What Hillary Clinton said about the coronavirus will knock your sock off

Democrats are exploring every avenue to turn the Chinese coronavirus outbreak into a political advantage.

Now Hillary Clinton is getting involved.

And what Hillary Clinton said about the coronavirus will knock your sock off.

Multiple states have postponed their Presidential primaries to enforce social distancing measures and prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Hillary Clinton sought to turn that into an advantage for the Democrats.

Clinton claimed that the Chinese coronavirus should cause all states to rethink their voting procedures and move to all mail-in voting.

At-home, mail-in voting is the Democrats’ Holy Grail for election.

Mail-in voting extends voting long beyond Election Day and it works as an end-run around voter ID laws that exist to protect the integrity of the vote.

If Democrats ever were able to enact mail-in voting, the Left would be stuffing ballot boxes and rigging elections at every level.

Democrats believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

They see the Chinese coronavirus as the ultimate political gift to not only drive Donald Trump from office, but also cement their power for years to come with voting “reforms” that are meant to allow rampant fraud and ballot stuffing.

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76 Responses

  1. AJM says:

    why do they keep printing what Miss Piggy says, nobody cares………..

  2. James W Zar-hall says:

    Unfortunately here in illinois as we had closed schools,bar and restaurant,we still kept voting open, and then shut the while state down day s later primaries should be challenged as worst turn out ever

  3. Diane Stone says:

    Schumer, Pelosi , Nadler, Shifty and and all others not engaged in helping our President must go!!!! Our Country could be a much better place if President Trump had help from Democrats!!!!! Trump is the best President I know in my time. He was Heaven sent! God Bless Our First Family and keep them safe.

  4. Karl Stecher says:

    We have mail in in Colorado. This leads to “vote harvesting,” where Democrat operatives scour apartment complexes, among other things. This led to the loss in 2018 of the superb incumbent Secretary of State and the loss of a superior Republican candidate for attorney general, versus the left wing person who narowly was elected.

  5. Rickster says:

    This is a cortupt demorat scam voting by mail!! They will have more fake votes and fake people voting along with the dead voters like last time! Soros already has his print shop up and running! Dont trust demorats in this one! If Killery is already pushing it and giving you demorat names like Amy B. And phone numbers you definitely know it’s a scam!! Everything needs postponed and do it the way it’s always been done! Already 2.5 million invalid ballots have been found! Dont fall for buying by mail!! Its a scam by demorats!

  6. Lorna Elliston says:

    We have it in Oregon and the Dems are completely in control.
    I wish we had a electorial college in Oregon. We always get
    what we have voted down. Portland and Salem make the
    decisions for the whole state.

  7. Tdpoper says:

    Folks I agree with you on the fact that they (clintons)are p’OS and they are just the tip of the demo rats(demo=to destruction ,tear down ,demolition )iceberg. Rats=a nasty disease spreading eat the house down around your ass rodent. Someone pointed out that they are all boomers. I hate it but it is true and that I am a boomer. But let me assure you that there are more boomers on the TRUMP TRAIN than on the demo rats. People UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. STANDING STRONG DONT BE INTIMIDATED HELP GET THE WORD OUT. WE ARE AT WAR TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND WE HAVE LOST A LOT OF BATTLES. DON’T WORRY ABOUT OFFENDING THE ENEMY TO HELL WITH THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GET OUT AND VOTE GET OUT AND TELL IT FROM THE ROOFTOP. BE HEARD. THE ENEMY’S DOING EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO WIN. IT’S GOOD TO GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND PISS AND MONE BUT THAT IS NEARLY ENOUGH.WE NEED YOU SOLDIER.

  8. Rozella Martin says:

    I think all Democrats everywhere be locked up with those how have the virus. They wanted to be sure that they infected all the Rebuplican venues so that there was no one left to vote for Trump. The Tables should be turned on them. I dont care one way or the other. IN the end GOD WINS Workers of the deviland no one can compete with a God that is in control! Amen

  9. FUHillary says:

    Even the Chinese Corona virus wants nothing to do with Killary. When is she going to get hers? She gets away with everything and she should be punished somehow.

  10. gladys says:


  11. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    Sure mail in….WHere vote fraud can be committed on a bigger scale than it already is by the DEMO_RATS…..These people are baby boomer BRATs……1960’s era hippies with law degrees now morphed into a career politician. Worse is they have become the very same “Establishment” they were railing on back in the 1960’s HYPOCRITES the whole damn lot of em

  12. BTW says:

    Of course Hillary wants mail in votes. She has been working with Big Pharma for years and making 6 figures with each meeting, each Company making promises she can’t keep. I don’t think this was the original plan. I think Plan A was to get her elected President, bring out meds that would knock off the most useless such as elderly thus saving SS & Medicare, and then maybe save a few “Rich & Famous” older folks like Biden so she would be the Queen of the Century.

  13. Alex says:

    Hillary should mind her own business and shot the hell up! She represents the TRASH side of the human race and needs to remember all the crimes she committed. If our judicial system under AG B. Barr is what it should be, her a** will fry in hell and more than likely most of Americans will be happy to make sure the devil won’t run out of very hot coals!
    No body cares what her opinion is and the sooner she realizes this, the better she’ll be off.

  14. Jim says:

    If Democrats ever were able to enact mail-in voting, the Left would be stuffing ballot boxes and rigging elections at every level.

    They have been doing that since Bill Clinton’s first election.

    The ID law that needs to be passed, is the only way to stop the Democrats from cheating.

  15. Just keep going in the direction you are going nancy, & see how many votes there will be for the dems. I CAN TELL YOU THAT IF YOU DON’T PASS THE BILL TO HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, without all your bull S–t put in it, you will get 0 votes for the dems!

  16. Kath says:

    Who should cares what Hillary wanst, with all of the lies told ,fraud committed, and now wants to cheat on voting!!

  17. No, Soros, that is not a fair and good voting practice for the United States.

  18. WHEN is this beat up old POS going to just GO AWAY ??

  19. George6243 says:

    Hillary would have won the election if the mail in idea was in place when she was running against Trump. Her rigging would have included losing many ballots for Trump while Democrats would have had the illegals voting in every state with Democrat “helpers” instructing them on how to vote.

    Mandatory voter ID must become the law of the land for voting.

  20. Cheesemouse says:

    Who cares what the day slob HRC thinks!

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