William Barr dropped the hammer on Democrats with one truth about Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter riots that began in May and continue to this day to upend American life.

Democrats believe the riots in the streets prove the energy and momentum in 2020 are on their side.

But William Barr dropped the hammer on Democrats with one truth about Black Lives Matter.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, Attorney General William Barr took on the “defund the police” movement.

Barr blasted Democrats around the country calling to defund the police as dangerous radicals that put lives at risk.

As evidence Barr cited the rise in murders in cities across the country as Democrat Mayors and Governors attacked police by calling them racist.

“Well, lives are being lost in violent crime and the demonization of the police,” Barr began.

The Attorney General explained that those most harmed by the defunding the police would be poor minorities.

Barr noted that the cruel irony was that wealthy white liberals who claimed they loudly supported the idea of “Black Lives Matter” would flee crime ridden cities as police pulled back leaving those communities in even worse condition.

“These communities are not going to have the safety. Now, a lot of the liberals will buy themselves out of that. They’ll go to resort towns and so forth, and they’ll escape the consequences of it. But the people in the inner cities won’t. Their lives will be destroyed. Their opportunity will be — they won’t have the opportunity they otherwise would have. Their schools will be overrun by gangs. That’s not caring about black lives,” Barr added.

Polls show Americans overwhelmingly oppose the idea of defunding the police.

But Democrats are pressing forward with this radical agenda because local law enforcement is one of the few institutions in America they do not control and where the rank and file votes Republican.

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