William Barr gave this surprising answer about Joe Biden facing criminal charges

Former Attorney General William Barr had an up-close view of the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden.

That made Barr’s comments on Fox News stand out.

And William Barr gave this surprising answer about Joe Biden facing criminal charges.

In an interview with anchors John Roberts and Sandra Smith, Barr discussed writing about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

In his book, Barr described how he argued with Donald Trump about commenting on the investigation into Hunter Biden during the campaign since it was still ongoing.

“I’m limited to what I can say, I don’t want to discuss ongoing possible investigations, but my reaction to the President there was resisting the idea of injecting a criminal investigation of one of the candidates’ children into the race when there has not been definitive judgment over at the Department of Justice,” Barr responded.

Barr told Roberts and Smith that he was appalled during the final Presidential debate when Joe Biden lied to the American people by falsely claiming a New York Post story about the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop were the product of Russian disinformation.

“So, I made it clear I was not going to discuss criminal cases with him, especially ones he might have an interest in. So, I would still do that today, but I was very disturbed during the debate when candidate Biden lied to the American people about the laptop,” Barr added.

Barr also dinged the media for parroting Biden’s lie about the laptop being Russian disinformation while at the same time ignoring statements from the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI knocking down the falsehood amplified by the Biden campaign and corporate-controlled media about the authenticity of the emails reported on in the New York Post’s story.

“He [was] squarely confronted with the laptop and suggested it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by intelligence people. It was baseless, which he knew was a lie, and I was shocked by that, and fortunately the DNI came out and said no it’s not, then the FBI said the same thing, and the media ignored it,” Barr noted.

The Post reported that some of these business deals involved Joe Biden, leading Roberts to ask Barr if the President faced any legal exposure.

“Do you think there is a legal liability for the President here? Perhaps not while in office?” Roberts asked.

Barr did not deny that was the case.

“I wouldn’t want to venture an opinion on that,” Barr answered.

Sandra Smith tried another way, asking Barr if Jen Psaki suddenly refusing to comment on the story meant the White House knew it had a problem on its hands.

“Suddenly, Jen Psaki cannot comment on something she has commented on many times before. Does the White House have a problem here?” Smith pressed Barr to answer.

Once again, Barr did not deny that this investigation posed legal risks to the Biden family.

“I think now, you know, from a political standpoint, now this is in people’s consciousness, it had been suppressed up until now, obviously they have a hot potato, and to see how they handle it will be interesting,” Barr answered.

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