William Barr could be forced to resign because of one sick move Democrats just pulled

After eight years of some of the most corrupt Attorney Generals in history, William Barr is a godsend to American patriots.

He truly cares about the rule of law and has zero loyalty to the Deep State.

But he could be forced to resign because of one sick move Democrats pulled.

Since getting into his new position as Attorney General, the Left has gone after William Barr with unprecedented resistance.

They continually lie about him and try to destroy his reputation, despite decades of being one of the most highly respected officials in the Department of Justice.

Democrats even tried to throw him in jail for refusing to turn over documents that would have been illegal for him to turn over by holding him in contempt of Congress.

But now they are pushing even harder than before after he directed the U.S. Attorney’s Office to revise a court filing recommending up to nine years in prison for Roger Stone, who was a target of a partisan Deep State witch hunt.

The revised sentencing recommendation is still “substantial,” but said to be far less than the initial 87 to 108 months behind bars.

Democrats claim that Barr’s decision was at the direction of President Trump, who called the initial recommendation “disgraceful” and a “miscarriage of justice.”

Barr insists that is not the case, and that his decision came due to the opinions of many within the Department of Justice, who believe that nine years in prison is “very excessive” for the crimes Stone was convicted of.

So now, the Left is pushing a petition calling on Barr to resign from his post in the Department of Justice.

The petition is from alumni of the Justice Department, and currently has over 2,000 signatures.

“President Trump and Attorney General Barr have openly and repeatedly flouted this fundamental principle, most recently in connection with the sentencing of President Trump’s close associate, Roger Stone, who was convicted of serious crimes,” reads the petition. “Those actions, and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign.”

Among the signatures are a number of fake news analysts for both CNN and MSNBC, who have been against Stone since before his arrest last year.

The Left is truly doing everything they can to take down Barr.

Patriot Pulse will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.

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85 Responses

  1. Carol A. says:

    This is soooo depressing with all of the pandemic situation & now the liberals continue the harassments of Trump administration. SHUT UP YOU JERKS
    Is as nice as I can get. We are battling for our lives with THE virus of this decade. Show Mercy and Pray none of you Democrats will be wiped out.

  2. Elaine Johns says:

    I agree 100% with the 3 replies before me . People filing false charges against the leader of our country. Totally ridiculous!! The democrats want a candidate that has trouble completing a sentence so they can run the country themselves. I’m talking about the dems mentioned in the previous comments. I googled Defamation…an area of law that provides a civil remedy when someone’s words end up causing harm to your reputation or your livelihood. Libel…is a written or published defamatory statement. Look what these people are doing to the highest office in our land. The world must think this country has someone getting things done & one party doing whatever the can thing of to bring him down. Really I think we all believe that

  3. Trina Dorman says:

    I’m so disgusted by the crap being done to good people. Just because he will not play their games they want him out. I guess if your not a crooked, lier you are considered fair game for scum to go after.

  4. Nolan Wilcox says:

    If Barr is forced to resign, then Shumer , Pelosi, Shiff and Nadler should also be forced to resign for all of the lies and twisting of the facts that they pushed in an attempt to impeach the Lawfully elected president of these United States .They are the biggest threat to our constitution and the American way of life .Arrest and prosecute each one of them to the full extent of the law !

  5. HEY “”EDUCATED””just read a very UNEDUCATED SOB STORY !!! How many more years can we survive the VIRUSES ,Peelosi,Nasty Nadler , Shiftless SCHIFF, & “”SS”” commander Schumer , Dimwhit Dean, plus many more relentless child’s play DEMO–C–RATS !!!???

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