Where Colin Kaepernick landed on this ESPN Top Ten list will make you scratch your head

ESPN is at it again.

They constantly try to inject politics into sports and they praise national anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick every chance they can get.

But who Colin Kaepernick beat out on this top ten list will make you shake your head in disgust.

ESPN is still trying to drum up controversy over the national anthem protesters.

The NFL ratings dropped by a whopping 10 percent last season due to patriotic fans tuning out.

And advertisers revolted by demanding the league make up for the money they wasted on an audience that wasn’t there.

This led to the league attempting to tamp down on players’ protests.

Now, ESPN released a list of “Top 100 QBs, coaches, issues and decision-makers shaping the NFL.”

Despite being out of the league for two seasons, Colin Kaepernick landed at number 10.

Kaepernick was ahead of the likes of Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, and even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

ESPN writes:

10. Colin Kaepernick, free agent

At this point, unjust as it might be, it’s hard to imagine Kaepernick ever playing in the NFL again. But his pending collusion case against the league could have huge impact if successful, and he remains the face of the significant race-related issues with which the NFL continues to wrestle.

Also on the list was Kaepernick’s anthem-protesting pal, Eric Reid, a Safety for the Carolina Panthers.

Kaepernick and Reid both have pending lawsuits against the league for teams colluding by not signing either player.

ESPN also placed “Becoming more diverse” at 39th on the list, complaining that there aren’t enough African-American coaches in the league.

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady was noticeably absent from ESPN’s list.

This just goes to show that ESPN is the sports equivalent of CNN’s Fake News.

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  1. Mac says:

    They Protest on the field why they’re making millions of dollars 90% of them walked out and don’t do a goddamn thing for the black community they are all hypocrites also no one mentions that he gave money to a cop killing family to flee this country so he wouldn’t get brought to justice

  2. Larry says:

    Not only is ESPN too far left, but it violates a number of the rules of decency, if not legality. ESPN actively recruits for certain conferences and teams. It then presents talking heads who accuse teams of cheating and present themselves as “moral” judges. It interferes with every game of any kind by demanding TV timeouts, in many cases stopping momentum runs. It fills its programs with talking heads who most viewers could care less about what they say. It uses multiple game announcers, color-men, etc when one would do, and they talk about everything but the game. There are other transgressions but there are too many to talk about. The gist is that ESPN is essentially a corrupt and irrelevant network.

  3. FRED GRANT says:


  4. FRED GRANTG says:


  5. Gunny says:

    I agree fully love it or leave. Master gunny sgt USMC retired

  6. Brat says:

    Because they want the lifestyle the NFL provide for them. They want the $.

  7. Deborah Hunter says:

    To NFL & ESPN: The owners are EMPLOYERS. The players are EMPLOYEES. The field is the WORKPLACE. FANS R CUSTOMERS. Respect our flag. Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

  8. ward says:


  9. John Dendy says:

    But not nearly fast enough

  10. John Dendy says:

    I’m with you

  11. John Dendy says:

    And ESPN with him

  12. Robert Ewing says:

    I dropped ESPN over five years ago. It’s all about money. Get away from this scum, people. Watxh them drown in their own excrement.

  13. Mac says:

    I totally agree , he wasn’t that good !!!!

  14. Ernst says:

    The last three years of Kaepernick in the NFL tell the story. Each year his play deteriorated, and finally he was absolutely horrible. Look at the statistics. No way can he make a case to belong in the league.

  15. gandolf says:

    You sound like a gullible, liberal Demwit. For Trump and the US it is a win/win what he did. The government employees got their paychecks with back pay and Trump could shut the government down again and build the wall as an emergency measure. Noting lost for Trump just a win/win situation.

  16. Tim says:

    I would have to agree with you 100% As a US Armed Forces Veteran Retired myself it is z “national disgrace” NOT to stand up and show RESPECT for the USA Flag. I just quit watching NFL after all that. No other professional sport league is doing what the NFL is doing in “kneeling down” during the National Anthem. You said it NFL has no one else to blame but themselves for losing fan support. I like you like college football and if the NCAA allows this won’t be watching that anymore either. Colin Kaepernick didn’t even VOTE so don’t tell me he is going to change society by DISRESPECTFUL behavior to the USA Flag. We put our lives on the line for this fool and he can’t even show RESPECT for the USA Flag. Have NO respect for that.

  17. Ray Copeland says:

    since the low life worthless piece b,st/rds thugs don’t like USA ,GET THE HELL OUT.

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