William Barr is fuming after Democrats finally did the unthinkable

Democrats have been gunning for William Barr since the day Trump nominated him for Attorney General.

Now they are really ramping things up.

And William Barr is furious after Democrats finally succeeded in doing in the unthinkable.

William Barr is simply trying to do his job.

One of his first actions after becoming Attorney General was to release the findings of Robert Mueller’s report on Russia collusion.

Barr released the report with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — who started the investigation — standing right behind him.

But Democrats weren’t going to tolerate Barr accurately stating Mueller found no evidence of collusion.

Mueller himself says Barr acted in good faith.

But Democrats disagree, and are demanding documents that would be illegal for Barr to turn over.

Then, for refusing to break the law, Democrats succeeded in holding both William Barr, and former White House counsel Don McGahn, in contempt of Congress.

The Daily Caller reports:

The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to hold Bill Barr and Don McGahn in contempt of Congress.

Both President Donald Trump’s attorney general and former White House counsel defied subpoenas from the House Judiciary Committee, and congressional Democrats followed through on threats to hold them in contempt. The lower chamber voted in favor of H. Res. 430 by a margin of 229-191 in what was a party line vote.

Trump administration officials have come under fire for their handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which concluded that there was no evidence that the president’s campaign colluded with the Russian government. Mueller declined to weigh in on the possibility that Trump obstructed justice over the course of his investigation.

The vote was down party lines because contempt charges are a completely politically motivated attack, with no real substance.

Barr has been doing his job, and the only reason Democrats hate him so much is because he works for the people, and not the Deep State trying to take down the president.

He told the truth, and the truth is the opposite of what Democrats want.

The only thing they want is for President Trump to be destroyed, whether it is for a legitimate reason or not.


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77 Responses

  1. ONTIME says:

    Now is the time to stick a finger in the eye of the left and their harping on the Muller Report…4 investigations have provided confirmation the POTUS is not guilty of obstruction or collusion or any conspiracy…Since the left wants to recall all the witnesses and cost the taxpayers and the defendants even more money for them to play the game of politic, all those being ask to again testify should claim the 5th under the cover of no change in any previous testimony and nothing new to add….object lessons work wonders when properly applied….

  2. Jack Handy says:

    Repost. An Aside. Am Not
    really into ‘trashing’ others,
    But Truth Is Truth. & there comes
    a Time. WHICH IS NOW.
    Jack Handy June 17, 2019 at 8:45 pm
    Vasu IS ‘subsidized’ & Totally ‘hamstrung’ Lost.
    Dems found a
    good ‘sucker’ in Va. i looked up his ‘junk’.

  3. james barry says:

    Mr. Mueller found evidence of collusion.
    There just wasn’t enough to prosecute Donald Trump at this time.
    *Remember the attorney general is an employee of the trump organisation

    • If he found any evidence of Collusion, he didn’t say anything because it was against the demwits, and he certainly couldn’t have that become public.

    • Clyde says:

      James what was Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch? If I was any of these members of congress I’d be very careful in how far you push the head of the nations DOJ. I know I’d be looking into Pelosi, Ohmar, AOC, Nadler, Cummings and his wife, Lee, and many others. If Mueller had a sliver of evidence on Trump he would of recommended prosecuting. Be patient James we all will see the masterminds of the fake dossier (collusion theorists) being indicted, I hope your stocked up on crayons and coloring books, dust of that pu$$y hat because you’ll be needing it.

      • Linda M. says:

        Clyde: Why can’t these Democrats see the TRUTH? They are so blinded to the fact Trump won, even with their deceptive practices having illegals to vote for Clinton, they can not be reasoned with! They remind me of a bunch of spoiled children throwing temper tantrums and will keep denying that Mueller found no collusion. Now they are attacking Barr from doing his job? Outrageous!! This country is being ripped apart out of stupidity and childishness caused by the Democrats!!

    • Zed noone says:

      James; Name the Statute that codifies ‘Collusion’, please. Where can we find that law? Name someone, anyone who has been charged, tried, or convicted of this crime. Please give an example of any Administration that has not ‘Colluded’ with all foreign governments. It seems that you have a narrow view if you believe that normal contact with foreign Nations is somehow a crime when Trump does this, but not when Barack Obama did it continuously.
      It might be that on ‘obstruction’; you have a President, wrongly accused of something he didn’t do or ordered to be done and he speaks to defend himself. That is not obstruction. The U.S. President gets to speak in his own defense. With all of the $$ and professional investigators thrown at Trump not finding a speck of any evidence, my conclusion is that the evidence simply does not exist

    • John Sivo says:

      President Barack Obama discarded eight years of controversies surrounding his administration, including the targeting of conservative groups, veterans lacking health care, the administration’s response to a terrorist attack weeks before the 2012 election, and a botched gun sting.

      During a Democratic fundraising event in San Diego Sunday, Obama attacked Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, for the various investigations into the administration.

      “Here’s a guy who called my administration perhaps the most corrupt in history, despite the fact that actually, we have not had a major scandal in my administration,” Obama told Democratic donors.

      The tactics of any congressional oversight chairman could be a matter of debate, as could the definition of “scandal” and, if it is a scandal, whether it’s a “major” one.

      “We have not had a major scandal in my administration,” @Potus says.

      What isn’t debatable is that the Obama administration has experienced numerous controversies that have led to administration officials resigning from office, being held in contempt of Congress, the establishment of a select investigative House committee and several Justice Department investigations.

      Without offering comment for this story, a senior White House official referenced several commentators that have noted Obama did not have a significant scandal in comparison to previous presidents. A recent USA Today editorial noted that Obama has had a largely “personally scandal-free presence in the White House.”

      Here’s a list of nine controversies that Obama didn’t mention at the Democratic fundraiser, but that nevertheless leave many unanswered questions.

      1.) IRS Targeting Scandal

      In 2013, Lois Lerner, former director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division, admitted that officials in the IRS’ Cincinnati office acted improperly.

      The move was meant to preempt the release of a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which found a sustained targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

      Lerner asserted her innocence in the matter before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, then invoked her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination to avoid cross-examination of her claims. The House voted to find her in contempt of Congress.

      Justice Department prosecutor Barbara Bosserman, who had donated $6,750 to Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee from 2004 to 2012, investigated the matter and declined to bring up charges.

      House investigators did not find a direct link from the White House to the IRS scandal.

      The Justice Department was aware of the matter two years before Congress and took no action, according to documents obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act.

      2.) VA Waiting List

      The Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general first noted the waiting list problem at a Phoenix clinic in 2014 and then found other clinics with similar problems. Veterans were placed on phony waiting lists, and some even died while waiting for care. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned from his position.

      Last year, in another follow-up report, the inspector general found about 800,000 records and applications delayed in the VA system, and more than 300,000 might have died.

      Earlier this month, another inspector general report found that at the Phoenix clinic, where the controversy was first discovered, another 200 veterans died while waiting for care on the waiting list and at least one could have been saved had he received proper care on a timelier basis.

      Both Republicans and Democrats expressed outrage over the matter.

      3.) GSA Spending Spree

      In 2012, Martha N. Johnson, the administrator of the General Services Administration, resigned after the federal procurement agency was engulfed in a controversy. The department was accused of allowing excessive spending on travel and conferences for the agency and employees.

      Johnson admitted in her resignation letter that “taxpayer dollars were squandered.”

      Some of the spending included a Las Vegas trip where employees had a $31,000 reception that included a clown mind reader.

      The organizer of the event, GSA regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely, was photographed in a Las Vegas hotel bathtub with a wine glass. Neely was indicted on three counts of making false claims, one count of using false documents, and one count of making false statements. He was later sentenced to three months in prison.

      4.) Attack on the Benghazi Compound

      On Sept. 11, 2012, weeks before a presidential election, terrorists attacked U.S. government facilities in Benghazi, Libya. Obama administration officials initially blamed this attack on a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video that spun out of control.

      Late that night, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement that said: “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, along with the protest that took place at our embassy in Cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet.”

      The following weekend, then-United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice went on several Sunday morning news programs to blame the video for provoking the attack.

      However, the administration eventually conceded the incident was a terrorist attack. Obama had been campaigning on having decimated al-Qaeda and killing Osama bin Laden. So a terrorist attack interfered with the campaign narrative that the event was sparked by a protest.

      Before a Senate panel in January 2013, Clinton famously said, “What difference at this point does it make,” whether the attack was prompted by a terrorist or an out-of-control protest.

      In 2014, then-House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, named a House select committee to investigate the Benghazi incident. The committee issued its final report in July, which found no conclusive cover up by the administration.

      5.) Clinton Emails

      It was the Benghazi committee that first discovered that before, during, and after her time as secretary of state, Clinton maintained a private email server. This prompted the FBI to investigate questions of whether Clinton violated the law in terms of storing classified information.

      In July, FBI Director James Comey announced the investigation was completed and concluded that Clinton and her staff had been “extremely careless.” However, he determined that there was no intent to put classified national security information in danger and would not warrant prosecution.

      During her testimony, Clinton told the House Benghazi committee, “There was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received.”

      House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said he would ask the FBI to investigate whether Clinton lied to Congress.

      6.) Fast and Furious Gun Walking

      Operation Fast and Furious was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives program, meant to be a sting operation. It allowed about 2,000 guns to flow to Mexican drug trafficking organizations under federal supervision before authorities lost control of the guns.

      Fast and Furious began in the fall of 2009 and was halted in December 2010 after two of the guns from the operation were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona.

      After more than a year of the Justice Department failing to provide documents to the House Oversight Committee, 17 House Democrats joined nearly all House Republicans to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

      In June, documents showed that 69 people were killed by lost guns the ATF allowed to flow into the country, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

      7.) Solyndra Subsidies

      The Energy Department provided a $535 million loan guarantee to the politically connected solar panel firm Solyndra as part of the 2009 stimulus bill. Not long after building its factory, the California firm filed for bankruptcy protection and an FBI investigation ensued. The company did not find a buyer and eventually closed down.

      Subsequent other subsidized green energy companies also collapsed.

      8.) DOJ and the New Black Panther Party

      On Election Day 2008, hours before Obama was first elected, two members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside the door of a polling place in Philadelphia in paramilitary outfits. One of the men was carrying a nightstick. The two men were caught on video seemingly intimidating voters.

      While George W. Bush was still president, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party, which the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group. However, by May of 2009, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice and Holder, then-attorney general, dropped the case.

      9.) A Job for Sestak

      In 2010, Rep. Joe Sestak, who was challenging Sen. Arlen Specter in a Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, said that the Obama administration had offered him a job to dissuade him from entering the race.

      Obama had endorsed Specter, who had recently switched allegiance from the Republican to the Democrat Party during the early months of Obama’s presidency. The White House did not answer questions on the matter for several months.

      Issa, then-ranking member of the House oversight panel, suggested such an offer could be illegal. Specter also pressed Sestak to answer more questions about the alleged offer.

      After Sestak defeated Specter for the nomination, White House counsel Robert Bauer released a memo asserting that nothing improper occurred and that Obama’s offer was to serve on an unpaid presidential advisory board that would allow him to continue to serve in the House.

    • chief1937 says:

      Don’t know where you got your information but what I have read Mueller found no collusion. Request you give reference to where he found collusion. The only thing I have seen is an insinuation of possible obstruction but not enough evidence to charge. One of us are in error.

    • Timothy O'Connell says:

      Incorrect. He found evidence of obstruction, but, when you think about it, obstruction of what? An investigation into a non-crime. Is that really obstruction of justice? Or just Trump fighting to save his Presidency against a concerted and sustained attack by the forces of the left and the establishment.

    • Sharon Ferdock says:

      No one doubts the collusion. But it was not Trump that collies. The Dems n obama with clintons colluded to use their attempt to frame trump. Very guilty Dems. Truth.

  4. Richard Picano says:

    Remember one thing my fellow citizens, Trump is very shrewd and calculating. Look at his legal team the best of the best, Jay Sekulowe, Rudy the pit bull, he’s even gotten counsel from Alan Dershowitz, along with a brilliant yet unflappable A.G. Barry these are people you dont want to start a legal battle with.

  5. Melody says:

    The democrapes are the most sick people ever. our Attorney General should start looking into everyone of them’s backgrounds and expose the creeps and we need to vote them all out. or impeach all the democrates that are destroying our country.

  6. Vasu Murti says:

    The American people deserve to see the entire unredacted Mueller report, and not merely Barr’s condensed summary! What is the Trump Administration hiding, besides Trump’s tax returns?!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Marcus says:

      @Vasu , Are You a Professional Communist Propagandist ? The Communist Party formerly known as The Demonic Rats have a platform , Try reading the Communist Manifesto

    • bud says:

      you do not know what you are talking about. the Mueller report is open for all of congress to look at. But not one single dem has gone to look at it. because they won’t be able to lie anymore if they read it

  7. C.D. KELLY says:

    These men trying to do the correct thing for society are thinking about there families. They evil that men do will kill there families. They know that. It is not if but when. NOBODY rolls the dice in that situation. If it was just themselves they would. They will come to an intermediate agreement where some lesser of the connected will take an orchestrated fall. I was a part of this sick world system. The R.I.CO. case will go forward but in no way will Hillary take a fall. She has left a trail of 7 bodies in her time at the top. Obama may be killed but will not be involved in a TRIBUNAL. Things always MAX out. 25 fall to satisfy the public. They will pick and choose after lofty consideration. Understand this : they have not even come for Cheney and Bush but if some close family member of those in charge gets clipped , then it is Katy bar the door !!! I worked it and lived it and it is no joke. I have stage 4 and do not care so let them get some of it right or we have TOTAL societerial breakdown.

    • If you conservatives are so smart how come you elected a lying,orange haired,racist,whore mongering idiot to do your bidding. Go ahead and follow him off the cliff. If your child or spouse lied to you as he has done to the american populace would you support them like you do this wretched excuse for a president. yada-yada-yada.

    • pistolpackin says:

      You are way off in regards to Hillary’s “body count” way off. To date, she is responsible for more than 238 murders of innocent people. Mysterious suicides, where a man’s body was found decapitated and ruled a suicide, was about to testify on the Clinton’s corruption. another man about to show prosecutors how to retrieve those 30,000 deleted emails was found with a bag tied around his head hanging in a Florida hotel room and hundreds of other stories just like that. Her evil murdering hitmen were directed at her orders to kill.

  8. Rodney Stoye says:

    The Dems had better watch out with what they are doing to Barr as it might end up being obstruction of justice.

    • Terry L says:

      It already is obstruction of justice as they REFUSE to accept the investigations results.

      Basically they REFUSE to accept the findings of those that were authorized to investigate after years of investigation they finally admitted what everyone knew from the start.

      1) The DOSSIER used to start the investigation IS A FAKE.

      2) The Collusion (the actual accusation they were to investigate) did not happen nor is it even codified in US law as a crime if it had happened.

      As well as the fact no obstruction of justice was done by Trump especially when there was NO CRIME found to have been committed much less anything done to prevent or interfere with the investigation. (removing someone who is BIASED and refusing to accept the factual evidence is not obstruction it is in fact required by law for a fair impartial investigation to occur)

      Now they demanded that the LAW BE IGNORED and they get to LOOK at the evidence the law PROHIBITS them from seeing so they can try and find some OTHER ANGLE or FALSE accusation to attack the president with using the already evaluated evidence. Even deleting two sentences from a phone conversation in order to fabricate the FALSE perception of OBSTRUCTION by Trump.

      • Terry says:

        Just like when Nancy refused to accept the facts the Kristen had regarding the Border.
        How stupid, refuse the facts, seriously how disturbing!

  9. JUST ME says:


  10. Lee says:

    & NOW THAT THEY KNOW !!!!!
    N O. O N E !!!!!!

  11. Diana Secrist says:

    They need to cite me for contempt of congress because I don’t have the words to tell how much contempt I have for this congress right now. How dare they censor a man for refusing to break the law. Their hatred of Donald Trump knows now bounds.

  12. Bumper says:

    How can the congress of baboons charge anybody with anything when the whole investigation was based on lies and deception by the obammy administration, DNC, DOJ, and the FBI.

  13. Carole says:

    Congress has no idea of the contempt we the people hold for them. Rather than taking the loss of Hillary as president they have spent their whole time trying to stop all of our elected President’sproposals and do their job. They have no intention to do anything concrete until after the next election where I pray a good share of them will be ousted so it is not repeated.

  14. PJ says:

    Time for another 3:00 AM raid and arrest; Comet, Brennan, Clapper, Strock, Page, Clinton (both of them) and others. What they attempted to do is unconsciousable. They conspired to violate a candidate’s rights and then attempted a coup against the POTUS. This MUST be fully exposed and those involved MUST be charged with treason.

  15. David Kennedy says:

    They want the AG to commit an illegal act. As soon as he does, they will complain about that. No win for Mr. Barr. What a bunch of hypocritical idiots? They only want to take trump down. It will never work. Most of those jag offs will be out and trump will win, then he will get to the business of running the country.

  16. Stevec says:

    Barr should hold the liberal criminals in Congress for contempt against America – many years of it ! , not to mention treason for working for the NWO criminals like soros .

  17. Del says:

    The Democrat’s are making a move of helping Invaders from many Countries as well as the Terrorist that are already here the Islamist Communities with their Terrorist Training Camps to Destroy us from within..
    Don’t forget the Democrat Party is Evil and will do everything they can to help Destroy Our Country and Our President..
    The Democrats will stop at NOTHING, as you can plainly see what they are doing by supporting all of those people Illegally here with Our Tax Dollars until we are Bankrupt and you also see how far away they are coming from..
    The Democrat’s will stop at NOTHING with their HATRED against President Trump and all of his Supporters..
    Don’t be surprised if we end up in a War within Our Own Country, if the Democrat’s have their way..
    We must stand UNITED against the CORRUPTION taking place and be ready to fight for Our Country..
    America and American’s FIRST !!

  18. Gideon Rockwell says:

    The Dems are scared to death of Barr. He is an honest, upright man of the law and will not be obstructed or intimidated by anyone. It is my belief a majority of the people attacking him were and still are involved in the Russian Collusion /Coup attempt and they will all be facing charges. They are attempting to marginalize Mr. Barr or create a situation where he will have to step back from any investigations or prosecutions pertaining to them. may I just say Ain’t going to happen. They will have to face the Barr of Justice. Met the man on a job in ’91 and though we disagree on certain aspects of the 2nd Amendment i have always respected him as an officer of the court and liked him as a person.

    • Jeff Beard says:

      The sewer dwelling Democrats are terrified the truth is going to be coming out (it’s about time) and they aren’t going to be able to face the truth. Barr is finally going to expose the slimy scumbags. And hopefully he will finally bring down corrupt Hillary and everyone else that helped her destroy the emails and cell phones.

  19. I smell the war drums are beating to a frenzy in this country….Either Government is going to turn this around or the Citizens of this Country will arm up and put things right in this country again. It will have to be a complete overhaul of Washington D.C. and all of the Alphabet group…..

  20. Del says:

    Democrat’s demand Barr break the Law by turning over the whole Mueller Report Unredacted but Barr is refusing..
    If Barr was to break the Law by turning over the complete unredacted Mueller Report then the Democrat’s would bring charges against him and they would continue to Obstruct when they couldn’t find any evidence..
    They will not accept the Truth no matter what the Report states..
    This will continue long continue long after elections are over and done only because of the HATE that is built up in the Democrat’s that will not do their Jobs for the People they were elected to do..
    They have gone so far with this now that there is no turning back, it’s win or lose all the cards are on the table and in the end there will be no more Democrat Party after Obama and Hillary are Indicted and a few others and put in Prison some for Life while other’s will face the Death Penalty for Treason against The United States to make sure this never happens again in Our Country to Our Political System of skirting the Constitution and Congress to Attempt to Destroy Our Country ..
    That is exactly what The Obama Administration attempted to do and get Hillary elected to complete the Job..

  21. Ticked says:

    Mr. AG Barr, Believes in our Nations Constitution , and up holds the laws of it. It’s to darn bad the leadership in the Democratic party don’t feel the same, for they took a oath of office to uphold the Constitution as well but they seemed to have forgotten that.

  22. Leftshot says:

    When lawmakers become law breakers we have a serious problem that can only be resolved by enforcing the law. That’s what Bill Barr is trying to do.

    • Del says:

      Leftshot we agree 100 %
      Democrat’s don’t care at this point they have gone beyond the point of no return to attempt to Protect the Guilty Corrupted Politicians that have put themselves above the Laws and Constitution of Of Our Country..
      They are no better than Criminals that have Guns who abide by NO LAW’S..
      They think just because they are in Congress or part of the elite, nobody can stop their Crimes or even Punish them..

  23. Jon Darmes says:

    Attorney General Barr is in contempt of Congress??? Like G. Gordon Liddy I’d have to plead guilty of that. If you are NOT brain dead you can’t have anything else for them, they are contemptable!!! BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  24. Jerry Young says:

    I love Linda M’s comments. The Democrat party is a party of crooks. They brake the law and step all over the Constitution and think they are right but calls out republicans if they do it. The dems go farther and try to make out that President Trump has done wrong when they are the ones that actually doing the wrong. Just wait a little while congressional dems will be brought down along with Hillary Clinton, some in the DNC, and the rest of the Deep State. Can’t wait to see it.

    • Linda M. says:

      Jerry Young: Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate your posting as well.All we can do is keep defending President Trump and our country and pray it does remain OUR country….

  25. gary b vogt says:

    I am beginning to wonder if Barr knows that to stop the Democrats from continuing this BS he will have to drop the hammer on Hillery, Clapper, Brennen, Comey, Gates, Baker, Strozk Page. Princep,Fusion GPS, and at-least 25 other FBI agents forced to sign a NDA not to talk about the Hillary email investigation to make them talk. Democrats then will STFU.

    • Del says:

      gary b vogt: We’re sure Barr and the Trump Administration know exactly what they are doing to make sure they have all the evidence necessary to put many of these people away for Life and some will get the Death Penalty and lose all Benefits and Holdings wherever they are including all personal belongings to sell off to pay down Our National Debt..
      None of them can or will be able to Benefit or Profit from any of this as well as their Families when all is said and done with the T’s Crossed and the i’s dotted..
      That’s why this is taking longer than we want but we must be patient as it will happen and the people throughout Our Country are being told as well as the rest of the World..
      The next move is probably the Democrat’s taking us into another War but will the succeed ? Time will tell and I put my bet on President Trump and his Administration..

  26. Michael says:

    Democrats are soooooo F’n stupid…they keep pissing off the people that can do them the most harm…Barr, Trump…I hope the American people are seeing and following the treasonous Libs PHONEY agenda

  27. Tom says:

    The democrats only mission is to destroy all what made America great. The family, our values, what’s morally right. They hate our President because he’s fight for America and “eating their lunch”.

  28. Ronsch says:

    Didn’t the Republicans do the same thing to Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder? I suppose it’s different when Republicans do it.

    Previous impeachment proceeding got grand jury testimony that was released by the court, and a judge already has said he would release the testimony for these proceedings. No one here seems to have actually read the Report. There are 11 counts of obstruction of justice that Mueller himself in a press conference said he expected Congress to consider for impeachment. Hundreds of Federal prosecutors, including Republicans, have said that Trump has committed crimes for which they would have indicted. For the Democrats to fail to begin impeachment would be a dereliction of their duty.

    • Kimberly says:

      Mueller is a crooked as the rest of the democrats. The democrats areslave owners of all rases. The democrats are dirty and liars they wants to get rid of our president because he TRULY is making America great again. The democrats want people to relied on the. DADDY government for free hand outs and they want people dependent on BIG government. .. Democrats want power, control and to bribg back slavery but of all races. The dems know that should Bar get everything out of what Obama and the democrats have done heads will roll and all hell will break lose. The democrats are running scare and trying there best to hide illegal things and law breaking of Hillary and the Obama s. The democrats are so full of corruption. The snowflakes are so brainwashed by lies of the dem. We have. Millions of Americans that are honeless , hungery while the democrats house, feed and give free stuff and take care of the illgals that have broken our laws comibg here…. I whole disagree with u.

    • Jake says:

      Are you referring to “Obama’s Wingman”? It was strange for Holder to refer to himself in that manner. Barr released the entire Mueller Report along with the Grand Jury information that included redactions mandated by law. Obama’s wingman ignored Congressional subpoenas.

  29. thomas robinson says:

    They insist on destroying anyone who disagrees with them, only because they are so deeep in illegal dealings they have made over the years, that they know they’re about to get caught. they feel they must stop the legal investigations into their ILLEGAL doings , or they will go to prison.

  30. Merlin Wood says:

    Barr should investigate the demo commeys that support all of this criminal activity

    • Deplorable says:

      Yes he should that really needs to be done. Then punish them all for their high crimes of treason. This has needed to happen for along time but now I believe this is the time. Arrest them and take everything from them. And have state auctions for their properties. They get nothing but life in prison. Or if people want to fallow the Constitution hangings would be another option.

  31. Michael Hughes says:

    If only there were a way to hold Congress in contempt……..

    • Fred says:

      You are correct, Mr. Michael Hughes! Including that not so mild mannered un-special counsel Mr. Mueller and his group of very biased Progressive Liberal Democratic Lawyers! All Progressive Liberal Democrats and their Blind and Ignorant FAKE Republican followers need to be held accountable for their Illegal Actions!!!

    • Tom says:

      There is, if we survive, and that is to vote them out. The bunch.

  32. Delores A Bowles says:

    I am tired of the Democrats doing what they did to Barr but can’t do anything else like illegal immigration, try fixing our laes so these people must return to their own country including their children. Nancy Pelosi should be found quty of not doing her job along with the rest of them.

  33. Bob says:

    I have been an independant all my life nad cannot believe how low the (D) party has stooped….They are rediculous in their manners and supporting the constitution. I think they need to go back to grade school and learn about the constitution of theis great country…Boib

  34. B.D. Mann says:

    As I see it, never before has Congress been more deserving of being held in contempt.

  35. STEVEN J MOORE says:

    Just sitting here in my wheelchair, pissed as hell and not wanting to take it anymore but struggling with what “We the People” can do ??? there has to be a way to mass protest those idiots …they hide behind their walls and obviously do not care what the sane, logical, love your country people, think. I am glad to be on here and reading what others who actually have a brain and a heart feel about this mess. But I truly believe that God would not have put these beautiful people fighting for us out there, if it was not going to turn out good…………Its fathers Day lets pray to that and watch the answers soon to be put before us…….Just sayin !

  36. Gerry Johnson says:

    Barr keeps egging them on & Dems keep jumping off the cliff & Barr keeps giving them his smirky smile. This is fun.

  37. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The democrats are displaying their inane and insane incompetence with their temper tantrums trying to get AG Barr to break the law.

  38. William Barr is AWESOME–DONT let the democraps try to make him overide the laws of our awesome land..the liberals and democraps are so jealous of what TRUMP/PENCE have done for america just in 2 years that they cant do EVER–LIKE AS IN NEVER

  39. Karin says:

    As far as I am concerned there is no Democratic Party. There is a Democrat Party, whose representative animal proves their name, ‘stubborn’. To be Democratic, one must believe that we are a democratic republic, have a Constitution with amendments, and designations with the “Consent of the Governed”. So far I have never heard a Democrat ask me if I consented to any of their Kangaroo Court actions.
    They have some nerve telling the top LEO to break the laws that Congress has enacted during th life of this Constitutional Democratic Republic.

    • Emma says:

      We are NOT a Democratic Republic.


      The Dems are insane with vitriolic Hatred of Our Great Patriotic POTUS ???????????? TRUMP ???? ????????
      and hate AMERICA & All We stand for!!

  40. Colleen La Rose says:

    Hi again Linda, I think I am stalking you ????
    These ignorant libs are trying to cause problems for Mr. Barr, & anyone else that tells the truth. But what I find completely crazy (among other things) about these libs, is they seem to be ignoring the fact that Mr. Barr is only reading the report that the libs ex-hero wrote.

    • Linda M. says:

      Collen La Rose: Yes hello again! No your’e not stalking me. We are just two sane women( or maybe not so much anymore after all the wack-a-doodle Democrat we have to deal with) trying to fight a good fight and hope our comments really mean something. And hopefully make a difference.. Poor Mr Barr. I hope he hangs tough and maybe he will be able to bring to light who is REALLY behind the corruptness that is the cancer in our government.I would LOVE to see some if not all brought down…Lets hope and keep praying.
      See you on the next post! Or defending ourselves here……

  41. Gregory Sullivan says:

    That “contempt of congress”will eventually end up in SCOTUS in which that charge will immediately be shot down. It’s unbelievable that the Democratic Party is extremely desperate to dig up any of the tiniest shred of evidence to get Trump thrown out of office. I can’t believe that anyone could use these lowest of the low down tactics to do this.

    • Linda M. says:

      Gregory Sullivan: Nothing surprises me anymore just how low the Democratic party will stoop. They care NOTHING for our country and anyone that lives here. Totally disgusting conduct….

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