What Bill Clinton did to one Hollywood star’s date will make your blood boil

Bill Clinton is known for scandals involving his treatment of women.

Now Clinton has a new problem on his hands.

And what Bill Clinton did to one Hollywood star’s date will make your blood boil.

Left-wing comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher, told a story on his “Club Random” podcast about the time Bill Clinton creeped on his date while he was still President.

Maher said this incident took place on the West Coast in 1999 for a World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, telling his guest Cedric the Entertainer that “this is the 90s, when I was a swinging bachelor, so I brought this young lady on a date.”

Maher then recounted how he and his date stood on either side of Clinton before he launched into a long lecture about the benefits of free trade globalization.

“We get up there, and she stands on one side of Clinton and I’m on the other side of him,” Maher added.

Maher said he found it odd that the President of the United States took so much time to talk trade policy with a comedian.

“And he spent the next five minutes looking me in the eye and lecturing me … why world trade was important and blah blah blah blah,” Maher continued. “We got off the line and I said to the girl, ‘Wow! Can you believe that he spent five minutes telling me about trade? Everybody else he talked to for two seconds.’”

The punchline came when Maher revealed why Clinton spent so much time with him

And it was because his date said Clinton was secretly massaging her back throughout the entire conversation.

“She said: ‘Yeah, he was rubbing my back the whole time,’” Maher deadpanned.

This incident happened right after the Senate acquitted Clinton in his impeachment trial.

The House of Representatives impeached Clinton in December of 1998 following independent counsel Ken Starr’s report detailing how the President perjured himself when he lied under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

In the wake of the “Me Too” movement and the New Yorker’s reporting about Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes in 2017, Bill Clinton’s legacy looks far different.

Juanita Broddrick’s credible allegation of rape against Bill Clinton now looks like a massive scandal.

And Maher’s story about Clinton feeling up his date no longer comes off like the joke Maher intended.

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