What Joe Biden just said about Trump supporters ended up as his biggest humiliation ever

Joe Biden is desperately trying to save the Democrat majorities in Congress.

That led to the worst blunder of Biden’s Presidency.

And what Joe Biden just said about Trump supporters ended up as his biggest humiliation ever.

Joe Biden is trying to frame the Midterm elections as a choice between extremist MAGA Republicans and Democrats trying to return the country to normal.

It’s not working.

One of the reasons Biden is failing to get his framing to stick is because it clearly isn’t true.

But their lying does not stop their message from resonating on occasion.

That’s because Democrats can count on their stenographers in the Fake News Media to amplify their falsehoods and convince the American people that up is down.

However, Biden’s incompetent spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, does not set the table well for the Fake News Media to lie on behalf of Democrats.

In a recent White House press briefing, Jean-Pierre tried to define “extremism” as being on the opposite side of a majority of public opinion.

The sheer silliness of this claim instantly became apparent to all.

The RealClearPolitics polling average shows 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden as President.

That means by the definition Jean-Pierre gave, the 42 percent of Americans who support Joe Biden are all dangerous extremists.

Joe Biden also opposed the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

This bill – signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – banned teachers from grooming students in kindergarten through third grade into transgenderism.

A Wall Street Journal op-ed described how 61 percent of Americans supported this legislation.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote:

“When Americans are presented with the actual language of the new Florida law, it wins support by more than a two-to-one margin.” That’s from a new poll by Public Opinion Strategies. Overall, 61% of people said they supported the “don’t say gay” law, with 26% opposed.

Even more notable is the breadth of that sentiment. Democratic voters in the poll support the law 55% to 29%. Among suburban voters, which could be a decisive group for the midterm elections, it’s 60% to 30%. Parents: 67% to 24%. Biden voters: 53% to 30%. Respondents who “know someone LGBTQ”: 61% to 28%. Those figures might come as a shock to Florida’s progressive activists, including those who happen to work at Walt Disney.

Joe Biden delivered his attacks on Trump supporters as a threat to democracy to distract from his failed agenda and Presidency.

Biden wants to divert attention away from the fact that majorities of Americans disapprove of his handling of the economy, the southern border, inflation, and crime.

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