William Barr had something shocking to admit about Donald Trump

William Barr served Donald Trump for two years as Attorney General.

The relationship ended badly.

And now William Barr had something shocking to admit about Donald Trump.

Former Attorney General Barr continues to be one of the most confusing figures in the post-Trump Republican Party.

Appearing on former Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Newsmax show, Barr claimed it would be a mistake for Republicans to nominate Donald Trump for President in 2024.

Barr claimed that Trump ran behind the rest of the Republicans running for office in the key states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which is why he claimed Joe Biden won the election.

“Maybe your audience doesn’t want to hear this, but Trump ran weaker than the Republican ticket in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — 75,000 Republicans went to the polls and voted straight Republican ticket in Arizona and didn’t vote for him, 60,000 in Wisconsin, 60,000 in Pennsylvania. That’s why he lost the election,” Barr stated.

Spicer then questioned Barr about his past comments that even though he opposed Trump’s candidacy for President in 2024, he would vote for him if he is the nominee.

“I’ve said I don’t think he should be our nominee, the Republican Party nominee. I think Republicans have a big opportunity. I think it would be a big mistake to put him forward. But if he was the nominee, then I would vote for him over the Democrat,” Barr added.

Barr has explained in the past that he believes the socialist agenda pushed by the progressive Left is the biggest danger the country faces.

Former Attorney General Barr was one of the most confusing figures of the Trump era.

Barr entered office talking tough about how the Deep State spied on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2016.

Additionally, Barr also believed the Russia investigation was based on nonsense.

Barr also tapped United States Attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

However, in the year after it leaked that Durham’s investigation turned into a criminal probe, he only produced one indictment against an FBI lawyer for doctoring evidence to win a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Paige.

Now Barr is offering contradictory statements halfwaying between being a Never-Trumper and a MAGA diehard.

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