What this CNN contributor said about Mollie Tibbetts will enrage you

CNN is the king of fake news.

One of their contributors, Symone Sanders, former spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, is a chief offender.

But what she said about Mollie Tibbetts’ murderer will make your jaw hit the floor.

Instead of blaming the illegal immigrant for Mollie Tibbetts’ murder, Symone Sanders pointed the finger at “toxic masculinity.”

You can read Sanders’ twitter tirade for yourself below:

The truth is, Mollie Tibbetts would likely still be alive today if we had stronger enforcement of immigration laws.

Instead of trying to fix our porous borders and prevent what happened to Mollie and Kate Steinle, Democrats are now campaigning to “abolish ICE.”

But Sanders isn’t the only one who is bending over backwards to excuse illegal immigration.

When asked about Mollie Tibbets’ murder, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren and potential 2020 frontrunner to challenge President Trump said the real issue is the treatment of illegal families at the border.

Warren went on to complain about the separation of “mama’s and babies” who cross the border illegally.

But it’s clear Warren does not lament the horrific separation of Mollie Tibbetts from her family.

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95 Responses

  1. Bob Rice says:

    Go to Chicago, or Baltimore,and see how many whites are killing blacks. definitely not enough,compared to black on black.

  2. Texas Belle says:

    This woman and Maxine Waters are in the same league, racist, dumb, and hateful.

  3. W FLATT says:

    Life long Reg. Dem. If I was this girls parents I would sue CNN and this stupid woman for every thing they have. Employers are responsible for what their employees do on the job.

  4. russell remmert says:

    I agree both she if that is the case and cnn sucks

  5. Ernst says:

    This big, ugly, stupid person should not be influencing US policy. A big mouth does not indicate an acute brain. It is amazing the extent to which Sanders and her ilk deny the tragedy of the murder of Mollie Tibbetts and twist this horrible murder into an unrelated political issue.

  6. T-pac says:

    ABSOLUTELY SHE IS A F’n LEFT WING NUT CASE and always uses the RACE card as her get out of jail free with the MSM BOZO’s …….AND ANYONE WHO WOULD VOTE FOR WHAT THESE AMERICA HATING POS’s stand for should have thier heads examined.

  7. Phillip says:

    What we have in our society is mud, created by mixtures of hatred spewed out in such aggressive racial hatred as this black woman has exhibited in her whining about white men doing more killings than other racial populations.
    How stupid Demonrats and B-lacks have become in aiti-white rage. The black population wanted to join white society; white society did not want to join black society rule of anti-white aggressiveness that would destroy the best of what America could become. Such people with their raging interests against Trump in his effort to keep illegitimate, aggressive change agents out of our country which our ancestors sacrificed to build for the benefit of their own fanily descendents–not for the benefit of others like such evil ones with their stupid declarations and actions.
    Such evile vile ones whining in their tirade against the agenda that requires our borders to be closed need to leave and form their own anarchial turmoil of government–though it would fall apart in their dog eat dog situation–but in other parts of earth’s domain. Those evil ones are not even worthy to be in the same leage categorized with the best educated, and accomplished citicizens of our nation, such as Donald Trump, whos has, among others, wealthiest ability to help others, with highest concern for security and well being future ability for America’s potential develpomental growth in better ability to contribute toward a whole world a more peaceful creation aiming at even higher scientific advancement for all populations that could grow, without such anarchial attempts, to help other nations become better contributors to the best as well.

  8. N says:

    White people should vote for Trump and the Republicans for their own survival before It’s too late and you become extinct like the Liberals commie Nazi party want you to be. Post-haste!Refer to CNN for details!

  9. Seems that all of CNN is democrat Islamic Scum of the Federal Democrat terrorist organized crime unit things called lawmakers

  10. Irene Grooms says:

    I really AGREE.

  11. Steven Brown says:

    Symone are you really a woman or a man in drag? Don’t worry no one will rape you! You talk about Racist Garbage and then you talk about how mostly white men do the mass shootings! I suppose mostly white men do all the shooting in Chicago!!! Any time Trump looks like he is right on a subject (border wall) the left tries to change or misdirect the subject. Democrats won’t stop until they ruin this country!!!

  12. russell remmert says:

    you have that right illegals need to be gotten rid of build the wall

  13. russell remmert says:

    a pink slip and a one way ticket out of this country cnn sucks

  14. russell remmert says:


  15. Mott says:

    4 years of being an illegal his “Boss” needs to spend some time behind bars too. And it’s the DEM’s that are IDIOTS.

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