William Barr dropped the hammer on Obama and no one knows what will happen next

Attorney General William Barr made one of the biggest announcements of his tenure running the Justice Department.

Now that the Mueller probe is in the rearview mirror Barr can finally turn his attention to how the Obama administration and the FBI began this mess.

And William Barr just dropped the hammer on Barack Obama and no one knows what will happen next.

On Monday night, Barr made a bombshell announcement that he appointed federal prosecutor John Durham to investigate how the FBI began the Russia Probe.

The New York Times reports:

Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut to examine the origins of the Russia investigation, according to two people familiar with the matter, a move that President Trump has long called for but that could anger law enforcement officials who insist that scrutiny of the Trump campaign was lawful.

John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, has a history of serving as a special prosecutor investigating potential wrongdoing among national security officials, including the F.B.I.’s ties to a crime boss in Boston and accusations of C.I.A. abuses of detainees.

His inquiry is the third known investigation focused on the opening of an F.B.I. counterintelligence investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign into possible ties between Russia’s election interference and Trump associates.

Many Americans do not believe the FBI’s story that George Papadopoulos’s confession to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer was the true origin of the Russia Probe.

Critics contend the investigation began prior to the official opening on July 31 and was kicked off due to the fake news dossier compiled by Christopher Steele that accused four members of the Trump campaign – none of whom were Papadopoulos – of colluding with the Russians.

As evidence, they point to the fact that the FBI did not obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Papadopoulos but instead listened in on the phone calls of Carter Page – whom Steele named as one of the key conspirators in Russia’s plot to help Trump win the 2016 election.

The media howled in protest about this investigation, but it gives Americans a chance to achieve full closure on one on the most poisonous issues in American political history.


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101 Responses

  1. Jack says:


    Ho can any American be legally elected President of the United States with the help of a declared enemy of the United States?

  2. Fred Mahoney says:


  3. Fred Mahoney says:


    • Batwings says:

      I still can’t beleave that obutthole got elected twice. he is NOT a natural born American citizen. he was born in So. Africa. His old lady is NOT a female. he is Michael LaVaughn Robinson and he was a linebacker on the Oregon Bears football team. The 2 daughters were adopted from an indonesian orphanage. Boy, the libnuts really pulled one over on America that time. Wake up America, research who you vote for next time. America will go down the toilet if Trump doesn’t flush it first.
      Semper Fi

  4. William says:

    It’s time to investigate the most Corrupt Administration (THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY and ADMINISTRATION) from the Highest to the Lowest Officials that ever held the Office of the President and let’s don’t forget the other Conspirators then and now in the Democrat Party.

  5. Shirley says:

    You really are pathetic Joe, Joe did you really think that if you changed your costume you could sneak back in and nobody would notice? Put on a dry pair of jammies and go on back to beddy- by. The adults are trying to talk and you are interrupting. I told you before to get on to bed it’s way to late for you to still be awake. My goodness, Joe the Painter this time, Joe the Plumber last time, what he really is, is Joe the Piss-Ant.

  6. Bob Rice says:

    obozo should go back to chi-town,the old white guys,from the bathhouses,are eagerly awaiting his return.

  7. Blue says:

    Hope this investigation reaches obama and all his cohorts and will finally Lock’em up, includin’ hillary!

    • Donna says:

      One can only hope and pray that long overdue justice will be swift.

    • Will de Seve says:

      for a reason UNKNOWN to me…this site will NOT let me post!

      • The Real M says:

        Will de Seve, You must be using words and or terms that Google’s software has flagged and it is censoring your comment. Please don’t give up try using different words in your message.

  8. bagster53 says:

    good maybe the obomas will finally disapear

  9. Mary says:

    Every last single of those FBI agents and other cronies of Hillary including ex President Obama needs to be prosecuted to the fullest especially Hillary as a traitor to the United States and as a murderer of those men just doing their job in Bengazhi. Thosese four American Hero needs justice. Forgive me if I spelt any thing wrong. It been a long day.

  10. Pilar Arquero says:

    My President Trump had chosen the right man for the job of Attorney General, he is the real General and the man for the DOJ job. He will weigh the balance of JUSTICE by the Grace of God… MAGA 2020!!!

  11. Joe the Plumber says:

    The lies, misplaced anger, racism, misogyny, violent speech on here is disgraceful from you right wingers. Your attitudes and voting for Trump have shamed the United States as he has alienated all our allies, kisses dictators’ butts like Kim, Putin and Orban. He is doing these stupid tariffs that will only hurt the United States, he has no idea what he is doing. He is a cowardly draft dodger, a constant liar, insulter, braggart, thief and money laundering. He he a serial sexual assaulter of numerous women and has cheated on all 3 wives. How can even evangelicals for the 666 beast. You defend him no matter what, even if he murdered someone, and you helped make him out Mobster-in-Chief. You must feel so proud. You should repent instead.

    • The Real M says:

      Joe the Plumber, What in the world are you doing still up this late, you are only EIGHT years old and it is long past your bedtime, buddy boy!
      Before you go, who told you how to spell those big words and also told you what they mean? I know an eight year old can’t spell “kisses butts”. You need to come up with some new material, we have heard all these slanderous, libelous, lies, and misinformation more times than YOU can count!
      Night Night, Joe-Joe!

      • zee says:

        Hey, Real M what up.
        This appointment of John H. Durham, IS a Major Deal &
        Movement by AG Barr. Know about Durham busting
        the FBI involved w/mafia crime in Boston. Mueller was involved at that time.
        AG BARR CANNOT ‘Prosecute’ -John H. Durham CAN,
        that’s why he been appointed.
        > This Plumber guy should stick w/fixing pipes. 0n 2nd thought, he probably has no clue what a ‘washer’ is LMAO

      • mike geremia says:

        good for you M…..you told that Jerk-off good…..what is he doing here anyway….

    • Neubie says:

      May a sewer pipe bust abound your head!!

    • American 1st says:

      Joe, I think that you’re confusing what you say about ‘right-wingers’ by projecting the left’s actions onto them. You are also confusing Trump’s actions with the actions of Bill Clinton, Obama, Biden, and Hillary. The number of people who are associated with the Clintons who have been murdered is astounding! The serial sexual assaulter was Bill Clinton. President Trump is dealing with the dictators around the world, because as President, he has to. Unlike Obama, Biden, and Hillary, President Trump is not capitulating to Ukraine, China, or Russia. He goes after America’s enemies, instead of letting them murder our ambassador, and military heroes (remember Benghazi). He has accomplished more than any president in dealing with N. Korea -(remains of our Americans from the Korean War returned without one penny spent) and a potential for real progress. Trump is making great progress trying to reverse the disastrous agreements that obama had with China. China STEALS our intellectual property, as well as a very unfair trade imbalance, and Trump is working on changing that. So many of the past presidents have not known how to deal with these tyrannical countries. President Trump is the only president, in my life time, that actually KNOWS how to deal with these countries. He is a business man who is used to getting results, unlike regular politicians.
      You need to stop watching CNN, who lie about every topic that they discuss, and start educating yourself. Just look at the last 2 years how CNN got absolutely nothing right about the ‘collusion-dossier’ propaganda- they didn’t even try to be accurate!
      Start loving your country and supporting her. Remove the HATE from your heart. Pray to GOD to bring TRUTH into your life. Educate yourself by studying history. The history of Stalin, Hitler, Venezuela, etc. And if that is not enough, go live in Venezuela and see for yourself what a disaster it is. Joe, I think that you have it too cushy here. You haven’t had to work or fight the evils of the world and you’re not intelligent enough to learn about the evils so that you can have gratitude and love for the greatness of our country…..or, you’re just mired in delusion!

      • Ila J Brown says:

        Thank you! You have so eloquently summed up what the sane people of this country see. I am hoping the Republicans get off their back side and start doing what we elected them for! So far, I’m disappointed in their performance. They need to know that they to can be replaced!

      • Sharon says:

        Very well said. Thank you.

    • DrAnalog says:

      You win moron of the month award.

    • joseph wisniewski says:

      Joe the Plumber , Think Mirror

    • Ed says:

      Joe the Plumber should know guys he is exactly like Trump, obstructing others views, cutting them down just because they have an opinion different from his. He is an expert in this because him and Trump are 2 peas in a pod, almost exactly the same. So he knows that of which he speaks and nothing you know matters when Joe has such an intimate understanding of everyone and personal intimate knowledge of Trump’s behavior.

      • The Real M says:

        Ed, Joe the “plunger” doesn’t know his “behind” from the bottom of a commode bowl SO, I am going to throw you in the commode followed immediately by throwing Joe the plunger in the commode bowl on top of you and tell him to do what “plungers” do. Both of you will be gone in a flash and the world will be a quieter place! 🙂
        Oh and, I have the muscle mass to do it!

        • Ed says:

          I know this and you know it too. My sarcasm was meant to embarrass him and shut him up, I got a reply from you before he would reply to that, so far it’s worked. He resorts directly to name calling and has no substantive arguments. So the point really wasn’t for everyone else and 100% of it is the opposite of what is said.

          • The Real M says:

            Ed, You sure “fooled” me because I thought you were dead serious! I guess I should have left that alone but I, like so many, am sick and tired of the libs baseless lies and accusations, always predicated on no provable evidence. Most of them are too lazy to spend the time finding the truth and good information rather, they just listen to their untruthful leadership! Sometimes I just can’t help myself and administer a dose of my indignation! With that said, I owe you an apology, so, sorry friend!

          • Joe the Plumber says:

            Real M and you both owe me an apology for your asinine conversation of ignorance. Ed, I could see why he responded that way when you compared me to the idiot boy Trump but since everyone on here are right wing no nothings I figured in the end you were using some irony.

    • Paul says:

      Have you been sniffing pipe fumes again Joe. It is narrow minded people like you that got us in this mess and since when is Victor Orban a dictator? He was duly elected and uses the referendum vote for all things in his country. After being under control of the Russians for so long he will not accept any foreign invaders posed as migrants and I praise him for that.

    • Donald C Pratt says:

      Your funny! Forget to take your snowflake meds?

      • The Real M says:

        Donald C Pratt, There are not enough meds in the galaxy to help these little snowflake liberals!

        • Donald C Pratt says:

          This is true. The Real M. Imagine the chaos that will ensue when he wins in 2020! Thier mental instability will be off the charts then.

    • jim says:

      are you one of the people that was kissing Obama’s and hillaries ass’s

    • Daniel J Barre says:

      I am an African who became US citizen, that means I am an immigrant , but I am loyal and love new country. I don’t want my new beautiful country became third world country. And our President is first leader in my life time stand to save this country. from its borders to its manafacturing jobs. God bless America and God save this man Donald J. Trump.

    • Carla says:

      Joe…It funny how the conservative hate speech is censored but your Trump hating crap is not. You don’t have a clue how good Trump has been. Look at what he has accomplished and what the Democrats have done in the past 8 years… there is no comparison. You have been drinking the Dems cool air toooo long.

      • Patsy Autry says:

        Yes, this station is continually editing and leaving off my comments…I do not appreciate that n or the Conservatives being criticized and cut off from their opinions. Face book should be investigated, shut down or investigated. as well as Twitter. They think they are all powerful..but the conservatives are on target…

  12. MiMi says:

    Trump is the Best President EVER! He has made me a Proud American for the first time. He has done more for all American’s combined. Trump 2020. Then Trump Jr. and Candice Owens. Trump in a landslide in 2020! I Love you Trump and Company.

  13. Wayne Hunter says:

    Michael V.
    Thank you for bringing up a certain someone who used and probably still uses a Social Security number from Connecticut,even though he never lived there.
    I won’t give his name, but BHO might be a clue for those might not be aware of this or how this was masterminded for him

  14. Mary Amoss says:

    Good for Barr! He needs to start with Obama and work on down to the Clintons and the rest of the Traitors and criminals !! Thanks AG Barr!

  15. Rick says:

    The Dems will start squirming like worms .. justly deserved and no sympathy to all of those low life morons….

  16. Carlos Sanchez says:

    I see all these polls anticipating the Dems getting nailed and all I can say is it better not be Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, as usual. The onus of expectations is now on us, as it was on the Dems before. The big difference is they were hoping for a gross injustice while we’re hoping for true justice. If these Deep State MFers pull something like threatening the families of Trump & Barr, etc. and somehow get away with all of this, the GOP may never recover and Trump may be a 1-termer!

  17. Tammy says:

    I love all my deplorable Americans on here and I can’t wait to watch these libatards turn on each other!!! Lol

    • The Real M says:

      Thank you Tammy, we love you also! Just think how wonderful America could be if everyone would do what they were supposed to, when they were supposed to and where they were supposed to! If we can clean up this treasonous disgrace that has happened to our country and make examples of all these traitors our great nation could possibly get back to where we should be.
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you to help us save America!

    • JESUS R MARANTE says:

      They already started Tammy, Commey and Baren are in the ring, and other matches are expected soon, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Squire says:

    Jimmy Tofoya or Toyota, whatever ! , you are one sick puppy and probably one of Cortez or one of those traitors crony ! You have been shown the truth but too blind or brainwashed to comprehend. I only wish AG Barr the best with the hammer he is bringing down on Obama ! When this investigation is over you dumb Dems still will not accept it but I hope the entire scum in DC is found guilty of treason and we want have to worry about draining the swamp anymore because the rest of those dumb Dems will be so running scared they will retire and crawl back under their rock where they belong !

  19. George says:

    Break out the popcorn and screw the kneeling NFL, turn on Fox news and watch the fireworks begin, all this should begin to hit the fan right around the time fireworks fly in the greatest country in the world,(July 4th) , and continue through football season. I for one plan to watch all these idiot leftist political hacks eat their words while President Trump gloats in one rally after another, to me that’s entertainment, soon our tax dollars will cease to be stolen by corrupt polititions and our laws bastardized by leftist judges, finally there will be real justice up in here.

  20. Gerald says:

    it is going to get very messy for the demo’s when this mess is clear up like I said before they are burying them selfs

  21. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Imprison/execute EVERY MEMBER of the deep state.
    And then nuke the UN.

  22. Bass says:

    Do not forget the IRS fiasco with lying lois leaner, lied to Congress.

  23. Bass says:

    Do not forget the IRS fiasco with lying lois leaner, lied to Congress.

  24. Deplorable says:

    Democrats SUCK! They are all a bunch of idiots that deserve to pay for their treasonous crimes. I want to see them pay for all their corruption and treason against America they don’t deserve to even be here. If they don’t hang them kick them out of America and let them know they are no longer welcome here forever. Stay out of our country

    • Vera says:

      You are so right they have committed all kinds of crumbs n
      They need to pay.and then to get moe.and..or a island that has the poisonous snakes living there.with our a gun or any kind of wepond.

      Give the one fork one spoon.1 roll tissue.a bottle of the worst medican,that big farmo,been sending to the Americans to take that’s killing thousands per year.just die called dead on arrival at hospitals.

      • Wayne Hunter says:

        Thank you for your good thoughts, Vera, But seriously, you should review your spelling, before you send things out.
        You’ll look much better to the public out here.
        My best to you.

  25. Sherry L Chase says:

    Killary should already be in prison…..

    • Karen says:

      I agree with you Sherry, along with Obama, if they don’t hold them accountable for all they had done, then the whole country will have all the proof they need .

  26. Jacque Turely says:

    They should all be in jail including the new ladies with calling our President nasty names. For taking the oath on the Karan instead of our Bible which everyone has done accept a couple of women who just got to go to the Senate or Congress. Sorry they should not be in our country mouthing off against our Constitution or anything or anyone in this country. God bless America.

    • Jake Snead says:

      Amen. The four women Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, Ilan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib should all be forced to resign for obvious biases Ann’s agendas to harm the U.S. government and promotion of harmful legislation and discontent through use of lies and treasonous speeches

  27. Sherman says:

    Americans need the medicinal , soothing balm of true justice now more than ever. It has been so disheartening to see the thugs of DC get away with such illegal behavior and those that truly love this great nation deserve to see the likes of Obama, Clinton, Clapper, Brennen, Lynch, Holder, Comey and those two embarrassing love birds go to jail!

    • John The Deplorable says:

      Actually they all need to be punished for treason and tyranny against this country. And punishment in none less then hanging still in the Constitution to this day time to hang all that are guilty make examples of them so no one ever thinks they are above the Laws of our Constitution. Start hanging and they will all change their tune. We The People demand justice to the full. No more corruption.

  28. Jimmy A. TAFOYA says:

    The worst President Trump should be going to jail along with his master lier Barr. Leave our greatest President Barack Obama alone. When he made President legally, he saved America from going bankrupt. Trump has not accomplished a damn thing since being voted President by Russia.

    • Tom Cann says:

      Wake up and put down the joint.

    • PV says:

      From what planet did you come from

    • Sherman says:

      Jimmy….you are a doofus.

    • Deplorable says:

      You are an idiot wake up dumbass

    • roadrunner says:

      Dead sir,
      I’m somewhat of a BS’r myself but I do love to listen to a professional- Please carry on!

    • mike says:

      How did Obama save America from going bankrupt? Using taxpayer money to bail out corporations that were mismanaged? By putting the country further into debt than all Presidents before Him? Finally, how do you explain the growth of our country since Trump was elected? Obama said we would never see 3% again, and blamed all the problems he had on Bush. Study the facts next time before posting. It will make you look smarter.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Get lost, you MORON.

    • Karen says:

      You’re sick Jimmy, You need to hide your head in the sand… I feel sorry for you…..

    • The Real M says:

      Jimmy A. TAFOYA, So drugs have finally run your liberal butt rabbit a$$ crazy! Either that or you have the “reverse disease”, the one that makes you talk backwards, drool, say stupid stuff, and pee your pants! I saw you look down oh, I forgot to mention you lose control and all feeling in your small male part. I have no idea if you will recover, just have to wait and wait and wait to see!

    • Dana says:

      What are you afraid of? Investigation botheres you ??

  29. Maggie says:

    Our President Trump and the Honorable Attorney General are men worthy of praise and cooperation in their quest to solve the answers of the demons who betrayed America and its people. Obama was a fake from the beginning. Everybody knew it but every demon-crat kissed his butt because they were as phoney as he. Now the real truth will surface as it always does. And peace will come to our land after the traitors are properly tried and persecuited. May God give these two honorable men the fortitude to succeed and make America as great as our founding fathers imagined.

  30. Bill says:

    They need to reopen Guantanamo bay again. They need to get cells ready for Loretta Lynch, Obama, both Clinton’s, Diane Feinstein, Eric Holder and pretty much all the Obama players

  31. Michael D Vick says:

    While the US Attorney In Connecticut is looking into these things, I would like for him to look at how a foreign exchange student can get a US Social Security number from Connecticut having never live there. This man needs to go to jail.

    • Wayne Hunter says:

      Michael V.
      Thank you for bringing up a certain someone who used and probably still uses a Social Security number from Connecticut,even though he never lived there.
      I won’t give his name, but BHO might be a clue for those might not be aware of this or how this was masterminded for him

  32. Jim says:

    I would stand in a line for 6 hrs where Comey
    was signing books just to ask him,’ How do you think you will look in prison orange’. Lock them all up!

    • Raven78 says:

      “Stand in line for 6 hours”? Seriously, do you think there would be that many people showing up for the book?

  33. Dave Miedema says:

    There are 3 Christmas presents that I’d love more than any others: Another World Series win for the Cubs, Obama being thrown in the slammer, and Queen Cankles following him in.

  34. Karen says:

    Treason for Obama,Hildbeast, Brennon Clapper Lynch & Others that had anything to do with this & for the Coup All Other POS

  35. The Real M says:

    Finally, we have a designated federal prosecutor not just investigating but, serving up the evidence necessary to bring these dirty rotten treasonous traitors who are behind this travesty, (the ones who supplied the money to the large multitude of white collar thugs who actually took part and made it all happen) to justice and put them where they belong!

  36. Linda H says:

    Like my old mama use to say, ” It’ll all come out in the wash.”

    • Kam says:


    • Jon says:

      My mom had a maid that did the dirty work just like Trump. My Trump come out of this like a famous movie star. My most of the Democrats loose everything and be tried to the maximum that our laws can prosecute plus any other weasels in high office plus anyone reporting face news! This by itself will drain 1/2 of the swamp.

    • Guy says:

      Everybody involved in the coup attempt should face jail time…..everybody.

  37. Ed says:

    They attempted to disqualify the legally elected President and install their NWO puppet against the will of the people’s choice. Even though shots were not fired how was this act not war against America and it’s Constitution? Treason, all involved should be locked up if not shot.

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