William Barr asked Democrats one question about Antifa that no one wanted to answer

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee finally got their crack at Attorney General William Barr.

The Fake News Media billed this as the Democrats’ big chance to take down Barr.

But the tables were turned when William Barr asked Democrats one question about Antifa that no one wanted to answer.

One of the many issues Democrats wanted to yell at Barr about was the decision to send federal law enforcement to Portland to protect a federal courthouse that Antifa rioters repeatedly tried to burn down.

Democrats accused President Trump of deploying a “secret police” to Portland to kidnap innocent Americans as part of a campaign of intimidation and fear to restore “law and order” as part of his re-election campaign message.

During the hearing, Barr turned that around on Democrats asking them when they thought it was ok to burn down a federal courthouse?

“Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it ok to try to burn down a federal court? If someone went down the street to the Prettyman Court here, that beautiful courthouse we have at the bottom of the hill and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade fireworks in to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in and start fires in the court, is that ok? Is that ok now?” Barr wondered.

“The U.S. Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse. That is what we are doing in Portland. We are defending the courthouse. We are not looking for trouble.”

Barr also blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that federal law enforcement in Portland defending federal property were Nazi-style stormtroopers.

“They are not stormtroopers. Normally we would have a group of deputy marshals in a court in suits and ties, in civilian dress. Those would be the deputy marshals as a protective force for the court,” Barr added.

“After almost a month of rioting in Portland, we sent in – around the Fourth of July – we sent in about 20 special operations marshals. Those are tactical teams who are padded and protected so they can deal with this kind of thing.”

Democrats and the Fake News Media hyped up this hearing as their chance to really tear into Attorney General Barr.

But the only ones who left the hearing diminished politically were the Democrats.

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