What this patriot said to gun-grabbing politicians left everyone’s jaw on the floor

Anti-gun politicians are doing everything they can to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

The mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina tried to shut down the city’s gun and knife show.

But one man spoke up during a City Council meeting and left the gun-grabbers’ jaws on the floor with this three-minute speech that has been viewed 4 million times.

Mark Robinson is a proud Second Amendment supporter and American patriot.

So when Greensboro proposed shutting down the city’s gun and knife show in the wake of the Parkland murders, he marched down to the City Council meeting to give them a piece of his mind.

His epic speech, which you can see below, has now been viewed four million times earned him a standing ovation.

“The law-abiding citizens of this city are everybody. We want our rights and we want to keep our rights.

“And by God we’re going to keep them. Come hell or high water.”

Robinson spoke for all Second Amendment supporters with his passionate defense of gun rights.

According to Fox 8 in Greensboro, “The city attorney followed by saying that council doesn’t have the power to cancel the show or ban the coliseum from holding it in the future.”


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38 Responses

  1. mike says:

    The truth be spoken. Thank-you sir!

  2. Sanjose Mike says:

    The Second Amendment was placed into the Constitution to permit citizens to FIGHT OFF an illegal and illegitimate coup. The Second Amendment is even more important now than it was when written.

    All I have to say is that “God Bless” our Founding Fathers. Their depth of understanding was nothing more than miraculous.

    Under no circumstances should it be repealed. It is exactly what is necessary to prevent Democrats from forcibly taking over this Country, which is absolutely their intent.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  3. Mary says:

    I love Mark Robinson! Please put him in DC asap! What an amazing brave sharp man! We need all men & women in DC with Mark’s thinking! I pray everyday for this country to come to its senses and quickly! Please let’s all speak up like Mark did and let’s do it quickly. Let’s all get up & go to our own city Council meetings and stand up like Mark did. Let’s make it a goal for this year. Come join me on the “Mark Band Wagon”!

  4. Curtis V Pyeatt says:

    Would Love to shake that MANs hand.

  5. Jazz says:


    I love people, like Mark Robinson, who are courageous enough to stand up and be counted for their rights.

    So many Americans feel strongly on this subject to send in their comments, utterances, logic, insults etc – and this exchanges are good – but does reason and logic suffer?

    I’m a conservative Trump fan but what makes me different is I live in Europe – where gun ownership is strictly controlled and trust in our government is sufficiently high that our citizens do not want guns to defend themselves against our fellow citizens or our government.

    “Courage is getting up and speaking…or sitting down and listening!”

    You’re not going to like me saying this but insularity is a problem in America! Statistics show that only about 8% of Americans have passports i.e. have been outside America. There’s a big, wide world out there that, in many ways, is very different from America.Have the pro-gun lobby the ability to calmly sit down and listen to the world – yes, the world – which tells Americans that they are crazy. Do Americans not realise that the No 1 reason why outsiders think Americans are crazy is their attitude to guns?

    America leads the world in so many ways; is it conceivable that it could lead the world in showing how it is able to change so drastically and abolish its 2nd Amendment by disarming everybody through an amnesty and incentives? Can you imagine how the rest of the world would laud and admire America for doing so?

    It’s a flawed argument to suggest that its citizenry need guns to defend themselves against their government – they need guns to defend themselves against their own crazies and, in my opinion, the easy availability of weaponry makes it easier to be crazy! American young men are increasingly nihilistic and given to malfeasance and are turning against their sources of authority which, in many cases, are schools; this increasing social problem is not being addressed by society and civil authorities!

    How many Americans would acknowledge that in their lifetimes, at least once, they were angry, raged and irrational enough that if they had a knife or gun they would have used it? Trouble is that, presently, it’s just too easy to get guns and vent your anger!

    Surely the Pro-2nd Amendment supporters should ask themselves why do the anti-gun lobby want to restrict/eliminate guns from American society? They’ve no hidden agenda, I suggest – they only want the slaughter to stop. Surely the solution is to offer an amnesty to gun owners to hand up their guns, with incentives or not, and if they don’t they’ll get horrific jail terms.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      Jazz … we have never met, but I would certainly like t meet you. You have posted a succinct, well-written argument against the liberal gun-grabbers in our country. As usual, the liberal blame the instrument – in this case, firearms – for the violence rather than the wielder of the firearm for the violent acts. They see no harm in allowing abortion clinics to kill unborn babies but scream bloody murder when someone uses a firearm to kill someone. Liberals show their true colors by this selective outrage.

      • don says:

        The democrats in this country want to take guns, not to save lives but, because they want to turn this country into a communist dictator country.
        If they wanted to save lives, they would not extort tax money from us and give it to abortion clinics.
        The abortion clinics kill thousand more babies “which are people” than all murderers every year.

    • Stephen says:

      Foolish argument from a person who doesn’t even live in this country. Taking away the guns IS NOT, nor ever will be the solution. The problem rests in PROGRAMMING [violence in TV programming; violence in gaming programming] and in the numerous ‘Fatherless homes’, where young people do not have a father figure, to provide guidance. In addition, there has been restraints placed on so many, making them think that you can’t or shouldn’t spank your children, when they act out, are disrespecting, etc. In addition, we have allowed entertainment, distractions, computers, TVs, etc. to replace good communication and interaction between individuals and families. Finally, but most importantly, our nation (not completely, but greatly) has departed from Judeo-Christian values, the fear of God, and a sound moral compass. MAKE STRIDES IN CORRECTING EACH OF THESE AREAS THAT I’VE JUST MENTIONED, WHERE WE’VE REGRESSED, and these problems will greatly disappear!
      One final note: Also do not be one who is mentally and emotionally manipulated, and buys into racism. Take time to get to know people, not based on the color of their skin, but on the content of their heart.
      The ploy it to get our nation to willingly give up their guns, so that a ruling minority can take control – fascism.

  6. george shores says:

    thank you Mr Robinson, keep up the good work, your welcome to sit at my table anytime!

  7. This man said it as all of the voters should say it. Everyone needs to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, Washington D.C.needs a purging. Washington D.C. has made to many MILLIONAIRES with the blood money that they have stolen from the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The treasury probably have a plus instead of a 21trillion dollar deposite. The lifetime politicians have gutted this country, the American people needs relief. It is time for the people to stand up for what is right instead of a Politician telling everyone that they have the AMERICAN PEOPLE to stand up for. HE’LL IS WAITING FOR THE POLITICIANS TO COME. WAKE UP AMERICA, THE VETERANS HERE AND GONE DO NOT WANT THEIR LIVES TO GO DOWN THE DRAIN. Politicians are giving this Country go the Immigrants and letting the Veterans make their homes under bridges and any other place they can find. This Country has gone to a big OLD POOP PILE. THERE IS TOO MUCH BEING DONE TO DESTROY WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON.

  8. glen says:

    amen to the big man

  9. Pete Wieckhorst says:

    I am a law abiding citizen of this state and nation. And I will remain so unless and until you politicians try to or do pass a law that places me and mine in danger. When that happens you will have made me and hundreds if not thousands of others like me into outlaws; because I will not conform to any law, ordinance, or rule that places my life or others in the path of danger. You haven’t the guts to go after those criminals who get, have, and use those guns against us. You haven’t the brains to see where you are going with these unconstitutional anti-gun laws you so wantonly create . You want to take away the guns from those who are not any kind of a threat, in order to brag about how you have done something, all the while you know you are putting the MAJORITY, The HONEST people in a position that will cost them dearly if not their lives. Let me ask you this: Once the criminals have killed or bullied the majority, the honest people out of the picture, just who in the H do you think will vote you back into office? And if they do put you back into office who do you think you will be working for then?

  10. Ted says:

    This one man who had the guts to tell you brain dead weak kneed politicians who have little concept of the Constitution and out rights spoke for millions of us. You politicians don’t get it. You can’t enforce the laws you have passed. There are a multitude of anti-gun laws on the books that restrict our rights. Don’t pick on us. Get the criminals who use the guns, the illegal guns they have and will get regardless of your stupid laws. You try to disarm us but you can’t control the criminals who don’t and will never listen to you. You are not worth the amount you gutless liberals are paid to do your duty and uphold the Constitution. Thumbs up to and for this person who called you out. Grow a spine and obey the Constitution you swore to uphold The founding fathers would kick you ass if they had to listen to your lack of guts and knowledge. You surrender you rights and who are you going to call? Fat chance the police will show up in time. Liberal weenies! They will inspect and report the crime scene. You will be dead or injured along with your loved ones.

  11. the liberals are trying to take our guns so that we will be defenseless when obamas muslims invade the US obama is a traitor to the US and someone needs to get busy and investigate his falsified birth certificate because his grandmother told that she attended his birth in Kenya and she should know if she was there

  12. Ron says:

    Hooray for that man !’common sense and fortitude ! I’ll stand by him in a second !

  13. Jake says:

    That man speaks the truth! I only had one problem with what he said ” if you write a law to bring my guns in, I’ll break them down and bring them in. ” no I won’t! I’ll oil them up, wrap em in plastic bags and put them in the pvc containers I have ready and bury them off my property in a place that a big man can’t go. I’ll leave a map to them with a person I don’t know to well to give to my family after I’m dead or taken away. I will fight to keep my oath to the constitution in 81′, and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one? Does your tribe talk about preparing? Mine has and are! Liberty or Death

  14. Houcho says:

    This man is speaking for a lot of people. He is saying what most of us would like to say but don’t because the liberals try to smack everyone down and shut them up. I will stand with this man any day and fight.

  15. BOBBI says:

    Love, respect, admire and thank you Mark Robinson for saying what I feel.Being a 71 yr. old lady on disability, I don’t get an opportunity to say or do much of anything so I thank people like you to .do it for me. Please continue to stand up and speak whenever possible. No one, I mean No One will be taking my guns…………Thank you……

  16. Danny Boovey says:

    Soros Pelosi Feinstein Schumer and you other Liberals Why don’t y’all load up and come door
    to door ?

  17. Danny Boovey says:

    Bravo thanks for the stand Those Soros supporting
    Liberal elitist want to rule Well to me Almighty God
    is in charge and has dealt with the bondage problem
    before Beware Soros, Pelosi, Feinstein,Schumer the
    true American people of all colors are here to stay
    and that us stay free so get use to it Who do you
    elitist Aholes think your gonna get to come around
    knocking on doors If y’all are so Hell fired up to it then why don’t y’all do the door knocking The men
    and women in uniform are citizens also and are not
    willing to be disarmed Better call your UN buddies
    in blue helmets since our military works for the folks
    that call America home !

  18. tIM says:


  19. Debbie says:

    Mr Robinson thank you so much. I totally agree with you. Make no mistake the liberals and government
    cronies are all for letting the average citizens be defenceless. But are leaving on the books the ability to keep their firearms. I heard a representative in our state government that average people have no need for guns only those in service
    I say you wouldn’t need guns if you didn’t try to take everyone else’s away. Our forefathers knew what they were doing to add owing guns into the constitution. They had no rights to own guns that is how they were controlled by the British. I totally agree with you I too am part of everyone and I refuse to let them take away my God given rights away. Take the correct route and work out to see what the real problem is. It is not the average law abiding citizen and we should not be punished. Go after the real crooks who do not surrender their guns. And, work on figuring out what the real problem is with those who shouldn’t have weapons in the first place.

  20. Radman says:

    Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood will probably be safe if others there believe as he and the SCOTUS does in the individual RIGHT to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes. He spoke truth to power, and the powers that be had better pay attention.

    Here’s the bottom line on WHY we have a 2nd Amendment: Men without guns are not free men; they are slaves. Men without guns are not citizens, they are subjects. Men without guns have lost the right of self-defense by any means necessary. They have lost the power to defend and protect their families, their homes and their property from harm or theft. Men without guns are reduced to mere members of the animal kingdom, subject to becoming prey to those among them who might choose to maim or kill during a robbery, or just for sport. The right to protect oneself and one’s family is God-given and Christ-endorsed, as Jesus plainly ordered his Apostles, “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” (Luke 22.36). [And it wasn’t to make a fashion statement!]

    • James says:

      Well said. The progressives know this, but they think that they will always be in some kind of power, and will always have someone around to protect them (with a gun).

  21. Hugh Kaplan says:

    Thank you, Mr Robinson. You are telling the left what’s exactly on law biding gun owners minds. Thank you so much !

  22. Anne says:

    We need more Americans just like this. God Blesshim and this Republic. Keep America great now and forever. God bless President Trump and Vice President Pence and their families.

  23. I want to congratulate you on the speech. You make me proud to be an American and would stand with you anywhere.
    Thank you for saying what the majority thinks.

    • SS says:

      Me, too! Thank you for reminding us that all of the law abiding citizens must fight for our freedom. No more silence! No more allowing liberals, who are really communists, to spew their nonsense without responding with the truth. That is what you reminded us with your powerful words, Mr. Robinson! God bless you and God help us to be bold like you.

  24. Robert Ewing says:

    So far, I’ve saved up 10,000 rounds of ammo. When that’s gone, and I’ve killed as many gun grabbers as I possibly am able, then the survivors can have my rifle. Any question?


  26. Al says:

    I’m keeping my AR-15 ty.

  27. Jan13 says:

    Thank you Mr. Robinson, we need more people like you, not afraid to speak up to those that want to take away law abiding citizens guns, but are unwilling to go after the criminals. Hope you run for office, I’m sure you’d win.

  28. MASTERMECH48 says:

    I have but one addition to Mr. Robinson’s presentation. It may just come to some future situation that one of us crazy gun owners will be THE “first responder” and be thrust into the controlling situation to save a ney sayers ass because, the police are MINUTES away. Keep in mind, the gun is the innocent player in this equation. The operator is the variable to do good or, bad.

  29. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    If the citizens of Greensboro have a lick of sense, they’ll draft this guy for their new mayor!

  30. Mike H says:

    This guy talks my language. There’s not enough people that stand up like this guy did .I take my hat off to him.The left is trying to steamroll this country .I say let’s not let it happen. Standup for your rights …

  31. NavyDoc says:

    Damned Skippy y’all…Bravo, Bravo!

  32. Terre says:

    Mark Robinson, I applaud you! Had I been there, I’d have stood up, cheered & clapped as loud as I possibly could! Keep saying it & saying it ad nauseam! That which you said are pretty much the exact words we speak in our household. Finally – someone with the intestinal fortitude to not be bull dozed & push back! Oncore! Oncore! (Hear me clapping?!)

    • Jim says:

      Terry and Mike, you are so right about this whole affair. We all have to take a stand to protect ourselves, or we will land up like Europe did. One exception is the Prime minister of Hungary 🇭🇺, he is battling the big wave and he has the guts to stand for his people. Now some of the neighbors are joining in with him. I have to applaud the great speech he gave to the city Council.

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