William Barr held one closed door meeting with Fox News that could change everything

Trump supporters have noticed big changes on Fox News’ programming.

As the Democrats press forward with an attempted coup to remove President Trump, many Americans are wondering which side Fox News will come down on.

And William Barr held one closed-door meeting with Fox News that could change everything.

In recent days, Donald Trump’s repeatedly called out Fox News for programming changes that has seen never-Trumpers given prominent air time to smear the President and advocate for his impeachment.

President Trump also claimed Fox News polls were biased against him after a survey came out showing a majority of Americans favored impeaching him.

Against this backdrop, Attorney General William Barr held a closed-door meeting with Newscorp Chairman Rupert Murdoch at Murdoch’s home in New York.

The New York Times reports:

Attorney General William P. Barr met privately Wednesday evening with Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who is one of President Trump’s frequent confidants but whose Fox News is viewed by the president as more hostile toward him than it used to be.

The meeting was held at Mr. Murdoch’s home in New York, according to someone familiar with it. It was unclear if anyone else attended or what was discussed. Aides to both Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Barr declined requests for comment on the meeting.

The visit took place as the impeachment inquiry into Mr. Trump by House Democrats has gathered momentum. Mr. Barr has emerged as a key defender of the president’s concerns about the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mr. Barr was criticized in the spring for his handling of the report by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, before it was released publicly.

Some Trump supporters are wondering if the Murdoch family is plotting a post-Trump Fox News.

And they are wondering what Barr’s message was at this meeting.


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254 Responses

  1. The Redhawk says:

    The TURDZ TO WATCH are Chris Wallace, now that Shep Smith depaerted< Nappy Napolitano, and IS MEGYN KELLY really making acome Back??????????? ON TO NEWSMAX TV FOLKS !!

  2. zee says:

    Repost To Real M / &&& Evry’1 —-
    zee October 19, 2019 at 8:54 pm
    Hey Real M. ih8 thinx’ he’? a ‘smarty’
    LOL. But doesn’t KNOW ‘WE’
    fish (the bottom feeders” ) As Well___
    A ‘they’ Take ‘Bigger Bites’. Haha.
    >Limited RESPONSE = ‘STARVES them’.
    > No ‘food’ = THEY Die.
    Capish, no?

    • The Real M says:

      zee, That yahoo, ih8reps, offered to buy me a coloring book under this troll name then in another comment to me stated it had offered to buy a coloring book for me once already, and true it did but while writing to me using a different troll name! The few trolls are really busy writing under all these different names. It’s no wonder they get mixed up with what they say to who using which troll name! Whew!
      I know none of us should reply to any troll, ever! I do pretty good , then I get aggravated about how mean, angry, untruthful, sarcastic, etc. and may fight with them two or three days before I get my breaks on! It’s all good when we fight for truth, justice and what is right and fair!
      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

      I have to go, I’m missing my ballgame!

      • zee says:

        WE ‘Hang Tuff” >>>
        No ‘professional ih8′ troll’ (as claimed)
        for ‘fishing suckers’ etc. , Well we Do SAME
        0n ‘Bottom Feeders’. Anyway, i KNOW –
        Sometimes Just Have to reply. I’m Way
        Better at NOT ‘Responding’.
        > Hey man – ‘What Ball Game ? i watched
        college fuutball Sat pm/ U of M vs Penn State.
        UM is my ‘Alma Mater’. They lost. boo hoo.
        > God Bless. Stay Strong.
        >Maybe U come back, read, reply – Before I Delete —

  3. ih8reps says:

    For someone not taking the BAIT you sure had alot to say.
    Maybe I should switch to LOW FAT BAIT just for you.
    As for you’re emojis I can buy you a coloring book I’m sure you’d like that better.
    With Love The TROLL.

  4. Tony says:

    There is only one truth and it cannot be altered. Barr is out to find it, period. Barr can and will interview anyone anywhere in his quest for the truth. Only people that have an issue with it are those that are guilty and those that support them. Nothing will remain hidden all will be revealed. That is a promise form father God almighty. Amen Amen.

    • Gary says:

      What a pleasure too read a common-sense comment from a person with an open, honest mind…without pre-judgment! Thank you, Tony.

  5. First Barr meets with Ukrainians to Tell them Just what crimes to Charge the Biden’s with. Now, Fox News is told on just how they are to cover this lie. Now.he will send Barr, and Putin to completely protect Trump from us to the point of nuking us. Alaska, and Pert of West Texas, and New Mexico. The USA is now Babylon. since we Threw God out of Schools, and Courts

    • James Mercogliano says:

      Fred i think you have been drinking to much Moonshine.

    • Linda says:

      Bull crap… stop drinking the cool aid…

    • hayward stewart says:

      The only part you got right was the government had no business messing with our schools and God.


    • robert says:

      you are not even a real person-so how would you no anything??

    • A. J. P says:

      Fred, you are a complete idiot. Do you know how to conduct research to find the truth or is that a stupid question to ask you? Is there a brain on top of you shoulders? I am telling you this as a registered democrat for more than 50 years.
      The democratic party want to rule the people not govern. Consequently, they are lying, greedy, corrupt and among other thing they are absolutely evil.

      • walked Away Liberal says:

        Hi AJP . Are You Still ‘registered’ Dem ??? Your Last
        sentence IS Truthful. Thank you. I AM “walk Away Lib”.
        > So Much to Learn & Realize About the ‘Left’… Shocking
        0nce you See the Real Truth. God bless. Save USA.
        The ‘Dems’ WON’T DO IT. POTUS IS TRYING w/
        0ur Support. ___

      • Susan Croome says:

        Thank you for the truth, wow what a concept!!!

    • Rico says:

      Fred, you got the last sentence correct, democrat liberals are guilty of pushing God out of anything and everything in America. I hope you understand this. God Bless America!!!

    • Frank2525 says:

      Fred, Are you not being a bit blood thirsty? I challenge you to disclose just which of all the laws, statutes, and policies changed by President Donald Trump, that effected you negatively? I know his election, and the changes he made, restored the value of my paid up, home that I worked all my life to afford, in military and civilian work, has been restored,
      ———And at 89 years of age, value even increased, and I received pensions from my military career of 26 years, plus my working civilian work since age 13. Cost plus jobs in 1940s, when inspectors and state, federal, unions did not cramp workers, and restrict them. So Fred, I feel you have axe to grind. Right? Hope not?
      ———Donald Trump is most qualified, globally and USA, that we have ever elected. He had 70 years of business in NYC and NJ, real cut throat business areas, to learn and study USA government, and know what works, and what does not. And he, and family are working for USA people and country, not to fatten their bank accounts. They earned their money, BEFORE POLITICS. Get over it, whatever is biting you?

    • BHR says:

      Nothing has been hidden at this point. Fox News has told the facts. But some of their news casters have made up facts with their opinions.

    • Bird says:

      Whoa you are quite a few fries short of a kids meal Fred. This is reality ok not lala land.

  6. ih8reps says:

    I know I’ve mentioned this before but we’re highly professional trolls, we fish for SUCKERS we bait the hook throw it out and wait for SUCKERS like you to bite, it works like a charm we reel SUCKERS in faster then we can rebait the hook.

    • Hawks/Eagles Fly. says:

      Ah Sooo. ih8 – “highly pro trolls’ ??? & “fish 4 Suckers” ???
      > ‘think’ Again… ___

    • The Real M says:

      ih8reps, Yeah, well, write whatever it takes to try and “save face” AND your un-American, unpatriotic, war against the America our forefathers fought for, died for, and established so we could live a free life, out from under big government tyranny and control.
      Your party wants to take what they set up which, has worked for more than 220 years, flush it all down the toilet to emerge in a huge pond of waste and destruction that you want to call a one world government!
      Insects like you, with your shallow minds, no experience and knowledge of the facts of what it would mean for working class Americans, want to change the American way of life? We are not going there period, no way, no how? Get used to it!
      So you write all the demeaning, sarcastic, ridiculous comments you want, absolutely no one cares that you have made a fool of yourself!
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • ih8reps says:

        For someone not taking the BAIT you sure had alot to say.
        Maybe I should switch to LOW FAT BAIT just for you.
        As for you’re emojis I can buy you a coloring book I’m sure you’d like that better.
        With Love The TROLL.

        • The Real M says:

          ih8teps, You poor thing for your information and education, “taking the BAIT, simply means I replied to you at all”.
          Do you understand it is YOU making a fool of YOURSELF?
          Yo already asked me in a prior comment if I wanted a coloring book, the answer was no then and is no now!
          I have time to send only one smiley face but, here it is! 🙂

  7. snark says:

    Hey Jd. your ‘boy’ SHEP IS GONE !!!
    You Cannot ‘tout’ Shep Anymore !!!

    • michael says:

      couldn’t be more pleased. I know that FOX wants to be bi-partisan but we don’t need SHemp smith- judge naplatono-caovuto-chris wallace-chris hahn-robert goodstein-seecrest-morris. It’s bad nough haveing CNN — MSNBC

    • Pam says:

      Thank God Shep is gone. Now I can watch all day long.

  8. Sad Times Coming says:

    This is strictly for all myopic morons that still believe the Earth is flat.
    Hold out your hands palms up, turn on TV set channel to FOX, now CRAP in one hand let FOX try to make even one true statement and see which hand overflows, OH you better be in your bathroom cause your goin have CRAP EVERYWHERE.
    As for this oan some of you talk about I’ve never heard of it but I’d steer clear of any and all things that have or sound ISLAMIC.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Actually, Sad Times Coming, the Trumpers are angry that Fox News is telling the truth and they only want to hear the right wing propaganda as put out by Fox commentators! Their behavior is very clear and repetitive. . . if Fox says good but biased things about Trump, it is called “fair and balanced.” If Fox reports the factual news, debunks the Hannity etc. BS, or puts out an honest survey where 51% or the respondents say Trump should be BOTH impeached and removed, then Trump and Trumpers freak out and want to apply PRESSURE on Murdoch to get back to conservative propaganda and excuses for Trump.

      #1. it is incorrect to call an impeachment inquiry a “coup”! Since this is a legal action spelled out
      ‘ . . . .clearly in the constitution, it cannot be a “coup” which refers to an illegal overthrow of
      . . . . .. the government. It is fascinating you did not call the Clinton Impeachment a COUP !!!!

      #2. Just where does the description of the job of Attorney General have to do with having a
      . .. .. political advocacy meeting with the head of Fox NEWS? Answer is: NO WHERE! Barr
      . . . . . . .has inappropriately given up a non-partisan stance and inappropriately become Trump’s
      . . . .. . . lawyer rather than the people’s lawyer as he is supposed to be. All Barr’s work about
      . . . .. . . the Ukraine that Trump alluded to in his phone call to Zelensky is TOTALLY IMPROPER,
      . .. . . .. . since the head of the DOJ just covers AMERICAN justice, not international matters.

      • ABC says:

        That’s a GOOD point, Dr. JD! Justice is supposed to be blind, to be handled fairly and without bias to political party, age, race etc.. Barr has been completely partisan and clearly biases everything to be Trump’s lawyer and henchman and has interfered both in the Mueller presentation (redacting materials to Congress), interfering in the whistleblower report that does not include gong through the DOJ, and not advocating for partisanship by Fox news. The A.G. is supposed to be THE PEOPLE’S ATTORNEY GENERAL, NOT TRUMP’S advocate and attorney !!

      • The Real M says:

        JD, It is my distinct honor and privilege to tell you, I read an article the other day stating an analysis company researched that poll and debunked it due to it being slanted left since it was weighted with more Dems polled than Repubs!
        TRUE STORY! Find it, read it!

        NOTE: Your comment reads like your typical BS! You should have a degree in mindreading and assumptions! So, I debunked your entire comment!

        • Sumner Stone says:

          Real M:

          In the Fox poll, like many others, participants are ofter asked to self-identify by party, gender, race, age, etc. IF (notice I’ve said IF) more Democrats were polled than Republicans that would maje the poll MORE ACCURATE in reflecting NATIONAL sentiment on impeachment, NOT LESS, as there are considerably more Americans registered as Dems than ‘Publicans.

          • Sumner Stone says:


            In 2018 approximately 12 million more voters self-identified as Democrats than as ‘Publicans. According to recent Gallup (notoriously RIGHT-leaning) the Dems lead percentage-wise was 31-29 in September 2019 and 30-26 in August. Independents were 42 and 38 in those months. NOTE THE WILD VARIATION in just ONE month. Highly unlikely that so many would change affiliation in such a short time! This is why Gallup is considered less reliable than many other polls.

          • The Real M says:

            Rocks in the head Stone, Are you related to JD? You sound just like that troll or JD are you related to rocks in the head Stone, you sound just like that troll.
            “rocks”, Example: the total number of Dems polled may have bee 900 and the total number of Repubs polled may have been 700. Now, that has nothing to do with which party is larger, okay? If you don’t understand, get help!

            Note to both of you trolls! I’m telling you what the article stated. THE IMPEACHMENT POLL WAS DEBUNKED! Research it!

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          If you believe that, Real M, you are ignorant . . . you debunked nothing and no on. ONE article gives the point of view and you declare it “True and factual.” You are a biased as a person can be. I did not say the Fox poll was accurate . . . if you can R E A D, I asked why the Fox poll, if so inaccurate, shows similar results of other polls – – which shows an INCREASE IN SUPPORT FOR IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL.

          Now, if you will share that article with me so I can read it – – it did not come from a PARTISAN source like the GOP, did it? Did it come from a reputable source? If it comes from a reputable source, it might have some merit. However, you failed to debunk anything – – you might wish to check why Fox would sponsor and put out an article if it is as biased as is claimed. But, your history shows you call all polls biased that don’t say what you want!

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Wow , you think I am biased and ignorant!
            WELL, what in hell does that make you? Yes, double biased and double ignorant, and pissed off at the moment!
            Calm down troll with a faux phony doctorate before you blow an aneurism out the top of your head!
            YOU ARE SO BORING!

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            What is the matter, the Real M, afraid to share the source of this “article” you claim to have read that debunks the Fox poll? You spent most of your postings just name-calling and threatening people, rather – – show us your source!!! I often present my sources to be inspected – – where did you get this article so others can read it?

            Like to call people names rather than step up and prove yourself?

          • The Real M says:

            JD, You lying sob, I don’t threaten people, never have, never will!
            The Washington Post wrote the article and Braun Research. debunked the poll.
            Now, since you are not intelligent enough to find things for yourself, go on a search engine and type: article that debunked the Fox News impeachment poll. Guaranteed it will come up, scroll until you find it if you don’t see it immediately.

            DID YOU FIND THE VIDEO OF BHO WHERE HE STATES HE WAS BORN IN KENYA? Or, were you afraid you would find it?

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Real M, I did a Google search, found an article but from the New York Post. That article, unlike what you said, stated: “But the actual breakdown of party affiliation is 31% Democrat, 29% Republican and 38% independent, according to Gallup.” How is that a misrepresentation since that is approximately what the general population breakdown by party affiliation?

            The bottom line of this poll goes along with many others that shows that there has been an INCREASE support for both impeachment and for removal of Trump. I watched one political pollster say, even before the Fox Poll, that Nixon did not have this negative support for impeachment until two weeks before he was forced from office.

            no, I never did find anything, interview where Barack said he was born in Kenya, but have seen like over 1000 times Barack said he was not from Kenya and that was when he actually posted his OFFICIAL birth certificate on the web. Now, use some sense instead of just your snarkiness – – Trump as president has total clearance on materials – – if he has found Trump was born in Kenya – – why wouldn’t he announce it by now?!? And why would Trump announce in his first year he put that rumor aside and admitted Obama was a naturally born American???

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Regardless of what you say and how you spin it, The Washington Post stated Baun Research debunked the Fox Impeachment Poll! Now I realize you being the smartest one in any room, know far more that the REAL EXPERTS!

            I am telling you, I have seen a video of BHO making a speech in which HE SAID HE WAS BORN IN KENYA! No matter what President Trump or anybody says!


          • The Real M says:

            JD, There is an article online right now on the Newsmax site stating The New York Post has written an article also that Braun Research debunked the Fox Impeachment Poll. It’s getting more widespread out there…………..

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            i did a couple of different searches and could not find one blip on the Washington Post and that Fox Poll. I did find it popped up quite quickly on the New York Post but the NYPost is not considered a credible source of information. Here is what is the rating of NYP: “According to a survey conducted by Pace University in 2004, the Post was rated the least-credible major news outlet in New York, and the only news outlet to receive more responses calling it “not credible” than credible (44% not credible to 39% credible).”

            I will be looking out for it in Washington Post because I am a subscriber, but so far nothing on a credible source. Now I am not saying the Fox Poll was credible or that it was accurate, I am just saying that there has been nothing on this from a credible source.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Say what you will about the NY Post but I don’t think it has any more credibility issues than the NY Times. I also understand the Post is not as liberal as the Times because New York City is the liberal capital of the world, after all!

          • Sumner Stone says:

            J.D., I fear that your intelligent, well-reasoned refutations of The Real M’s DESPERATE MEANDERINGS are for nought. I haven’t yet figured out whether the M stands for MORON, MOMO, MONKEY, MISERABLE ONE or ?, but one thing is abundantly clear: his adoration of t.RUMP has overcome any ability he may ever had to reason. Either that or he’s not a real person, but rather a RUSSIAN BOT!

          • The Real M says:

            Hey “rocks in the head” Stone,
            Relax when you write, don’t force it and don’t try so hard to appear that you are an intelligent Dem troll!
            The only thing you need to know about me, you know right now. I am a conervative warrior, who fights for truth, justice, the Constitution, the American way of life, the Republican party, respect for the OFFICE of the The President of the USA,, religious freedom, unborn babies, and on and on…….get it?
            My name does not matter and falls under the realm of my business!
            Okay, that all the time I have for you, :rocks”!

          • Gee says:

            If they impeach, they will cause a new civil war!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sumner Stone says:

          To The Real Momo, wherever you are hunkering down:

          I just read your latest scorching riposte to my comment, but being new on this site and not having mastered its subtleties I haven’t been able to reply to it directly and so I am consigned to do so here:

          Ignoring the ad hominem attacks you seem prone to engage in, and your laughable
          attempts to slander Democrats and, in fact, all clear-headed Americans who recognize what a vile, malevolent, paranoid, narcissistic, racist, self-serving, dangerously anti-democracy (indeed, would-be fascist) INCOMPETENT DWARF presently occupies the office in which REAL giants such as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Lincoln, TR, FDR, even REAL REPUBLICAN’S favorite, Reagan, served, your feeble attempts to defend Trump would only convince the already BRAINWASHED! But I suspect that secretly you understand that (though you’d never admit it, EVEN TO YOURSELF) and continue to pour out your TOMMYROT
          in a vain effort to CONVINCE YOURSELF. I truly sympathize with you! It must be quite a struggle to ignore your own HYPOCRISY! After all, you fancy yourself a patriotic American, faithful to the Constitution and ready to defend it. Now, truthfully, can you really look at yourself in the mirror every day without seeing that your image is becoming as GROTESQUELY DISTORTED as the picture of DORIAN GRAY?

          • The Real M says:

            Hey rocks, Wow, you got your little troll buttons pushed! Oh yeah, uh huh! That was a totally benign comment and it got your panties in a wad, good thing I wasn’t really trying! It,’s late, was about past time for filing with trolls, you are really having a bad day, toots! 🙂

          • Hillary lost, get over it says:

            We dont need to slander demoncraps. They do a great job of it all by themselves. And as for this being called a coup, and you guys saying it’s not. It’s just a legat, blahnik, blahnik, blahnik. If it’s all above board , why are the dems not allowing and Republicans in when questioning a witness? Dont sound too transparent to me. And I read the phone call transcript, and there’s nothing in it that is wrong. I also heard big mouth Biden HIMSELF, on national television , bragging that Ukraine isnt getting the billion. He said, clearly, fire the prosecutor by the time I leave, in six hours, or yuh out ain’t getting the billion. Well, what do you know. Sob was gone before I left. Now, THAT was quid pro quo. Explain please. Dont hurt yourself trying.

          • Dougy says:

            What a stupid cunt. Why don’t you stand on the street and get raped. Then go in for an abortion. You deserve it. After all it’s Friday night

          • ih8reps says:

            Summer Stone
            I think we need to switch to LOW FAT BAIT moron monkey meathead he’s getting drunk on FULL FLAVOR BAIT it’s clouding his mind and thoughts.
            We can all send him coloring books we know he likes colorful emojis that should keep him busy for awhile children love to color.

          • Bird says:

            Oh poor poor Summer Stone. Blah blah blah and now you have justified your unwarranted hate to OUR PRESIDENT. Hey if you truly think all is well on what the left is doing to OUR PRESIDENT and country then I have a bridge in the desert to sell you and the moon is really made out of cheese. Just because you choose to hear what you want but never listen is your downfall. Poor poor you

        • ih8reps says:

          I know I’ve mentioned this before but we’re highly professional trolls, we fish for SUCKERS we bait the hook throw it out and wait for SUCKERS like you to bite, it works like a charm we reel SUCKERS in faster then we can rebait the hook.

          • The Real M says:

            ih8reps, Yes Diane troll, you have already done that ignorant comment to me, I have already answered, find it, read it, you are not worth the effort for me to duplicate my response to it!
            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • zee says:

            Hey Real M. ih8 thinx’ he’? a ‘smarty’
            LOL. But doesn’t KNOW ‘WE’
            fish (the bottom feeders” ) As Well___
            A ‘they’ Take ‘Bigger Bites’. Haha.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Here is your major problem Dr JD. The Inquisition is not being done legally. I would suggest you look up Watkins V US and read what the SCOTUS prescribed as what was needed to have a legal Investigation ( doesn’t matter what Nancy called it, that is what it is in the House ). Everything in the bill of Rights must be followed but yet Schiff is not following it. The mess he is chairing has no legal grounds and that is why the WH Council also says they will not comply with any of his subpoenas. Where is the legally required Resolution setting forth the scope of the Investigation? What was the vote count on it? There isn’t one and so it isn’t legal.

        • The Real M says:

          D.A.N., You are filling the air waves with some good logical comments this evening! Great job, thanks!

        • ih8reps says:

          If the rules don’t apply to TRUMPZILLA why should they apply to anyone else?
          If you’re speeding in you’re car and don’t get caught were you legally or illegally breaking the law?

      • Chenz says:

        Dr.j.d. you obviously don’t know the facts!
        We are purposely not complying, so it will
        Go to courts , there we will have a fair field and when the games. Over Nancy and squads dress’s not so white anymore!
        No more. No intent pass’s!! No more pinnocio lying to congress, no more deputy dog Mueller jumping over the real
        Trail of collusion, Hillarys!! Oh I know a theory in your opinion! Ya know opinions
        Are like ass’s everybody’s got one at least
        I have my own, along with over 60 million Trump supporters!!

      • Just leave this CAPITALIST HEAVEN AND TRY Any COUNTRY to make.as a COMMUNIST jurk I’m sure you will fit right in

      • reconviper1 says:

        Dr. Jackass Dilrod, Clinton actually committed a crime called perjury. For you ignorant libtards, that is lying under oath and it is a FELONY which qualifies as high crimes and misdemeanors. Fox news is globalist owned fake news just as much as the Communist News Network. No one with a brain watches mainstream media anymore. Guess that tells us all we need to know about you. Go back to your propaganda kool aid. Trump will NEVER be impeached and your democrat buddies in congress are going to prison for TREASON.

        • Dougy says:

          Personally I don’t see why conservatives stand idly by and let a-holes like Dr. JDildo buttplug continue to breathe free air and run down America along with his slutty wife wetSommer doing the college football team. Personally I think they should be gutshot and left for the critters in the woods. I’m sick of lefties! They don’t have friends. Their neighbors silently think of how they could get rid of them or run them out of the neighborhood. There’s a whole lot more that feel this way than they know

          • hayward stewart says:

            And I’m one of them ! I can’t wait to start cleaning my neighborhood. Hopefully we can find the real names of these POS TROLLS.

          • ih8reps says:

            Dougy BOY

      • Joe Bob says:

        JD pull your head out of your a$$. What are you a Dr. of cox$ucking lying. I look forward to a revolution where we can hang left wingers, lots of left wingers for fun. It would be like wiping dog $hit off the shoe of America

      • A.J.P says:

        To Dr. J.D. I just hope that you are not a medical doctor because if you are I would like to see the size of the cemetery plot that you purchase to bury your patience. Actually, it make sense that you believe the democrats, after all if you are an MD you prescribe medication with all the side effects that Big Pharma informed you that the drugs are good for people. Shame on you for being so stupid.

    • Barb says:

      OAN is One America News.
      It is a conservative news channel.

      • ih8reps says:

        I don’t care how many times I say it over and over it still sounds ISLAMIC to me.
        I thought we wanted to destroy ISIS and anything to do with ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY.

    • Robbie says:

      You are one of the Left trying to change people’s minds about our President. It’s clear to see that The Main Stream Media is VERY BIASED AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP! U really should listen to or read better news yourself!!!

    • K. Martin says:

      President Trump has touted them a lot lately.
      Check them out at OANN.COM. OAN AMERICAN NEWS (OAN) ….Direct TV has their channel.
      Actually, they are so pro Trump, I prefer yo watch them. You can get 7 days free an if you like them it is $9.00 per mo. Call your tv provider an let them know you want them to add OAN

  9. Don Juan says:

    I also have seen Fox News leaning more and more towards the left and poking more and more at the conservative side of things. Their stupid poll ratings show more than half the people in the USA want Trump impeached. What Bull Sh!t! That is the reason why I do not watch Marta McCallum any more. The only shows on Fox News that is worth watching anymore are Hanity, The five, Judge Jeanine, Tucker, Levine and Laura Ingraham The Angle. But I suspect they would even cow tow and bow down with dishonor if their master bosses told them they will all be let go unless they turned to the dark side. I’m sure they would jump and join the same choir as CNN and MSNBC. Once that happens, folks, then all hope for our country will be lost for truth, justice and the American way. I guess the old saying is true…. “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

    • The Real M says:

      Don Juan, The journalists reporting “pure news” on Fox MUST report the news as given to them by Fox News. They are not like the “opinion” journalists who set the subject and agenda of their shows.
      I saw that you criticized Maetha McCallum and have stopped watching her because you heard her read the biased Fox impeachment poll results. I saw that also and it stung me hard until I remembered she “reads” what is given to her by Fox which is what pure news journalists do. When Martha has the panelists portion where there is a Dem and a Repub, I have seen her jump right in and disagree and correct it when a Dem is not telling the truth. It is easy to see she is a conservative when she turns red and gets sassy with a Dem. I am telling you, she does not have the same leeway that Sean , Tucker and Laura have. So give Martha a break……..
      Also, I read an online article a day or so ago that stated an analysis company researched and found the poll to be slanted to the left! The number of Dems polled was a good number higher than the Repubs polled! WHAT….NO WAY…..I CAN’T IMAGINE THAT…..YEAH, RIGHT!

      Don Juan, watch Martha! Remember when she is doing the news part of her show, she is reading what she is given but, watch her shine when she jumps in, talks over and corrects a lying Dem! Gotta love it!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        If the Fox poll was slanted, Real M, then why are the results so consistent with other polls that say similar things?!? Also remember, it did not JUST say 51% support impeachment, it said 51% support BOTH impeachment and REMOVAL of Trump from office. It also said another 4% wanted Trump impeached but not removed . . . totaling 55% want Trump impeached. The Fox Poll also said: “By a 66-25 percent margin, voters say it is generally inappropriate for Trump to ask foreign leaders to investigate political rivals.”

        • Susan New says:

          Aren’t these the same pollsters that said Hillary would win in a landslide? lol

        • Barb says:

          You can’t be serious! You honestly believe that when aprox 1,200-1,500 people are polled that the WHOLE COUNTRY feels the same way? I THINK NOT!

          • ih8teps says:

            And with 100-200 people on this site the WHOLE COUNTRY THINKS LIKE YOU.

          • The Real M says:

            ih8teps, No, but with all the money pouring in from “small donors” and the Trump rallies setting record turnouts and getting larger with every one, does in fact does go a long way to substantiate Barb’s point!

      • Rocky says:

        You are 100% correct.

      • Gen.Stewart says:

        You are are about Martha ! The only fault I don’t like is ,she will let the comrades filibuster a discussion.

  10. Shelba says:

    The Murdock family also owns CNN so I will not be surprised to see fox go the way of CNN, if they do it will mean we will have no media available that will report news with honesty, which is a shame to see Fox degrade to CNN levels

    • Cynnie66 says:

      Doesn’t Shep quitting mean that Fox is more conservative? Or does it depend on who is in that spot? Wonder if someone else from the station will move into that slot and bring a new person in for the other spot? Depends on who’s better/worse? They’re probably have someone new I’m assuming?

      Oh, no wonder why someone said “BURF” to my comment. I admit, I do not follow the owners of the different stations. Thank you for info.

    • Bob says:

      There is OAN. They seem to be very objective, no nonsense reporting.

  11. Pupeperson says:

    I’d like to see Shannon Bream get Shep Smith’s time slot. I think she’s a real straight shooter, and if they can’t bring back Brit Hume full time, she’d be a good replacement w/o the libtardedness (new word!) of Shep.

  12. neo anderson says:

    I think there is a law that requires equal time on the air ways by a news outlet….and IF they (FOX) has had anti Trump people on the station , then it would seem that they need to donate equal time to pro Trump supporters.

    • Wendell Fountain says:

      That is not correct. There is no such law.

    • Cynnie66 says:

      Neo A. Please help, I’m so confused! Are you saying there IS a law (you think there’s a law) or that you would LIKE a law “that requires equal time on the air ways by a news outlet”?

      I believe we have privately owned news channels and broadcasting is up to their owners?? Unless the channel is publically or partically public owned, such as PBS, then the channel likely has standards to follow in the programming. Also, there are a certain set of “rules” to be on the airways (radio and TV) but other than a list of words that cannot be said, I do not know the “rules”.

      To me it seems FOX is as “right” as one can get, MSNBC is more left and CNN is in the middle. I watch all three but notice that MSNBC and esp CNN have a lot more “both sides” of the story. With Trump, there is too much to do full stories on unless you can watch a lot of news.

      Everyone should be happy now that Shep has left Fox, only one more neutral news reporter to get rid of on that channel. It’s very confusing for a station to offer opinion as fact (and not saying it is an opinion). I’m disappointed that Fox is not a “real” news source for a lot of their programming b/c it is mostly opinions reported as fact. Often newscasters are neutral and report facts. Shep had started fact checking Trump and really wonder if he quit b/c he was told he has to stop doing that? Input welcomed. Thank you

      • The Real M says:

        Cynnie666, I think you don’t need INPUT……..You are a thoroughly indoctrinated Dem liberal!
        Anyone who thinks CNN is middle of the road “real news” is fully immersed in the Dem agenda. All MSM is a huge tentacle of the commie Democrat party!
        Sorry, that is all the input I have to offer!

        • Cynnie66 says:

          To The Real M:

          :)- hey, my ex has the Cynnie666 reserved for him in reference to me. JK but true.

          I believe that ppl learn by input and do like to know views of most unless much too mean. But I liked the extra 6 hence I am re-asking to you directly then since you picked on me.

          What order would you put the three main NEWS channels in? No two can go together b/c no two carry the news the same way. Do you watch all three? I do! I’m from WI and am in the middle; they stated that most democrats are, I’m not sure what most conservatives are b/c they didn’t say that stat. I’ve always been in the middle. Governor Dole (R) was one of my favorite; Scott Walker (R); the guy that ran in last presidential campaign I did not like at all b/c we went from some of the best schools to lower half (all for an extra tax refund each year to buy one pizza). But thanks again for info. Unsure if I should take the thoroughly indoctrinated Dem liberal (long title) as compliment b/c I did not even vote except the last few years or as a slam b/c I’ve been more undecided than anything. And I’ve only watched the news regularly this year.

          • Ric B says:

            The Real M . . . you are tedious and pathetic, and the only think that seems to be real about you is that are really a breying, ignorant ass.

          • The Real M says:

            Ric B, Why thank you! Any attempted insult from a troll is a welcomed compliment to me!
            Careful, Ricky, your aggravation is on display!

        • Ric B says:

          Most Trumpers are so biased that they think Hannity, Carlson etc. are “fair and balanced.” They cannot tolerate ANY other point of view . . . even yours, Cynnie, and like to call people names who do not march lockstep to right wing views. Instead of treating people with respect and appreciation for freedom to express one’s choices, read their posts, they are nasty, judgmental and non-accepting unless you agree with them 100%.

          • The Real M says:

            Ric B, Dems accuse others of what they, themselves, are guilty of!
            That is very true and straight out of the commie playbook!

          • The Real M says:

            Ric B, Dems accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of!
            Note: Some of you are a lot worse than others!

      • TexanForever says:

        CNN in the middle ?? … (BARF !!!)/

        • Cynnie66 says:

          Please see response to The Real M. What order would you put them in? They are not the same is my point is my point and CNN is more right than MSNBC (correct?) and CNN is more or much more left than FOX (correct?) if that’s the point thus I said CNN is in the middle. If not, I need to figure out sequences again?

          I’m an RN, I hate BARF and have cleaned up way too much so if you gotta do it, hope it makes it into the trash or toilet, aye?

      • Kevin Hobbs says:

        Cynnie66, CNN is so left it is ridiculous. Fox has always been true and up front news till now.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Cynnie66, Shep was not a neutral commentator. He was and is a Never Trumper thru and thru. Would not be surprised if he shows up on CNN or M$NBC.

    • Katie says:

      That could not possibly be true or CNN and MSNBC etc. would no longer be on the air.

  13. mark bauer says:

    pres. trump never needed all the distorted haressment he has received! trump didn’t need the money or prestige! he became POUSA to help America and all its people! if the mainsuck media would report honestly about all the exemplary actions&policies trump has done for America so far in just 3 years maybe some ethics&integrity might encompass their lackluster brain!

    • Cynnie66 says:

      Please list a few things that the news media reported incorrectly regarding Trump (upper case T)? I need to look them up to know what is accurate or not. If it’s on FOX is it considered accurate or inaccurate? How does one decide on what is accurate or not? Thank you

      • The Real M says:

        Cynnie666, How old are you and where have you been for the last almost three years? You sound like a patient who has just woke from a long term coma or do you have amnesia?

        • Cynnie66 says:

          The Real M: Did you read my other comment regarding when I started watching the NEWS?? LOL oh boy, I may call you really mean pretty soon. I’ve taken care of ppl in comas so don’t use them in a negative example please. Amnesia? Naw, I don’t have that but am learning that maybe it’d be easier if I did. Don’t be mean. Anyway, please read my replies before yours, think something got out of order. And yes, I’m old thus it may explain a few things to you. My ex would be proud of you though for the 666. You are the only two that have thought of that! I did almost take 666 on as my name.
          What’s M stand for?

          • Amen says:

            Cynnie66 – – that is who the Real M is – – snarky and nasty if you do not hold his points of view. He thinks he is Patriot Posts alpha and likes to call people names, like he is making fun of your username. He likes to call people “trolls” if they post anything differently, and loves to call people dumb, and sometimes with a few posters, he gets downright vulgar and verbally abusive. He rarely carries on a respectful, thoughtful discussion with those who are not Trumpers.

          • The Real M says:

            Amen, Oh Boo Hoo! Did the bad old “M” pick on you?
            You lie! I do not make vulgar comments! I hardly use street slang, and never have I used God’s name in vain!
            Most of the time I “respond”to verbal attacks. I do get snarky with people I am in long term word battles!

          • Sad Times Coming says:

            The “M” stands for his favorite show “All In The Family” Archie Bunker called his son in law “Meathead”!
            Freedom Of The Press is just one of our rights in America.
            You have the right to watch any news outlet you want known as “FREEDOM”!
            Now if TRUMPZILLA is so Fair and Honest and wants to protect Americans “FREEDOMS” why does he attack the “Freedom Of The Press”?
            News organizations are here to report their findings or facts on any given subject they wish to report on if you don’t agree simply change the chanel.
            In other words if you can’t take or stand the “HEAT” get out of the kitchen, and it’s clear TRUMPZILLA CAN’T STAND THE HEAT.
            As for “M” I’ve offered to buy him coloring books to maybe help calm him down or put him in a happy place because he’s clearly upset, mad, and more vulgar with every post, but then again spoiled children will do childish thing’s.
            I can’t under stand our fore father’s and mother’s came to America to escape Oppression and a Monarchy form of government you know so we could be “FREE” to chose.
            All they call for is attacking the “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND TO INSTALL TRUMPZILLA FAMILY RULE ON AMERICA” !
            It’s clear to me that if you want to weed out “CORRUPTION” you must first start at the top and work your way down, I don’t care who falls in disgrace just get on with it “IMPEACH” him first to send a strong message that we’re going after everybody “PERIOD” !

          • The Real M says:

            Sad Times Coming, Your long comment is full of lies and sarcasm and is in plainly spoken language, HOGWASH! You absolutely lie when you accuse me of vulgarity and you know it! You lie bigly about President Trump however, no one expects any different from you!
            NOTE: You offered to buy a coloring book for me twice, using the “pen name ih8reps”! That’s what happens when you lie, plus as a troll write using different pen names! 🙂

      • D.A.N. says:

        That Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. That Adam Schiff has the proof. Mueller will prove it. Is that enough for you? We know that Joe Biden lied. We know that Adam Schiff lied. We do know that Nancy Pelosi has no legal right to decide on her own that Schiff is to conduct an Investigation. But you won’t find the truth on M$NBC or CNN.

        Let me quote what the SCOTUS has ruled about the House and Senate on how investigations are to be handled.
        “The Bill of Rights is applicable to congressional investigations, as it is to all forms of governmental action.”
        “In authorizing an investigation by a committee, it is essential that the Senate or House should spell out the committee’s jurisdiction and purpose with sufficient particularity to insure that compulsory process is used only in furtherance of a legislative purpose.”
        “Congressional investigating committees are restricted to the missions delegated to them-to acquire certain data to be used by the House or Senate in coping with a problem that falls within its legislative sphere and no witness can be compelled to make disclosures on matters outside that area.”
        “The authorizing resolution, the remarks of the chairman or members of the committee, or even the nature of the proceedings themselves, might make the “question under inquiry” sufficiently clear to avoid the “vice of vagueness”; but these sources often leave the matter in grave doubt. ”
        “Protected freedoms should not be placed in danger in the absence of a clear determination by the House or Senate that a particular inquiry is justified by specific legislative need.”
        Note the above quote says the House or Senate. Not House Speaker. No resolution, no vote, no spelled out jurisdiction = NO legal standing. Time for the Trump Administration to take them to the SCOTUS and shut down this sham. And then censure and remove Pelosi and Schiff from Congress. And by the way, refusal to answer the subpoenas when there isn’t specificity cannot be used to bring Contempt of Congress charges.

  14. Equalizer says:

    Bye Bye FAG

  15. Jack Handy says:

    There WAS 0nly 1 ‘Conservative’ network amongst All the ‘others’.
    But When ‘ Aging dad’ Rupert bequeathed to children,
    FOX ‘Changed’.
    >Barr’s meeting w/ Rupert M. Is Significant.
    Something Big Time re mr. shep’ & seems like ‘shep’
    Is ‘getting 0FF WAY ‘easy’. What has ‘shep’ DONE 0r INVOLVED IN___
    >personally, i don’t want to know. Just ‘shut up’ Shep.
    “Ding -Dong (a) Witch IS dead”___ Drain that ‘swamp’ 1 atta x.
    Bye -BYE & don’t let the door hit you inthe ass on the Way 0UT___
    > HEY JD, how you like your ‘boy’ Now ?

    • Sumner Stone says:

      Hannity, Ingraham, O’Reilley, Carlson, Guiliani, DeGenoa, Toensing, Trump, Barr, McConnell, Pompeo and their acolytes (look it up if you don’t know what it means) or should I say CO-CONSPIRATORS in the attempt to SUBVERT Constitutional government in our country are all part of the SHALLOW STATE.

      • The Real M says:

        Sumner(rocks in the head) Stone, OMG, we have yet another Dem pansy troll! Bring it on, now! The more the merrier! Just don’t make the mistake of thinking you can talk down to conservatives on this site, they are sharp as tacks, tough as nails and they will eat your lunch in a New York minute!

        • Amen says:

          You mean like you talk down to people like Summer Stone just now?!? Can’t you carry on a rational discussion of issues without calling someone names like “another Dem pansy troll”??? Just like Trump, he resorts to his juvenile name calling. You act like a bully, the Real M, and certainly make no points of drawing people to your points of view by your disrespect and nastiness.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Good point, Amen. Why the Real M do you have to insult people and call them “rocks in the head” to someone who puts themselves out on a limb and posts on a blog that is likely not to like what they say? Ridiculing another person’s username or calling them a “troll” is not the mark of a mature adult who can have a respectful discussion of issues.

            I think you should apologize for disrespecting Summer Stone.

          • The Real M says:

            Amen, Why should I or anyone respect you Dem liberal trolls? YOUR JOB is to be on this site to disrupt, agitate and demean Repubs in an attempt to make us lose confidence in our views!
            There is no way you troll libs would ever be swayed no matter how kind, considerate, intelligent, knowledgeable, etc. any of us is!
            RIGHT? RIGHT!

          • The Real M says:

            JD, You should apologize to the world for being a phony human!
            “rocks in the head”, is just like you, needs to prove it is superior to anybody, just one person! The first comment I saw from “rocks” was correcting and trying to prove how smart it is by making light of someone’s words, spelling, etc.
            Dems are such liars and hypocrites, you think we should accept any bad treatment you give us and kiss your behinds for it. We don’t have to accept your bad behavior, if you can’t take, don’t dish it out or better, leave!

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            You justify your snarky behavior with your estimation of people’s motives. That is from your point of view — – you assume people who disagree with you have bad motives and therefore you treat them badly. I can’t speak for others, but for me a couple of years ago, I saw the growing polarization going on, and felt that it was important to not narrow my sources to the same ones, and to view Fox news and read some conservative blogs too. You should do that same, M, perhaps you might realize there are some things most Americans have in common. I have had numerous productive conversations with conservatives, and have grown to respect several of them. You know, if you are married, one does not always agree with one’s spouse, but listen to them and respecting their views, even when you disagree, is the best formula for success. If you have a spouse, she is darn sure not going to like it if you act to her like you have acted to many others who have posted today.

      • TexanForver says:

        Sumner Stoned, better get braced for a bad two weeks because PRESIDENT Trump is going to blow away the commie Dems even worse than he did in 2016. … Think about this: he won’t have to worry about getting reelected, and can really pull out the stops.

        Hint: … Stay away from the sidewalks under tall buildings for a while. Many poor souls with TDS might not be able to handle it.

        • Sumner Stone says:


          First of all please explain to me what a “Forver” is. Did you mean “forever” but you don’t know how to spell such a difficult three syllable word? Or were you trying to tell us that you’re a FORGER, doctoring transcripts the way the SHALLOW STATE low-IQ criminals in the President’s menagerie do? Or did you mean FORAGER because you scrounge around on all fours searching for the smallest kernel of truth emanating from the WH offices of the GREAT PREVARICATOR? (Keep looking, there must be a grain or two somewhere
          among all the BS His Heinie-ess tweets!

          Your comment is truly incomprehensible! What TWO WEEKS are you referring to? The last two in which the wheels of justice (read: IMPEACHMENT) have begun to grind? The next two which will undoubtedly be even worse for the HYPOCRITICAL CROOK and his coterie (sorry for using another big word). Are you suggesting that he and his friends are planning a coup* in the next two weeks and that’s why he doesn’t have to worry about being reelected? Or are you just a RUSSIAN TROLL FACTORY DRONE?

          * “Coup” is pronounced coo. It means an unlawful seizure of the government often by violent means. In our great country’s 200+ year history we have never been cursed by such an attempt, thank GOD! Is that what you and your fellow self-styled “patriots” are threatening? I don’t believe that if it comes to that the vast majority of Americans who voted for Trump will go along with you. Angry, worried, dissatisfied they may be but I believe in their basic decency and loyalty to the ideals of the those who created our Constitution and the men and women who have followed in their footsteps.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h, Summer Stone, you are good and clearly very intelligent. Please keep posting, and don’t let the bullies on this site get you down. I also appreciate how you also corrected the FALSE characterization of a “coup.” You can see in my prior post, I tried to do that also. Trump used that term inappropriately too, and they are just repeating his excuses – – trump wants to act like the victim when there is no one at fault for his behavior than himself.

  16. The Real M says:

    Hey Dems, Get a grip on reality for one minute. For many years the Dems and other liberals have had full control of every TV news network except the one conservative network, Fox News! Now, the conservative management is gone and liberals are managing Fox News. This is very noticeable since what were subdued liberals on Fox have become emboldened and new liberals have been hired by Fox. Fox has been highly criticized by conservatives. It is being viewed as betrayal and taking the ONE truly conservative news channel away!
    I am sure Dems and liberals are giddy at the prospect of additionly taking away more conservative first amendment rights. Thank goodness we are getting some other options for the news!!!
    ALSO, this article stated NO ONE KNOWS what this meeting between Barr and Murdoch was about. They might just be friends and it was guy time! Dems and liberals always look for the worst and expect the worst scenario when Republicans are involved in closed door meetings.
    Dems may be distrustful because they are trying to impeach President Trump ” behind closed doors”! Now, that is the real travesty!

    • An 80 year old Conservative says:

      Do you honestly believe that FoxNews is a Conservative news outlet? FoxNews is as far away from having even modest Conservative leanings; and Donald Trump who, incase you haven’t noticed, is an extreme right wind blowhard who is in the process of coming more deeply unhinged every day. It is now abundantly clear that FoxNews abandoned any true conservative attachments when they elevated Sean Hannity to the status the channels lead spokesperson and then gave Laura Ingram the coveted 10PM time slot to spread her obnoxious far right extremism and unfounded criticism of everyone who might disagree with her. Neither of these two, nor any of the other far right extremists on the FoxNews payroll have any idea of what a true conservative looks or sounds like or what they believe. The band of extreme right lunatics that remain on the air have collectively given conservatism a very bad name when a true conservative would not waste his or her time trying rationalize how on earth they came to consider themselves conservatives. William F. Buckley was a conservative dedicated to the conservative cause. There has never been a host or even a guest on FoxNews that could carry Buckley’s water. He surely is turning over in his grave at the thought that FoxNews bills itself as “Conservative”……and “fair and balanced” is an even bigger joke; there is nothing either fair or balanced to be heard on FoxNews……there never was!

      • The Real M says:

        80 year old, Please calm down so you won’t have a stroke or heart attack, your family would like for you to live to 81 years old!
        I’m concerned……you got pretty “worked up” there! 🙂

      • Freddy says:

        80 year old conservative? Really sound to me you are a 18 year old antifa terrorist. You are no conservative go away libtard

      • TexanForever says:

        Well I’m an 88+ Year-old-true conservative, sonny, and I say you’re chock full of horse droppings! … Yes, the great Buckley was one of a kind, but he’s gone. Unlike Buckley, Trump is not only a brilliant and kind man, he’s the type of street fighter we need at the moment, warts and all. … God truly blessed us.

        • ABC says:

          OMG. I think your are a demented old conservative if you believe that Trump is “brilliant and kind man”!!! He is so far from both of those things, you must be losing some of your ability to critically think. If Trump is so brilliant, why did he have Cohen threaten his high school and college to never release his records? How come he never reads and has to have his intell report dumbed down for him? If he is so smart, then why does he have over 10,000 misstatements or lies fact-checked and documented by the Toronto Star newspaper? Why does Trump mock disabled journalists, Dr. C. B. Ford, or other political opponents? Why was the Trump Foundation have to be shut down for not giving out money except to himself?

          • The Real M says:

            ABC, Shut and listen, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, creep!

          • ABC says:

            How do you not know that I may be your elder, the Real M?!? Therefore you should shut up and respect me!! I don’t know – – you seem like a gripey old and miserable person yourself,

          • The Real M says:

            ABC, Why, thank you! An insult from a troll is always a welcomed compliment to me!

        • robert allison says:

          80 yo Floridian amen to texanforever

      • Sad Times Coming says:

        An 80 year old Conservative
        This is no longer your father’s or grandfather’s grand old party of tolerance or fiscal responsibility.
        Today they fully embrace the hatred, racism, bigotry, and Jim Crow laws of the old Democratic party of slavery, oppression, and suppression.
        The ideology of the south has never changed it’s deeply rooted in family’s all across the south the only thing that has changed is the party that represents them starting shortly after the Presidency of JFK the south started turning RED.
        I used to drive a truck for a living going to Atlanta GA. every week for a dedicated run, all truckers have CB RADIOS the things being said by local drivers that never stray far from home are and were and I’m sure today are even worse now were truly appalling and disturbing comments, I can tell you unequivocally that racism is alive and well in the south and actually expanding under TRUMPZILLA.
        With the release of that VIDEO Saturday depicting TRUMPZILLA violently massacring those people in that Church posted no less from a staunch radical right supporter he has not come forward to denounce that posting on live TV instead he had a staffer offer a half A## statement.
        He always immediately tweets anything he finds offensive, not this time though because he truly loved it portraying him as a mass murder something he’s extremely proud of VIOLENCE, MURDER, DIVISION OF OUR COUNTRY, BRING OUR COUNTRY EVER CLOSER TO COMMUNISM.
        Nobody ever could have ever imagined that the American people would ever again embrace a government ruled by a TOTALITARIAN FAMILY.
        After all did we not fight a war against British rule to be a free country to have a government of, by, and for the people.
        Nixion took us off the Gold Standard.
        Reagennommics created wage suppression and income inequality and class warfare.
        Bush Jr gave us citizen’s United and our never ending war in the middle East.
        Now TRUMPZILLA wants to divide the country even more and possibly bring on a CIVIL WAR OR EVEN WORSE WW3 .
        So many of us served our country in desperate times to keep all Americans safe at home, in war veterans always looked out for each other we were brothers in arms for the common good for America, some of these posts make me sick to my stomach VETS openly calling for attacking anyone that opposes this MONSTER TRUMPZILLA even your very own brothers you swore to protect and bring home those that have given it all to protect America.
        The economy is already showing signs of trouble, I’ve been through to many down turns not to see what’s coming very shortly, if not this year it will collaspe early next year sending tens of millions to unemployment destroying many billions of dollars losses in the stock market destroying millions of peoples 401’s all things together is going to add up to the full blame on retardicans who will have tremendous losses in 2020.
        I’m not here to deny TRUMPZILLA has a strong base by no means just remember Democrats also have a strong base as well after all we did win the popular vote.
        Believe me there is no truth whatsoever that we need to get over it, the point I’m making is more and more people come out everyday denouncing him people claiming they will not make that mistake again like 2016 your also forgetting the independents once the downturn takes effect they will see TRUMPZILLA for who he truly is and will not go for him again period.
        There’s just to many things working against your party today, gun violence in schools somewhere that should be safe zones for children, the attacks on people of color, mass murders across our country 98% that are directly connected to the radical right, police K###### people of color most notably in Texas a very RED state that just a few years ago wanted to succeed from our union of free states, a POTUS that has resorted to name calling, openly calling for violence to America citizens, Civil War, a man that cozy ups to communist leaders, abandons allies, rules with an iron fist just like HITLER and Stalin all these things will bring him and the retardican party DOWN.
        You have no idea how bad things really are everything you here about a great economy are false false false, we have many millions of people so far in debt they will never dig out of, everything bought today is on credit food, gas, clothing, cars and trucks, you name it people even pay their TAXES on credit cards.
        When these debts are called on for payment it all collapses far to many are all ready in default mostly car loans and student loans.
        A national debt that is over 120 trillion dollars not what they report as only 23 trillion.
        Vote for him all you want defend him be loyal if you want call him the best thing since apple pie this will not diminish or stop what’s coming for all this you see today was planned and set in motion over 50 years ago when Nixon took us off the Gold Standard a designed crash almost nobody will survive from.
        Don’t like or enjoy sounding or calling for DOOM &GLOOM just starting facts that’s all.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Like Blacks in Baltimore aren’t racist? Like the same in Chicago aren’t too? You seem to not understand that there is racism almost everywhere. The only place there isn’t is in a mono-culture.
          And you sure aren’t good at math either. Pick a year, 1933 or 1971. Neither is 50 years. May 1, 1933 was when the US effectively went off the Gold Standard because you could not own US Gold coins, bullion, or certificates and done by FDR and had to turn in any that were valued over $100. On June 5th, 1933 Congress passed a resolution that said that debts did not have to be paid in Gold even if demanded. A year later, Congress raised the price on the Gold from $20.47 they had stolen it for to $35 an ounce. In 1971, Nixon took us off a set rate for Gold vs Dollars and allowed it to float. In 1974, Ford signed legislation allowing ownership of any amount of Gold again.

        • The Real M says:

          Sad Times Coming,, You accuse Repubs of spreading hate, discontent, loathing, racism, and too many more disgusting things that I won’t take the time to list here. Your comment is award winningly disgusting, about as bad as I have seen on any site. You have made a brand new kind of an attempt to discourage Repubs and make them lose confidence in their beliefs and give up. What do you call this approach, passive aggressive bullying? You are a piece of work but, know this…..America has your number, sees and knows exactly what is in your angry black heart, full of hatred for President Trump and his supporters. You do not sway anyone with your lies and accusations! We will win no matter what you do or say about us. You are desperate because you know the Democrat party is floundering and is lost,.

          You have Dems willing to throw themselves on their sword by bringing lies and false allegations one by one and, one by one they are going down! Schit and Pelosi have a game plan of impeaching President Trump behind closed doors, this is the first time in history this has been done! Sooner or later it surely will occur to one of them this is not Constitutional! I digress…..

          You have spewed out all this venom of why everybody should desert the terrible Republican party. The REAL TRUTH AND FACT IS, Democrats are guilty of everything you accuse Republicans of, and more! Your party is deserting you because they have lost all hope and belief in the direction your leaders are taking the party of communism. They see there are no limits of degradation the Dems will not sink to to achieve their goal!

          In closing let me state to all the Dems who are sick and tired of what your party has become #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need good conservative Republicans to help us save America! TRUMP 2020

    • Cynnie66 says:

      The Real M. Does the post mean you do not want a free economy with the rich being free to do what they’d like and buy what they’d like and run their companies how’d they like?

      I’d read a comment that said new management changed FOX by hiring liberals, some even calling FOX liberal. I watch MSNBC, CNN and FOX. If there is a BIG difference in telling of the news story, I look up information to know what’s what. I truly wish they’d all fact check.

      But if you happen to know who the new management is that changed things, please indicate. Thank you

      • The Real M says:

        Cynnie666, You are not for real but, what you are is a real bonafide Dem liberal troll!
        Careful, somebody will set the dogs on you! Been shredded lately? We have a huge shredder!

  17. Simon says:

    The only Swamp Creature’s I know of our the Washington D.C. are the gang of Anti-Americans.

  18. Loren D Miller says:

    Liberals seek to either ban or convert the conservative voiced media, which represent only about 10% of all news outlets. True conservatives should join President Trump in backing the few conservative media stations and in condemning the 90% fake news, whose programming is based on lies and false emotion.

  19. Doug says:

    I feel for most of the commentators as their brains have been sleeping and not used to working i.e. thinking. Try it sometime you may like it. Please tell ,e how the trump tax cut to the one per cent and corporations helped you the over taxed. How does amazon not paying federal income tax help you? How does Wal Mart having their federal income tax lowered by close to a billion dollars help you? It doesn’t! It just makes the super rich super super rich. They have so much they couldn’t spend it in ten lifetimes. Meanwhile our country is falling apart (have you driven on our roads lately). Do you know what our defense?Budget

    Try thinking for yourself and not let others do it for you. Find the truth for a change you might like it.

    • Ed says:

      100% of all corporate taxes are passed to the consumers. All corporations do not pay any taxes at all, they collect taxes through the price of their products and sales. All the collected taxes are paid by the consumers, which are then passed to the government. All companies do this and if they are not doing it they dont stay in business for very long.

  20. KATHY says:


  21. Carol says:

    As I had said many times they are changing and people see it. Probably just about the time Ryan came in. Watch out Fox he will do you in. No one likes this guy and know what he is capable of.

  22. VGF says:

    Trust nothing of what you READ…AND Very Little of Words Spoken with no Proof Behind THEM. Just Keep in mind WHERE this Country was Fastly Headed..before Donald Trump ( The Non-politician WHO SAW How This Nation was HEADED DOWNHill..AND KNEW WHO was DOING THE Pushing ! ..HE Did NOT Need to TAKE Over this BIG Mess…BUT HE DID SO..For Love of THIS USA. AND HE will never STOP In his Battle TO Put This Nation Back on TRACK FOR The Citizens OF This COUNTRY. NOT Only Will HE Put a STOP to HOW The Taxed TO death American Citizens WERE Being ROBBED.. BUT ALSO>>How These SAME Taxed TO DEATH Citizens WERE Being Ridiculed at EVERY TURN. GOD Bless TRUMP in All That HE Is Doing. SOME things May not SEEM…AT first Light..TO BE the RIGHT Decision..BUT> Inevitably, DOES Turn out to be THE ONLY and BEST Decision that Had TO BE MADE. The Survival of Our Great Nation Must be the First Consideration. FOR, Without THis Nations` Strengths..The Rest of The WORLD will Most Assuredly, FEEL The DownFall. SO>>Get Behind OUR President..AND Let HIM KNOW That you ARE behind HIM. HE Sees THE Whole Picture..AND Will Not be Deterred. Thank you >>GOD..FOR His Strength and HIS fortitude in Face of ALL he is Having TO Contend..HE Will Prevail ! with GODS~ Help !!
    WHY is MY Honest Comment NOT Taken ? IT is NOT a Duplicate OF Anything I have SAID Before..BUT SO What..IF IT IS ?? IT Must BE SAID..AND Heard..It Must Be Allowed TO GET THRU All THE suberfuge That IS Pounding its` way in and Over Pure Honest Truths.

  23. VGF says:

    Trust nothing of what you READ…AND Very Little of Words Spoken with no Proof Behind THEM. Just Keep in mind WHERE this Country was Fastly Headed..before Donald Trump ( The Non-politician WHO SAW How This Nation was HEADED DOWNHill..AND KNEW WHO was DOING THE Pushing ! ..HE Did NOT Need to TAKE Over this BIG Mess…BUT HE DID SO..For Love of THIS USA. AND HE will never STOP In his Battle TO Put This Nation Back on TRACK FOR The Citizens OF This COUNTRY. NOT Only Will HE Put a STOP to HOW The Taxed TO death American Citizens WERE Being ROBBED.. BUT ALSO>>How These SAME Taxed TO DEATH Citizens WERE Being Ridiculed at EVERY TURN. GOD Bless TRUMP in All That HE Is Doing. SOME things May not SEEM…AT first Light..TO BE the RIGHT Decision..BUT> Inevitably, DOES Turn out to be THE ONLY and BEST Decision that Had TO BE MADE. The Survival of Our Great Nation Must be the First Consideration. FOR, Without THis Nations` Strengths..The Rest of The WORLD will Most Assuredly, FEEL The DownFall. SO>>Get Behind OUR President..AND Let HIM KNOW That you ARE behind HIM. HE Sees THE Whole Picture..AND Will Not be Deterred. Thank you >>GOD..FOR His Strength and HIS fortitude in Face of ALL he is Having TO Contend..HE Will Prevail ! with GODS~ Help !!

  24. Breaker 19 says:

    FOX News is definitely changing. They have always had some people that don’t understand reality, like Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace, now they are hiring CNN rejects like Donna Brazille. Why? If I was interested in what CNN said I would tune into CNN.
    Juan Williams has no idea what is going on, Shepherd Smith is a devoted Trump Hater, he is always repeating something Trump said, and then add, “that’s a lie”. Next day it will be proven it was true. He never apologizes. Chris Wallace say’s he is supposed to ask tough questions. He doesn’t ask tough questions, just stupid questions, and if he is not getting a stupid answer, he will interrupt them and change the question. I don’t watch Fox as much as I did. I turn it over when one of these people come on, cause I know it will be nothing but garbage.

    • Sumner Stone says:

      There’s parasols, parabolas, parakeets, parapets, paraphrases, parallels, paradise, paranormal, paraphernalia, paraplegic and then there’s the 90% voting YES on this question: PARANOIAC!

    • Betty says:

      You took all the words out of my mouth, thank you!!!

    • Sue Breslin says:

      Well, at least, thankfully, Sheppard smith is gone. Yay. Same here, I used to like watching the Five, but when brazille is on, I turn it off, however, when dumb-downed Williams is on, I laugh like hell, when Jessie Watters gets a hold of him. He nails him every time.

    • Beverly Hanzel says:

      I too turn off Chris Wallace, if he doesnt get a condeming answer referring to Trump; he get the answer that suits him, he puts on that condeming half smile with evil look in his eye, he will angrily repeat the question until he has forced an answer that will please him. I dont watch him anymore, off it goes. I was an avid waTCHER of Martha McCallum, but have cooled to her after detecting her LEFT leanings, she has changed. I look for her to resign.

      • Noel F Holub says:

        I agree with you. Watched tonight and had to turn him off.

        • Noel F Holub says:

          I also noticed Martha McCallum has changed drastically. OANN is the only one I can watch and Rush on the radio I can listen to. No wonder have the U.S. is defecting to the progressives, they only watch the alphabet news shows.

          • Mary Jo Bankard says:

            Yes, Martha McCallum and Bret Bair have both gone over to the dark side. I don’t know if someone is offering them more money if they abandon true journalism to bow at the altar of liberalism or what. But, it isn’t a pretty sight.

  25. Dan Winright says:

    What’s it going to be Murdoch,FOR AMERICA, OR AGAINST?

  26. Scott27 says:

    Do you people really think it’s a good idea to have the attorney general of the United States involved in and interfering with a media source? Think about that for a bit. Don’t fly off the handle. Just think about it; and what it says about America; and patriotism; and the ideals by which this nation stands. Such a thing would never have happened in the nation we all grew up in, nor should it happen now.

    • Dan Winright says:

      Thank obungler for that.

    • Sumner Stone says:


      • Sumner Stone says:

        This comment was for Scott27, a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT! Misplaced by the Editor. A SHALLOW STATE plot?

        • The Real M says:

          Sumner Stone, If you think Scott27 is a true American patriot, your last name, stone, is absolutely perfect for you because you definitely have “rocks or stones” in your head!
          Scot27 is nothing more than a Democrat troll, on this site to be a disrupter, agitator and to attempt to discourage conservatives into doubting themselves.and giving up!

          • ABC says:

            wow, the Real M, you are particularly snarky today, even for you! Did your insecure door come open, or it is your desire to become a verbally abusive bully? Maybe you put on too much testosterone gel today?

          • The Real M says:

            ABC, OMG! Another troll has come out of the woodwork, who is related to JD!
            No, I am having a great day and do you liberal trolls think anybody cares who abuses you?
            I am sick and tired of responding to all of your names though……..

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          You are right, Summer Stone, Scott27 is not only a true patriot, but he is one of the most educated and well read person I have seen on this blog. Scott27 always researches his subject and follows numerous news sources, networks. Because of it, he also is called a troll and lots of other names by those Trumpers who like Trump because he bullies and badgers people. The truest thing Trump ever said was that his supporters could see him shoot and kill someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue and they would still support him.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Scott27, rocks in the head, One troll, writing under three names! Maybe more of you, don’t want to say until I am sure!
            🙂 🙂 🙂 Three little pigs, I mean nauseating trolls!
            Go find the article about the debunked impeachment poll!
            GO On Now!

    • VGF says:

      What Is your Point ? Of course It is Alright For The Attorney General OF this USA to BE involved In What THIS Double-Dealing NEWS Media Continues TO Throw OUT THERE>>{Thinking THAT SOME OF THEIR CRAP WILL STICK } >> FOR SUREG Barr ? He is The Only VOICE Of REASON>>Obviously. That is Out THERE>> He KNOWS Where THE DIRT and Corruption is Flooding in FROM..AND Very SOON NOW>>HE is going TO BE Shoveling That S..t Back at its` source… Doing In the Filthy SWAMP Creatures < FOR Good !!

      • Scott27 says:

        Well, VGF, no need to get all apoplectic about it. You could just come right out and say you don’t believe in the ideals and principles upon which this nation was found and thrived for more than 200 years. That IS what you are saying.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Good one, Scott27. One thing Trump and Barr have forgotten or rejected, is that when elected, the president is supposed to represent A L L Americans, not just his own base. And when selected, the Attorney General is supposed to be the people’s Attorney General, not the PERSONAL ATTORNEY FOR THE PRESIDENT. Justice is supposed to be handle impartially, blind to political and other differences. This is not the way Trump and Barr act.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, You are as full of feces as a Christmas Turkey!
            You suffer from serious neuroses, most notable is a superiority complex problem is, you are not competent to pull it off!

      • Sumner Stone says:

        I wouldn’t call ALL Trump supporters “swamp creatures” as you have. Most of them are decent Americans who have yet to realize how damaging he has become to our country both in terms of our Constitutional system and our international stature. I suspect that only about 10-15% are, as you say, SWAMP CREATURES.

    • The Real M says:

      Scott27, Unless you are a bonafide mindreader, you have absolutely no idea what this meeting was about, now do you?
      For all any of us knows these men could be very good friends, lifelong possibly!
      But NO, you, Dems, always assume the worst when it comes to Republicans!
      Have you ever heard the old saying, “those who cannot be trusted, do not trust”? That certainly applies to every Democrat
      I know!
      You don’t know, you assume! There is a saying about that also. “When you assume, to assume makes an ASS/U/ME, (ass of you and me)!
      Scottie, you are such a girl! You are undoubtedly a unhappy, stressed out, negative little pansy person. You need to lighten up, be more positive, get a hobby before you have a stroke or heart attack!

      • Scott27 says:

        Real M…. partly hilarious and partly tragic that you give me a lecture on assumptions and in the same few sentences make a host of assumptions about me…. none of which are even in close to the realm of truth, as is expected. Also, as I said before, I know you think you’re insulting me with the girly/pansy nonsense, but you’re really not even close to insulting me. You are simply a pathetic little person.

        • The Real M says:

          Scott27, No Scottie, I don’t think or care about you one way or the other. I certainly don’t care what you think about me.
          I don’t assume anything about you, I have been reading your comments forever and they reveal all I need to or want to know about you. Perhaps I know you better than you know or realize about yourself.
          You are simply a troll with a superiority complex and attitude. You think you are the smartest person in a large room of scholars with doctorates and everyone else is an idiot!
          AND, who the heck cares anyway………..
          Does anyone else care, no, didn’t think so! 🙂

          • Dr. J. D. says:

            I keep trying to tell you over and over, The Real M, that plenty of people care, and that you are NOT winning people over by being so snarky, disrespectful and bullying. You CLAIM you don’t assume anything about Scott27, yet you JUST SAID: “Scottie, you are such a girl! You are undoubtedly a unhappy, stressed out, negative little pansy person. ” You ARE acting like a pathetic little person that tries to elevate himself by tearing others down.

            Your bullying techniques of Trump and the Triumpers is alienating females especially. Again, since you don’t seem to GET IT., only one in three women support Trump – – – over 2/3rds see him very unfavorably. How he acts might excite his base, but they are alienating the vast majority of Americans.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Oh you are so sweet if you just weren’t so much like the ” mad hatter”! Settle or get sick!

            NOTE: You may be a girl for all I know and trust me, I don’t want to know!

    • D.A.N. says:

      You mean like having the head of the CIA running around to the stations? Or the AG at the time, either Lynch or Holder? You don’t know what AG Barr discussed but I’d bet you that Lynch didn’t only discuss grandkids with Clinton on the airport tarmac.

  27. Kathleen Martin says:

    I’m with you on these left wingers!

  28. Conrad JL says:

    I used to watch FOX 100% of the time. Now the slant the news to fake news I switch to OAN. Still feel I can trust them. FOX needs to clean house if they want to be reputable news source.

  29. Hihat says:

    Meeting on Wednesday and Shep Smith turns in his resignation on Friday mmmm..
    Who is next Chris Wallace I hope with that Brazil and Juan Williams to follow.

    • Cheryl Doros says:

      I think it’s good that there are voices from the left on the discussion shows/panels. It presents the left’s view that is then a part of the discussion and very easily refuted. Otherwise FOX would be just like the “we all think the same” shows.

  30. Benjamin Blumberg says:

    It is fortunate that the new Fox Newsers like Donna Brazile and Paul Ryan just cannot wait to make their liberal outlook apparent in their actions. I would be willing to grant Donna a grace period – after all she has been at the center of Democrat politics for a long time. But Paul Ryan has always been a RINO and a Trump backstabber, and he lost no time distorting a Fox News Poll. As for Juan Williams, he is painted into the Fox woodwork. And as for Judge Napolitano – he is just a petulant child deprived of his cookie.

  31. mike dar says:

    This is about leaking.. and some was done to FOX talking heads. While CNN and MSNBC exist largely off hoax’s from leaking, FOX does not… hence FOX is very vulnerable to ‘Leakers” stories- DOJ coming investigations and the FOX viewership.
    I expect Paul Ryan to be leaving the Board of Directors of FOX very soon.

  32. John says:

    I watch OAN except for the evening programs==Tucker, etc. FOX has gone the way of CNN.
    Also, cannot understand FOX NEWS people–they talk too fast and their speech is garbled.

  33. shirley says:

    please clean up Fox news…some are part of fake news and some of them outright lie. Why on earth would they hire so many democats

  34. Mel says:

    Fox News should work on a dialog of Juan Williams, Donna Brazile and Candace Owens. I trust Candace on mostly any front.

  35. Mary Jo Bankard says:

    Fox, fair and balanced ??? I think not! They need a near total revamp. I don’t watch Fox as much as I use to. I started to notice a year or so ago that alot of the news anchors would grill the conservative guests and let the liberal guests say whatever they wanted and didn’t even question them or dispute what they were saying. It’s a sad turn of events. Fox use to report fairly. Thank God for Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Greg Gutfeld.

  36. Richard B. says:

    I was beginning to wonder if OAN was going to be “the last channel standing” with NEWS that I could trust !!

  37. Marilyn says:

    Everyone keep talking and get out and vote. TRUMP 2020

  38. Alice M Street says:

    You can add Wallace to the list to go to CNN

  39. Carolyn says:

    This article tells us nothing!

  40. sharon says:

    thank God and gray hound Shep smith is gone!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  41. David says:

    Judge Andrew Nap, Juan and Shepherd do not have any credibility insofar as being honest and objective.

  42. Terry L Earl says:

    Time to clean up the house at FOX news. They have a bus load of lying liberal hacks that really need to go. Judge Andrew Nap might as well get on the bus and hit the road too.

    I simply turn the channel when I see Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Donna Brazil, Ms Tarlov and that Smith wanna-be, doing the news on Saturday afternoon, whatever his name is!!! Really, these morons are spoiling the pot of objectivity and honesty during the day. And how about those grinning eggheads FOX news so called contributors that come on various shows to grin, argue and spew total nonsense?

      • Hatti Nuff says:

        Yeah, him

      • Mary Jo Bankard says:

        Leland is obnoxious. He is so liberal and doesn’t even try to hide it. Again, he cow tows to liberals and brushes off or interrupts any time a conservative is trying to make a point or dispute something that Leland says.

    • Eyeswideopen says:

      So let me get the straight; all of you FoxNews addicts are content to continue having the fake news, the lies, and the pro Trump broadcasting that has formed 99% of your opinions continue 24/7, non-stop, without ever hearing and, more importantly, comprehending other points of view as well as other, perhaps more accurate, accounts of what’s going on in the our country and the world? My lifelong study of dictatorships, both current, ones that have failed , or the many others that have been overthrown and replaced by Democracies have brought to me an understanding of just how dictators and scoundrels have come to power since time immemorial, and the very first step is for them to control the media and the press; from there follow an endless string of lies and false promises to facilitate the corruption that soon follows. But, of course, none of that will come into play if the media and press cannot be controlled. In years gone it was a much more difficult task than it is today with our 24 hour news cycle and a news media that cannot be held accountable.
      Of course Trump is furious in seeing his all empowering and widely watched cheering squads and fake news stooges at FoxNews show signs of what he considers betrayal to him. Trump absolutely demands loyalty and when he sees a crack in the wall at the FoxNews Channel that he was counting on he immediately begins the expected slanderous, insult laced, degrading, and foul language laced attack on the the recently disloyal and on any that might be considering joining those who are rapidly coming to realize they’ve hitched their wagon to a clumsy, incompetent, egomaniacal loose cannon who’s fear of losing his grip on his extremely gullible support base is becoming his worst ever nightmare but very likely the rest of the country’s salvation.

      • D. Sid Coy says:

        Your eyes may be wide open , however your epistle evokes only opinion. Same one widely published by those of doubtful credibility.

      • Z.R.French says:

        long comment n yet you aid nothing…read the whole thing and laughed and actually was bored…you r not a Fox or Trump person so why the post????…We already know what Liberals make up and say daily…we don not need another Liberal scolding we conservatives….move on

        • Eyeswideopen says:

          Hey Z.R. French and D.Sid Coy:
          Your responses make my point even more clearly: Those far right incredibly gullible and devoted FoxNews watchers and true believers cannot see the forest through the trees. You have been weaned on FoxNews propaganda that reinforces your shallow views every time you tune in. Like the sheep that stood in front of Germany’s Reichtag in 1934 and cheered their hero’s every word you cannot be convinced that Trump is expecting you to behave the same way. I watch FoxNews myself when they cover Trump’s rallies and see exactly the same behavior one sees in the old newsreels of the Nazi gatherings in the 1930’s of the thousands upon thousands who also saluted and cheered every false promise uttered by another egomaniacal leader who had controlled completely the German media, alienated his country from all of Europe and eventually the entire free world; who used the jews as the scapegoat to unite his cause and…….well you know the rest of the story you just cannot see or believe that you have been duped, manipulated and brainwashed in the same way.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Excellent analysis, EyesWideOpen. I have referred to the behavior of some of the Trumpers as similar to both Nazi Germany personnel and very similar to cult followers. What showed me that over a year ago is how Trumpers are as vicious to other GOP members if they vary off the script one iota! They attack other republicans who disagree with Trump’s decisions like they are HERETICS, rather than treating them as valuable colleagues with a different point of view.

          • D.A.N. says:

            It isn’t the right that is banning free speech on campuses around the country.

  43. let them talk dems said trump will loose they said before he started trump white washed all of them republicans and democrats trump will win by a large margain he will be president for the next four years make america the greatest of all nations

    • TRUMPBEGONE says:

      A suggestion for Richard G. Fox: Ask a friend or neighbor to help you extract your head from your anus; you will be needing this extra help since it’s clear your head is up there as far as it can possibly go and, with your sphincter clamped tightly around your neck there is no light with which you can see what the f*ck is going on in this country.

  44. ANI4ANI says:

    Dump Donna/Juan & Shep, it would b start. However Fox needs 2b purged @ the top. IE: Murdoch sons & daughters in-law, they R global SOCOMS.

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