William Barr drew a line in the sand that had Democrats not knowing what hit them

Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump had enough.

Democrat Governors across the country pushed them too far.

In response, William Barr drew a line in the sand that had Democrats not knowing what hit them.

In an interview with Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham, Attorney General William Barr revealed that the Justice Department would begin pushing states to ease their tyrannical lockdowns that discriminated against people of faith and kept the economy shut down.

Attorney General Barr selected Attorney Eric Dreiband to oversee the Justice Department’s efforts to protect religious liberty during the pandemic.

Dreiband began with a letter to the state of California asking them to ease restrictions on church gatherings.

“Simply put, there is no pandemic exception to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights,” Dreiband wrote.

“This facially discriminates against religious exercise,” the letter continued. “California has not shown why interactions in offices and studios of the entertainment industry, and in-person operations to facilitate nonessential ecommerce, are included on the list as being allowed with social distancing where telework is not practical, while gatherings with social distancing for purposes of religious worship are forbidden, regardless of whether remote worship is practical or not.”

Other blue state Governors like in Illinois, Virginia, and New Jersey continue to criminalize church gatherings in clear violation of the First Amendment’s protection of free exercise of religion.

The Justice Department’s first step is asking states to lift their discriminatory lockdown measures.

If states fail to respond, the Justice Department will join litigation to end these restrictions on religious liberty.

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