William Barr could not believe who just betrayed him

It’s no surprise Democrats want to take down Attorney General William Barr by any means necessary.

But what shocked many Americans is who is helping them.

And William Barr could not believe who just betrayed him.

Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt after the Trump administration asserted executive privilege on documents pertaining to how it put together the census.

However, they were joined by never-Trump Republican Justin Amash.

The Hill reports:

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), the only Republican in Congress to come out in favor of starting impeachment proceedings against President Trump, broke with his party again on Wednesday with a committee vote to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt.

Amash joined Democrats to vote in favor of the contempt resolution, which was in relation to subpoenaed documents on the Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Amash had also sided with Democrats in votes over which amendments to add to the contempt resolution.

The Republican stepped down from the conservative Freedom Caucus this week after going public with his impeachment comments. The group is typically pro-Trump.

Amash is already in massive political trouble after he decided to link arms with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and call for President Trump’s impeachment.

A recent poll showed him trailing a pro-Trump primary challenger by 16 points after this awful double-cross.

Now that Amash voted to hold Barr in contempt, his transformation into never-Trump Republican is complete.

And the political reality is that Amash will pay for his betrayal with his seat.

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113 Responses

  1. ANTHONY DOLE says:

    What you looking for a pat on the back? How about a kick in the ads instead!

  2. Glibgal says:

    Yo mamá give us some details with proof of how bad Trump is. Democraps are the party of violence, corruption, evil scumbags. When you see somebody wearing channel dresses and Mikimoto pearls on a $174 thousand a year, been in congress since 2003 and her district still in poverty there is something wrong. Open your eyes old, senile idiot

  3. John says:

    Go girl!!! He’s a dip was!

    I served 2 years, was an expert and sharpshooter. I got special forces training, Sky Marshal training and riot control training. I got 2 letters of commendation PLUS While attending a USO Show a penthouse pet was singing a ‘torch’ song when she sat on the edge of my chairs arm rest and fell into my lap where she stayed while finishing that song. She then gave me a big wet kiss !

    My point is we all had different military experience in things we did. And that guy before me has to be an idiot for putting in 8 years then leaving the military. He only had 12 years before he could get a pension with a nice paycheck.

    He obviously is a brain dead twit when it comes to OUR President. Trump was NOT a dr.aft. dodger. He was rejected due to him having bone spurs. Bone spurs hurt and prevent most people who have them also, and can not run distances.

    While in Basic. My friend Randy and I ALWAYS picked up Pat who was a small guy and only weighed about 150lbs but could never keep up on our 5 miles each way runs , so I’d take one arm and Randy took his other arm so we could help Pat and carry him back to our unit. Pat NEVER said thanks, but that didn’t matter .

    If Trump was taken and sent to basic and got through everything, I can assure you that no one would be able to carry him the major part of 4 miles on a 5 mile run.

    One last thing is bone spurs or other problems can get fellow soldiers killed, because the pain they cause can make those suffer due to his bone spurs, which if in combat can result in 1 or more dead US Soldiers.

  4. Jeab says:

    Romney deceives everyone he begs Trump to endorse him twice then stabs him in the back and he betrays Utah a state that is 90 percent Republican and stabs them in the back. He is a traitor to everyone, has no character, no integrity whatsoever

  5. MAMITCHELL says:

    No no no

  6. MAMITCHELL says:


  7. MAMITCHELL says:

    REP. JACKIE Speirer was there when Jim Jones poisoned all those ppl including children.

  8. MAMITCHELL says:

    No one w common sense could STILL BE SO BUTTJERK. TRUMP is a clown who thinks President/King/Satan.

  9. Ted says:

    Well Mr Fowler, HURAH for those “PATRIOTIC “ deeds, but your just as “IGNORANT OF LIFE IN POLITICS AS IS YOUR MENTOR, Ms Pelosi !”, hang in there, there’s possibilities for you yet, you need to run for a OFFICE YOU’D BE GOOD AT?, ( I.E) like ASSISTANT JANITOR AT THE ZOO!”. God Bless America.

  10. Taylor says:

    ???????????? You better get the Vaseline because you cry baby DEMONRATS are going to be butthurt for 4 more years!!!

  11. Jackinthebox says:

    Truth! It’s a cult and I wish for a Jim Jones remake! Line their traitorous, treasonous asses up for a cup of Jone’s kool-aid!

  12. Jose says:


  13. Jose says:

    Amen! I too am sick of these traitors calling themselves patriots!

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