What these pro-abortion activists cheered will make your stomach churn

In Ireland abortion is illegal in all cases except to save the life of the mother.

But radical feminists are pushing to repeal Ireland’s 8th Amendment, which outlaws abortion.

And what they cheered for at this pro-abortion rally will make you sick to your stomach.

“Hoes need abortions!”

That was the rallying cry that self-proclaimed “pro-choice” radicals cheered on at a recent protest in Ireland.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

This sickening video shows you what pro-abortion advocates really think.

They’ve thrown the “safe, legal, and rare” talking points out the window.

Now they’re trying to argue abortion is just another method of birth control.

When citizens who are on the fence about the abortion issue see the truth about what radical abortion advocates really want, pro-lifers win.

Just consider the Center for Medical Progress videos that went viral here in the United States.

These videos showed in gory detail how Planned Parenthood profits off of selling aborted baby body parts.

Now Planned Parenthood is on the defensive, trying to keep their hands on the $500 million they receive each year from American taxpayers.

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