William Barr dropped the one letter that could mean jail time for Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s “Spygate” scandal is exploding.

And the fallout is worse than anyone thought.

Now, William Barr dropped the one letter that could mean jail time for Barack Obama.

The Justice Department sent House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler a letter officially informing him of the rationale behind William Barr’s investigation into the Obama administration’s and FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, as well as the scope of the inquiry.

Barr’s inquiry is causing shockwaves in Washington, D.C. and this letter did nothing to shut down fears that Barr was going to rip the lid off of one of the biggest political scandals in American history.

The Daily Caller reports:

In a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, Justice Department official Stephen E. Boyd provided a summary of Barr’s review. Nadler, a New York Democrat, had asked for details of the investigation, which is being led by John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut.

“It is now well established that, in 2016, the U.S. government and others undertook certain intelligence-gathering and investigative steps directed at persons associated with the Trump Campaign,” Boyd wrote Nadler, adding that “there remain open questions relating to the origins of this counter-intelligence investigation and the U.S. and foreign intelligence activities that took place prior to and during that investigation.”

“The Review is broad in scope and multifaceted, and is intended to illuminate open questions regarding the activities of U.S. and foreign intelligence services as well as non-governmental organizations and individuals,” Boyd wrote.

Obama and his Deep State allies were most worried about the portion of the Justice Department’s letter explaining that Barr would be looking into “foreign intelligence activities” during the campaign.

Critics have long contended that Great Britain and Australia’s intelligence agencies coordinated with the Obama administration to frame the Trump campaign for collusion.

They point to the suspicious Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud – whom many believe is a Western intelligence asset – meeting with Trump foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos and claiming the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary.

After this meeting, Papadopoulos was approached by Australian diplomat Alexander Downer for a meeting in London where Papadopoulos made an offhand comment about what Mifsud told him.

This meeting supposedly kicked off the collusion probe.

But were these encounters random?

Or were they part of a clandestine intelligence operation?

And if so, what was Barack Obama’s role in overseeing and authorizing all of this?


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250 Responses

  1. welderguy says:

    I remember when Bernie took a dive making room for HRC to run. She was (predictably) doing poorly in the polls… Bernie looking more like to be the left’s candidate. I remember the word “hacked” and “russia” and “moldova” and I remember the FBI asking to see the servers. the DNC (Debbie Whatsername Shultz?) telling the FBI “no. We will do it ourselves”.

    How does THAT happen, Mr Comey? and things just got worse from there. The left was counting on people forgetting after 2 weeks. They were counting on Clinton being coronated… they were counting on her getting in to office and covering up the things she and Obama did to force her into office whether we wanted her or not.

    Then it got worse, as we kept asking questions. Russia, russia, russia… the meeting on the tarmac, Epstein, BJ Clinton and Lolita Island… Jim Comey having ties to the people who do the Clintons taxes… on and on it goes…

    it was a real attempted coup… we kknew it then, we know it now.. we will not forget. this crap happens someplace else NOT in the USA.

  2. NOBODY says:

    Nixon was an Aberrational man compared to these creeps in office now…..
    he was honorable, he stepped down when he was caught in lies about the water gate tapes.

    Watergate compared to these heathens now was a candle compared to a fire storm!

    but these collage grads know days nothing only know he was going to be impeached so he redesigned but he didn’t authorized the break in’s but tried to cover up for his staff
    I was a dumb Dem at that time and didn’t change parties till Clinton was in office (I woke from a long slumber) to see what really was going on.

    The 1 thing (only 1) Clinton did for me was open my eyes

    the only collusion I’ve seen was was Hillary and the deep state with the aid of the Dim Witt Democrats

  3. FOREST says:


    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Nincompoops? Really? These are traitors. As sure as the sun will set tonight, these are traitors. The only thing that will put a stop to this, is to see every single one of them swinging at the end of a rope, on a tree branch. Anything else, is not justice. And this will continue until either they get rid of Trump, or we start seeing justice done. These pigs do not have our interests in mind. Only enriching themselves. At our expense. We better make our doj do its job, or this country is dust.

    • Wood says:

      We are responsible for putting them in there, but not completely.
      Many corrupt voting methods have been used to change precincts, counties, states.
      I believe Trump won the popular vote without the corruption,!!
      Illegals voting, a million and a half dead people still registered to vote and voting in southern California. Huge corruption in Florida. Let’s face it. It would be way more surprising if these lying asshole demonrats weren’t planning and co ordinating as many corrupt plans as they could think of.

    • Pat says:

      Term limits would take care of a lot of our problems.

      • Steff says:

        So would firing squads and hangings.

        • Kevyn says:

          I agree one to the head, start with Omar!

        • While I do agree term limits should be the proper practice,. It could also lead to a completely new set of problems. Consider having to keep up with number of fly-by-night crooks changing places every other election cycle.
          It would require a political science degree to be incorporated into basic studies from pre k to high school graduation. Not to mention a PhD in private investigation to manage the information needed to stay current on with the increased magnitude of those running for office. Simply limiting the amount of time spent in office will have little effect on the amount of corruption in government. It will only serve to increase the number of corrupt people looking to fill their pockets with your money.

          And yes, political corruption should absolutely be a Capital Crime. Until politicians start seeing serious jail time or executions , why would they care? They’re still going to gain a lifetime paycheck and healthcare even if they only serve one term. In what other job can you work for 2 years and gain a pension for life, paid healthcare , for life. None that I’m aware of

      • While I do agree term limits should be the proper practice,. It could also lead to a completely new set of problems. Consider having to keep up with number of fly-by-night crooks changing places every other election cycle.
        It would require a political science degree to be incorporated into basic studies from pre k to high school graduation. Not to mention a PhD in private investigation to manage the information needed to stay current on with the increased magnitude of those running for office. Simply limiting the amount of time spent in office will have little effect on the amount of corruption in government. It will only serve to increase the number of corrupt people looking to fill their pockets with your money.

  4. rebecca says:

    The evil in DC has been going on for years, & years, we the people just were not awake yet. But now we are, & the bad on both sides, of the isle just have to go. Instead of calling them the names they have earned, I say bring them to justice, this is what they deserve. We the people, demand that these corrupt one’s get the same punishment as anyone else would receive, for their crimes. And I would like to know how you all feel about them voting themselves a raise? They are not working for us, they are working for themselves, why should they get a raise.

  5. Taxes paid in America is mostly the cause, but
    the people who became wealthy do not
    want it to end.
    hillary , obama, is a perfect example of the tax
    grab that made them money. It’s been abused
    by the so call deep state. I understand you have to pay your taxes, but the abuse is the result of what’s going on right now.
    It’s the money source that’s fueling the democratic parties unwillingness to side with
    Donald Trump to get stuff done.
    Now half the world is in check, because our great President Donald Trump has exposed
    80% of the abuse. It will only get worse.
    China is a big example of total greedy world
    dominating the market.

    • Rod says:

      Another reason they won’t back our great President, he isn’t one of “them”., a lawyer or professional politician.

      • KeKe67 says:

        And because he’s a real President, not like that unqualified affirmative action baboon. God, I hope he goes to jail. They can’t be afraid to prosecute him for fear of screams of racism or worries about the jungle people going into riot mode if they do. Let them riot, we can bring out the National Guard and thin the herd, do some population control.

  6. orval (o.j.) Focht says:

    no body is above the law not even the president.dem words.

  7. stephen waterhouse says:

    It is time to start taking these clowns down before they do more damage to this country. Clean the dirty democrats and republicans out and put them in jail

  8. Rene Rivera says:

    In keeping with the spirit and intent of our laws ( which the dems apparently have not done). I’m of the opinion that the whole mueller probe should be thoroughly investigate and all those involved should be exposed. let the cards fall where they may. interesting that there is so much outrage that obama and Hillary’s motives and action are questioned in spite of ample evidence of wrongdoing , yetTrumps every move or comment is dissected and then presented under the most unfavorable of lights.

    • Chris Robinette says:

      Donald Trump should NOT prosecute Obama but allow William Barr to do his job in the DOJ to get it done.

      • Jo says:

        EXACTLY correct, but Barr needs to put the screws on him.

        • welderguy says:

          Would be very awesome to do a good step by step, date by date, money by money walkthrough of the order of events when we are done.

          Like the old b&w tv stuff, at the end… we could see the faces.
          BHO found guilty by a trial of… and sentenced to
          HRC found guilty of racketeering, money laundering, sellting national secrets, for violating the espsionage act,for distribution of classified materials with which she was read into and tntrusted with
          Eric Holder…
          James Comey…

          Talk about getting “ratings” lol

    • frane says:

      so true its all out there in black and white we average every day citizens see it why are the officials in Washington seem to have a blind eye and no clue of what’s going on right under their own noses are they part of the corruption and hiding it its time to bust this mess wide open release letters documents and anything else that obama and Hillary and the FBI have locked up to cover their ass’s!!

  9. jim says:

    There will be 900,000 fewer White voters on Jan 1, 2020
    Then there was in 2016
    Your dreams of a White Trump loving America are just that….Dreams

    • Rene Rivera says:

      And what, exactly do you mean by that, jim?

    • Dee says:

      I think he means we’re being overtaken by voting illegal immigrants. The ratio between the illegal voters to legal is diminishing

    • Leni says:

      How do you figure that ? What is your proof?

    • welderguy says:

      Only because of the undercover Nato/UN troops being brought in as guests (paid guests) of Obama and Soros to help ‘disarm’ americans. Planning on what… 500,000 foreign troops acting surreptitiously from the available list of current registered gun owners… if said owners don’t release all weapons and ammunition immediately upon demand to these ‘Special Police’… they are to be dealt with immediately “and decisively”. That’s the language I’ve been hearing from the Warren/Clinton/Obama intel..

  10. Russell Fowler says:

    America had 8 years of a foreign born citizen as president of the USA If you had any knowledge of world and America history you could see the birth of Obama as a fake birth certificate.

    • Steve says:

      Very True Russell, as the world laugh’s their as’es off at the American people, can you imagine what would happen if this was done in china????

  11. Daniel Mount says:

    Barack Obama should have been Prosecuted a long time ago. So what is taking so long? He is an Islamic and should have been Impeached then Arrested in the White House. He is and always was the Muslim Brotherhoods Manchurian Candidate and the Main Islamic Terrorist.

  12. Edward says:

    I am saddened from reading some of the comments. The language is atrocious. The comments are unacceptable in our society and I’m not commenting about being politically correct. Calling the former president with those pejoratives is also unacceptable. To hold him accountable if he broke laws is O.K. but everyone is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty by his peers. The Democrats did some nasty things. Obama did some nasty things. Hillary did many nasty things. And they had accomplices as no one person can do all the nasty things they are accused of doing. I am not defending the Democrats, Obama, Hillary, Holder, etc. I also have issues with many of the Congress people in the current House like Nadler, Schiff, the Muslim contingent and AOC. But PLEASE don’t use those NASTY unacceptable words that show your intolerance.

    • Edward says:

      and IGNORANCE. (add to above commentary.

    • Eva says:

      He was not a legitimate president and he didn’t go to college and get a law degree …it was all fake he was born and raised in Africa…he stole money to finance this war right now he lied and lied to us…he brought too many illegals over here…then he gave citizenship to the ones he hand picked…he placed American hating muslims in position they are not qualified to be then sealed all of his dirty work and it can’t be opened….he stole billions of dollars…how dare anyone support him….

      • Marcus says:

        In essence I agree , But it would be wise to do some more research on all the many crimes committed by Comrade Chairman Obama AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro and to finally expose who and what this Man is , Watch = Dreams from my real Father , A story of Reds and Deception by Joel Gilbert , Yes both Birth Certificates are ridiculous fakes , The same goes for the two stolen Social Security Numbers that Barry has used , The Birther Theory was started by the Corrupt Criminal Clinton Crime Family , But He may not have been born in Kenya , Do your research and learn why the Man committed so many counts of Perjury ,Fraud , Identity Theft , Forgery , Larceny , One thing We know for certain is that Barry is an illegal alien that overstayed his student visa , But is a Citizen of Indonesia , The rest I will let You figure out after watching Joel Gilbert`s Film , Much more crime and criminality then I can begin to list

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Eva, you are another lunatic from far right field and your racism is showing badly,

      • Barbara says:

        I totally agree with you!

    • blackyb says:

      You are so full of chit, you reek, hypocrite.

    • blackyb says:

      As I said. Edward: You are so full of chit you reek. You are a liar and are sick to stand up for that Obama foreign agent.

    • neo says:

      Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers EXCEPT Donald J. Trump….just look at all the accusations from the liberals/media 24/7….Now Obama /Hillary on the other hand is guaranteed innocent ,no matter what the evidence is.

    • Joe Passanante says:

      “Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY” EXCEPT for TRUMP—-RIGHT, EDWARD??????

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Yes I agree the laws do say innocent till proven guilty….but the filthy pieces of s**t liberal bastards found President Trump guilty till proven innocent, then when he was found innocent, the lib bastards refuse to admit defeat, & continue to insist Trump is guilty of something! So accept my apology for my language but F**K all the liberal pigs!!

    • ssilv48 says:

      Edward, you have to be smart enough to see what has been going on. As Hillary stated in the second to the last debate on a hot mic she thought was off as she was waking away: “If that fusker wins, we are all going to jail”, NOT WORDS FROM AN INOCENT PERSON AND ALL THE DIRT BAGS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, ALSO FOR LETTING A KENYAN BORN MUSLIM IN AMERICA’S HIGHEST OFFICE FOR 8 ILLEGAL YEARS. WAKE THE F UP.

  13. Vasu Murti says:

    …but William Barr failed to release the entire unredacted Mueller report, the one which could mean jail time for Trump.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • You mean the 8 portions of sentences that by law he wasn’t allowed to release? I realize demwits have been breakfast ng the laws they past for decades, but do you really believe that everybody should?
      For some who claims to be “woke”, you certainly don’t seem to be able to smell the coffee. Maybe it’s all that kool-aide that has your sniffer clogged.

    • Marcus says:

      @Vasu , It is apparent that You are far too Dim and Dull to divide it , Jail Time for Trump ?? What leads You to believe that this was a legitimate or legal ( Investigation ) in the first place ? It was not even considered to be a valid Political Witch Hunt based in any sort of reality , As a former Prosecutor Robert Mueller had no justification for coming to any of these conclusions and overstepped his bounds and wasted two years and over 20 million dollars and ended up with over 400 pages of garbage which is already being picked apart by various sources as being lies ,Omissions ,Distortions ,Deflections ,Why do You think Robert ( The Dirty Cop ) Mueller resigned after stating that William Barr was correct and did his job ? Robert Mueller may be guilty of Perjury and Fraud and also Obstruction because of the so called Report , And He knows it

    • Pat says:

      You are an idiot. People like you are going to ruin our country

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Pure BS. Vasu Murti. Nobody could possibly so stupid to believe Robert Mueller had evidence of a crime that would hold up in court and didn’t rush to present it to a grand jury. A G Barr did give Nadler the 400+ ‘page report of king of frame ups Mueller, and apparently some of them read it since they are following Mueller’s plan for the deep state establishment congressional members to continue working with the new world order to hasten crashing our economy before the new world can be taken down and all of them be held accountable for treason & crimes against humanity. Rosenstein hired Mueller as SC because he knew he was as deep state and anxious to save his own aZZ, as the rest to them. It was not an investigation of Trump/Russia collusion but expediting of treason with a fishing expedition at tax payers expense.
      Apparently you missed Mueller’s “I was denied my indictment” remark. Apparently Rosenstein & Mueller did rush their evidence to a grand jury and told they had no case. as a grand jury would be the only source for denying them an indictment.
      Perhaps A G Bill Barr needs to look for when they presented the evidence to the grand jury & told they had no case, to see how long the fishing expedition lasted after the indictment was denied!!!!!
      Perhaps we the people should start a law suit against Rosensein, Mueller & all the lawyers involved in this treason, deliberately called an investigation, instead of treason, to demand retribution for every penny spent on their salary and every other aspect of this treason & fishing expedition, from their own personal wealth, since they were not working for We the People – but for the one world global government, aka the new world order. Think we will have better luck with that indictment than Mueller had with his!!!!

      • Dee says:

        Amen, couldn’t of wrote that any better.

      • Marcus says:

        @Wondering Woman , You seem to see it very very clearly , I have said much of this since the very beginning , I knew that the Clinton Crime Family and the Communist Party was behind all of this , Besides The Communist Chinese , The Russians , The Saudi Royal Family wanted Hillary as President so bad they could taste it , That is why they all donated so much money to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      You seen to believe that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, why not raise it to $150 an hour or more? as you think that employers are going to make up for it by cutting back working hours, laying workers off, raising their prices for their goods and services or simply going out business stupid!

    • jim says:

      Vasu you are one stupid person and most likely a Muslim , so shut the fk up

    • neo says:

      Hey ! dummy if Barr released the entire report he would BREAK THE LAW…there is a law that won’t let him release the info of the grand jury to protect them….the democrats/liberals are trying to set him up to be prosecuted….if they want that info tell them to pass a law that allows it ….MORON.

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Don’t get bitten by that idiotic person who calls him/herself as “The Old Dog” as you might get Rabies.

  15. arthur arutunian says:

    americas first ngr muslum obama criminal we shoulg frow him out of usa back to kenya where he born took him 3yrs to show his birth car. 1 day u call hospital get a copy not 3yrs that means fake birth cer. and all demofarts are criminal like him

  16. David Muench says:

    Do not just mean that it could we the American People want to see this happen immediately along with a bunch more people joining him their no more fooling around we want to see now only results here.

  17. JUST ME says:

    TO FO

    • Original Anna says:

      Just me: Huh, what are you talking about. No where in the letter does it indicate that Barr is backing down. If anything the letter is indicating that what Nadler wants he can’t have because it is an ongoing investigation. How does that say Barr is not doing his job. Investigations take time especially since those involved have had two years to cover up. It took time to clear out those involved like Comey, Sessions, Brennan, etc. and next Rosenstein. And now going deeper is going to be harder and take more time but these aren’t fake like Trump’s collusion charge, they are real and the evidence has to be able to stand up in court. Nobody likes waiting but let’s see how it ends up before we start accusing Barr as not doing his job.

  18. Mary Johnson says:

    It is an act of treason to have a deep state and Obama being the head of a deep state has committed treason and therefore, should go to jail for treason.

  19. hotrod says:

    barry committed treason. it is also an illegal alien. those are facts. treason calls for the death penalty not jail.

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Absolutely! Obama is part of a master plan a very important puppet sent to destroy the very fabric of America. Which he was allowed to pull off without much resistance.
      Faker Obama has skated for far too long. Too many have covered for him. No wander deep state did not want Trump elected. Its proving to be a corruption coverup like nothing this county has ever seen.
      Its a shame the first fake black president turns out to be a Kenyan born that lies about being a Muslin who’s agenda was to usher in the New World order or at least finish setting it up for Hillary yo wrap it IP. Even more dad to have the first fake poser president and the first woman president both with the agenda to take America out for The New World order.
      You keep hearing about white men in power. The combination of all the white men of the past presidents can’t measure the destruction Obama Bush Sr Clinton and George W. Bush . Speaks volumes.

  20. vito corleone says:


    1. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by releasing five suspected terrorists and former members of the Taliban who participated in or orchestrated attacks against Americans.
    2. He violated a law he signed six months prior requiring him to notify Congress 30 days before releasing GITMO detainees.
    3. He has willfully and repeated violated Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution by continuously amending the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.
    4. He knowingly and willfully violated Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution by signing the ACA, knowing full well it was a bill for raising revenue that had originated in the Senate.
    5. He engaged in fraud by repeatedly lying to the American people about the effects of the ACA by claiming that Americans could keep their current coverage and physicians if they chose.
    6. He exercised an abuse of power by instructing, through his proxies, agents of the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative organizations and his critics for extra scrutiny and audits.
    7. He participated in an obstruction of justice and a criminal conspiracy by hindering a Congressional investigation into the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal and using Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in that obstruction.
    8. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by ordering or allowing the sale of arms and ammunition to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Syria and by dispatching agents of the government to advise and train in the use of the those weapons and in military tactics.
    9. He failed, despite repeated requests by the U.S. Consulate, to provide the security necessary to ensure the safety of U.S. personnel and the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
    10. He knowingly and willfully denied military assistance to Americans under attack at the Benghazi Consulate, resulting in the trashing of the U.S. Consulate building, the theft of sensitive documents and the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.
    11. He knowingly and willfully lied and ordered his proxies to lie about the circumstances surrounding the attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi, thereby perpetrating a fraud on the American people in order to ensure his re-election and to cover up his illegal gun running operation.
    12. He violated the War Powers Act by failing to gain Congressional approval for the military attack on Libya that resulted in the overthrow of the Libyan regime.
    13. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by using the American military and intelligence organizations and allowing the sale of arms and ammunition to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in order to assist them in overthrowing a legal regime in Libya that Congress had not declared war upon.
    14. He has repeatedly made war on various Middle Eastern countries with the use of drone attacks without the approval of Congress in violation of the War Powers Act and in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.
    15. He has ordered the murders of at least three American citizens without due process in violation of Amendments 5, 6, 8 and 14.
    16. He has repeatedly used the Environmental Protection Agency to contravene Congress and pass laws harmful to American businesses and consumers, in violation of Article I, Section 1.
    17. He has repeatedly violated the 4th Amendment by allowing agencies under his direction to continue to spy upon, wiretap and collect personal information of American citizens who are not criminal suspects.
    18. He has repeatedly violated Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution by disregarding laws passed by Congress, including, but not limited to, U.S. immigration laws, civil rights laws and the Defense of Marriage Act.
    19. He knowingly allowed the illegal sale of weapons to Mexican narco-terrorists that were later used to kill Americans, including border agent Brian Terry.
    20. He obstructed justice by participating with Attorney General Holder in a cover-up of the Fast and Furious gun running scheme.
    21. He knowingly and willfully violated Article IV, Section 4 by failing to protect the border States against invasion, and in fact encouraged that invasion through his rhetoric and with the use of executive orders that contravened U.S. immigration law.
    22. He knowingly and willfully violated Article IV, Section 4 (guaranteeing a republican form of government to each State) by strong-arming, intimidating and threatening to withhold funds from the States of Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Rhode Island and Arizona in order to coerce the people and legislatures of those States and prevent the passage laws according to the citizen’s wishes.
    23. He instructed his Interior Secretary to ignore the orders of Federal courts to lift a moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, which denied oil workers an opportunity to earn a living and damaged the U.S. economy.
    24. He broke established precedent and contravened established bankruptcy law, to the detriment of the bond holders and the advantage of his campaign contributors (auto unions) in the General Motors bailout.
    In the auto bailout, he knowingly and willfully deprived numerous auto dealers of their dealerships for political reasons in violation of Amendments 4 and 14.
    25. He repeatedly transferred funds from the U.S. Treasury to his cronies and campaign contributors for use in failing green energy schemes.
    26. He violated Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution by appointing officers without first obtaining the “Advice and Consent of the Senate.”

    • Roger Miller says:

      Vito, I hope you will send your, shortlist, to Barr so he can look into each and every one of these!! Lord knows there has to be more. For his saying his would be the most trasparent. Administration in history, BHO, was a dirty, sleazy, underhanded, hypocritical, bastard!!!

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Excellent post!

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Vito very informative post the best l have ever read! Good job

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Great post!

    • Hwy Tracker says:

      And EX-Vice President had nothing to do with this I guess? Ha They all were and many still are traitors to the US and need to be eliminated legally. Thanks for the Post Brenda Collins…

    • Hwy Tracker says:

      Where in the world did you dig up all these alleged facts Vito? I love it. This is the most comprehensive listing of any TRAITOR(s) (OBAMA< BIDEN< CLINTON AND all who assisted these slimy people.) I have ever read. If any of these slimy people are ever found guilty I pray they are sent to GITMO for the rest of their lives. AMEN
      And Many in America today June 2019 hope old man sneaky BIDEN will become the next president. OUCH, that would be a big hurt on this country. BIDEN MUST BE STOPPED! Trump must be re-elected into Office.

    • Southern Patriot says:

      Thank you, Vito! Please forward your list to AG Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham. I have copied it and forwarded it to my Senator who is working closely with Sen. Graham on related investigatory matters. Stay informed and thanks again, patriot!

    • CLIFF says:


    • Doug McCaffrey says:

      Thank you for bringing all this back to mind.

    • John Hickman says:

      You would have to add Congress to protecting the border states they encourage illegals to come over so they could pay cheap labor

    • Pj says:

      Two thumbs up, well stated

    • Louis Rivera says:

      Vito Corleone, you hit the nail on head my brother…. OOORAH !! Well said..

    • welderguy says:

      freaking awesome… now, if we can get anybody up there with Barr to understand we remember all this, we understand all this.. and MORE… maybe we can get them to listen to us before we have to go to Articel V of the USConstitution..

  21. Richard Beasley says:

    I think that all politicians who take their oath to enforce, abide by and follow the Constitution and protect the well being of our Country and citizens and then don’t either for personal gains or political gains should be immediately “executed” and if they survive the execution let the Citizens and their Doctors determine if they should be killed or resuscitated.

  22. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I warned anyone one Not to reply to that mentally ill bitch or bastard who calls him/herself “Betty” whoever that sub-human is, but my warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

  23. steff says:

    Indict all involved including the ex-president and vice-president, try them in a court of law, and if guilty hang them or lethal injection based upon guilt. Those involved who committed minor infractions should be sent to Gitmo. Any and all pensions should be cancelled and all assets confiscated.

  24. When obama is brought out to snitch or go to prison, he will sing and too many other people know they will be sought out and sent to prison, the line of corruption is very long. shumer pelosi, hillary, bill, comey, waters,lynch, mueller and the list goes on

    • Maxx says:

      Absolutely !! Obama is nothing but a communist coward who hates America even though he got far more from America than America got from Him. He deserves to be arrested, prosecuted and punished to the strongest possible extent. His entire administration was made up of anti-American criminals. Every name uncovered by Barr in his investigations need to be held fully accountable no matter how insignificant . Only when the ultimate punishment is handed out will crap like this be stopped forever. The punishments should be handled by American citizens who volunteer to do what is required to end this kind of criminality.

  25. Moses says:

    This is another sick right wing propaganda. The scandal is all about Trump, working with the Russians to fix the election. They invaded our democracy, don’t t you care. The changed voted in Florida but the governor us sitting on that story. Trump is an egomaniac, constantly lying, bragging, whining, accusing, hating, insulting even war heroes like McCain when he was healthy, dying and even dead. Trump is a typical mobster, and has close ties to the Italian mafia. Don’t you read the real news, not the fake news of Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. Trump is clearly a racist punk, has sexually assaulted many women, you heard him on the tape even bragging about it. His first wife said that he raped her. He is laundering money from the Russian oligarchs, doesn’t pay much in taxes, and hasn’t shown his tax returns like every other candidate since 1970. Trump has alienated all of our allies, is trying to break up NATO because he owes Putin. He kisses up to all the dictators like Putin, Orban, Kim, and Duarte. He doesn’t know what he is doing in foreign policy, even Republicans say his tariffs are insane. He also has insulted Mueller who is a Republican and as clean and patriotic a leader in our history, unlike draft dodging Trump who is all about feeding his sick need for adulation, filling his pockets with dishonest dealings and feeding his obese body with junk food. He is also, lazy, doesn’t read and his first wife said he only read Hitler’s speeched next to the bed. You people who voted for him have hurt this country tremendously, and have shamed yourselves. your families, your communities, and this country.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Moses, do the world a favor & go kill yourself…

      • Isabel says:

        It takes a “Moses” to say something that stupid! I did not have the stomach to fully read that garbage.

      • Moses says:

        Colleen, with that statement you are as evil as Trump, no questions about, I would never tell anyone to get hurt or hurt themselves. I expect an apology if you are capable of one.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Nope I am not capable of apologizing for something I don’t regret saying or doing. But thank you for comparing me to the best President in modern history.

          • Tom says:

            Trump is the best President in my 60 years of voting (I’m 81 years old), and Obama the worst.

          • welderguy says:

            I did like Regan, too. Especially his comment about words that should make you run for your life…” I’m from the government – I’m here to help”… Lol he was spot on with that

      • I see you’ve met one of the other resident trolls that inhabit these blogs . Their numbers are increasing . Lol
        I guess nobody is listening to them on the loony lefts sites anymore so they have to try and stir the pot here.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Yep Robert moses & the gang are inbred creatures that seem to be multiplying . I guess life sux in the libs blogs, so they come to these blogs for attention.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Good morning Robert ????
          I hope you have a great day

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Once again I get to play “reply tag” in here????
          It’s always a great day when I can start my mornings by spanking little moses & his gang…

          • I used to enjoy playing that game, but then it hit me, I was actually supporting their efforts by replying to their rubbish. Being as they are paid trolls who make anywhere from a quarter to a dollar for each reply, I might throw them a buck to make my point, then they aren’t going to get any more help from me. If we all just skip over their trash, they don’t get paid and they’ll leave fir greener pastures. I know it’s difficult to do sometimes, but like this signs at the zoo say, “Don’t feed the animals”. Lol

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Soften up and tell that fake and flimsy excuse for “Moses” to just jump into the front of a speeding train.

      • Terry says:


    • Considering this Post is from an INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, he should consider committing SUICIDE.
      Hey Moses, those living in glass houses should not throw stones.
      Example: Ask your Mommy, the True Name of your Biological Father.

    • Marcus says:

      @Moses , Thanks for making Me laugh , That has to be the most Ridiculous and Absurd Rant of Stupidity and Transference and Projection I have read in months , No !! Maybe even years , Everything that You accuse our current President of your Liberal Messiah Comrade Chairman Obama is guilty of ,Except for One , Our Current President is Not ,I repeat Not!!!!!! a Radical Flaming Homosexual like your Messiah and Master Bath House Barry , I wish I could recommend some sort of treatment for that severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome , But better You then Me Moses , How about You become the victim of a Retroactive Abortion ? That would save the rest of us much Oxygen and many Tax Payer Dollars

      • Moses says:

        You crazed right wingers are against abortion so what you are saying is blasphemy or murderous talk. You are a delusional ignorant thug who idolizes a mobster, serial sexual assaulter, a thief, who was send away for punching a teacher. Trump is still a brat, an egomaniac brat, kind of like you for your hateful statements. Read a book in your life Marcus.

        • Marcus says:

          Like I mentioned before You have no idea what Right or Left even is , I cherish being Right of center ,Right in between of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry , But not an Anarchist , Having No Government makes no sense , But being Moses and the desire of the State being supreme is Nazism and Fascism , Maybe You should change your user name to Heinrich Himmler or Adolf Hitler , How about the only thing worse then being stupid is not knowing it

        • Ok, Moses, I wasn’t going to feed your paycheck, but I have to interject here.
          You’re correct, those of us on the right don’t agree with abortion, YOU DO, so any suggestion that you take your own life , isn’t blasphemy, it’s simply a suggestion that you practice what you preach. It’s your side who preaches murderous behavior, and who would be if we denied you your right to take your own suggestion. Now I’ve fed your paycheck enough for today, so I won’t reply again. Think about what you support, and if that’s what floats your boat or sinks it, have at it.

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Good morning Robert
            Your right about feeding these trolls, but sometimes it just amuses me to spank them ????
            But some require a muzzle in addition to a spanking.
            Have a great/blessed day Robert.
            (Tag, your it now, find the reply button)????????????????↘↗↕

          • Good morning Colleen, and wonderful blessed day to you too. I know it can be amusing to spank them occassionally, and I have to admit, I’m guilty of it myself, at times. As was the case with Moses yesterday. I’d had just about enough if his BS and had to turn things around in him .
            As you can see, I couldn’t find the reply button for your post, so I just replied to mine . Oh well, it seems to work out the same. Take care Colleen , and again , have a wonderful day.

        • Marcus says:

          Once again your Insanity is showing , Trump Derangement Syndrome is real , You seem to have our Current President confused with that illegal alien Marxist/Muslim Homosexual that illegally occupied the White House for 8 long years , Moses You really should go back to school ,But only after the good Doctor ups your dose on Thorazine

          • Gregory Sullivan says:

            Don’t reply to that fake “Moses” SOB a total ass**** and trying to portray him/herself as the savior of the world for the communist party USA. Huck Fim.

    • Rick says:

      Man you don’t drink the koolade you live in it like a fish.

    • Beverly Skinner says:


      • Beverly Skinner says:

        My comment was to Moses!! He does not sound like he is all here!!

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          I agree little moses is not the brightest bulb in the pack. He’s a bit sensitive at times…..I think he likes spankings because he goes to these blogs just for stirring up attention.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Sorry Beverly, I couldn’t reply on the comment I wanted to, the reply button must of ended up in moses’s pocket????
          I love “The Great One” there’s alot of books I would enjoy reading from both him & Rush, but unfortunately books are not in my budget. When I win the lotto, I sure will buy some of their books.

    • Chuck says:

      Hey get over yourself and pull your head out of your butt. You are going to continue to believe all of that nonsense as long as you keep watching CNN and the fake MSM media…. Being oblivious is not Bliss

    • Harm says:

      Hey Dick Moses & to all of you left wing cork suckers, the next civil war coming soon in your mouth will not end until death. Bend over here it comes again bitch.

    • Mary Johnson says:

      Moses you are wrong it was not President Trump that did these things but the Democrats but you go ahead and put your head back in the sand so you do not get air and can not hear or see what is been out there to hear and see.

    • Jan says:

      Poor old Moses,
      You’re sick! Just you wait ’til Attorney Durham’s investigation of the investigators comes out! You’ll be changing your tune! Haven’t you noticed that the ‘old core’ democrats are already running scared? The only reason the democrat congress is currently harping on impeachment is to try and convince dummies like you NOT to vote for President Trump in 2020 when there are no grounds for impeachment. Most of Nobama’s staff went to work for CNN and are paid to bash our President every minute of every 24 hours of every day!

    • Marcus says:

      @moses , You are a classic example of why the only thing worse then being stupid is not knowing it

  26. Unicorn76 says:

    Let’s hope Barr’s investigation or “matter” is completed faster than that of Pharaoh Mueller. Despite the hopes and dreams of the Trump hating lefties, Mueller’s pyramid had a foundation of sand (plagiarized) and crumbled to the ground. Now all the elected Hillary lovers are doing what they can to put the pieces together to relitigate her abysmal loss to a non politician. Let’s further hope that some democrat heads will roll.

  27. Michael says:

    Get that SOB. No one is above the law.

  28. Just another Joke by Trump and Barr

  29. howard buckley says:


  30. theolddog says:

    “I really hope this time the crooks will be indicated & serve actual time in prison. Every time I hear something like this, I get my hopes up just to be let down.”

    Godot will arrive before that happens.

    The increasing desperation of you radical, rabid, racist righties gets more amusing every day.

    • Marcus says:

      Is it senility or some other form of mental illness , But what You are describing is the Deranged Radical Rabid Fascist Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatics , What exactly is a Rightie ???

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Excuse me mutt:
      What part of what I said indicates I am racist?

      • Marcus says:

        The Race Card seems to be the only ammunition these deranged Radical Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatics have left , Pay no attention to the Liberal Lefty Lunatic that seeks attention , These Useful Idiots have no concept or understanding of history or Political Ideology , They will call You a Right Wing Extremist and have no idea what the Right even is , Or that they are so far out in Left Field they may as well Shake Hands with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and kiss Hideki Tojo on the behind

    • Bob the Builderr says:

      We smell the fear from you commie’s on the left. Many will be going to jail for collusion with the Russian’s and spying on Americans and I’m not talking about Republicans.

    • Joe Passanante says:

      Wanna bet? This is WATERLOO for SEDITIONISTS, pal!!

    • Eileen Ross says:

      theolddog, Please don’t get your hopes up. IMO, it’s just smoke and mirrors….again. I’ve been saying this a lot I know, but people need to realize that the likes of Obama and Hitlery are simply too powerful, rich, and have their own hit men. What prosecutor or judge is going to want to risk their lives and that of their families by putting them in prison?
      Just last week there were two former senators shot and killed. Interestingly, one was from Arkansas. Arkansas; Clinton territory. The fact was uncovered that the lady from Arkansas was about to expose a pedophilia ring. Coincidence?

      • fran Evans says:

        still waiting on the facts to come out on that seems it was one of her gal friends that killed her, does she have ties with the Clintons? was she the husbands lover the senators lesbian lover, will it be covered up to the real cause of why she died and was murdered?

  31. NOTE: Please investigate Speaker Pelosi as to where and how she has close to $200,000,000 on a salary of $200,000 per year! At maximum, if she spent 0 dollars, she would have about $7,000,000.

    • Christina says:

      I agree with you. It’s fairly well known that she used her position to have contracts awarded to her husband which is where much of her accumulated wealth came from. I believe that Pelosi is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous politicians who need to be investigated…… I think the biggest corrupter, the head of the snake if you will, George Soros.

      • Eileen Ross says:

        George Soros is an operative of the Big Boys in Brussels.
        Consequently, just like Hitlery and Obama, they’ll never arrest him.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Fancypants has a rich husband who has been in real estate management for years. Also, her father was a crooked mayor of Baltimore. That might explain some of it, but probably not all…….

  32. Please investigate Speaker Pelosi as to where and how she has close to $200,000,000 on a salary of $200,000 per year!

  33. LornaDune says:

    Its time to show the Dems. their not above the law.
    They have gotten away with many things that are
    against the law.

  34. The Justice Department sent House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler a letter officially informing him of the rationale behind William Barr’s investigation into the Obama administration’s and FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, as well as the scope of the inquiry.

    Barr’s inquiry is causing shockwaves in Washington, D.C. and this letter did nothing to shut down fears that Barr was going to rip the lid off of one of the biggest political scandals in American history.

  35. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Time to prove once and for all no one is above the law. Indicte Bath House Barry and everyone else involved in this crime. Time to clean the Commie Bolshevik punks out of our government. If they are convicted send them to a real U.S.P. not a wimpy Club Fed F.P.C..

  36. SuLig says:

    Let justice begin! Go right down the line. I just can’t wait till justice to begin for our children that were murder in an occult. I do believe it will start after our President is elected again. He is going to be sure to get all the proof he needs that will stick. Obama has been putting our President through hell when our President only concern was becoming our President to make it great again. The Democrats were instructed by Obama who is ahead of the deep state. President Trump was railroad where he was stopped from getting things done. He has done so much already. I can not even imagine what more he could do without the deep state. Our president is one strong man. God Bless you, President Trump. I pray 2020 you can do for America without the bull going on. Obama is ahead of the deep state. This criminal activity of Obama needs to be done!!

  37. Dorus Lucian I says:

    Betty: are your totally misinformed sentences part of some therapy for a mindless and unsocial illness?

    • Patricia says:

      Maybe Betty should be informed that her democrat buddies are funding the drug and sex cabal and how our POTUS has rescued 1,700 kids! Ask thIs idiot if she thinks those kids will ever recover from all that abuse! Yes this is the vile democrat party and that is why they want open borders because they get paid by the cartel to allow this to continue! And for voter fraud! And they will legalize pedophilia and continue to destroy our kids! If she doesn’t believe this then do the reseach and find out what these devils stand for!

    • Jet5 says:

      Betty Boop is not real cause anyone that spews the BS she or it puts on here can’t truly be that ignorant and stupid. Oh wait, she must be a Demorat on here to stir the pot!

  38. Pathfinder0100 says:

    Talk, talk, talk and NOT one inditement yet. What’s up??

  39. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    The whole Obama Administration belongs behind bars wearing Federal Orange Jump Suits.

    • Inkpad says:

      Barr needs to keep a lid on his investigation especially from democrats they will do everything they can to derail their investigation. The deep state is running scared and will only get more vile in their attempt to keep the power they have. Keep your mouth shut till you’re ready to drop the biggest hammer they’ve ever been smashed with.

    • Robert Laity says:

      “Imposters in the Oval Office” by Me. (iUniverse Publishing). Read the first (6) pages here: http://www.thepostemail.com/11/19/2017/imposters-oval-office

  40. bagster53 says:

    i can name a couple more reasons why the kenyan terrorist should be behind bars, the irs , the doj, benghazi, and the money he sent to iran

  41. Ruth says:

    Some of the congressional democrats having been saying no one is above the law referring to President Trump so it should apply to former President Obama. It’s time to hold Democrats to the law because they aren’t above the law either.

  42. Leo says:

    How long can the rats that started this B.S. keep there mouths shut. They can run but they can’t hide. Go get them Barr you are uncovering one of the biggest thing in America history. It’s disgusting what they’ll do when they have power.

  43. DON WEAVER says:


    • ward says:

      bo’S TREASONOUS violations of 78 U.S. LAWS & AT LEAST 10 CONSTITUTIONAL amendments is the proof to prosecute and execute him for high treason … ! Only jail time is his waiting for execution date … !

    • Bob says:

      Don, you are 100% correct. We need action from the AG, not just words. Everyone knows Obama was behind and knew everything about the trumped up charges of collusion and obstruction of justice the Democrats tried to overthrow the duly elected President Trump. Time to conclude the investigation because we all know what happened. Prosecute them now. The House Democrats are trying to use the second half of the Mueller report to prove the president is guilty of obstruction of justice. He isn’t guilty because Mueller would have said so, instead of his stupid and illegal remarks designed to help the Democrats impeach the president. All of this is a scam designed to take away from the legal issues the AG is formulating against the Obama regime.

      • Betty says:

        Wrong, bo b. The only ones who “Know”? & believe that Obama had anything to with the Russian Collusion & the Muller Report is the republican Retards doing their usual ASSHOLE KISSING of that White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House Legalized WHORE! Maybe the Russian Collusion charges cannot be proved but d trump Certainly Proves His INSANE STUPIDITY Almost Every Time He Opens His Big, Fat Mouth.

    • Mary says:

      AMENNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!

  44. Brad says:

    That is not the role of the President. The Justice Department should follow the real Russian collusion (on the opposite side of the aisle to wherever it leads…likely the Big Zero who was in the Whitehouse.

  45. Ken of Mo says:

    I don’t think Trump should prosecute obumba. But i do think the USA should prosicute him and every one envolved.

    • Tony says:

      President can’t prosecute Obama, the Justice department is in charge in that area.

    • Bob says:

      The Justice Department works for the president. So in affect, the president can prosecute Obama. All he has to do is tell the AG to take the action.

      • Betty says:

        Wrong again, bob. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump cannot just tell the Justice Department to prosecute Anybody without Solid Proof of Wrong-doing. Otherwise, that Oval Office Pile Of Sick Minded CRAP would have Been Locked Years Ago Either in a Prison Cell or a Padded Cell.

        • Mary Johnson says:

          Betty in case you do not know it was not President Trump that interfered with the elections it was the Democrats. The more Democrats try to pin there crimes on President Trump the more they being out their crimes. You don’t listen very well. Look at the reports and listen to the hearings themselves. Open your ears and eyes.

  46. Joe says:

    Well,well the skeletons are coming out of the closet. The AG is spring cleaning, it’s Katie bar the door time folks. Can OB,Hillary and Bill be sweating just a skoshi bit ?

    • Ronald Dunne says:

      NOTHING will be done to Obungo, a former democrat president. He is in home and free. There is nothing there to prosecute. At any rate the Republicans never prosecute criminal cases against ANYone, much less a former president!

  47. Cliff says:

    Why stop with just OBUNGHOLE? The time is LONG overdue to start rounding up the whole cabal of “deep state” TREASONOUS TRAITORS and let the, trials, convictions, sentencing, and HANGINGS begin.
    Like the “other” Cliff says in this posting, DO SOMETHING or STFU.
    The American People are tired of paying for useless endless taxpayer money wasting ‘investigations” all because CROOKED “queen” HITLERY got her butt beat by “We the People” coming out in DROVES and outvoting all the DEMOCOMMUNIST, schemes, scams, and rampant voter fraud in an attempt to crown their “queen”. (OBUNGHOLE 2-O)

  48. dlmstl says:

    If this investigative gains traction with creditable evidence pointing to Barry, Inc, look for the Dems, AA and MSM go to the mat to protect him.

    In the mean time, and with no surprise, a federal judge in Chiraq gave the OK today for the construction of his Presidential Center . They’ll be no Community Benefits Agreement. The nearby ravaged and violence plagued South Side neighborhood will remain a teeming ghetto.

    • Lorena Garcia says:

      Ok judge gives funding for a building. How very sad the funds will not go to where it is needed, if only they could understand the depth of the suffering they are causing

  49. david says:

    “Obimbo” should be stripped of his benefits and deported to Kenya.

  50. CLIFF says:


  51. Constantin says:

    baraboma is a traitor to AMERICA and he belong in JAIL obaboma cross the red line,it is crime put all of obaboma in JAIL

  52. George says:

    Idle Threats, No Back bone……Oh I’m going to get you now !!!….Oh, this could mean the end !!..He just did it, jail time !!! One fricken word, he’s done!! Oh this is tragic…Personally…I think it’s all wipe my Azz BS.
    Nothing happens, nothing changes..

  53. David Muench says:

    I meant execute not excite sorry.

  54. Shelly says:

    Alright sounds good but is anyone going to act on this info or is it just more blowing smoke to get people to open articles tired of seeing we gonna get them and nothing happens.

  55. Cabin 1954 says:

    Comments are great. I have nothing to add.

  56. Dude says:

    They need a 2 am raid at his home with guns drawn and tv cameras rolling….. right. That won’t ever happen! At least do it to liar Clinton.. I would love to see him get nail just like Nixon. That would be an answer to prayers.

  57. David Muench says:

    I want to see Obama prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, convicted. sent to Leavenworth Prison all appeals failed and at last excited for his treasonous crimes against America. I just pray that in the end many others will be joining him there.

    • Christopher Popham Smith says:

      Sad to say, we will never see Obama behind bars for all of his criminality. After all, he’s a Democrat, so
      he’ll remain free as a bird.

      • Betty says:

        Hey, christopher. Like we will also never see d trump Locked up behind any sort of bars for all of His BLIND & DEAF STUPIDITY & INSANITY. After all, he’s the main republican Retard so he’ll remain as free as a “DODO BIRD”!

        • lloyd says:

          That’s OK Betty How many illegals are you going to take in to your home and pay all their expensive ? You demoturds want them so bad you take care of them. How high did the stock market go under billyboy and obummer? How many MILLIONS went to the Clinton foundation ?The list goes on and on.

        • TONY CATANIA says:

          hey betty you are a moron

  58. Mary says:

    Once this Dossier was released, Steele, Hillary, Barack and the rest thought they were free of punishment.
    Tah Dah…… They were all wrong.
    The Stinky Dirty Swamp is draining on its own.

    Don’t you just love it.

    Democrats act on lies,

    Republicans act on Facts and Proof.

    That’s the difference.

    • Vladilyich says:

      Right. And right now, you have NO proof, just the word of Hannity and Trump which isn’t worth spit.

      • Bemused Bill says:

        Do you have a brain? If so you need to look into a refund, because you have been ripped off.
        I am from Australia and I know that the DNC paid Steel for a dodgy dossier (fact) that the FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant (fact) that was then used to spy on the Trump election campaign (fact) and then also used to launch the Mueller investigation (fact), so why don’t you?
        All parties involved in the dossier either knew that the Dossier was a fraud and paid for by Hillary and friends (fact) or should have made themselves aware as a matter of law (fact, it is law that the origins of the dossier be known before granting a warrant) especially as there was no other real evidence offered to obtain the warrant (fact, as evidenced by the FISA warrant application transcripts).
        And now that the Mueller investigation is over and Mueller has made no findings against Trump on any grounds (fact) all we get from idiots such as yourself are groundless allegations of obstruction completely lacking in any proof (Fact) and because you are also a fool and a hypocrite, you say you want…proof of Barrs case…..!?
        Whether you like it or not twinkles, the evidence is already there, and Barr intends to use it to prosecute everyone involved in the worst case of political interference in a Western country in modern history. Interference that involves the FBI and other intel agencies, the DNC and its leadership in particular, the Judiciary, the bureaucracy, and other Govs intel. services as well. (Fact).
        Whether you like the facts as they stand, or not, you need to wake up to yourself, you are being lied to by your hate mongering leadership, any damn fool can see that, but you are desperately hanging onto that slim and fading hope that we are the fools…and not yourself. Well my guess is you will continue to believe whatever you want to believe no matter how insane your ideas are already proven to be (Fact, you still believe Trump is guilty of conspiracy and obstruction even though all the facts say otherwise) What will change your “mind?” What could possibly bring you to your senses?
        Nothing. The plain fact is, you love to hate, and will continue to support the party of hate irrespective of the facts, or proof.

        • Marcus says:

          Thank You Bill for your rather long winded post , It may or may not have made a difference , Liberalism is a Mental Disorder , Trying to reason with or explain facts to these People is like trying to have a conversation with a Plant , In this case a Cactus , But I admire and appreciate that an Aussie is capable of seeing the situation from all angles and far more clearly then most of our Useful Idiots , Thanks Again Mate !!

  59. Gerald Ladd says:

    Yes he should rot in jail, right next to Killary, and the rest. Then I think, will they prosecute the first coon?
    I don’t think so.

  60. Sandy says:

    He always thought he was above the law. He also thought since he is black, no one would call him out, because they would be called racist. Send him to prison where he belongs.

    • jimbosidecar says:

      Amen to that brother

    • Terry says:

      Sandy, I totally agree! He is an arrogant man and as a friend of mine described him as a “slick willy”.
      Amazing how money and power can control and corrupt.
      The “forming” of political parties form from BIG powerful corporate entities. They pick their players after much investigative work on them and their families and back them with lots and lots of money and power. A lot of power. These people (players) are hand picked to accomplish a deed. This is, as I believe, is exactly how and why Obama suddenly appeared out of no where. All he had to do was study the plot and do as they said. My narrative, destroy America and make it a Muslim country and bring in your players. And, so it went. Almost a successful plot/plan until Mr Donald Trump entered the arena! Now, they are scrambling for their lives. They will be destroyed and President Trump and America will prevail!

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      Soros will take care of him…..

  61. Gregory Sullivan says:

    One can bet that “Betty”and her lackeys will be joining us shortly with their usual Trump bashing s***, best not to reply to these sub-human idiots as I did.

  62. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I hope that Barack O gets nailed for this circus that he created and spends the rest of his life in gaol or better yet get executed for it.

  63. Sherry Falco says:

    I think I know what you’re feeling. I d. think this time they are going to clean house

  64. Go get ’em , most of the general public has known who was behind this coup since it started, it’s about time the rest of the so called woke people get the truth put on display fir them to see just how UNAWOKE they really are. Then they can all go down to the local tattoo parlor and have the invisible ink on their foreheads redone with good black letters . Suckers”, will be the new demwit brand so the whole world will be apprised of who they are, P.T. BARNUM’S target audience. It just proves the phrase, “There’s a sucker born every minute” , and their name is DEMOCRATS. Snowflakes will he melting all across this country, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving crowd….

  65. Colleen La Rose says:

    I really hope this time the crooks will be indicated & serve actual time in prison. Every time I hear something like this, I get my hopes up just to be let down

    • bonnie says:

      me too

      • Jan says:

        me too! I keep waiting for these demo-rat varmints to be exposed! I’m so thankful for AG Barr and the investigation he is undertaking. While I’m tired of waiting…better late than never!

        • Betty says:

          Right on, jan, better late than never in keeping both a certain Nameless & Brainless republican Retard & an Oval Office Blond Haired, Orangutan Ape from a second presidential term.

          • Rick says:

            Love just flows out of that flap below your nose to bad there is no brain in the cavity between your ears

          • Mary Johnson says:

            Betty you are a fool. Both of their IQ’s are higher than your. Do you speck five languages? I think not. President Trump is an American. His wife is an American. Obama was not an American. Birth certificate was faked. There were mistakes on it that proved it was faked.

          • welderguy says:

            Elizabeth Warren has the perfect gun control method ready and has proposed it: NATO/UN troops, under the direction of her office, will comb through the names of registered gun owners in the US. They will visit them and relieve them of their weapons and ammo. Those who do not surrender them freely will be dealt with quickly and decisively, on the spot. The UN/Nato troops will especially be comprised of Australian, UK, NoKo and Russian volunteers, not numbering more than 500,000 and not to serve in uniform but to take to the US soil in plain-clothesed fashion, undercover, directed by Brack’s old guard, Comey, Struck, Mueller and reporting to Nadler Warren and Holder, to form a new HSA alliance designed to promote the “peaceful coexistance of all americans through strength.”

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