What this CNN contributor said about Mollie Tibbetts will enrage you

CNN is the king of fake news.

One of their contributors, Symone Sanders, former spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, is a chief offender.

But what she said about Mollie Tibbetts’ murderer will make your jaw hit the floor.

Instead of blaming the illegal immigrant for Mollie Tibbetts’ murder, Symone Sanders pointed the finger at “toxic masculinity.”

You can read Sanders’ twitter tirade for yourself below:

The truth is, Mollie Tibbetts would likely still be alive today if we had stronger enforcement of immigration laws.

Instead of trying to fix our porous borders and prevent what happened to Mollie and Kate Steinle, Democrats are now campaigning to “abolish ICE.”

But Sanders isn’t the only one who is bending over backwards to excuse illegal immigration.

When asked about Mollie Tibbets’ murder, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren and potential 2020 frontrunner to challenge President Trump said the real issue is the treatment of illegal families at the border.

Warren went on to complain about the separation of “mama’s and babies” who cross the border illegally.

But it’s clear Warren does not lament the horrific separation of Mollie Tibbetts from her family.

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95 Responses

  1. Mott says:

    Kick her ass out of the US, We don’t need people like this here.

  2. Cathylovesyou says:

    Simone + another Fat Black Angry Woman with full credential’s in the Communist Party. Pass this racist some Duck Tape please

  3. shelly says:


  4. michael says:

    republicans are idiots!! the man worked for a company for over 4 years and was in good standing with the company, something must have short circuited in his brain to have committed such a vile crime!!

  5. Eugene Kapinos says:

    Compassionate and tolerant of each-other, most of the time.

  6. Laurie says:

    What if it had been your daughter? Would you still be OK with the illegals then?
    I thought that liberals were supposed to be compassionate !

  7. Paul Pence says:

    Okay, so not fearing plagiarism, I had to copy and paste her comments because I lost track if the idiocy of one of her comments after reading every one else’s comments.
    “Regardless it is problematic for people to characterize an entire community based off the actions of one person. The majority of mass shootings in America are carried out by white men. So are we going to round them all up?”
    First, she calls illegal immigrants a “Community”
    Secondly Democrats think it’s okay to characterize all law abiding gun owners by one person’s actions.
    The Democrats are threatening to round us all up. Of course we all know there have been a plethora of mass shootings (and not only by white men) just as there have been equally as many killings by whatever means by Illegals. Look back in time to the news lady. Who was the shooter at the “Pulse” in Florida?
    Who was the shooter at Marjory Stoneman High School. (Hmmm, also in Florida)
    Every time a Democrat opens their mouth, a cornucopia of contradictions and hypocrisy comes to light.
    And they can’t even hear themselves. They have an extreme case of tunnel vision and selective hearing

  8. Stan Lee says:

    Well…I suppose most of us know where her heart is! Her appearance before cameras had to be made with her mind to trivialize a young woman’s assault leading to her murder. That case is closed, there are other factors which should be cited, but the attack & murder…yes he did it and I hope he faces true justice. For sure, this guy should not ever again be at liberty to “black out” and murder a girl. As for Ms. Sanders bloviating about her thoughts re: this murder, she saw only a white girl’s photo, the assailant a hispanic of darker skin tone. Sanders’ high-handed approach was strictly about hate for white people, apart from the fact that she isn’t a female specimen a male peer would write home about. The “monkey is on her back,” and she’s isn’t conscious of it, her auto-response shows no interest in the poor girl’s life being ended because a killer’s mind “that went blank”, he had already been stalking and timing the girl’s jogging run, which was adjacent (one would think) to her home, and something she had been doing as part of her peaceful, small-town life. One other issue needs attention here; the killer was an illegal and employed by a local American land owner, for supposedly agricultural work. This illegal virtually disappeared from notice by working for the American land owner. Had he been reported to immigration, for whatever result that federal entity would have ruled, that young lady would be choosing a wedding gown, instead of now being buried. I am angry with the killer’s American employer, due to him this illegal was at liberty.
    Oh sure, walls won’t keep them out….like he– they wont! The President is right about needing a wall built…it’s about time, we have lost too many lives who did lose their American rights. For what? To give illegals rights? Certainly not for the outcome! Let’s stop gambling with American lives….a wall will mean more than not having that wall!

  9. BETH GEM says:

    It figures she’s a spokesperson for CNN the crap news network!. Not even an illegal would chase that piece of ugly crap down for money!!!..She has some nerve putting down that family at this time!!!..Get rid of her now!!!!! You are the most disgusting person I have ever seen on any site!!!!! Go work for Hillary!!!! Or is she already paying you!!!! Go to hell, you belong there!!!

  10. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Well said. And very true. Not even all those coming across our southern borders are from “south of the border”; many come from Africa, Asia, and Europe as well as points south from our borders. People who live in border states know that well.

  11. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Right on the mark!

  12. Randall Clark says:

    Hey Simone!! I have NEVER heard of anyone, whose mouth is SO FULL OF BULL DUNG!!! HOW DARE YOU, MAKING THE ILLEGAL A VICTIM!! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO PUT A SIZE 9 UP YOUR HIND END!! YOU DESERVE A SLAP IN THE FACE!!! Liberal putrefaction!!!

  13. B Taylor says:

    We can hope some big bad illegal rapes her and murders her and her entire family. JUSTICE will not come in the court.

  14. Susan Dix says:

    Border security won’t kick in with liberals until one of their family members gets raped,
    tortured, and killed. It’s fine with them to “cover” for illegal criminals by calling them something else like “toxic masculinity”. They don’t want to admit that our POTUS was correct when he rightfully said that these countries are NOT sending their best people here. He warned us that a lot of them are drug dealers, smugglers, thieves, rapists and murderers.
    Liberal judges and authorities working against ICE and the laws of the land are accomplices.
    They should be arrested and charged with defrauding the American public and sedition.

  15. Rivahmitch says:

    Tfe Democommies refuse to face the fact that if these foreign invaders were not here they could not commit crimes here. They are foreign invaders and should be treated as such.

  16. Helga Miller says:

    She takes the cake! Blaming the victim is just plain evil and you should wash your mouth out with something! Stupid Black B..ch, you should know better since your Black Males are so virtuous!

  17. Scott says:

    You asked how many more women need to die? Just one that I can think of!

  18. Richard DiDomenico says:

    So, we have a woman who wants to look like a man, defend killers who don’t even belong here, and she thinks she’s actually sane. I think God took the last train out of town.

  19. Statesman Patriot says:

    Symone, are you that stupid?
    Your comments indicate that you are!!
    Nowhere did anyone say it was only illegals from the southern border, although that’s where most illegals come from. You just assume that everyone only means south border illegals which typically means Mexican.
    Illegals come form all over the world. Many brutal attacks are being committed by Shariah Muslims. Some are from Africa. No doubt there are Asian illegals committing heinous crimes too.
    The issue is that we have to do all we can to stop illegals from coming in, period. We have to find the answer to only allowing entry legally.
    Basically Symone, you are the racist for even suggesting this is a race issue.
    If you libtards don’t start getting on board, it will end up in a horrible solution of vigilantism. Innocents may get implicated and it will be your fault!!!
    Be very careful and aware of consequences.

  20. Grizz Mann says:

    Bizarro World.

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