What Trump just said about Antifa will make you burst out laughing

Antifa and the left-wing mob are doing everything they can to intimidate Trump supporters and “resist” the Trump White House.

They try to act tough, but their threats often end up looking like a two-year-old having a temper tantrum.

Trump just slammed Antifa and what he said will make you burst out laughing.

President Trump is well known for his sense of humor at campaign rallies.

This time, Trump made fun of the less intimidating members of Antifa with these hilarious comments.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump ridiculed far-left violent Antifa protesters alleging that they represent a broader Democratic Party-backed mob movement, in a Sunday afternoon campaign rally.

“Antifa … You have seen it … they take the helmet off, and they take the armbands and you see these little arms … and then you see the clubs,” Trump said, adding “you see these guys, you take off their black helmet and black outfit with the pads. Tough guys. Swinging clubs viciously.”

The president referenced the far-left protesters’ penchant for dressing up in all black and violently attacking others, often with weapons.

Trump preceded his riff on Antifa saying, “Republicans produce jobs. Democrats produce mobs.”

The best way to neutralize an opponent is by making them look silly.

While the rising threat of Antifa should be taken seriously, some of their members make comical attempts to be intimidating.

Some will put on costumes and carry sticks to college campuses to stage riots.

But Trump continued to point out that while the left continues to produce angry mobs the Republicans have been busy creating jobs.

The threats of the angry left-wing mobs should not be taken lightly.

Antifa and violent leftists have issued death threats to Trump staff, elected officials, and Republican activists.

They have even assaulted Senator Rand Paul, and have made attempts to poison high profile Republicans and officials such as Senator Susan Collins and General Mattis with Ricin.

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