What David Hogg said in this interview revealed his true feelings about gun owners

David Hogg is one of the most vocal Parkland survivors being exploited by the mainstream media to push their gun control narrative.

At the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, he called for an anti-gun revolution.

But what he said in this interview before the March revealed what he really thinks about law-abiding gun owners.

The Outline, an online news site that has published articles entitled, “Achieve your dream of looking at a 3D pizza on your phone” and “The religious experience of watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’” interviewed Hogg.

WARNING: Explicit language.

They’re pathetic f***ers that want to keep killing our children. They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action.”

“Our parents don’t know how to use a f***ing democracy, so we have to.”

As Patriot Pulse reported, concealed carry permit holders are even more law-abiding than police officers.

Permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at less than a sixth the rate
for police officers.

There’s a reason why we don’t allow children to make policy in our constitutional republic.

Sadly, Hogg continues to be exploited by leftists who are hiding behind children to try and destroy the Second Amendment.

The same people who say 18-year-olds shouldn’t be allowed to handle a firearm are the ones who want to give teenagers the keys to the American government.


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164 Responses

  1. David Hoff is an idiot! I wouldn’t let him open my door with the key. He has no ideal what he is doing, even Michael Moore had to take the microphone from him at a event cause he didn’t know what he was talking about.The only reason he keeps poping up is that his mother is a big-wig at CNN(that should tell you what he’s been told).

  2. Greg Douglas says:

    By the verbage coming from Hoggs piehole…. is it any wonder, to anyone, how totally screwed up the Public School system is today. Their educating ( an oxymoron) and graduating dumbed-down and disfunctional illiterates, that have little or no regard for this nations Judeo-Christian underpinnings. I’d also look to this kids parentage for clues to his off-the-wall, distorted and disturbing remarks regarding gun owners, which by the way, consists of over 43% of American households. I’d say Kid… see a psychiatrist and go to a private school and get an education. U have way too much time on your hands. You’ve become a fooled and tooled minion for the gun-grabber crowd, which are Anti-America, Anti-2nd Amendment, and today…clearly deranged.

  3. Alan says:

    Hogg is acting like a NAZI. His raised arm looks like a NAZI solute.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      The salute is a combination of the Nazi salute and the Black Power salute; but he behaves like both too.

  4. ernaldo says:

    Again, the problem is NOT with legal gun owners, or the NRA, or AR15s, or GOP politicians…..The problem is anti social leftist demotards, who have done and do ALL the cowardly shootings in schools, theaters, military bases, work places, etc, ad nauseam!
    BAN stupid demotards like our useful idiot pervert, young master Hogg….

  5. Will says:

    Hogg is so fast to attack when the light is shined on him. Yet he whined that using a clear backpack would be violating HIS 1st Amendment and right to privacy.
    If this really is about children dieing (which we know it’s not) see how fast this foul mouthed child would change his tune when his cell phone is taken away. (Hypothetical)
    Facts are facts, 8-10 teenagers die DAILY in text related car crashes.
    If he’s really concerned about children and not just being a tool of Mikey Bloomberg, Andy Cuomo & Georgi Soros.
    Hogg should bone up on the Constitution and maybe read the Federalist papers. Legal gun owners, the NRA and specifically the AR rifle are not to blame for any of these shootings.

  6. William Machell says:

    Must be he has not had proper education with his use of the English language.

  7. john says:

    this idiot should wake up, send david hogg to chicago ,so he can see its not legal guns killing people its the criminals ,and dumasses that should not have guns, that are killing others! The florida shootings ,was the fault of the FBI not doing their jobs! They sould not let a fruitcakes have guns,

  8. ojhn says:

    this idiot should wake up, send david hogg to chicago ,so he can see its not legal guns killing people its the criminals ,and dumasses that should not have guns, that are killing others! The florida shootings ,was the fault of the FBI not doing their jobs! They sould not let a fruitcakes have guns,

  9. zee says:

    Looks like ‘ Manchurian Candidate’. Total ‘Mind Control’ . V Angry young person. A few yrs back, Hitler ‘targeted’ Youth in this manner, Then WW ll.
    > ‘daddy’ former fbi.

  10. Jerry Dorn says:

    David Hogg is a foul mouth little prick and should go back to 9th grade and learn the history of our country He would be a great SS solder

  11. Jim says:

    This is making me believe the age of voting should be raised to 25 or 24 . . . at least 21! Just not the age where one thinks they know more about the world and life than mom and dad because some teacher told them so ! ! !

  12. Bob says:

    This Hogg ought to leave the USA and head for Europe Maybe there he can corn-hole the people and become the next Hitler with his Trash Mouth and ideas!!!
    Listen Hogg the Second Amendment protects the First Amendment And Always Will!!! Or are you too Stupid to Know that!!!

  13. Mike H says:

    OK Bluto. I’ve been reading your comments for quite some time now. You are from the typical left .your way is the only way and everybody else is wrong right. No matter what anybody says on this site. You seem to always have something to say about it and they’re wrong. Maybe you should run for office in California somewhere or New York. You’d fit right in in those states.

  14. Donel says:

    To me, this Hogg guy is a little unstable, HE should NOT be allowed anywhere near a gun. He just may be the next Dem/Com to go Berserk.

  15. frank says:

    Well written and so true

  16. M.L.D says:

    It’s quite obvious that Mr. Hogg has no respect for his language, parents, community, state, nation or himself. To use that type of language on material that is going public is completely disrespectful. If I had used that language anywhere my mouth would have been washed with “Grandma’s Lye Soap”. One taste of that soap would put an end to that type of language. Perhaps his parents were following the liberal teachings of Dr. Spock.

    What these young people fail to realize is that it’s not the guns of themselves that kill people. People are killed by other deranged people with the guns. Outlawing guns of any type will not resolve the problem. Those that are bent on killing will get guns through the “black market”. Paying a premium price for a firearm is of little conquense.

    I’m older than most of those that have submitted comments, so I’m speaking from some experience. I well remember the Sunday evening December 7, 1941 when we first heard that Japan attack our Pacific Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese with their naval armetta would have continued of for a naval assault on California except for one thing. They thought that all California residents were probably members of the NRA with a small arsenal at home. It is questionable how many of the California residents were armed, but if they had not been the Japanese language could well be the language of that state today. Most people don’t realize how vulnerable we were at that time. Not even those of that age.

    On another note — Pre WWII many of the folks in Germany had some type of firearm in their homes. With the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich all firearms were confiscated so the people had nothing with which to protect themselves. This is when Hitler opened the concentration camps, rounded up all of the Jews, and annihilate most. Had these people had fire power, they would have gone down fighting rather that in the gas chambers.

    It is interesting that both Switzerland and Israel require that a certain segment of their population serve in the military where they receive training in the proper use of firearms. I know for fact that males as well as females in Israel are compelled to serve a certain period of time for initial training, followed up by annually serving a refresher. I don’t recall at what age this training begins in Israel, but it ends when a person reaches age 65. I don’t recall what the conscription requirements are for Switzerland, but I do know that they are respected by the other European nations.

    Folks there is a certain element of our population that want to ban all guns by doing away with the 2nd. Amendment as well as the Constitution. These people don’t care about you or I, but only about themselves. They keep chipping away at the fabric of this nation until America (as we see it today for all of it’s faults) will no longer exist. These arrogant people (both young and old) are totally ignorant about American History, human nature, and religion. Our Constitution was Godly inspired, which was recognized by the founding fathers.

    It appears that we are attacking the effects, rather than the cause. Deranged individuals can often be detected as early as elementary school when intervention can be helpful. If discovered early the individual can be given special help with the hope of bringing about a change of attitude and personality. Once the individual leaves the self contained classroom detection is more difficult.

    It’s obvious that Mr. Hogg has a void between his ears. There is an old saying that my parents use with me “hush up, listen and learn”. Mr. Hogg would do well to do that.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I’m not old enough to remember Pearl, myself, although’ve certainly learned about it from those who do, or were! It was Yamamoto who convinced the Japanese high command that invadsion in CA would be foolish “because there’d be a gun behind every blade of grass”, after having been educated in America. Probably more, percentage wise, actually had guns then than today, especially in CA, which was still largely rural, and inhabited by an host of nasty critters you’d not like to meet unarmed. The critters are still there, but generally avoid the urban enclaves.
      I agree eely intervention, but many psychiatric conditions really don’t manifest ’til late teens to mid ’20s, for their onset times. Still, the earlier they are recognized and effectively treated (don’t just shove pills down the kid’s throat!), the better for everyone. You’re also correct that generally the approach here is bass ackwards! It’s people, not guns or any other tools or implements, that are the problem which needs fixed.
      You’re also correct about Master Hogg’s need to be quiet, listen and learn.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        No, PEOPLE kill! And guns are FAR from the weapon of greatest choice by which to do so! Ready to give up your household furnishings, cooking utensils, motor vehicles, building materials, and all the rest of the assault weapons?

      • BillB says:

        Hey Joan,
        How many trials have you sat in and heard the gun convicted rather than the person who pulled the trigger?
        I have worked as a bailiff for the Sheriff’s Dept and never seen/heard of a single conviction of a firearm! I bet you csn’t name one trial where it happened in a legally adjudicated trial court!

      • Paul says:

        I can see where you might think that guns kill people but I think if you really think about it guns don’t crawl out of the safe by themselves they don’t load themselves and they don’t pull their own trigger sick people do that’s the truth of it guns do not kill people people do

      • Mikey says:

        Guns save lives.

      • Shannon says:

        No Joan PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. My gun has not left my drawer on a Saturday night to go out and commit a crime. Its about learning gun safety and not allowing them to get into anyones hands who could hurt themselves or others. Let me know how it works out for you when someone breaks into your house and robs you and you have no way to protect yourself or your children. RESPONSIBILITY is the key to gun use and ownership. I really love how this Hogg brat forgot about the true killer of 17 kids…..Nikolaus Cruz. Lets not forget about ALL of the adults who failed Cruz as well. Lets not blame any of those factors, lets just blame the gun. Stupid liberal thinking.

      • Aline says:

        NO Joan!!!!! IDIOT PEOPLE do!! You can give a car to a demented individual, and guess what will happen! Are you going to ban cars, trucks, steak knives, nails, all used in mass killing? What about cell phones and texting. Do you have a clue how many kids die, using them and driving?
        When reading your short statement, you obviously don’t! ( have a clue)

    • zee says:

      MLD. a long time ago, i stuck my tongue out at Mother & guess what – out came the Lye Soap!!! Foamed at the mouth. NEVER disrespected her Again.
      >ps. i wouldn’t give this punk the title of “Mr.” for sure.

    • Greg Douglas says:

      Amen and Amen… SemperParatus. Thank U.

  17. Toni says:

    True democracies can be very, scary places to live. They allow the control freaks to rule, and lead to the annihilation of entire segments of a population. I would invite this young man to take a look at some history — like Turkey from 1911 (when all guns were confiscated from ordinary citizens) to 1918 (after 1.5M Armenians had been eliminated from their population).

    There goes diversity! But who needs it anyway.

  18. Jim Jones says:

    It was said that cruz had mental problems but everyone seems to be over looking the fact that hogg certainly has mental problems. I bet fbi over looks that too. One more thing to keep in mind is that when a little pigglet gets to loud it usually gets shut up.

  19. Nick says:

    Maybe his father was the one who answered
    the phone at the FBI, and he is helping cover
    it up.

  20. john dunn says:

    Whoa whoa, Mr. Goss, saying things like that, even though you may think them, puts you in the same boat as these idiot anti gunners!

  21. Thomas Goss says:

    I wish this loud mouth ASSHOLE was one of those killed that day.

  22. Richard says:


    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Richard, take a chill pill darling. Reasonable gun control including an assault rifle ban preserves your precious second amendment rights. Now go grab your AR and rub one off!

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Ho about YOU take a COMMON SENSE dose of epic proportions? When we all have M-60s and a year’s worth of ammo for it, or better, in our closets, M-1 Abrams’ or better fully armed tanks parked on our blocks, fully armed F-35 fighters or Apache helicopters parked in the driveways of qualified pilots, and fully equipped missile cruisers and carriers in our marinas, ONLY THEN will our 2nd A be in force and “untouched! Y’all leftist cowards have been chipping away at it for decades, looking to install your tyranny! “Reasonable” gun control is when all parties are equally armed, and MIND their manners!

      • Cliff says:

        “assault rifles” are ALREADY BANNED MORON. Perhaps you need to find out what the definition of an “assault” rifle IS.
        An AR-15 (Armalite rifle) is NOT one of those “assault rifles” It is NOT a “select fire” capable of full auto, or tri-burst fire.
        Just because a rifle has those DEMOCOMMUNIST called “EVIL” BLACK “features” it is no different “function wise” than any other semi-auto rifle. (maybe if it had a PINK stock, would it make you feel any different???)

      • Parduc says:

        Gun Control is a hate crime. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  23. Steve says:

    Mr. Hogg is a poor misguided soul. But I’ll tell you what I told other pricks who want to come for my guns, get your affairs in order.

  24. colpowell says:

    the stalin salute should give the people the source of the training.

  25. Hardy Spires says:

    I wonder if David Hogg thinks he is smarter than the founding fathers of our country? They created the Second Amendment for a reason. It was to protect our other things that are allowed in the Constitution. When he spews his anti-gun rhetoric he should be thankful that his right to do so is protected by the people that own guns. They are the ones that help guarantee that there will never be somebody like Hitler to take away our other rights. How easy would it be for the police state to take over our country while our military is involved in a war overseas? For that matter how easy would it be for some rogue element in the military to do the same thing? Every night when he lays his head down on his pillow he better be thankful for the founding fathers being smart enough to include protections in the document that they created. It allows him to stand up in public and spew his anti-American hatred.

    • Bill usmc says:

      Don’t know if he is smarter than the founding fathers but, he indoctrinated well !!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      He and his crowd think our Constitution is outdated. They should’ve listened to “Silent Cal” Coolidge a bit closer, but they probably never heard of him! They claim to be “progressive” but that’s ONLY true, if you consider retreat “progress”, because THEY are looking to retreat to the “dark ages” literally!

  26. Martin says:

    This whole mess starts, behind our own front doors. Base on the kid’s behavior, it is apparent that allot of parenting skills have been absent. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in a lower middle class family that raise 7 children. And believe when I say, this type of behavior would not of taken place in our family, much less tolerated. This kid is pandering to become a reality TV star and his vehicle is the internet, or the abuse thereof. Nice job, with the kid mom and dad. Now multiply that times how many millions more, being nurtured on the inetrnet, X-box.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      He already is a paid crisis actor!

    • Nancy says:

      If I would have sat at my mother’s table at ANY age and spoke like that, she would have handed me my head. You were not allowed to talk like that around her, and there definitely was consequences for doing so.

  27. Vigilant Sheepdog says:

    If the Sheriff and the FBI hadn’t been Derelict in their Duties, no one outside of David Hogg’s acting guild would even know who the hell he is. Like another poster stated, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez were party to the Bullying that made Nickolas Cruz resort to shooting up a school.

  28. donK says:

    This little piece of sh_t should be drafted into the military, then he can express his feelings to the Drill Instructors. He will never make it !

  29. Daniel J Carr says:

    This kid cannot finish a sentence without using the F word. His mother must be so proud of him. He is being used by the liberals.

  30. James says:

    Hogg is a member of the old communist party as his family is. He knows take guns first then enslave and kill all who don’t obey commies.

  31. Joseph Tabar says:

    This punk has no idea about history ( China, Germany Soviet Union ) or the Constitution. He has no morals. His mouth is a sewer that comes from poor parenting. Hogg needed to be taken behind the shed for some respect lessons. My guess his FBI dad is a DEMOCRAT like the one manufacturering false collusion evidence against president Trump.

  32. Tom Cook says:

    The little commie gueynte, Hogg, and all the rest of his minions are clueless idiot drones of leftists like George Soros. He wishes to compromise the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, but now he and the rest of the children being manipulated by the left are whining about government infringement on their rights by enforcing transparent backpacks and other issues at his school where the seventeen students were shot.
    The gun control enemies of our free society ignore the shooting in Maryland where one lovely young girl was killed, but other lives were saved by a resource officer who killed the murderous shooter. A good guy with a gun saved the lives of many by eliminating the bad guy with a gun, proving that a rational solution as we have been saying is end killing zones by arming appropriate people.

  33. Michael Hughes says:

    Here is a prime example of what sort of clueless idiot our government schools turn out! Why, if he were of a minority race, I’m sure he could be trained to be his generations “talking head”, as loquacious and deceitful as Obama ever was!

  34. Kevin Beck says:

    I see he was attempting the Hitler salute, but forgot that it was supposed to be open-handed.

    • HELEN MACK says:

      I noticed that instantly too. He is a disgusting little creature with a big foul mouth and thinks he is impressing people. NRA should thank him…makes more people want to buy a gun. The next generation is totally brainwashed.

  35. Phoebe Isley says:

    I guess these kids were never taught that old saying “there’s a sucker born every second”. Sad his parents aren’t teaching him those very simple and solid lessons. His ten minutes of fame will end real quick and all that will be left is him looking like a psycho out of control spoiled brat with no integrity and or manners to deal with the real world.

  36. John Siemens says:

    If the age to buy a gun is raised to 21 because kids are not mature enough, then the voting age MUST be raised to 21 because kids are not mature enough to make an intelligent decision. Also consider raising the age to get a drivers license to 21 since cars kill more people every year than guns.

    • Kaarlo Kalervo says:

      Here, Here

    • Chet Suske says:

      Also, age to drink, marry, & join armed forces (though they might like that last one)

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I think both need to be raised to 25, along with driving age, EXCEPT those serving on active duty in our military, since the latter gain valuable LIFE experience , and reality checks much earlier in life than the rest of their pampered, entitled peers!

  37. William Robert Snead says:

    Tell Mr. Hogg to go back to History class read the Jefferson papers as to why we have a 2nd Amendment, Learn true History like I had to do, It’s to stop Governmental Tyranny and then he can go F himself!

    • KENNY MYRICK says:


      • Jan says:

        You watch he will be in the news from having a gun and hurting someone. OR He May b found dead. Such a clueless, filthy mouthed, smug punk. He is gonna piss someone off.. shame

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      WRS, do you REALLY think you can stand up to an army tank with your AR? The founding fathers had no idea AR15s would replace musket loaders. Keep the military grade weapons out of the hands of the people of Walmart!

      • Ken Coutts says:

        Here we go again with military grade weapons!???? this never gets old ????

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        WRONG! WE, the people should ALSO have machine guns, tanks, grenades and launchers, missiles and fighters parked in OUR driveways! THAT was the intent of the 2nd A; so we can stand up to a tyrannical gov’t as needed, equally well armed!

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Sure they knew it would! They already had the Kentuckey long rifle that replaced it ;and WELL knew the history of weapons development!

      • Parduc says:

        At the time the 2nd Amendment was written the government had the same level of weapon technology as the people. Now the technology of your AR15 is over 100 years behind what your government is using against you.
        Good luck finding a “military grade weapon” at Walmart. LOL

  38. Mike Baumgartner says:

    Perhaps he will be the 2020 candidate the Democrats are looking for.

    • Phoebe Isley says:

      That was the best comment so far!!!!!!! That was unforgetable….thank you for that!

    • Lew says:

      If that was my kid I would have backhanded and put his foul mouth ignorant ass on the floor.

      • Gene says:

        It just shows the raising he’s had. His parents more than likely talk like that in front of him, and encourage him. He strikes me as being a slimy, skinny little scum bag, that like Joe Biden said about Trump. If he were back in High School he would take him behind the Gem and kick his ass. Get the picture?

      • Stephen Potts says:

        If his dad is or was an Fib agent,why didn’t he ever go off on his gun toting father.

      • Bluto Barkofsky says:

        Lee, Just like daddy did you you, no doubt. Amazing how many of you republicans have been brutalized by your daddies. Sad.

    • John W Bletsch says:

      Then suddenly D Hogg will claim to be 35. Considering he grad HS in 2015 he actually is 20ish and fraudulently a student for political purposes. That said, he is not a survivor of anything except a botched abortion.

    • Paul says:

      That’s not funny that’s not a good idea and everybody should forget that you said that

  39. Rivahmitch says:

    Stop with the damned apologetics. The little bass turd is as far left as those it represents. That makes it an enemy. Consider it a young Hitler or Stalin and, like them, apparently charismatic enough to gain followers. It also partners with an overt communist. It is not “a poor little tool being used by evil”. It is the evil.

  40. Robert Bernard DeBlander says:

    I saw the TV interview with Mr. Hoggs this past weekend. My initial thoughts of him and his March for Our Lives movement are; these kids are bitter for deeper reasons other than their 2nd amendment rights. Keep in mind stricter legal gun laws will not stop criminals from getting a hold of any guns illegally, criminals will get guns by any means necessary to commit the crimes they do. This movement is being fueled by the liberal left and is another example of their commitment to take away law abiding citizens rights, as our US Constitution provides for the citizens. Don’t bother pointing the finger at the NRA it’s not their fault kooks like this commit these crimes. With the intelligence information gathered on the shooter prior to the Parkland shooters crime, he should have already been on the FBI’s radar for investigation. If the cowardly school officer designated to protect students at Parkland would have done his job as the this past school officer did in Maryland, that shooters carnage would have been minimized and resolved quickly. Just another example that law abiding school officers armed with a firearm that do their jobs can prevent, deter and minimize loss of student lives.

  41. Tom E. Gunn says:

    If this smarmy little pissant was half as smart as he seems to believe, he would realize that the media is pulling him around like a toy wagon. He’s had his “fifteen minutes of fame”, and his message grew wearisome and stale in the first five minutes. Now, he’s simply a foul-mouthed little creep.

    • HELEN MACK says:

      LOL…I can’t get the picture of this little scrawny creep in the Lil Red Wagon and you are absolutely right, his 5mns were up a long time ago. Bet the NRA loves this wimp. Makes a Nation want to buy more guns knowing this little wannabe radical is on the loose.

  42. Margo says:

    Of course, this Hoggs individual is definitely one of O. Hussein’s community organizers .
    After all is a lot easier to give pationate speeches, just like his mentor does than to concentrate on getting a real education and to compete in the real world.
    They don’t like to talk about the government ( local and federal ) failed to stop that deranged individual to act.
    Instead, the radical left is pouring money and propaganda into brainwashing because this is what they do best .
    Taking about blood on their hands ? Yes, the radical left being in bed with Planned Parenthood using the taxpayers money !!
    If this moron wants to start a “ revolution” and take our guns away, then let’s talk about taking away the security guards from our “ precious Hollywood celebrities” or our lawmakers , local and federal level !
    Why would they must be protected and not our schools ?
    Is their life more precious than our kids’ lives ?
    It certainly looks like it.
    And this shameless moron and loser calls his parents stupid and illiterate ?
    This is nothing more than the result of the public education of the last 50 years which infiltrates schools with Comunist propaganda and America hating ideology.
    Where is the outrage of the media ?
    What media, the Pravda KGB style media ?

    What a joke !

  43. sam spade says:

    As, I have maintained, this kid has no respect for his elders or his betters. He is acting like a big mouthed punk that was never taught manners, respect, or how to spot someone that is exploiting his passions for their own purposes. It is a shame his parents don’t have enough backbone to help their son to not make such a spectacle of himself. When he reads the Bill of Rights he might see the light and discover that they were added to the Constitution by our forefathers to keep our country free. what he needs to do is to thank a Veteran of the armed service’s who carried a gun in foreign lands to keep him free.

    • David in MA says:

      Someone is “backing him” so that he feels immune to any discord, he feels protected.
      I wonder how protected he will feel when he becomes an abandoned useful idiot>?

      • Doc says:

        How did he come from California ,to Florida ? Think he was involved in a shooting at a Cafi school and some how became involved in Florida??? This needs to be checked out!!O yah,His dad was an FBI!!?? What ever –

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          My thoughts, exactly, Something, a big something, doesn’t smell right. This “kid” has a five o’clock shadow, pictures from a Calif. year book, and where is all the money coming from for all these trips, the later is most likely Geo. Soros. Do we need gun control, maybe, but it should start at home, keep them in a safe, I don’t think we need military style weapons or Bump stocks in our home, and we should all read Jefferson’s remarks as to defending our Homes and country.

          • Larry says:

            Jeanne Stotler, While I agree with you on many of your points I feel that I must disagree with you on the banning of “military style weapons or bump stocks” due to the fact that our forefathers were smart enough to understand and enumerate in the 2nd A. that we, the populace, need to have arms that are at or at least close to, those of the armed services in order to prevent them from becoming overlords and making us into slaves instead of free people. When the means to resist an overbearing government are removed from us, then we are no longer free in any sense of that word. We are also charged with preventing an adversary nation from taking over here. And last but not least, those “military style weapons” are no more dangerous than the “approved” weapons the government wants us to have…. for the time being. When they start using those weapons due to the removal of the “prohibited” ones we will see even more restrictions. It is the start of the slippery slope that leads to total disarmament which allows what I previously stated.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Sam, or a veteran who returns home minus a few limbs after fighting in a war predicated by lies in order to feed the military industrial complex. Grow up, Patriot.

  44. Mike H says:

    This is a typical out of control kid. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. I went in the Navy at 17. I didn’t wind up shooting anybody. Because you have bad apples out there you’re going to change the laws for everybody in the country. You think the crooks are not going to use guns anymore because you make a law.The Second Amendment is just that for protection for personal protection. This kid wants to take that away from you.I think he’s just looking for a job somewhere.

  45. john dunn says:

    That deceitful little pisant should get down on his knees and kiss the ground of the country gives him the right to speak so disrespectfully. And while he is in that position, someone should kick him squarely in the ass (or face, it’s hard to tell the difference).

  46. Walt Tendee says:

    Video was available but there was no sound track. Did the note “NO WORDS NEEDED” mean the sound was not included because of Hogg’s filthy language? Is he aware his government say’s it’s OK to murder innocent babies and sell their body parts but not OK to protect those babies from murder? Is he aware that it was not gun control that got our independence from George III’s tyranny? Is Hogg aware that it’s OK to make movies about gangsters and murder? Is Hogg aware that it has been warp-minded individuals who have created mass murder–not members of the NRA? How do these warp-minded teenagers get their cognition so twisted away from reality and common sense?

    • Katie jones says:

      This shows out education system as what it is a non thinking place of robots! Wind them up and they will say anything! He is an actor who is playing a part and when it is over where is he going to work????

  47. bouboulina says:

    It’s sickening watching this self-promoting, megalomaniac mental midget everywhere one turns on the Internet. Enough already!

    • Doc says:

      Same with the Clinton crime family and Oboso and Sores !!

    • HELEN MACK says:

      Agreed but must say that Hitler salute picture is priceless. NRA should jump on that for an ad. This loud foul mouthed little creature is the best selling point for buying a gun.

      • Ron Myers says:

        Helen, NOT a Hitler type salute, open handed, but closed FIST, is BLACK POWER. Remember a few years back, the “Black Americans, that won, threw their “closed fists in the air, standing on the “winners stage” That made America look bad in the ” Olympics that year.”

  48. Katie jones says:

    I am tired of them asking this same question – NO is the answer for we voted him in and he is doing the job we have ask him to do. Now about Congress that last Omnibus bill is a sham for there is no Senator who is a state man in that bill who approved it and the house was a great disappointment due I bet to Paul Ryan. We need him out as the Speaker for I think he is listening to the last speaker for they are from the same state you know. It is time to put the fear of God in our Senators and Congress people and quit allowing them to get by with this stuff. PEOPLE THIS IS YOUR MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING LIKE WILD FIRE – pay attention for it is going to effect your investments. It will effect your children future!

    • Katie jones says:

      Look at his face he is acting like he believes this whole thing and is not being used which he is. His mouth is horrible where are his parents???

      • Judy says:

        His parents, they raised him, but didn’t you hear, parents are too fking stupid to manage our democracy .

        • kaz says:

          I think today’s parents (not all) are more like handlers, and have given the Government thru the Education system, the parental rights to raise the children. You know “cradle to grave” mentality. Parent’s don’t even want the responsibility to raise them, they are just incubators for more “social justice warriors”. Become very selfish, as the Government has and it shows thru the childrens’ action.

          I was shock to hear a commercial where a young girl (6 or 7) call her mother an “associate”. Parental rights were given up a long time ago, and those who hold that parental right dearly, meaning making the selfless act of raising their children to be Responsible adults, have been degraded and ignored by Government. Just look at Common core, and the rights of the parents being ignored on what their children are being taught. Look at Planned Parenthood and their right NOT to tell parents about a teen’s abortion.

          It’s truly a shame.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Trump was voted in by lies on social media from Russian bots and Trump funded Cambridge Analytica. Also only through the electoral college because he lost the popular vote. What a country!

  49. Selma says:

    The kid is being used and is garnering his 15 minutes of fame into another thirty. He is a hypocrite in the strongest sense and certainly does not represent the majority of kids today. They are easily manipulated by the main stream media. It’s an absolute shame.

  50. James Stamulis says:

    When he was talking about them killing our children i think he has us confused with planned parenthood and the deep state. Broward county is another liberal brainwashed county showing us once again all the left does is destroy.

  51. Linda H. Anderson says:

    It is evident that this young man is trying to make a NAME for himself from a tragedy in his school. He probably doesn’t get enough attention at home or at school. This is pathetic. He is barely out of diapers, and think he’s old enough to write policy that will affect all Americans. I would like to tell him to get back to class, act like a sensible person and try growing up.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Linda, I’m sure he’s aware he can’t “Write policy that will effect all Americans.” What you really want is for him to agree with your beliefs. Sorry, a free democracy allows for differing opinions.

  52. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Ultimately YOU will be the FIRST RESPONDER if you need one.

    And, ULTIMATELY YOU are the only one that can protect you the INSTANT YOU NEED PROTECTED!

    BUY A GUN,GET TRAINED, Practice shooting until you are fully comfortable, AND CARRY IT 24/7!

    Bad guys only attack the unarmed and weak.

    Your choice.


    Protect yourself, AND your family in the future!

    Or do you plan on letting your children die because YOU FAILED AS A PARENT?

    Since the beginning of MANKIND, the ‘clans’ children were born into, and raised with an armed society.
    The children lived with the weapons close to hand, learned their usage and how to defend themselves.

    Situational Awareness and Threat Assessment were as natural as breathing.

    When Society left the farms and moved into the cities, Situational Awareness and Threat Assessment were discarded as a relic from the past.
    “Self Defense” was turned over to the police.
    After decades, the police ‘protection’ declined into non-existence.

    So, now…

    Do It Yourself, or DIE because you couldn’t be bothered.

    • Cliff says:

      When “seconds” count…You can “count” on the “police” to show up just in time to zip your cold UNARMED DEAD ass into a body bag.
      MY .45 ACP or 12 gauge travels a lot faster than “911”.

    • kaz says:

      AMEN! I truly believe the Education system should include “introduction to our 2nd Amendment”, which would include handling a gun. They would learn their usage and how to defend themselves, along with RESPECT of the gun. But I guess the education system would rather them be scared of a gun to control them. To allow them to believe if guns were taken away from responsible Americans, that this violence would stop. Fairy tales are better I guess?

      Law enforcement already stated they can not be there in time to stop violence. So why not give the tools to the next generation by EDUCATION. Also the knowledge of INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

      • Bluto Barkofsky says:

        Kaz, also great would be requiring gun owners to pass competency tests like we all have to do when we get a license to drive a car. Great thinking!

  53. Michael says:

    I’M a grandfather I know when a child is neglected ! And when they finally get some attention how they can react!this looks like a child neglect case?

  54. Joe says:

    whats that old saying about putting red lipstick on a pig

    • Bill Wilson says:

      I am sure Hogg’s political views are based on his vast experience over his lifetime. Maybe he should spend some time talking with people who actually have achieved something in their lives. I would rate him as one of the ‘give me more’ generation who believes that everything comes free, including our liberties. If he would only study how Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, etc. achieved and stayed in power he would see that one of their first acts was to confiscate weapons that could be used to overthrow them. His vast 17-year old experiences tell him this could never happen in this country. It can’t as long as we, the people, have the right to have weapons.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Yeah Joe, what was McCain thinking picking Sarah Palin for VP. HILLARIOUS

  55. D. Veselenak says:

    Well, well, well, what the hell is going on here? I’ll reveal the truth in a nutshell: this was yet another false flag operation carried out by our NWO-FBI which is being exposed for an unsuccessful, so far, coup against a sitting USA president which is setting a new precedent; there is enough evidence to construe that indeed this is the case: the actions and inactions by the Florida “Keystone Cops” was to allow as much murder and mayhem as possible. The next plan of action was to use the good little future commie snowflakes to be used as the useful, suicidal idiots that they have become by allowing them to play hooky for a day to further the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls gun control agenda; the Deep State media propagandists, especially CNN, then afforded their little prissy-sissy implant ( just as was our former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist Obaa-baa-maa, the pied piper of his sheeple ) Hogg to hog up the airways with his scripted and rehearsed gun control spiel! Man sheeple, WTFU and smell the roses, I mean rats in this case! The Dark, Deep State is large and in charge and the only thing that will stop them is our guns, WHY DO YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE PULLING OUT ALL OF THE STOPS TO STOP “US” ! You have to be a fool, soon to be an enslaved fool not to see this! I rest my case – prove me where I am wrong!

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Veselenak, You must be off your meds again. You are wrong about EVERYTHING and people around you are so scared of your potential towards violence they are too afraid to confront you. Please call your psychiatrist ASAP.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Bluto, just like your cartoon namesake’ you’re the 1 wrong here. Parkland,just like Sandy Hook before it, was, indeed, a false flag! Veselenak doesn’t need a shrink, but you sure do; pull your head out of whichever dark hole you’ve stuffed it into, and find out what’s REALLY going on in the world!

  56. Richard says:

    As my deceased father would have said: “Strong language is a crutch for a weak mind.”

    • Cp123 says:

      Exactly. What bothers me more is the Hitler youth salute!!

      • Cliff says:

        And don’t forget the “armband” (just like the hitler youth used to wear)

        • Bluto Barkofsky says:

          Richard, so true. We see that everyday with our Russian appointed Czar, er I mean President. Bullying, belittling, insulting, threatening. All from the mouth or fingers of a sociopath with a 100 IQ. Sad.

        • Bluto Barkofsky says:

          Agreed, Cliff. You must have REALLY picked up on the Trump campaign rallies and how Hitleresque they were with him ranting, threatening violence against protestors, etc., etc.

    • Bluto Barkofsky says:

      Richard, so true. We see that everyday with our Russian appointed Czar, er I mean President. Bullying, belittling, insulting, threatening. All from the mouth or fingers of a sociopath with a 100 IQ. Sad.

  57. kaz says:

    Gee, wonder if he’s one of the “million Obama’s that Obama stated over in Japan? Definitely very “hateful” like Obama regarding law abiding American citizens. Yep Mr. Hoggs has a right to his First Amendment to state whatever he feels. Do I care what he says? No, as with this message, he’s already lost. The hypocrisy regarding “blood on our hands” to legislators who receive money from the NRA, is what about the legislators who receive money from Planned Parenthood. It’s ok to kill a baby in the womb, cutting it’s throat so it can’t scream while being murdered to have their parts sold for profit. Now there is someone having blood on their hands.

    There are laws on the books for the safety of our children in school, but the message should be WHO allowed this to happen? FBI, Sheriff Department and School Superintendents.

  58. Joanna says:

    It seems every time Hoggs opens his mouth he becomes more out of control and then basically states his parents are stupid and illiterate. What are you really hiding Hoggs??? Could it be your bullying attitude caused a lot of problems at your school??

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