russians have not and will never do anything to hurt our voting process…..?????? Obama was the one doing all the dirty work, not the Russians…

    • MSPS says:

      Jean, How is it that folks can just decide another person whom they have never met, know nothing about their character, but know that they have absolute respect in their field is a liar. What evidence do you have that Barr is lying?
      We know that Mueller is liar. and a coward too. He was given every opportunity to say what he wanted to say and after over 400 pages was unable to guilty or not guilty? when I was in college we had to write research papers and provide the theory, rationale, pros, cons supporting evidence, opposing evidence and so forth. They was usually limited to a specific number of pages.
      I was blessed because I was able to pack in several journalism classes, which is an entirely different style of writing. It is how to present an event, story, of who, what, where, and when using just the facts, no fluff, completely objective style of writing yet providing a comprehensive report with the facts as they were known at that time. It was torture for me because I was used to long reports, papers. However, in my chosen field it became one of the best classes I never knew I needed for my profession.
      As a person with an advanced degree in his field Mueller also had to learn to gather evidence, supporting data, pros, cos, strengths, weaknesses then the who, what, how and why while maintaining complete objectivity and compile it in a professional manner to his peers, a judge and all of those involved in the litigation process. A well trained professional never throws off that training, or thought pattern. It is ingrained within one’s brain. And because of the longevity of presenting said case one just by sheer fatigue would want to keep it as brief as possible while maintaining a useful and respectful document to a court of his peers to establish and maintain a reputation of due diligence, honor etc.
      So, knowing all of that and all of the resources, including assistants, documents and so forth do you honestly believe that Mr. Mueller was unable to compile all of said information and simply state “Not guilty”, or “we find evidence to charge Trump with these charges”
      If you admire Mueller so much surely you would not believe hotshot that he was supposed to been would have to resort to invisible ink or some other juvenile manner of communicating secret data for the dems to follow up on? Why is it difficult to state that after a review of all evidence presented we find no facts to support a charge of >>>> or we find evidence sufficient to to support blah blah. He had already wrote 400+ pages of his existential emotions, feelings, to receive and advance for a novel so why not just say yay or nay! A manly man, a decent respectable litagater would have done so and he knows full well what he should have done yet he left Barr to present his cowardice to the public for him.
      Mueller is involved hip deep in this conspiracy, and he is proving to be a coward. He knows full well Trump isn’t guilty but he has to maintain face for the dems and the deep state and this report of his is no more than cheap toilet paper to wipe his yellow away, but his cowardice is too deep.

  30. Will says:

    Justin Amash the back stabbing Traitor , take your butt and hit the road you piece of crap , go live with the Raghead Idoits , that’s your speed , your nothing but a Goat Herder / T R A I T O R

  31. doris says:

    I might move to Michigan just so I can vote against this traitor. He disgusts me!

  32. Patricia says:

    Bye bye traitor! Me, my family and all our friends in Michigan will take delight in voting you out and voting for your challenger!

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