When Nancy Pelosi received this awful news, her political destiny was turned completely upside down

As House Democrats struggle over Joe Biden’s agenda, Nancy Pelosi’s life is a nightmare.

She can’t sleep at night because the Biden administration is falling at terminal speed.

And when she received this awful news, her political destiny was flipped completely upside down.

Nancy Pelosi has had a difficult year attempting to push through Joe Biden’s Big Government agenda’s more extreme elements.

Her issues are worsening as the Biden administration’s terrible start has sunk his support numbers and dragged Democrats throughout the nation down.

She can’t afford to lose any members in the House since she only has a narrow majority.

However, some unexpected news revealed how difficult it would be for her to keep her post as Speaker.

A new survey released by the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) reveals how vulnerable she is.

According to the NRCC, a generic Republican leads a generic Democrat 43 percent to 40 percent in 85 competitive congressional seats throughout the nation.

Biden’s approval rating has dropped from 51% in July to 45% now, placing him solidly in the red in terms of his outlook.

Independents were mostly responsible for the shift, with just 39% of them approving Biden’s performance.

He has a net disapproval rating of -5 percent among Hispanics, a vital group for Democrats.

Republicans have significant advantages over Independents on crucial topics such as border security, employment, and the economy.

The honeymoon period for Democrats has ended, and Americans recognize the disastrous results of the Democrats dominating the federal government.

This survey is the latest in a string of negative news for Pelosi’s job security.

Republicans had a 6% edge in a set of swing House districts, according to earlier polling by House Democrats.

Several Democratic House lawmakers from crucial battleground districts have opted to retire rather than face difficult elections next year.

It’s a hint that Democrats are aware that political disaster is on the horizon if they’re heading for the exits this early.

Nancy Pelosi faces a dreadful future, knowing that her five-seat majority is in jeopardy.

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