William Barr could not believe who just betrayed him

It’s no surprise Democrats want to take down Attorney General William Barr by any means necessary.

But what shocked many Americans is who is helping them.

And William Barr could not believe who just betrayed him.

Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt after the Trump administration asserted executive privilege on documents pertaining to how it put together the census.

However, they were joined by never-Trump Republican Justin Amash.

The Hill reports:

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), the only Republican in Congress to come out in favor of starting impeachment proceedings against President Trump, broke with his party again on Wednesday with a committee vote to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt.

Amash joined Democrats to vote in favor of the contempt resolution, which was in relation to subpoenaed documents on the Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Amash had also sided with Democrats in votes over which amendments to add to the contempt resolution.

The Republican stepped down from the conservative Freedom Caucus this week after going public with his impeachment comments. The group is typically pro-Trump.

Amash is already in massive political trouble after he decided to link arms with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and call for President Trump’s impeachment.

A recent poll showed him trailing a pro-Trump primary challenger by 16 points after this awful double-cross.

Now that Amash voted to hold Barr in contempt, his transformation into never-Trump Republican is complete.

And the political reality is that Amash will pay for his betrayal with his seat.


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100 Responses

  1. Don Fowler says:

    Anything with the word Patriot is not for Patriots. You all use the word patriot like it is interchangeable with criminal, because that is what draft dodging piece of sheet tRump is. He certainly isn’t a patriot, and you all dirty the very word Patriot. You would not recognize a patriot if one walked up to you. I served 8 years “honorably” and am ashamed of tRump as our president. Did you serve? What else have you done for your country or yourselves. Your country first. I also delivered Meals On Wheels for 12 years to those in need. I provided full coverage health care long before Obama care came out.

  2. David J Camalieri says:

    Why wait for an election. He sided with a Treasonous political party. Collusion against a duly elected President.

  3. Louise ``` says:

    Amash and Romney should quite the republican party and join the democrates instead of betraying and misleading those that voted for them. What is wrong with these people, they were elected to support the president.s agenda but instead they join the resistance against everything he tries to do. WHAT A SHAME!

  4. WE THE PEOPLE PAY their salaries–get Amess AMASH out of republican party–what a loser excactly like the traitor UNGodly democraps—will promise anything for free like wave arms and spout their vile lies and false promises
    watch NOX NEWS/HANNITY/PIRRO they tell truth about these useless
    best economy –make sure only legal usa citizens like us vote 2020 AWESOME TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

    • Kay says:

      I agree. He and several others need to go. What a waste of our money.

      Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Jeanine Pirro and Fox are the best for telling the true facts.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  5. Will says:

    Damn TRAITOR , That covers It I’d say , Get a Rope

  6. ONTIME says:

    Amash the useless rino, may consider himself a politician now but he has revealed his intent to betray for some mysterious gain he see’s and will OK to changing parties should he survive the upcoming election…..and his chances now are slim to none…..

  7. michael cenit says:

    Amash is half Paliestinian and half Syrian, and is very well off financially, his family owns a large tool company, Texton, with Chinese ties

  8. George says:

    They didn’t come out against Jeff Sessions when he was shoving his head in the sand, no, and now that we have an attorney general that wants to bring down the corrupt DOJ here comes another RINO to muck up the water. I guess Amash is the new McCain who at the last minute voted with the Democrats. So disappointing. We are losing my our country and these losers are playing politics. Like a bunch of butt-hurt spoil sports who care more about their little feelings than their base. I don’t even know what to think anymore.

  9. Hi agree Sharon and most otheres–AMESS AMASH= RINO get out–
    how did this arrogant traitor get in as a Republican–,please watch FOX NEWS–SEAN HANNITY and JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO–they are real news-TRUTH unlike the fake news–The democraps keep on coming up with more clowns asloser contenders 2020 elections–man there is NO WAY any of them are qualified to run our awesome America–young people believe their lies of giving freebies–DONT believe them–our awesome President TRUMP and awesome VP PENCE love America and Americans-Best economy yet- TRUMP/PENCE 2020 maga

  10. Merlin Wood says:

    we will have to work at finding the fake republicans that obama somehow got in to the republican party and remove them

  11. NeeNee says:

    Amash you are a traitor to the fellow Republican and America. You are evil and I hope you lose in politics. I would never vote for a RHINO. I pray you get your karma very very soon. It will be 100 fold. You are like the rest of the dems. Evil anti American traitors. You people believe in letting in anyone from foreign countries and you do not care what the Amercans say. YOU ALL ARE HATED more than you know. One day you will all rot in hell and deserve it.

  12. Max says:

    kick him out in what ever way it takes

    • Raymond says:

      OMG!! What a whole bunch of idiots in the comment section..wake up all u Trumpy supporters he is the worse potus ever,lier, cheat, lier again, dummm as hell, IQ is in the basement 4 real..Trump is a 👹💩 period. 😂🤣

  13. Marcus says:

    Justin Amash turned out to be a real sack of canine Feces , Calling him a RINO Traitor would be far too kind , Do it Justin !! Just put a D behind your name and admit You are a Communist Traitor

  14. Gerald says:

    You can’t donate to any Republican PACs, the money goes to Rinos

  15. Mike says:

    Time to get serious about the Never Trump Traitors and Clinton’s along with the Obama’s and let WM. Barr start investigations into their dealings and line them all up for long long Prison terms. They’ed all look good in prison garb, Wonder if the make Orange Jump Suits with a back end big enough to fit Michelle?

  16. Keith D says:

    NOT the only RINO!!!!

  17. Kimberly says:

    I strongly feel he was PAID off by the democRats.

  18. Ted McElroy says:

    You just turned me off blacking out my screen to force me to subscribe. Sorry, I am marking this site as SPAM.

  19. NOBODY says:

    kick that SOB out of the republican party, he’s a dem in rep. clothing.

    he’s no more a republican then I am a demarcate

  20. marleen davis says:

    Another selfish stinkin’ Rino. I hope they have many regrets for being traitors not only to their party but the people who voted for them because they lied but to the Patriots of our Country. We know you will rot somewhere where you deserve with all selfish, out for only themselves, traitors.

    • blakyb says:

      Amash sounds a bit Muslim to me. They should have NO part in our government. In fact they should not even be in our country. This is OUR country and they are trying to take it over.

    • Neill says:

      I think he is more of a Nazi Soro’s troll

  21. Jew says:

    Where is my comments! Once again you are protecting the Corrupt Democrats! You are a sick, sad , mean, corrupt group of people that censor our comments, and erase them as soon as we write them! Naynpbe someday we will all get so sick of your tactics that we quit and youall go broke!

  22. ROBERT KLINK says:


  23. JAKE says:

    Amash is the JUDAS of the Republican Party.

  24. wHAT THIS SITE NEEDS IS TO HAVE A THUMBS UP OR DOWN VOTING FEATURE !sorry caps lock on. Some of us would rather vote as opposed to replying . HELP !! to start this by commenting about it !

  25. Ernst says:

    The family of Justin Amash owns a manufacturing business in China which is being hurt by the tariffs. Amash is attacking the President over his personal issues at the expense of the national welfare. How can Michigan elect a Representative who takes Michigan manufacturing jobs out of Michigan and sends them to China?

  26. Babbo says:

    Smash Amash. Why is he in the Republican party in the first place????He is a predictable no vote and constant problem. Michigan: get rid of him.

  27. zee says:

    Republican Michigan IS ‘working hard’
    Against Amash.
    > Need Strength from e’where
    >Send a few thought Prayers’.

  28. larry says:

    Rep. Amash is a low Life turncoat

    • James A Langham says:

      A TRUE Patriot, unlike JIM JONES like cult leader, Donald J Drumpf and his cult followers.

      • Sharon Adelhardt says:

        Thank you but you’re wrong we aren’t any such thing as a cult… if you’re stupid then stay with the one’s that have done nothing but harm to us american people and our country. We are God loving people who are sick of people like you and your Dem’s. Are you saying too that everything your side has done and are doing is right, the Lord above sees and knows all. Your side is Evil 😈. Disgusting to be so blind and stupid you people.

  29. Rickster says:

    What you expect from a stinking camel jockey!! There infiltrating everything they can to throw the election even Republican plants ! Soros pays for it all and trash like Obama lines them up and trains them about goverment! Democraps are doing it all from fake news to false venues and imigrates. Putting camel jockeys in goverment! You know what there trying to do! What else is new?

  30. Nick Byrne says:

    Wake up folks. Amash is a SLEEPER. And it appears he is carrying out his mission very well. Yes, he should be recalled and fired by his constituents.

  31. STEVEN J MOORE says:

    let us all soon know will be running to replace this Fake Republican so we can start backing for support

  32. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Filthy murderous muslim justin amash really needs to stop breathing NOW

    you justin amash doesn’t deserve to be a living muslim!!!

  33. Carlos Sanchez says:

    Once a raghead, always a raghead! I’d love to see this POS donkey f***er booted in 2020, it would send a clear message that those who f**k with Trump get f***ed.

  34. Joel Kruskie says:

    I was born in Detroit and raised in MI., I, as a conservative feel that Amash should apologize for his betrayal and outright lies to the people of MI. I never thought, for a nano second, that someone from my state would have the markings of a traitor. For that, I take it upon myself to apologize to the honest people of MI and the administration in DC. If you are a liberal and admit to your beliefs, you are a honest person, and I can accept that, no matter how badly misled you may be.

  35. Thomas M Symington says:

    The states need to collectively override congressional overstepping with a convention of states. Term limits, slap down any raises for feckless representation, and rule favorably for building the wall.

  36. Thomas M Symington says:

    Amash is not going to be re-elected anyway, the Republican party still has the numbers to prevent anything Trump vetoes from being overruled by Congress. Trump 2020

  37. Paul Dancer says:

    The dumba$$ democrats and left wing republicans had better get their feces correlated and start listening to those that brought them to Congress before they find themselves on the outside looking in. The are not nearly as important as they think they are! Personally, I think it’s time to take them down a notch or two and vote them out of office.

    • Jan says:

      That’s what we’ve said for the past 12 years. Why does it take people so long to see the truth? Just hope it’s not too late – things are moving faster now. Wake up, people!!

  38. Marge Baird says:

    Trash. That’s what I think of him. To desert his President at this hour is only indicating what a louse he is,

  39. Barbara says:

    Look at Rosenstein face. Like a deer in headlights. Boy does he look guilty. Hope they all fall like a deck of cards. Amazing how horrible this Democratic Party has become especially Amash.

  40. Larry says:

    Amash is an Un-American Politician who wouldn’t know the difference between legal and illegal.,,,.. He’s a Left Wing Liberal Communist!

  41. Larry says:

    Rep. Amash is a crooked and corrupt asshole. And I bet he is being paid off to change sides Amash would turn on his mother for the right price

  42. David Kennedy says:

    Amash is a total jag off and needs to be defeated. Actually i hope he does run for President so President Trump can make him look like the blithering monkey that he is. He has the loyality of a honey babger.

  43. Bill Hall says:

    Me thinks Amash is going to get a mashed in the next election. Good bye Rhino! You certainly do not stand for American values.

  44. Mary Johnson says:

    Barr should have been aware the minute he did not go with the criminal Democrats.

  45. CHRIS HINES says:

    This is not a good time to be a Trump hater and Amash is a perfect example why. For some stupid reason he thinks this is the way to go and latest polls already show he is wrong. Dems have been attacking Trump for the past two years and once the Mueller report came out, it proved what Trump has been saying. Now they are finding all this evidence that the whole thing was a set up and voters are coming unglued. As time passes more and more are leaving the Democratic party and becoming full on Trump supporters. Thanks to Dems lying to the public for the past two years.

  46. Agnes Coffelt says:

    This was his plan all along. I wonder what her got out of the meetings he attended. Just saying

  47. Terry Moore says:

    There seems to be a lot of them, Flake from Arizona is a Democrat, ran as a Republican because he knows Arizona, we like our gun’s and would never have voted for him. McCain was the same way.

  48. Terry says:

    There seems to be a lot of them, Flake from Arizona is a Democrat, ran as a Republican because he knows Arizona, we like our gun’s and would never have voted for him. McCain was the same way.

  49. Mona says:

    Your headlines are so misleading. Amash wasn’t an ally. And probably doesn’t know Barr.

    Amash is a traitor.

  50. Stephen Porcari says:

    Why am I not surprised.

  51. Joe Passanante says:

    A-mash is A-MESS!!!! VOTE HIM OUT!!!

  52. Mim says:

    find error in your comments you have your wires crossed. You assigned the wrong party, your comments describe the Republican Party to a T ( T for Trump). Amash is to be commended for his beliefs even if it may cost him his re-election. At least he’ll be able to sleep at night knowing he did the right thing. This administration is the most corrupt in US history. Maybe some of the Trump lemmings will grow a backbone and get a conscience.

    • Tim says:

      I guess you weren’t around for the corrupt eight years of Obama, Holder and Lynch.

    • Jack says:

      Mim you are a quack. Go back to your liberal bed

    • Bill Hall says:

      So Mim, you are conceding that Amash is probably going to lose. Now carry that loss one step further – why is he going to lose??? Because he is not doing what the voters want, i.e he has lost touch with we the people. And explain to me please how doing the right thing goes against what the people want. I’m listening………… And do you really believe that Trump or the silent majority of good people in this country have any trouble sleeping at night??? I sure don’t. However, I didn’t sleep well at all when the traitor Obama was in office. However, I didn’t become a crybaby and throw my pablum like the dems have and we had to put up with that jerk for 8 years. My advice to you is get over it.

    • Jay says:

      Mim – What planet are you living on? Get help for your TDS – Phony Amash
      is a disgrace to Michigan and the USA!
      He should have just became a democrat and avoided all the fraud. Like Tlaib, he will be defeated!
      Trump 2020. Our only hope for America’s survival !

  53. Km says:

    With the Democrats it’s all about world domination and they’ve sold their souls to the devil to get it. So they lie, cheat, steal, fight against the good at every turn and commit treasonous acts against the President and our country and think nothing of it. How do these traitors sleep at night.

  54. Timothy Toroian says:

    Amash, is that a disease?

  55. Richard Picano says:

    Amash is a fraud.

  56. Richard Picano says:

    Smash is a fraud.

  57. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Juck Fustin.

  58. Dennis Durgan says:


  59. Dan Mayes says:


  60. Derek McGowan says:

    Amash truly wants to be a Democrat but hasn’t got the guts to admit it. He has openly acted against Conservative principles and should simply be recalled by his constituents and be fired. Shame on him for his complete lack of integrity.

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