What David Hogg said in this interview revealed his true feelings about gun owners

David Hogg is one of the most vocal Parkland survivors being exploited by the mainstream media to push their gun control narrative.

At the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, he called for an anti-gun revolution.

But what he said in this interview before the March revealed what he really thinks about law-abiding gun owners.

The Outline, an online news site that has published articles entitled, “Achieve your dream of looking at a 3D pizza on your phone” and “The religious experience of watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’” interviewed Hogg.

WARNING: Explicit language.

They’re pathetic f***ers that want to keep killing our children. They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action.”

“Our parents don’t know how to use a f***ing democracy, so we have to.”

As Patriot Pulse reported, concealed carry permit holders are even more law-abiding than police officers.

Permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at less than a sixth the rate
for police officers.

There’s a reason why we don’t allow children to make policy in our constitutional republic.

Sadly, Hogg continues to be exploited by leftists who are hiding behind children to try and destroy the Second Amendment.

The same people who say 18-year-olds shouldn’t be allowed to handle a firearm are the ones who want to give teenagers the keys to the American government.

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165 Responses

  1. Greg Douglas says:

    Amen and Amen… SemperParatus. Thank U.

  2. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    The salute is a combination of the Nazi salute and the Black Power salute; but he behaves like both too.

  3. Alan says:

    Hogg is acting like a NAZI. His raised arm looks like a NAZI solute.

  4. ernaldo says:

    Again, the problem is NOT with legal gun owners, or the NRA, or AR15s, or GOP politicians…..The problem is anti social leftist demotards, who have done and do ALL the cowardly shootings in schools, theaters, military bases, work places, etc, ad nauseam!
    BAN stupid demotards like our useful idiot pervert, young master Hogg….

  5. Will says:

    Hogg is so fast to attack when the light is shined on him. Yet he whined that using a clear backpack would be violating HIS 1st Amendment and right to privacy.
    If this really is about children dieing (which we know it’s not) see how fast this foul mouthed child would change his tune when his cell phone is taken away. (Hypothetical)
    Facts are facts, 8-10 teenagers die DAILY in text related car crashes.
    If he’s really concerned about children and not just being a tool of Mikey Bloomberg, Andy Cuomo & Georgi Soros.
    Hogg should bone up on the Constitution and maybe read the Federalist papers. Legal gun owners, the NRA and specifically the AR rifle are not to blame for any of these shootings.

  6. ROBERTW says:


  7. ROBERTW says:

    maybe a gang banger will use him as a mama

  8. Aline says:

    NO Joan!!!!! IDIOT PEOPLE do!! You can give a car to a demented individual, and guess what will happen! Are you going to ban cars, trucks, steak knives, nails, all used in mass killing? What about cell phones and texting. Do you have a clue how many kids die, using them and driving?
    When reading your short statement, you obviously don’t! ( have a clue)

  9. William Machell says:

    Must be he has not had proper education with his use of the English language.

  10. Chet Suske says:

    Love it! Thanks

  11. john says:

    this idiot should wake up, send david hogg to chicago ,so he can see its not legal guns killing people its the criminals ,and dumasses that should not have guns, that are killing others! The florida shootings ,was the fault of the FBI not doing their jobs! They sould not let a fruitcakes have guns,

  12. ojhn says:

    this idiot should wake up, send david hogg to chicago ,so he can see its not legal guns killing people its the criminals ,and dumasses that should not have guns, that are killing others! The florida shootings ,was the fault of the FBI not doing their jobs! They sould not let a fruitcakes have guns,

  13. zee says:

    Joan is a troll.

  14. zee says:

    MLD. a long time ago, i stuck my tongue out at Mother & guess what – out came the Lye Soap!!! Foamed at the mouth. NEVER disrespected her Again.
    >ps. i wouldn’t give this punk the title of “Mr.” for sure.

  15. zee says:

    Donel, a “little unstable” ?? How re Totally Unstable. & i thought the same, re being near a gun. This punk looks a ‘Manchurian Candidate. His dad is former fbi, so you know guns are more than likely in his home. ( Paul i just read your comment) Absolutely, this kid is Scary__

  16. zee says:

    Looks like ‘ Manchurian Candidate’. Total ‘Mind Control’ . V Angry young person. A few yrs back, Hitler ‘targeted’ Youth in this manner, Then WW ll.
    > ‘daddy’ former fbi.

  17. Jerry Dorn says:

    David Hogg is a foul mouth little prick and should go back to 9th grade and learn the history of our country He would be a great SS solder

  18. Shannon says:

    No Joan PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. My gun has not left my drawer on a Saturday night to go out and commit a crime. Its about learning gun safety and not allowing them to get into anyones hands who could hurt themselves or others. Let me know how it works out for you when someone breaks into your house and robs you and you have no way to protect yourself or your children. RESPONSIBILITY is the key to gun use and ownership. I really love how this Hogg brat forgot about the true killer of 17 kids…..Nikolaus Cruz. Lets not forget about ALL of the adults who failed Cruz as well. Lets not blame any of those factors, lets just blame the gun. Stupid liberal thinking.

  19. Mikey says:

    Guns save lives.

  20. Jim says:

    This is making me believe the age of voting should be raised to 25 or 24 . . . at least 21! Just not the age where one thinks they know more about the world and life than mom and dad because some teacher told them so ! ! !

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