When Hillary Clinton spoke out on Brett Kavanaugh everyone realized one crazy thing

Hillary Clinton is back at it.

The former failed Presidential candidate continues to blast Brett Kavanaugh.

But this time she gave one interview that made everyone wish she would go away for good.

CNN interviewed Hillary Clinton and the two-time failed Presidential candidate whined that Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in ceremony was a “political rally.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s public swearing-in ceremony at the White House during a CNN interview Tuesday morning.

“What was done last night in the White House was a political rally. It further undermined the image and integrity of the court. And that troubles me greatly,” Clinton said. “It saddens me, because our judicial system has been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government. So I don’t know how people are going to react to it.”

She continued: “I think, given our divides, it will pretty much fall predictably between those who are for and those who are against. But the President has been true to form. He has insulted, attacked, demeaned women throughout the campaign, really for many years leading up to the campaign, and he’s continued to do that inside the White House.”

During President Trump’s speech prior to the swearing-in on Monday night, he said, “I would like to begin tonight’s proceeding differently than perhaps any other event of such magnitude. On behalf of the nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure.”

This theme rocketed around Democrat politics in recent days.

After Republicans confirmed Kavanaugh, liberals whined that the GOP celebrated too much.

But Trump and Kavanaugh needed to combat one of the most vicious smear campaigns in American history.

So Trump took time to tell Kavanaugh he was sorry for what he went through and Kavanaugh spoke about how this ordeal affected his family.

That was apparently too much for Hillary Clinton.

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