What CNN said about one black Trump supporter will leave you red with rage

One fake CNN commentator crossed the line.

The network long ago declared war on Donald Trump and descended into a comic book version of a left-wing resistance cable channel.

But what this CNN commentator said about one black Trump supporter will leave you red with rage.

The President hosted a Black History Month event at the White House, which was attended by many notable black political and religious figures.

One was former Minnesota Viking safety Jack Brewer.

Brewer applauded Trump’s performance in office and declared, “I gotta say this because it’s black history month: Man, you the first black president.”

That comment triggered fake news CNN host Don Lemon and commentator Keith Boykin.

Boykin – who is black – ripped Brewer and the other attendees at the Black History Month event with the racist slur of being “Uncle Tom.”

“[Trump] has not made any serious effort to reach black people. The idea that anybody would sit in a room with Donald Trump and call him the first black president after we had Barack Obama as the president of the United States. It shows just what kind of Uncle Toms were sitting in that room in the first place,” Boykin ranted.

Lemon offered no pushback and did not admonish his guest for using racist language.

This is not the first time Lemon offered his stamp of approval for derogatory racial stereotypes.

Last month, Lemon cackled uncontrollably as two guests mocked white Trump supporters as ignorant rednecks.

Liberals have long believed it’s open season on conservatives.

For as much as the Left whines about Donald Trump’s supposedly crude language, the Left deploys the meanest, most vicious, and often racist rhetoric to attack Trump supporters.

Liberals know they can get away with these ugly smears because so-called “journalists” like Don Lemon are on the team and will look the other way.

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35 Responses

  1. Mark Alan Fontenot says:

    If everyone had studied Christian literature, God gave Babylon, gave them prejudice and hatred of another’s language. So we must remain calm, everyone get a grip and then simmer on down, ok. God’s works are a bit hard to understand, but it don’t matter to you all, it’s his works.

  2. Wondering Woman says:

    Hello Paul, why are you so anti-American? Do you really know or are you just so full of Lemon-aid you don’t care about the truth or what the one world global govermment, aka the new world order and deep state establishment traitors working with it has done to it?

  3. Donald Cook says:

    I see were the Devil has called one of CNN evil people HOME. Rest her soul, but I hope she is Happy now!

  4. Will Triebel says:

    The Democrat plantation overseers sure get uppity when they’re granted a little power over the rest of the vote slaves, don’t you, Don?

  5. steveo says:

    some blacks are finally waking up to how trump has helped them over the past 3 years.if he garners 15% of the black vote in the election it will hit an all time mark for a republican and he will win in a landslide.to the black community “wake up”

  6. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    Who the HELL cares what these $hit-heads from CNN have to say. I DON’T watch CNN, nor will I ever, so whatever they are supposedly “reporting” means absolutely NOTHING to me, or should it to any level headed American citizen. CNN can tout anything they want…. it falls on deaf ears in a forest where no one is there to hear it !

  7. Paul you are an idiot racist people like you are the problem with this country pull your head out of your ass and smell the coffee

  8. Randy131 says:

    This just proves to the people that they denigrate, and the friends of those people who know them well, that CNN really is a “Fake News Network”, which the more people that CNN reporters do this too, the more Americans know for a fact that CNN is nothing but “Fake News”!!!

  9. Lemon is gay, 100% fact.

  10. George says:

    We have heard that don’t lemon is gay????
    If he gets aids
    He’ll be lemon aid
    That was soooooo wrong,?right???
    But the real [email protected] Demon Craps
    Started kkk, wv govenor Warner kkk leader recently
    Kkk blackface bum pediatrician govenor Ralph nothing wants to kill living babies
    Please look up Margaret sanger and see what she said about black people and started planned parenthood to kill off the black race Demon Craps received the Margaret sanger award Hitlery obummer and others how can Christians and black people vote for Demon Craps?????
    The taxpayers give planned parenthood 600 million dollars a year!!!!
    Planned parenthood gives the Demon Craps campaign donations
    Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$
    Black race was 20%of America now 13% thanks to planned parenthood!!!!!!
    Loving the black race Demon Craps??????
    Think about it!!!!

  11. DUANE says:


  12. motormouth says:

    DON LEMON you are such a racist. Just saying stuff that has not been said. If I was the black folks I would have you fired from CNN. They should fired you for all the evil things you have said about the good things that TRUMP has done. You are evil and lying through your teeth.

  13. Bob says:

    Bunch of but plug pussies!!

  14. Paul says:

    What trump says leaves me with rage. Nothing like calling the kettle black.

  15. Alan Lindenberg says:

    They are a bunch of lowlifes!

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