When Hillary Clinton spoke out on Brett Kavanaugh everyone realized one crazy thing

Hillary Clinton is back at it.

The former failed Presidential candidate continues to blast Brett Kavanaugh.

But this time she gave one interview that made everyone wish she would go away for good.

CNN interviewed Hillary Clinton and the two-time failed Presidential candidate whined that Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in ceremony was a “political rally.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s public swearing-in ceremony at the White House during a CNN interview Tuesday morning.

“What was done last night in the White House was a political rally. It further undermined the image and integrity of the court. And that troubles me greatly,” Clinton said. “It saddens me, because our judicial system has been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government. So I don’t know how people are going to react to it.”

She continued: “I think, given our divides, it will pretty much fall predictably between those who are for and those who are against. But the President has been true to form. He has insulted, attacked, demeaned women throughout the campaign, really for many years leading up to the campaign, and he’s continued to do that inside the White House.”

During President Trump’s speech prior to the swearing-in on Monday night, he said, “I would like to begin tonight’s proceeding differently than perhaps any other event of such magnitude. On behalf of the nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure.”

This theme rocketed around Democrat politics in recent days.

After Republicans confirmed Kavanaugh, liberals whined that the GOP celebrated too much.

But Trump and Kavanaugh needed to combat one of the most vicious smear campaigns in American history.

So Trump took time to tell Kavanaugh he was sorry for what he went through and Kavanaugh spoke about how this ordeal affected his family.

That was apparently too much for Hillary Clinton.


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234 Responses

  1. Chaz says:

    The evil witch that was the beginning of the attempt to ruin our country at any and all cost. And she won’t go away in spite of the fact that people’s stomachs become ill when they have to look at her.

  2. M says:

    Well, I REALLY wanted to write a comment about that piece of human excrement, HRC, plus a few choice tidbits about her rapist husband but, I have written so many replys to the liberal idiots comments I am tired. Man oh man, where have all these clowns escaped from? They should all go to Venezuela and see how they like those conditions. Maybe they will reconsider the Dem party’s gone farther left position before they cast their vote. But, I digress. In closing I will reiterate, the Clintons’ are criminal and should be incarcerated for life. Maybe we could finally be rid of them!

  3. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!!

  4. I totally agree with the comment made by Sue Jackson. Evi;l evil evil!

  5. Sue Jackson says:

    I read most of the comments of like minded people that know Hillary Clinton is one of the most scurrilous creatures that has ever inhabited this earth. There are deadly plagues and wars that have done less damage than this beast. I know that many are really upset with what you’ve seen, read or heard about which includes the evil of Hillary Rodham Clinton. While her husband Bill did serve 8 miserable years as POTUS, it is my thinking that it was she who was behind all the ‘dirty deals, murderous rampages and crooked foreign policies’. I do not think Bill could get his mind out of his pants long enough to do so much damage to America. My real avid dislike for Hillary began when she got involved with our healthcare system sometime around 1993. I spent my entire career working in healthcare and Hillary was the culprit behind what has now damaged our system to the point we are all going to dislike the outcome. I do believe if President Trump is given the opportunity, he does have a plan that can fix most of the damage Hillary caused. If Democrats get any degree of control, either in the White House, Senate, Congress or our Courts I am sure that Hillary Clinton will be able to worm herself into the picture so that she can complete her plans of tyrannical rule in America. She is the MOST EVIL element I can remember in my lifetime. The worst act was when she allowed 4 good men to be tortured and slaughtered in Benghazi and then lied to their families when their mutilated bodies were returned to America. That alone shows the degree as to just how evil and cold-hearted Hillary Clinton has always been. The degree of her evil and dishonesty is absolutely unthinkable for those of us that have a heart. We must make sure she never again gets a foot inside any form of our government unless it is related to the American penal codes. LOCK HER UP! Have you heard that idea??

    • Joan says:

      I agree with every word Sue, Hitler-y is the most evil, loud foul mouthed, corrupt, murderous person in our country. If they stop her soon she will have ALL OF THE YOUNG WOMEN BRAINWASHED. She says she for women but look at her past with Slick Willey Bill and what they have done to the women he assaulted/raped. He was impeached but nothing happened to him. IT’S TIME BOTH OF THEM WERE ARRESTED AND PUT IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

      • jim says:


    • Kara Wright says:

      Sue, you write very well and we need more of this laying things out. So keep it coming.

    • Glenda Kee says:


    • Chaz says:

      Best description of HRC yet.

  6. Betty says:

    Anybody remember D for DUMB trump pre-election promise that Mexico would pay for his border wall. Just how did CRAZY donald plan to do that? Rob every bank in Mexico? Kidnap the Mexican President & hold him for ramson? Build said wall then present a payment due bill for it to the Mexican Goverment Thinking they would simply roll over & say “Si, Manic” Just an example of the Sick Minded Insanity Of That White House WORTHLESS WORM With His Sick Mind & Diseased Brain.

    • Tim says:

      Trump sure is doing a good job and making us richer. If you had a lot to Piss in you would appreciate what he’s done for America. I made almost 25 percent on my money. If you weren’t a loser, you would do the same. You are a failure to your family and your country. Both deserve better!

    • MARK MADDALLA says:

      Betty- you are still angry that your crooked piece of human garbage lost in 2016. Get over it . Be ready for your next meltdown in 2020.

    • Geri says:

      I think you need to do a little more homework. By restructuring NAFTA to be the new USMCA [U.S. MEXICO.CANADA] deal it will, most likely, pay for at least a good portion, if not all, of the wall.
      Start giving our President credit for all of the things he has accompised already, ie: much better economy, lowest unemployment in a lot of years, immigration reform, that is still underway, not allowing just anyone it our country. Personally, I approve of a merit based system of immigration.

      • K says:

        These fools refuse to give him ANY credit for anything. When the GDP rose at 4.1% the media said very little. If it had happened during the Oscumma regime, they would have devoted half their newscast on how he saved our nation and how great he was. The only thing thing the demoscum wants to do is shaft us with pathetic treaties le NAFTA, TPP and the latest Iran deal where we got shafted big time. At least Trump was smart enough to ditch that pile of excrememt.

      • Anthony Manzo says:

        How about all the money that will be saved by not having to take care of all these illegals. also crime will be lowered less money sent n our prisons, and many american lives saved, monies eared by illegals sent back to Mexican will be spent in America by americans etc. etc. a complete WIN<WIN workable plan. BUILD THE WALL SAVE AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M says:

      Betty, You poor pathetic troll! You have more mental problems than just your severe episode of DTS! You are a hysterical unhinged mess of tangled dead brain tentacles! How in the world did you get in such a mess? Don’t say you despise President Trump and he has caused this terrible malady. If you do then I will know immediately you are one of Diane’s alter egos born from her Multiple Personality Disorder. So, are you a real person, a real immature person who has lost all control and selfrespect? There are so many ways Mexico could pay for the border wall, it doesn’t have to be a check written expressly for “building the border wall between Mexico and the USA”. It could be from a little here and a little there, etc. You don’t think fast on your feet do you, Betty? If you were not in such a crazed condition from your hate and anger you could do and be better. Nah, I doubt your IQ is high enough to do better!

    • Shannon Rutledge says:

      I think you are WAY off course, Betty. Mexico was to be paying for the wall by catching drug runners, with quantities of drugs that have become difficult to move. If we catch them & send them back to the Mexican Federales, we get reward. Also, if solar panels are used, Mexico will greatly benefit from the energy created which they will purchase from us. You made me laugh when you said Pres Trump would build the wall & give Mexico a bill! ????????????

    • Rose says:

      They will pay eventually through trade, or are you capable of understanding that????

  7. Jerry says:

    The better part of hillary clinton ran down her fathers leg.

  8. R ODOM says:


  9. We are all very lucky that Hillary is NOT President!

    • j says:

      Prayers were answered.”Lord save us from the likes of Hillary” thank you Lord now the same for the demorats.

      • Betty says:

        What about the day the Lord looked at this country & said “What the worst curse I can put on the USA?” I Know, I’ll put a MADMAN in charge of it”

        • MARK MADDALLA says:

          You are insane.

        • MARK MADDALLA says:

          If you hate the USA so much, why don`t you do us a favor and move to another Country. Try something in the Middle East. They love women there.

        • Tim says:

          You obviously have not opened your eyes in a while. Pull your head out of you know where and see the good things that President Trump has already accomplished. Old muslim Barry never did any good while in office for 8 years.

        • patriotsoul says:

          Betty, you do mean OWEbama because he was truly a madman. Selling 20% of our uranium to Russia; giving $1.8 BILLION in cash to Iran secreted on pallets in the dark of night; then there was the outrageous Iran deal; how about the government take over of our health – if you like your doctor, you can keep him/her, if you like your insurance, you can keep it – NOPE on both counts he promise; he did OWEbamaTAX to cover the 13 million who had no coverage – after he and the DEMONazis passed OWEbamaTAX – more than 13 million were uncovered, not fewer; OWEbama paying Michelle’s buddy from college millions to set up the Obamacare website which crashed and never worked properly; then there’s the billion he spent on alternative energy and the companies no sooner received the $$$$$$$, they went bankrupt- Solyndra comes to mind, leaving the taxpayers with the bill; he always went against law enforcement, blaming them immediately for issues before finding out the facts – REPEATEDLY; his insane business strangling regulations lost millions of jobs in the USA because companies moved overseas or shut down totally and he said the USA would never be manufacturing again – well, we are back and manufacturing set for more companies to open factories here; due to his business strangling regulations over 8,000 of them, unemployment rose, thus welfare rose 49%; our economic growth limped along at 1.2-1.6% – now it is at 4.2% – something else OWEbama said would never happen; etc, etc. I could go on all day, Betty, but you libs never allow facts to get in your way of lying, attacking, nastiness, disgraceful behavior. I feel so sorry for you all – obviously, you are truly unhappy people within yourselves. Maybe if you got out of mommy’s basement, you’d feel better.

        • Shannon Rutledge says:

          Betty, you are getting on my nerves and probably on some of these other fine people. There is no “madman” in charge of our country. Thank God we are rid of that liar Obama and have a President that actually cares about the American people, the military, the veterans, so much more. America is a huge economic “business” and Pres Trump is a huge businessman. He understands our economics like no recent president. That’s why unemployment is so low, families have more income, so you are an idiot to call Pres Trump a madman.

      • Rose says:

        Oooooh Yes, Mary! And J, I will PRAYto that!

    • Betty says:

      Yes, Mary Jo. We can all tell ourselves how lucky we were that way when America gets flushed down history’s toliet having CRAZY donald, in charge of things with His SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN.

      • Rose says:

        Betty, don’t worry about us, we all know where we are going, but you go ahead and flush for yourself! God chose President Trump, so you don’t have to worry, you will not meet him after this world.

  10. j says:

    What a crazy Ding Bat the Hilabeast is! LOCK HER UP! Make Mad Max her cell mate!

  11. Betty says:

    What about D for DUMB trump & CRAZY donald’s pre election border wall statements that Mexico would pay for said wall. How exactly did that Sick Minded Idiot plan to do that? Rob Every Bank In Mexico, Kidnap the Mexican President For Ransom? Or Just Present a Post Border Wall Bill For Payment To The Mexican Goverment Thinking That They Would Roll Over & Say “Si, Senor Manic” to Mr. White House RETARD.

    • Thaddeus Davenport says:

      The only response to that is that you & fellow cronies are the very definition of the term “useful idiots”that Lenin talked about in the very late 1800’s & early 1900’s the ones that fall so easily for the class warfare garbage spewed by modern day Progressives Hillary the Bitch, & Obama the weakest & worst President we’ve ever had with fellow Democrats Wilson & Carter right behind his worthless ass. The only reason he got anywhere in life was because of affirmative action not by the sweat of his brow. There’s no way he would’ve gotten into any leftist institutions that make up the once prestigious now no more Ivy League without it because we all know no money no college and there’s no way he could’ve paid for on his own so the only way he gets in is to lock out someone more deserving than he was someone who was smarter than he was. He was a majority of the time the one “acting stupidly” running around giving money to people who wished death to America & its people and apologizing for America’s greatness. That my friend “not” is the epitome of “acting stupidly”.

    • Anniedawn says:

      If you would educate yourself you would know that illegal Mexicans living in America send $25 BILLION “home” to Mexico according to the GAO. If we deport ALL Mexican illegals that would be $25 BILLION in the U.S. Treasury . If we deport all 22 MILLION ILLEGALS in AMERICA PLUS all 700,000 overstayed Visas we would have another $116+ BILLION in our Treasury. Of course it will take a while to recover the $10+TRILLION deficit Obama left us with . Of course being a Democrat (Jackazz) you never bother checking things out. The truth is totally foreign to you and your cohorts.

    • Shannon Rutledge says:

      Betty, I have explained to you how it works that Mexico pays for a large portion of the wall. You se to be as demented and crazy as Hillary Clinton. There is no use trying to explain anything to you, Betty. You are a crazy ding-bat mad woman. Sorry.

  12. Betty says:

    d. trump is nothing but a White House WORTHLESS WORM & m. trump is nothing but a White House DIME A DOZEN, GUTTER WHORE.

    • Anniedawn says:

      We are well aware that low educated people like you have to stoop to bad language to express themselves. Sorry you feel that way about Trump. Actually I feel that way about you. I won’t even insult “trailer trash” with a comparison to the likes of you. You fall more into the category “dime a dozen gutter whore” since you are so well acquainted with their language. Suck it up buttercup he is OUR president and, if you don’t like, it you can go to heII.

    • M says:

      Betty, You never have a bad day, do you? Let me answer that for you. No, ALL your days are bad! You are such a vile angry creature you must be Diane’s sister or are you another one of her alter egos, born from her Multiple Personality Disorder. I believe you are as mean and nasty as she! You need to settle before you have a heart attack or a stroke! Better yet, do the world a favor and don’t settle and the world won’t have to put up with very long, you low IQ Dem lib!

    • Rose says:

      Oh, come on Betty, you never met him in your world before, who are you trying to fool?

  13. Carolyn says:

    CLASSY Hilary Clinton has more dignity, more common sense, more intelligence & more brains in her little finger than than CRAZY donald has or ever will have in His WHole Fat, Stinking,, Stupid, Worthless Body.

    • J says:

      And. you are completely delusional. She is about as classy as a used colostomy bag.

    • John says:

      so is that why she is married to a male whore

      • Betty says:

        Hey, John. So why don’t you ask Mrs. M Trump why she is married to a Two Timing, Two Faced, Serial Cheater who changes wives as casually as other people change their underwear? Shades of Henry, the eighth.

        • Tom says:

          Betty I think you need to go run another white load, this is too much for your small brain. Killary Clinton is the most evil, corrupt, unethical liar in American politics. Try to refute that you dummy!

          • Betty says:

            Tom. There’s plenty to refute it but there are more important ways to spend my time than on IDIOTS & RETARDS LIKE YOU trump ASSHOLE KISSERS.

        • J says:


          Better yet, why don’t you ask the Hildebeast why she is married to and vehemently defends a serial philanderer and rapist? While you’re at it, why don’t you also ask why Chelsea looks so much like Web Hubbel and not like Billie Bob or her? I guess I when it’s a democlown, it’s different and it’s OK. The list of demoscum molesters and perverts is long and illustrious, isn’t it?

    • Terry says:

      Hillary Clinton’s double dealings go back years. Watergate for instance. She is the scum of the earth. She killed our men in Benghazi, she took money away from disaster victims, she has lied & cheated her way through life. She got in trouble with the Bar Association & had to close her law office. She & that thing she married are what my mama would call “white trash”. She stole furniture from the White House & it took her two years to return it. Oh yeah, she’s a real upstanding citizen. She & hubby. & daughter are really someone to look up to. NOT

    • M says:

      Carolyn, Ooooooh girl, you are totally unhinged and off the deep end. Where is the log all you vile creatures reside under? We need to find it, wait until all your kind is home and decide the best way to invoke a “cure” for your brand of mental sickness. Take a happy pill, you might see the light and become conservative!
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you.

    • Popeye74 says:

      Carolyn, you just revealed what a low IQ, uneducated fool you truly are! If you really believe what you wrote, you have no right to consider yourself an American Citizen. You really ought to live in Venezuela, Cuba or some other communist country, anywhere but here. You are utterly despicable trash!

    • M says:

      Well Carolyn, you just told us a whole lot, everything in fact, about you. If you think HRC is classy, how low you have just registered yourself, whoa! You are not fooling anyone, in your mind’s eye DJT is guilty and deserves the way you hate him is because he is a Republican. No matter what Republican is in the Whitehouse, you will feel exactly the same level of hate and anger for. Do you really, or are you intelligent to understand how stupid you really
      are? The Dem libs really are the best at hate, anger, and a potential for violence, yep, you take the blue ribbon for those emotions. Get some counseling before you self-destruct, goober!

    • Popeye74 says:

      Now, Carolyn, BAD GIRL… you get back to your asylum RIGHT NOW! The doctors are looking for you frantically and they have brand new nets and nice white coats with sleeves that buckle in the back.

    • Rose says:

      Carelyn, you must be a really good friend of Betty!

  14. THIS B(W)ITCH is such a DISGRACE to ALL of AMERICA…….!!!!! SHE is a big-time, LOW-life CRIMINAL and belongs in PRISON…..!!! WHO is SHE to even say “one letter” about ANYBODY else, as SHE has sooooooooo MUCH “dirt, garbage” in HER own yard, FRONT and BACK……?????

  15. Richard says:

    Why keep publishing what Hillary comments on. Who really cares.

  16. I THANK GOD EVERY day that THIS AWFUL, DISGUSTING CREATURE is NOT in the White House, THAT WHOLE party of CRIMINALS needs to go to PRISON, INCLUDING obama, or ESPECIALLY him and the clintons’ along with g. soros…..!!!

    • Terry Trammell says:

      You are so right.

    • Hillary has no right to talk about men and female abuse . Her Husband is one of the most well known abusers there is and she attacked these women as whores and sluts , and threaten them with legal action if they didn,t drop their charges . Shes nothing but a two face POS and a loser to boot . Trouble with Hillary , she just cant accept the fact that Americans dont want her and other well educated women dont trust her . Please go away Hillary or better yet DIE !

  17. Mrs. Clinton is mentally inept. I believe the best thing her husband and daughter can do for her, is to get Mrs. Clinton some good psychiatric treatment and mental health care. It’s become embarrassing to her and her family.

  18. Joseph says:

    Why is the bitch still out there spewing her garbage.When is her ass going to prison for treason or is that ever going to happen.

  19. Sue says:

    I’m so tired of Hillary’s whining, complaining, shifting blame, and accusing everyone else for her failures. She’s a pessimist who never has anything of value to say. Now she’s hit the bottom of the barrel, accusing Kavanaugh of celebrating too much over a very hard won victory. No wonder no one wants to vote for her. Her logical thought process doesn’t work.

    • A PESSIMIST and sooooooo PRIMITIVE, along with obama, waters, schumer, feinstein….THAT WHOLE GANG of CRIMINALS are just SPEWING “EMPTY, HOLLOW RHETORIC” = LIES…It’s just OUTRAGES…….!!!!!! LOCK ALL of THEM UP, THEY are sooooooooooooo worthLESS, useLESS, just LOW-life CRIMINALS……!!!!!!

  20. Gwen says:

    Too Bad There Is No Legal Way So Far To Make D For DUMB trump Permanently Go Away. A Monkey In A Dress Suit Would With Out Doubt Be A Better President Than That Brain Dead, Insane Idiot!

    • YOU are referring to YOURSELF….?? YEP, OBVIOUSLY……!!!!!

    • Shannon Rutledge says:

      If he was so brain dead, why do we have the lowest jobless rate ever? More people are working than ever before, thanks to our President. If he is brain dead, why is he smart enough to sign executive order banning bump stocks for guns? If he is so brain dead, how was he able to successfully debate all the Republican candidates to win the Republican nomination? If he is so brain dead, how in the world did he beat Hillary in the General Election and win the Presidency?
      I think YOU are brain dead. ????????????????????

  21. Gwen. says:

    Funny how CLASSY Hilary won the Popular Vote while CRAZY donald could only get the electoral collage vote! At least, the American people could tell the difference between the LADY & the LUNATIC!

    • Eileen says:

      Gwen, if that “THING” is your definition of a LADY. you need to be seriously schooled. That was beyond pathetic…

      • Betty says:

        No, Eileen, What’s Really PATHETIC is Some Americans’ s Definition Of donald Trump As A Real Human Being.

        • J says:

          What’s even more pathetic is that you are blindly supporting a slimebag that has stomped all over women’s rights to defend her rapist husband. You seem to forget what B.I.T.C.H. stood for when those clowns occupied the the white house (aka Billie Bobs Bordello). Remember, it stood for Bill’s In Trouble Call Hillary.

    • J says:

      The lunatic has done more for the American people than that opportunistic pig would ever do. Now put down your crack pipe and just enjoy your hallucinations in private.

      • Gwen says:

        Hey, J. Yes Like That Lunatic has done quite a lot for America like making it a Laughingstock in the eyes of the rest of the world,. Remember when D for DUMB trump though the U N people were Laughing with him, being Too Stupid to realize they all instead were Laughing At Him. Knowing what “ Laughable Joke” He Is.

        • J says:

          And I will bet you stood proud when Oscumma made made his world apology tour and the Hildebeast did nothing for those in Benghazi.

          What a couple of prime scum you have to adore

          • Betty says:

            Like the current White House Scum The Likes Of You Are Such Proud Boot Lickers Of.

          • Shannon Rutledge says:

            And don’t forget he BOWED IN SUBMISSION to the Saudi King. Obummer was a Muslim, not a Christian, and to this day, we STILL don’t know for sure where he was born.

    • CAN’T even SPELL…BUT has to RUN OFF it’s DUMBED DOWN mouth here…..If anything it’s the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, AND if “hillary” “won” anything than it was because of ILLEGALS “voting” by the BUSLOADS, DEAD people, and DOGS and CATS and WHATEVER else showed up at the voting stations who WEREN’T “authorized” to even “vote”….NOBODY can “add” ALL of THAT to the popular vote….!!!!

    • Dude says:

      Gwen. Go back in the hole you crawled out of..

    • Rose says:

      It was the illegal votes in California that gave her the majority but we all no that Electoral collage is what counts. They had more votes in California that registered voters! Of course that is common practice for a Democrat state. But then you would already know that, wouldn’t you Gwen?

  22. Leo says:

    She just keeps stirring & stirring the pot. To pick on everyone. Nothing ever good to say. Full of hate.

    • MARY says:


    • Popeye74 says:

      Leo: “She just keeps stirring & stirring the pot.”

      Yes, but then again, that’s what witches DO! Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

  23. ROBERT says:


  24. K says:

    Hillary who? Go away already! Killary is an evil, “get power at any means necessary” corrupt & failed Politucian. She’s on a lot of people’s s#!t lists because she has sold or traded so many positions before the election. Her foundations pay to play $’s, covered by the cloak of “donations” has long been evident.
    This person and her nasty clan need to be behind bars. Give her time to write another piece of garbage disguised as a book.

  25. Hillary is a disgrace and embarrassment to all decent women.

  26. Lola Collins says:

    What is troubling hillary is the fact that she is not there to lead this confirmation. They took her ”rightful” place away from her, and THEY MUST PAY!! I can hear her wheels turning!!!

  27. J says:

    You can tell it is getting close to Halloween, the Hildebeast has slithered out from its cave and her worshippers are presenting her on their respective pedestals. This two time loser and her molesting mate need to be sent back to the bowels of Hades where they belong.

    Keep appearing on your puppet shows oh magnificent sleezequeen, maybe Dorothy from OZ will toss some water on her and she will start screaming “I’m melting!!, I’m melting!!!”

  28. Daniel Mount says:

    Ya? Hillary Clinton said that Republicans can’t be civil? When all of the Democratic lies against President Trump and Kavanaugh supporting and organizing rioters and threatening conservative Republicans and organizing violence against all conservatives in restaurants and they say that conservative Republicans are not civil? What a lying bitch.

  29. Marina Romano says:

    Why, oh why, can’t we investigate her and her wrongdoings like the liberals are constantly investigating Trump. They keep coming with absurd things against him. When will we start investigating her??

  30. Bill says:

    Death by torture would be too kind for this low life bitch. Tie her in between two bent over trees like in the Tarzan movie and take bids who gets to cut the rope; use the proceeds to build the wall.

  31. Eyeball says:

    No WONDER Billy couldn’t keep it in his pants. I’m surprised he had a member AT ALL! Her problem is EGO and a HUGE superiority complex! She actually FEELS she’s BETTER and SMARTER than everyone else! ‘Can’t UNDERSTAND why she did not get elected. I’ll bet Russia DID have something to do with her defeat: They felt that they would NOT be able to deal with that EGO! She called us “deplorables”, and said stuff about us living in trailer parks and being “backward”. She will go to her GRAVE “not understanding” why she’s not “The Queen of The World”!

  32. Lt. Rob Polans says:

    I saw some snowflake holding a stop the war against women sign. There isn’t one, I’m a 50-year combat Marine and I’d be on the front lines on most women’s side. Now, as a strategist, the easiest way to disable an army is take out its generals. In this case, the general is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remember her past? Any woman that Bill assaulted, she did also. Whether simple threats, ruining their lives, physically manhandling or is that womanhandling? Al Franken doesn’t have a thing on her, neither does Harvey Weinstein. Remember, the manic/depressive, coke addict raped a young girl.

    • Teragram says:

      Absolutely right Lt. The war against women does exist though, but comes from the left and not the right. HRC and the cultural progressives are frauds, but they have been unmasked and have emboldened the right to strongly resist them. I hate that Justice Kavanaugh and his family had to endure their evil attacks, yet a lot of good came out of it, Notably, it raised the ire of former complacent lawmakers and I believe that we have reached a turning point. Enough is enough. Time to fight back and DEFEAT these lying leftist hypocrites.

  33. Raymond says:

    I have never seen a more evil witch than this “Bitch”.It was the most celebrated time in American history when Donald Trump took the election away from this witch..She and her corrupt Democratic cohorts would have put this country in ruins..I just hope,and pray that the now Democratic voters have open their eyes to this evil woman,and the Democratic party.And do the right thing,and vote Republican.Or just sit at home and do not vote at all.They are the party of corruption,and destruction.

  34. Don Baker says:

    Appointing a special prosecutor to investigate this Marxist career criminal is long overdue

    • TooLateNow says:

      Investigation is utilized when you don’t know the facts.
      The Hildabeast bought, and paid for, the Russian Hoax Dossier (fact)
      The Hildabeast mishandled Classified Information (fact)
      The Hildabeast was responsible for the American deaths in Benghazi (fact)
      The Hildabeast lied about, and violated, the many, many women who accused her Serial Rapist husband (fact)
      The Hildabeast covered up multiple crimes (fact)
      Convicting the Hildabeast of these multiple crimes will put her in the Graybar Hotel for the rest of her miserable life.

  35. Skip says:

    Every thing Hillary was accusing the republicans of doing causing violence and evil deeds, is being done by her communist democrat party is doing and are guilty of. The communist democrat party is trying to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a totalitarian government

    • Traece says:

      Yep you got that right! Flood the country with illegals from Mexico and refugees from the middle east( muslims) crash our economy, because the illegals drain the welfare system… start a civil war with Christian’s and muslims because they WILL NEVER acclimate… they continually push for Sharia Law….. this is what they WANT so BAD!!!! THEY HATE AMERICA SO MUCH!!!! But they use our good will against us , or natural inclination to “help” others. They use this to beat us down and steal our money to give away to people that dont even live here, who ALSO HATE AMERICA btw. Please vote Nov.6 we must stop this evil agenda they have in store for us and OUR CHILDREN.

    • Alisha says:

      Hillary is doing exactly what she said President Trump would do after the election(not accept the election results and protest in the streets) She is so full of hate and bitterness that it litterly drips from her lips. She is one of the main reasons America is so divided.

  36. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in Nov to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat rule. No RINOs, please!‬

    • Rose says:

      President Trump sure has my vote and I am sure he will have more votes for him than he did the first time! But we do have to watch for fraud and the Democrat party with their corruption!!! We need to bring out the Military to keep the vote honest.

  37. Richard says:

    Can someone tell Hitlery what the word LOST means? Losing means the other person won! Give it up lady and go home and bake cookies or be a grandmother. No one is interested in what you have to say.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      We’re rapidly approaching her birthday . . . October 31st when she reverts from being and imitation witch to a real witch, and fly’s around on her atomic broom ????

      It should be interesting as she and willy will be on the campaign trail, pedaling their wares as the clinton-crime-family.

    • twocool2 says:

      You..know…I think there is really something wrong with her…mentally…Don’t know what is causing it…but I don’t think she can pull herself out of where she is…Maybe she has been so entrenched..in this role of becoming President..that she cannot separate herself from Reality…

    • Mary says:

      Actually she is trying to over compensate for an inferiority complex developed during her childhood…quit forcing yourself on the world

    • Valli says:

      Amen to that you loser!!!

  38. Sonia says:

    Why are the Clintons’ wrongs being whitewashed or bleached? It is interesting to note that people who were privy to their innersanctum and became a threat or tried to blow a whistle on them died suspiciously over the years. At death, they were called “Clinton Body Bags.” “On March 8, 1998, James McDougal, Clinton’s convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in soilitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.

    Mary Mohane, a former White House intern was gunned down in a coffee shop. Nothing was taken. It was suspected that she was about to testify about sexual harassment at the White House.

    Vincent Foster was a former White House Counsel who was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and ruled a suicide. He had significant knowledge of the Clinton’s financial affairs and was a business partner with Hillary. If the Clintons are guilty of the crimes they are accused of by Foster would have detailed knowledge of those crimes. (Note that Hillary was observed shredding their office files the day after his death.)

    Ron Brown was a former DNS Chairman, Commerce Secretary. It was reported that he died in a plane crash overseas along with others . New evidence reveals he may have been shot in the head. He was being investigated by a special investigator and was about to be indicted with 54 others. He spoke publicly of his willingness to ‘make a deal’ with the prosecutors to save himself a few days before the fatal trip. He was not supposed to go on the trip but asked to go on the last minute.” (Source: Snopes)

    This list is just the tip of the iceberg killing fields. There are too many occurrences to be called coincidences. The above source described how these and others died and were definitely biased against what truly went on behind the scenes, and threw tomatoes at the conspiracy theories. I did not add their whitewashing comments which are slanted toward the Clintons. You go figure…

  39. Rich says:

    She is amazing , how she believed the Kavanaugh accusation with no proof of it ever happening when back in history 4 woman came forth with evidence ,yet she called those women everything in the book. Also she talks about the justice system has failed us with the Kavanaugh appointment yet she gave out American secrets thru her personel gov’t set-up, smashed phones nad bleached who knows what other secrets of admissions could have been on them and transferring many e-mails to persons not on the list to receive such sensitive info OUR JUDITIONAL SYSTEM FAILED__ SHOULD BE IN JAIL

  40. David W Draughn says:

    I’m tired of the two-faced “politics of destruction” that Hillary, Obama and the remainder of the Democratic crowd use to motivate people to cross over and believe their lies. Neither Bill nor Clinton have a heart or a soul. Bill Clinton willfully lied to the American people about his sexual escapades and misconduct, a trait that I’m sure he continues to practice.
    Hillary felt that she should move into the White House simply because she was a woman. She was a poor Senator when she served as such. As a Secretary of State, she failed miserably. The most significant act of failure centered around her sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia; and, her private server which contained some of the most highly classified information relevant to the Nation’s Security. She turned her back on an ambassador and other Americans in Bengazhi in order to ensure that Obama’s reelection happened.
    Furthermore, Hillary is a wicked person. She used the natural disaster in Haiti to raise money for the “Bill and Hillary” coffers rather than the suffering people of the poorest country in this hemisphere. She’s exhausted countless hours traveling around the country and whining about the election results like some high school senior who lost a campaign for Prom Queen.
    Her recent comments along with those of a number of influential Jackass Party members border on treason and sedition against this great country. She and her fellow liberal Jackass Party members would rather see America fail that contribute positively to America’s economic rebirth. I often wonder how truly great this country could be if the Jackass Party would adopt compromise and consensus and work hand-in-hand with the Republicans and support President Trump.
    Every time Hillary Clinton opens her mouth, she damages her party and this Nation. Time for her to go home, write another book that will not sell, make cookies or develop some other hobby to fill her hours. She is a has-been who I believe deserves an investigation into many of the unlawful acts she did while Secretary of State and during the most bitter and oftentimes illegal Presidential Campaign that failed to get her elected.
    I would tell Hillary to “get over it,” to “move on” and try to be a positive influence in this country. I’m genuinely grateful that she did not gain the Oval Office.

  41. Nancy says:

    Actually she should be in ‘PRISON’! WHY IS SHE NOT IN THERE?

    • Jim Irby says:


      • Florence Sherbahn says:

        I, too, do not understand why the Clintons are not in prison. She is a two-faced liar, murderer of four American soldiers, a gossiper, threatened people’s lives as a cover-up for wrongful doings and she is still free to cause a rift wherever and whenever she wants. Bill has the smarts to stay out of the picture publicly but I”m sure in secret he is doing his best to cause trouble for someone. SOMEOMEONE PLEASE GET RID OF THEM1!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeanni says:

      Hillary is not in prison because there are two tiers of justice now. One for the rich, famous and powerful and one for us peons. Guess who’s justice is soft on criminals and which makes you really pay for your crimes the way you should. Oh wait even in liberal states criminals get off easy now. These liberal democrats seem to like surrounding themselves with nothing but evil. It is where they feel the most at home, keep causing mayhem and destruction. It is who they are.

  42. Judy Stinger says:

    The only thing that Hillary Clinton has consistently done is break the law and be traced this nation and the American people. She was an abysmal lawyer but even she should know that in our nation you were innocent till you’re proven guilty. Obviously she doesn’t believe that. The only political party that is encouraging divisive Ness are the Democrats and they have been for decades but not as badly as they have been lately. They are actually encouraging violence against Americans who support President Trump and with whom they don’t agree. The Democrats should be held just as accountable when ever anyone is prosecuted for this violence against Trump supporters. Hillary Clinton has gotten away from me with everything that she ever want to regardless of how long this and how much of an atrocity and B trail it’s been against this nation of the American people. This is the same woman who could’ve save those 4 Americans in Benghazi but chose to let them be slaughtered rather than help them all because of politics. Hillary Clinton gave a complete picture of her self when asked by Congress why those 4 Americans died and she said “what difference does it make.“. She’s got no soul, conscience, humanity in Her. What happened to the investigation into the Clinton foundation in which Hillary and Bill colluded with the enemies of the United States while she was Secretary of State and in which they gained millions of dollars from those nations. What about when she sold 20% of our uranium and gave it to Russia which allowed Russia to give it to I ran for the nuclear weapons to be used in the Middle East and against the United States. Hillary Clinton Is in no position to judge anyone else. She would know honesty, ethics, integrity if it was standing right in front of her. She is a national disgrace and that’s her legacy.

  43. Harry says:

    Crooked Hillary Clinton two time failed presidential candidate who is married to a sexual predator Billy boy Clinton. This lady and I use the term lightly talks like a lady with a paper ass hole because her mouth knows better.

  44. Timothy says:

    More evidence surfacing every day on Kavanaugh’s drinking problems — which Trump did not allow the FBI to investigate: The Wall Street Journal, says that Truth and Courage members met twice weekly through senior year to hang out and drink. When “heavily drunk,” Mr. Kavanaugh, could turn “belligerent, offensive and even possibly criminal,” the statement says. Kavanaugh vandalizes a truck in drunken rage.

    According to the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 10, 2018) , when senators went saw a stack of documents with thousands of tips about Brett Kavanaugh that had been sent to the FBI tipline. And they basically ignored them all.

  45. Nancy says:

    Hillary needs to get over it! She is in no way, ever going to be President! She is the biggest liar…untrustworthy & in my books…just ignorant!

    Get over it Hillary…remember…BENGOSI? You are an absolute, ridiculous idiot! AMERICANS ARE SMARTER THAN YOU! GONHOME & SHUT UP…WE ARE FED UP WITH YOUR IGNORANCE! ????????????????????????????????

  46. I L Watson says:


  47. Ana says:

    Let us not forget she was the lawyer for the pedophile who raped a twelve year old child and she LAUGHED about getting him off! She is a liar and cares not for TRUTH. It doesn’t matter that JK was innocent. What a pathetic woman.

  48. Allen says:

    Only way to shut her pie hole ( which is huge) is start prosecuting her for her crimes that yell out put me in jail. If joe citizen did a small part of what she has done they would be in jail for life no parole. Yet Muller has the gall to witch hunt trump.. After 20 million time to pull the plug and go after Clinton’s, Obama’s, rice, Pelosi, finestein, and the rest of the Democrats.

    • Rob Theranter says:

      Can you imagine what it might be like if the Russia probe came back with recommended indictments of the FBI, Fusion GPS, Hillary and her lawyers…. Unlikely but evidence that justice does have a real face after all.

    • Marina Romano says:

      Why, oh why, can’t we investigate her and her wrongdoings like the liberals are constantly investigating Trump. They keep coming with absurd things against him. When will we start investigating her??

  49. n wilson oliver says:

    Sometimes we miss the strategy of the Left by becoming angered by its outrageousness. However, it is unwise not to be aware of their tactics because it is how the ignorant “buy into” their narrative. The former First B*tch’s first quote illustrates this well: “What was done last night in the White House was a political rally. It further undermined the image and integrity of the court. And that troubles me greatly,” Clinton said. “It saddens me, because our judicial system has been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government. So I don’t know how people are going to react to it.”

    The Leftist calculatedly mixes truth, fiction, AND assigns blame, calculatedly intertwining fact and fiction, to direct the flow to her desired end–“…a political rally” as though that is somehow wrong…she follows with “further undermined the image and integrity of the court” NEGLECTING to assign the blame for the UNDERMINing to its rightful owner, Barack Oword, who chose “justices” based on their “IMAGE”, political, ethnic, and gender persuasion RATHER THAN their INTEGRITY, and assigned duty, to determine the CONSTITUTIONALITY of legislation. It is the LEFT that has sought to change the role of the court, which previously ha(d) “been viewed as one of the main pillars of our constitutional government.”

    For the ignorant, to which the LEFT directs its ‘pitch’ and brainwashes with its strategy, the argument flows that Trump is working AGAINST rather than FOR re-establishing our justice system to its former “main pillar…… of our constitutional government.” TOTAL MISDIRECTION.

    But she then enters the swamp with her preposterous (Trump) “…insulted, attacked, demeaned women…” and her brainwashed followers who can’t think critically FORGET WHO TRULY insulted, attacked, demeaned women, BILL and HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON!!!

    This second narrative is more insidious because it INFLAMES rather than simply INSULTS fools and dysfunctional women for the most part. EVERYONE, EVERYONE!!, has a private and a public side–there are things we say, for example, when we stub a toe in the dark ( at least I do) that would have us banned from attending our daughter’s ballet performance or the cocktail party at the fund raiser for Me 2…My point, all of us can say things among a group of close friends which might be viewed as outrageous in another setting–HOWEVER, the saying “actions speak louder than words” comes forward and WJC and HRC’s ACTIONS truly reveal the total HYPOCRISY of any of their trivial verbal assertions regarding the treatment of women, particularly those who have been abused…LIKE THE DOZEN or so who have claimed with far more credibility than any 36 year old fragmentary memory ABUSE by both!!!

    Yet the fools following HRC’s narrative are willing to go out and LYNCH (white) men on her command!


    • Danny noble says:

      Good speech but stupid is an incurable ailment. Dems are stupid. They can’t help it. They are wildebeest charging across the serengeti.

    • Francisco Machado says:

      A significant difference between debate, which is theoretical and argument, which deals with real existential factors is that in debate the primary proposition is accepted. In argument it is critical to question the validity of the primary postulate: “What was done last night in the White House was a political rally. It further undermined the image and integrity of the court” is an opinion, not a fact. That it is the opinion of one who ran for President without a discernible platform and has spent two years whining about the unfairness of her Presidential defeat while blaming it on everyone and everything is well worth taking into consideration.

  50. CCblogging says:

    Hillary’s criminal days are winding down and justice will be served soon on that lying, thieving, murdering creep.

  51. K says:

    Why is this old windbag STILL TALKING—-
    And how much of a dumbass do you have to be to STILL BE LISTENING TO HER TRASH———
    “Hey Hillary, Go Home and spank bill
    What a turd!!!!!

  52. frank says:

    The Democrats are moving past crazy and into mentally damaged. They have become completely unhinged. All pretense of reason is gone.They have to be stopped before they damage this country.

  53. John Dugan says:

    I couldn’t agree more ! Ever body makes so many great statements, it’s fantastic that there are so many people who speak their minds about those criminals “Hillary & Barack” makes me proud to be American !!!!! Cheers to all of you.

  54. Jim says:

    Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite and a liar that has escaped justice by criminally manipulating and using corrupt officials within the justice system in an effort to gain power and destroy the man who challenged her and won the presidency. Her actions and those of her liberal far left supporters have done more to deeply divide and harm our nation than any other entities in the history of our nation. She and her co-conspirators should be prosecuted and sent to prison for the evil they have rendered. It is time for the People to wake up and see the truth, and use the power of their votes to cast out Hillary and her co-conspirators in this next election. Enough is enough, in the name of Jesus Christ, get thee hence Satan and begone!

  55. Alex says:

    With the People she and obamy abandoned to die at Benghazi, she has to have a bigger set than billy to even open her mouth period! If she would do that to people she knew, she would certainly care about Joe Citizen!
    I can sure understand why she was and very apparently still is the Democraps & NEWS MEDIAS’ POSTER POLITICIAN… She is someone to have as a hero!????

  56. Dr. J.D. says:

    This article is another “yanking your chain” to get Trumpons upset by beating the dead horse AGAIN. Just like telemarketers try to get you afraid or angry – – to yank on your emotions, don’t buy into every one of their scams. Many of these same propagandists, like Alex “stop aging” Jones, then try to sell you a bunch of worthless products too, like vitamins that will stop people aging . . . . or conspiracies about the medical profession hiding the real cure to obesity, which they well “sell” you their supplements that give that “cure” to you for a price. I got a scam letter from a “Lotto in Spain that told me I had won $2.55 million, that is only there to get you to pay taxes and fees, then gives you nothing. Wake UP!

    • CCblogging says:

      Trump 2020 — Pence 2024 and 2028

    • BigJoe says:

      “Yanking your chain?” Beating a dead horse refers to a horse that has died. This horse just keeps on breathing like a zombie that won’t be killed. She’s out there spewing her usual nonsense and we’re beating a dead horse? Grow up! You call us “Trumpons” and expect us to listen to anything else you have to say? Then you spin off into a delusional comment about Alex Jones. Put down the bong or the crack pipe and stop showing your ignorance.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        “Big” Joe, still loving that delusion, don’t you? The “dead horse” is the issue of Hillary and Bill — both been out of gov. service for a long time. They are your “straw men” to create a fake argument . I don’t really expect many of you to listen, no matter how it is presented. You don’t listen to members of your own party . . . and God help them if they don’t agree with all the party line. Sorry you did not follow the point about how people like Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are just inventing these BS stories . . . apparently you LIKE those false stories.

  57. Alex says:

    Hillary & Nancy & Chucky Chummer, Mikey & Georgey should marry as a five some! The perfect Authoritarian Fascist Dictator scenario for america!

  58. jennifer wilkins says:

    Hard to say much more. All been said here….but…I do have a serious question. Did Hillary have a sex change operation? Cuz she sure as hell has a set of galioons

  59. Leo says:

    I’m so tired & sick of hearing her will she please go home & stay home. She’s done enough damage. It’s disgusting.

  60. ELI says:

    The audacity of this woman is unbelievable. When all the women came out about her husband’s shenanigans “in and out of the oval office” she threatened these women, cajoled these women and has the nerve for President Trump to stand up for this man. None of the testimony of his accuser could be verified, all names she gave the committee refused or denied knowing the Justice including many other lies. She (Ford) should be prosecuted for “lying under oath” to start with and then she should have to pay the Justice’s attorney fees. Hillary, go back to the farm, and out of our lives. Maybe you and “Slick Willy” could share a house with the Obama’s on some isolated island – never to be heard from again.” HASTA LA VISTA

  61. John says:

    Get lost Hillary and take your worthless
    buddy obama with you! We are sick and
    tired of your BS!

    • Randall clark says:


    • Bandit says:

      Remember that the clintoonishes have given their loyalty to the devil so that is who they serve, if anyone else had come the things those two have done well that person would have been in prison for the rest of their life. No the clintoonish does not ever deserve to be in the house ever again, the secret service even hated working for those two, the men were treated worse than slaves they were treated like they were trash, it turns out that is how the DEMONcrats always treat the secret service. The brave men IN the secret service enjoy working for the TRUMPS because they are treated with the RESPECT they deserve.

    • Betty says:

      No, John. What all intelligent, decent, & true Americans from the east to the west coast are Sick & Tired of is that Walking, Talking Pile Of Gutter Trash In Human Form that currently sits in the Oval Office.

  62. Tom says:

    Her statement was that civility could not return to our country until the democrats where back in full control of our lives (governmental power) As a nation of personal freedoms and God given rights the left of our political spectrum can take them away from me after they have killed me I will not go willingly and my intent will be to take some of them with me I served as a US Marine during Vietnam and this is not what I was willing to lay my life down for They keep it up and we will soon be in a civil war I don’t want to see that but I have no control over anyone but myself and the left doesn’t want to listen to anyone other than themselves

    • Bandit says:

      First off I thank you for your service,
      Next you are right the clintoonishes want this nation in a civil war so they can take all our rights away from us. The DEMONcrats have always hated the FREEDOMS we have, when I took my oath when I went in the U.S.C.G. I swore yo protect and defend the country as well as uphold the CONSTITUTION of the United States, today that oath has been changed dramatically from what it was when either you or myself went in. Once a MARINE always a MARINE same thing in the U.S.C.G once COAST GUARD always COAST GUARD.

      • Paulnam67 says:

        Was in Nam 67, took same oath and there is no expiration date to that oath. Will do what ever to survive the dumocrats, and take as many as possible to do my part. Was in Army in the Delta,so with you bro.

  63. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Her husband has been a predator for decades and those accusations have been substantiated. She needs to crawl back under her rock along with Barrack!!!

    • Robert says:

      Not only is her husband a predator, but she enables it. Some of his victim’s came forward before and she used intimidation and threats to make them go away. But she’s supposed to be for women and the me too movement.???
      Plus doesn’t it seem strange that all of the people who investigate them and speak out about there corruption suddenly commit suicide.???

  64. I can’t believe that Hillary gets away with everything she needs to be investigated and she needs to be put in jail for what she’s doneand those that are still out for Hillary there’s something wrong with them Hillary has done nothing but be tried to destroy the United States and she is still trying when are we going to investigate and her there’s a lot of charges that I have read about on her but she still walking around she still out there speaking that woman has done nothing for the United States our country the country that she supposed to be from but we have people like this we are destroyed I think she needs to be put in court for everything that she has done and then put her behind bars she is no better than anybody else in the world that does things wrong we all have to be behind bars if we do wrong what makes her so great besides her taking money from us for

    • Robin says:

      The he’ll with investigations, she’s not remotely worthy of the time spent. During the Kavanaugh inquires, if you will, I was wondering why haven’t the courts done anything about Hillary and Obama. Its like they just gave up on the investigations and let her go. There must have been a lot of money exchanged for,that to happen .
      Any other Joe and Jane American would have been thrown under the jail. Its time to throw the books at her and those involved to go to prison. The whole thing is just plain disgusting.

  65. David Navarro says:

    The Democrats deserved to be shamed and needed to be shamed over politicizing the Kavanaugh confirmation process and hearings and then attempting character assassination with a false allegation that had no credibility whatsoever and had Democrat meddling written all over it.

    Trump is responsible, as the President, to lead the nation and to guide the nation to remain fair and balanced and to not engage in corruption or politicized schemes.

    If the swearing in ceremony seemed like a “rally” to Democrats, it only highlights how out of touch they are for them to not realize they brought it on themselves by their unhinged lunacy and turning the vetting process into a three ring circus.

    Shame on you Democrats for destroying the pillars of government and then blaming Trump.

  66. Dee says:

    Why aren’t they being investigated for all the things they did or helped do. I do not Understand. They have lied, cheated, and yet nothing is done about what they did. I and every other normal person would be in jail. GOP are gutless. Do your job.

    • harry says:

      there democrats

    • Jim says:


      • truthistruth says:

        Because, Jim, much of what you have listed is false and the Uranium One story has even been debunked BY FOX NEWS!!!! Your right-wing propagandists make this stuff up to get you guys all stoked up and vote against your own self-interests – – like giving tax break almost totally to the rich rather than the middle and working classes. Wonder WHY Hillary is not in prison? Because most of this has NO evidence, so when the Ken Starr special investigation (lasting 5 years) found nothing about Whitewater, or Bengazi BS found no evidence, they the cases weren’t even good enough to be brought to court without being dismissed. You are being played for suckers.

        • BigJoe says:

          No, this isn’t BS. This is what the deep state is all about. And no, it’s also not a right wing conspiracy. This fat old lady may have you fooled but many of us can see right through her. Most of my opinions come before I hear any news organization report it. It’s you who have fallen for the lies of the left with the usual lie that the tax breaks were for the rich. The tax breaks helped everyone, including the rich. I’m as far from rich as anyone can be and I see what my deductions are for 2018 as compared to 2017. It’s no small amount. Yours aren’t either whether you want to admit it or not. Obama and the fat old lady were the end of this country as we know it and thank God Donald Trump came along to stop the destruction.

  67. jonathan says:

    I think they are building a case for all the money she got selling national secrets to our enemies as bill did with China and north k. there have been rumors of raids on Clinton foundation properties worldwide and what they have found in them.

  68. Magoo says:

    Bill Clinton was a rapist. He certainly never respected women. Hillary needs to keep her big mouth shut. We are tired of her s**t.

    • Paul says:

      She need to find herself a mirror and take a good long look at herself!! With the way she treated the women that had affairs with Billy. She definitely has NO right to condemn someone else!!! She has shown a GREAT AMOUNT of DISRESPECT for the plight of the women in the world.

  69. ronald fischer says:

    This Bitch should be in a Federal Court on charges of Treason along with that Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that F–KED up our country along with the rest of dose Democrat Nazi Party.This is how Hitler started out in the 1930s with is people with all the lies he feed into their brains now we have the same thing going on in our country within the DEMOCRAT NAZI PARTY that will bring down our Nation like a wildfire,thay are the worst of the worst treasonurs people living on the face of our country.And if they ever get back into POWER you can kiss this country goodbye unless we fight back at all cost to defeat these EVIL Animals that are worse than MS 13 that they let into our country by the Democrat Nazi Party and their leader that Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that let this country go to Hell for the 8 freaking years of corruption scandals and were looking to take complete control of WE THE PEOPLE.I served in Vietnam in the Infantry (RECON) and was wounded along with thousands of other young soldiers that a Democrat President named JFK and that other one named LBJ that didn’t do a damn thing to win that so called war which killed over 60,000 young kids that didn’t belong there in the first place.And that LBJ was in the KKK in the 1950s along with at least 5 or 6 other SS Democrats that voted against the civil rights bill against the black folks but it was passed by the Republicans and not a single yes vote from the SS Democrat Nazi Party,they are the most Racist people in our country and that you can take to the BANK.

  70. Fr Tom Martin says:

    They are cancers that just keep coming back every election. These people have no life outside of politics. They will die trying to keep their name in the public arena.

  71. sheldon Nadler says:

    OMG! This woman has set women’s rights back 20 years and she keeps putting her foot in her mouth every time she speaks!

    • Ed says:

      I have news for you, that wasn’t her foot in her Mouth.

      • Dee says:

        LMAO Good response.

      • Julia whitehead says:

        Now you sound like Trump shameful

        • David Navarro says:

          Democrats deserve to be shamed for the disgrace they are to our Constitutional Republic and American Heritage. It needs to be outed. When a juvenile delinquent is bullying and terrorizing others with shameful rhetoric and schemes, they deserve to be scolded and their shame hung about their necks. That is a deterrence to others that destruction of traditional values and mores will not be given a free pass.

        • BigJoe says:

          And you sound like a woman hating liberal. Deny that Bill Clinton didn’t take advantage of Monica Lewinsky, IN THE WHITEHOUSE! Do you have no sense of morality at all? If you’re so willing, just like Hillary, to turn a blind eye to Bill’s actions then you are no better then them.

  72. UglyBad says:

    She is the old Witch of the West! They say beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone, well, the Clinton’s evil goes all the way to the bone and then some(as the ugly just goes to the bone)!
    Why hasn’t pressed charges against her(them) for something? I’m beginning to think they have some dirty info. on someone up high in the government!

  73. Hillary just cannot think of anything to whine about so she picks on Kavanaugh and Trump.
    As the old saying goes, “keep you mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot. Or open your month and erase all doubt.”
    She has never learned that and neither has Chelsea.

  74. Ellie says:

    Hillary you need to SHUT UP your husband screwed in the WHITE HOUSE having sex and lied about it YOU are upset with this rumor about JUDGE KAVANUGH that HAPPENED when he was a TEEN GET OVER IT! FOOL! CONGRATULATIONS JUDGE GOD BLESS YOU!

  75. With all of the illegal and underhanded things Hillary and Bill have done while in their respective offices, one would think they would go away quietly. They have no brains or shame. Their arrogance knows no bounds. Why won’t anyone currently in office put them in their place? Probably because Bill and Hillary know everything bad about some of our seated elected officials. Bill and Hillary we’re privy to all the FBI knows and more.

    • Betty says:

      Correction. Judith, It’s Old donnie trump who has brains Nor Shame, also No Sanity But Certainly Plenty Of Boundless Arrogance. Too Bad A Few Somebodies Refuse To Put CRAZY donald in HIS PLACE. Like A Padded Cell IN The Nearest Mental Hospital For The Criminally Insane Wearing The Latest Fashion In Straight Jackets!

  76. Charlotte says:

    Why won’t Hillary just GO AWAY?????

    • Popeye74 says:

      Maybe Hillary et al are God’s way of spanking our collective butts with a grin on His face for our constitutional and conservative negligence!? : )

  77. David Hart says:

    They dont want to know and dont care what the majority wants and what we voted for.

  78. James P Hutchins says:

    clinton is a crook and a traitor to the American people.

    • Mary says:

      Amen to that!

    • Magoo says:

      Bill Clinton was a rapist. He certainly never respected women. Hillary needs to keep her big mouth shut. We are tired of her s**t.

      • Betty says:

        Magoo. If Hilary were president today, there Be No Need For The Me Too Nation Wide Movement. At Least Women Know How To Respect Other Women Excepting the Very Few Female traitors who voted YES on b. kavaugh. Or the Stupid Sows Who voted for mr. presidential Pig.

        • J says:

          You are showing “lots of respect” for those women who didn’t follow the rest of you lemmings and fall all over the Hildebeast. I guess her raking Billie Bob’s victims over the coals was acceptable. When it comes to demoscum molesters, perverts and rapists, it’s different and acceptable for fools like you.

        • coldcowboy says:

          Betty, What outdoor outhouse hole did you crawl out of???

  79. Shelly says:

    I don’t know what to say any more about these people. They have to be the whiniest cry babies there are.

    • Raymond says:

      All I ask of everyone on this website is to get out and vote Republican in November.These Corrupt ,and evil Democrats can not be allowed to take over Congress,and the Senate.It would be just like having Hillary Clinton winning the election .Do not allow this to happen..”PLEASE”

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