What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about Fox News will leave your jaw on the ground

One picture got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in hot water.

And it’s a hole she may not be able to dig herself out from.

That’s because what she said about Fox News will leave your jaw on the ground.

Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones tweeted out a picture of his upcoming report from the border where he was wearing a protective vest.

Fake news reporters – that want the country overrun by illegal aliens and lie to the American public about there not being a crisis on the border – roundly mocked Jones.

Ocasio-Cortez jumped on the pile to twitter shame Jones.

Jones explained that Customs and Border Patrol mandated he wear the vest.

The Fox News correspondent was reporting from a dangerous area of the border where there have been shootings.

Democrats don’t want you to know that.

They want to belittle Jones as a means of smearing President Trump as a liar for claiming there is an emergency at the border.

Ocasio-Cortez’s attack also exposed the Fake News Media as rank partisans.

So-called “reporters” hyperventilate about Trump turning America into 1930s Germany when the President calls them out for being bad at their jobs.

But when Ocasio-Cortez ridiculed a journalist for doing his job there was silence from the Greek chorus of Trump critics in the media.


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145 Responses

  1. Porkus says:

    Every time that she opens her mouth, cow farts come out.

  2. Alois J Lohn says:

    I think the young lady mixes up her cocktails with politics.

  3. Do you enjoy looking crazy everytime you open your mouth???????????
    Dont you get tired of being crazy all the time?????????????????
    I am glad you are not a republican you would make them look crazy
    You need to get out of the limelight for sure……………………….Then you would not look so crazy…………….

  4. Buckwheat says:

    Another example of her being the village idiot.

  5. Babbo says:

    Any time AOC opens her mouth she removes any lasting doubt that she is 100% airhead.

  6. Greta says:

    Whoever is monitoring these posts MUST BE a dumb Democrat. My first time and I am being scrubbed. Why? Don’t like the truth?

    • Linda H says:

      Greta, be careful of the words you use. I spelled out the word I _ _S and it didn’t go through. Try changing around your wording.

      • NM says:

        That’s so wrong. Democrats can say anything but as soon as a conservative says it like it is and the truth, they cut it off. What happened to fairness and the first amendment? Cortez is an idiot who doesn’t know what she talks about. She is a phony hypocrite that nobody should pay attention to the evil, crazy nonsense she talks about.

      • zee says:

        Agreed Linda H.
        & To Greta. Adjust ‘Words’ &/0r
        ‘spelling’. You ‘may’ get thru __
        > Some posters Here, have been banned
        Temp. & 0n RR. For Abusive Language & Past ‘free speech’.
        ( Remember, ‘Slander laws’ ) ___
        BE ‘Responsible’ For ‘WHAT’ You Say. that’s All.

  7. Steelie says:

    AOC. Just GO TO ‘most dangerous Crossing at Border’.
    Visit. 0BSERVE No Vest. & Do a Muslim Spiel .
    Think Latino’ Accept ??? I dunno. ___ haha, But,
    She Should TRY ‘it’. ___ Go there A0c, GO !. SHOW YOUR
    Intestinal Fortitude. 0h yes, put the Qu’ran In Your
    ‘back pocket’ /0r under hijab. Allah may ‘Save you’.

    • Jacob Mandelblum says:

      With all due respect and from pictures of her, I don’t believe AOC is playing with a full deck
      and I hope and pray she digs her own grave the sooner the better for everybody, DEMOCRAPS included…
      I remember tirades of her like that one pretending to descend from Sephardic Jews forced to live in the Porto Rico mountains

    • Steelie says:

      BIG CORRECTION. AOC. = Puerto Rican Heritage.
      & Catholic. Not ‘muslim’ ___
      ‘i’ Always ‘back check’ ___

  8. Edward L. Osler says:

    First, AOC has never gone to the southern border, never witnessed everything that is going on down there, never put her life on the line like Mr. Jones did and like Border Security, ICE and local police do every day. All she can do is file Fake News comments from an empty headed child who knows how to throw stones at heroic people and pour a draft beer. AOC is a complete idiot who knows nothing about what is happening at the southern border. She has been on her job for TWO MONTHS. This is hardly any time to point so many fingers at so many people. When she can do the job of the Border Patrol, of ICE and of the local police, then she can say something. But until that time, KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT!!!!

    • Bruce says:

      Would like to send her fanny down there and see the real.

      • Greta says:

        Maybe it would be beneficial if President Trump put all of the No-sayers an a plane, took them down on the border and left them there. Maybe, but doubtful if any of them would notice all the traffic or believe it. They all have their heads in the sand. Personally, I am tired of all this crap.

        • D.A.N. says:

          No, air drop them on the Mexican side of the border without any documentation or money. Then watch as they scramble to get back into the US. 🙂

  9. Tetvet says:

    To all individuals that are supporting FOX NEWS I appreciate your comments.
    In the meantime to all you sorry, ignorant, unpatriotic, snakes, pigs, and fake news enthusiast leave and go to a country you can speak your piece of BS. If you last 24/48 hours alive you are lucky. If you wish to express your feelings you can send your comments to I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS, JUST LEAVE OUR AMERICA AND GO TO THE FIRE COUNTRY BELOW GROUND.

  10. Jerry Lynch says:

    AOC is probably the smartest person in Congress, and certainly smarter than anyone @ FAUX Noise. If she doesn’t get in your face even more forcefully, she may lose support from those of us who KNOW FOX is nothing but garbage recycled.

  11. renato says:

    that the only cable news that I watch is FOX news like tucker Carlson/sean Hannity/laura ingram
    and the whole fox news. I love fox news and nobody beats fox news and the rest of the news in cable
    TV are all fake news,so I only watch FOX news

    • Jerry Lynch says:

      No wonder you are so misinformed. FAUX Noise is propaganda, not news.

      • Pat says:

        You are a brain dead liberal.

      • Vicki says:

        boy do you that bass ackwards. The jigs almost up, better find your safe space.

      • Don Ely says:

        People like you is why America is in a moral crisis. Democrats love to divide and conquer

      • Sarah says:

        Jerry Lynch,
        Where do you get your information? If you do not like the real news from Fox, try OAN. The truth and nothing but the truth. Can you really say that about your selection of news media? A little history lesson with it mixed in.

      • BigJoe says:

        You are the misinformed. It’s always apparent when someone is too ignorant to know how little they know. I would stop commenting unless showing your stupidity is something you don’t mind doing. You’re either a real goofball or you really believe what you’re told by the liberal media. Either way it must be tough going through life a fool.

  12. John J says:

    Why doesn’t the media just ignore the banjo eyed moron?

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Because the Marx Stream Media is helping her and other leftist morons push their agenda. THEY’RE PART OF THE SCAM.

    • Robert E. Davis says:

      I believe AOC has been affirmed with the new title: “The Fly”….. too bad there is no way to attach any type of jpeg, gif or pdf file to show AOC at her best

  13. Randall says:

    AOC needs her hijab retrofitted to cover the entire body with a draw- string at the ankles. Some type of soundproffing material would work well.

  14. Terry says:

    My advice for you Miss AOC is get out from behind your desk, get on a plane and go see for yourself!!! It’s your turn to give us proof that there is no problem, please take the Media with you!
    I’m from Arizona, I’ve witnessed it, I’ve had an Employer that wanted to pay 14 people through one guy’s SS number. I walked out, called the IRS. There is little assimilation, a lot of fraud.

  15. cc says:

    Every time she opens her mouth it’s just more evidence that you can’t fix stupid

  16. Linda says:

    Until she comes down here and witnesses, she needs to shut up. She’s nothing but an ignorant parrot.

  17. Bill says:

    Again AOC, the do nothing, know nothing darling of the Democratic party let her big mouth overload he alligator ass. When will she learn to keep her mouth shut and listen and learn how to do her job? Oops… I forgot… SHE IS THE BOSS… just ask her. And pray every night that she is stripped of all that power she thinks she has. If we don’t she will lead this country down a path that will make our nation an unliveable place to be!

  18. bob jones says:

    any one that listens to this dumb turd is a dumb turd to.

  19. Sandra A Leahy says:

    I can’t believe our Congress, even the “rats” are not embarrassed by the ignorance of this young woman. She needs to go back to the bartender. Our tax dollars are paying her $175K a year, plus perks.

    • Dora says:

      Please i wish no one call this POS young woman because she not a woman. She is a disgrace to our country. She’s needs to go back to bartending the only job she qualify. She is being over paid for been an idiot and a moron. but what can any body expect from any Demo Craps they are just as stupid as AOC.

  20. Tony says:

    She is a complete idiot, no brains and no common sense. I can’t believe anybody with common sense would elect her. We sure have some dummies in the House. Pelosi has no business being the speaker because she can’t speak and has no control of the House. What a joke!

  21. Barbara says:

    Every time she opens her mouth she becomes stupider and stupider. She doesn’t know crap. She doesn’t even fid out the facts first just jumps on the band wagon and thinks people are going to believer her.—- I don’t thinks . She has past that point of being believable. SHE IS JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THE NUT CASES.

    • David says:

      I hear AOC now has a convenient ‘black accent’ when speaking to black audiences … kinda like Hillary’s forced southern accent when in the South.

      • Dora says:

        Bartenders do become very good at communicating with all the drunks. They remind me of Community Organzors. Very good qualifications for Demo Craps to get elected into office they learn the dirt of their party.

      • Linda H says:

        David, you are right. That black accent is fake. How can she have a black accent when she was raised in a mostly white, rich neighborhood? She is not a poor little girl raised in the Bronx.

  22. Cerberus says:

    Sad the Soros inspired “girl from the Bronx” (but was raised in Westchester) didn’t do just a tiny bit of research.
    Social media twit, who knows little outside her own minute circle.

    This was the kind of fake news we like to see, easily explained for the idiots they are.
    – Like that Jim Acosta standing IN FRONT OF a border wall section, saying there’s aren’t any issues there, and “There are no migrants trying to rush toward this fence”
    Hey Jim, what part of “walls work” didn’t YOU get. 😀

    • Dora says:

      Acosta is a very good example of the liberals having their brain floating in the cesspool with the turds that’s their mentallity

  23. Martin says:

    Time for AOC to step out from the Barr and stop being a Barr tender so she can see the the real world.

  24. Ron says:

    I call her “gator head” ugly mouth, ugly teeth, bug eye’d, and ity-bity brain.

  25. BD says:

    Why don’t we round up a bunch of these libtards, make sure lil miss smarty pants AOC is invited and bus em to the southern border? Don’t put em up in motels make sure they bring a sleeping bag, then when they tell you that it isn’t safe for them, just remind em how this border crisis is a ‘party’ and to enjoy! Don’t give them the ‘party’ vest that the Fox News reporter is wearing!

    • Jo Gonzalez says:

      Good!!! Very good comment. There are snakes and bugs, besides, all those creeping across, to do just exactly what, to any female they could find??? At least,, it would keep her shut up for a while.

  26. Jay says:

    This foolish Ocasio woman has the brain capacity equivalent to that of a gnat!!
    No offense to gnats intended!
    There is just no cure for stupid!

  27. Marcia says:

    It amazes me that some people especially a DemoRAT that they have no idea as to what is happening in America. Instead of continuously saying there is no problem on the border –go there and not the areas where walls ARE making a difference. Go to the places that are having 100+% problems. Rock throwing pushing rushing the fences, rapes, fights beatings. Until you do, shut your mouths as you definitely have a dot of a brain that isn’t functioning. As for AOC “Shut your f’n mouth. . I am so sick of hearing you and you have no clue as to what you are saying. Little girl and I mean that little girl, until you know anything don’t say a word. Has your mother ever said, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” In other words, shut the hell up.

  28. Earl McAFOOS says:

    Ocasio Kotex Cortez is “short on Brains.

  29. Edward says:

    Democrats are some of the dumbest people in the county. They follow the leader and the “boss” (she said it herself), AOC.

    • Rick says:

      You are right Edward. If you want to see the dumbest of the dumb, check out Media Matters. The founder, David Brock the fairy, reminds me of the Pied Pidpiper of Hamlin leading his MM rats to their doom.

  30. Carl says:

    The lying news media are promoting this bitch. The more minorities get elected the closer we get to losing our country.

    • Sitala says:

      Carl, don’t you agree that the Muslims are moving into America to make it their country? As a female, this is down right scary! These minorities come together against whites (speaking of racism). But just watch Chicago with Jessie Smutt. The blacks are going against the blacks. I love it! Who is the racist one here?

    • msueh says:

      I don’t know what could adequately describe this no-nothing, but my bitch/female dog Isabella is far smarter than this waste of air, and when she “talks”, it’s always valuable to me. Not so with aoc.
      MAGA †

  31. JIM C says:

    Why is anyone listening to someone who has not and does plan to pay there dues. Why is she not ignored, she is a fool depending on other peoples stupidy.

  32. Mike Miles says:

    The only reason the DUMB-O-CRATS are for letting in illegals ( which all of the major DUMB-O-CRATS are on video telling the American people that we should stop the illegals from entering the country when OBUMMER was in office), is so the illegals can vote for them so they will continue to have their paid vacations at our expense.

  33. Douglas L says:

    The liberal self-idolatry is slowly sapping the moral strength of our country’s values. This has been going on for years. The hard left and we know who they are. They just want to rush faster to the disaster. We must vote them out.

  34. Wayne Miller says:

    we all know whenever she opens her mouth crap comes out. what a moron.het rid of her

  35. Roy Abney says:

    A lot of these dumbocrats are like rabid animals that keep growling, barking, slobbering from their mouth because they really don,t know what to do! Cortez,(also known as little pig) is just trying to keep her name in the news. Just give them all that final dose of cure-all and put them out of their misery and ours!

  36. maquignon says:

    The United States of America has no worse ENEMY than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez!!!!!

  37. Richard Pierce says:

    That’s the great thing about America… Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent can say any stupid and arrogant thing she wants. Sadly, she and her dope smoking, Marxist loving, America hating, baby killing liberal Democrats didn’t think your side has the same right.

  38. Tink says:

    STEPHANIE CORTEZ …Are you f**king kidding? What solar system did this stupid ass bitch fall from??? I mean how can ANYONE TAKE THIS STUPID BITCH SERIOUSLY? SHE IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!! She is an example of why some animals in the wild eat their own!!!! Get her out of this country and send those three muslims with her…maybe mars????

    • Joan says:

      She is dangerous because of the many mindless that believe her. Too many mindless.

    • Valdez says:

      Liberals , progressives or whatever the want to be called(i suggest anti American asses)believe in late term abortion. Can we perform one one cortez?
      Wouldn’t have to remove a brain, because she’s got none

    • Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

      These comments are just keeping the mess going. It’s plain that nothing will be done to stop these destroyers of our country. Threats have been flying sins Trump was elected. It just goes on and on.

  39. Kelly says:

    AOC is a controlled puppet that has sold her soul to the devil. She is out to destroy this once great country( when President Trump drains the swamp it will be great again). The traitors will receive their due reward, if we stand with President Trump. People open your eyes to what the swamp creatures are doing. Wake up. We have immigration laws, when my family migrated from Europe we were vetted first, we were sponsored for 1 year so that we wouldn’t be a financial burden to my adopted country. When has that changed? The migrants showed also follow the migration laws, Congress should get of their dead asses and enforce the law and build the wall. As far as I can see congress is filled with traitors and should be held accountable for their destroying of our constitution.

  40. thomas miller says:


  41. Wendell Johnson says:

    When a Democrat is campaigning there is never any American flags present in the back ground, they are the enemy of my beloved country!

  42. Ruby says:

    Why is everyone so interested in AOC? Just like the mass shooters who kill people just to get their name in the news, she is playing us. Ignore her. She is ignorant and very aggressive. She took over the new freshmen house representatives by elbowing her way to be the top mouth elected last year. We have all known them before–the bullies in school, in the workplace and committees. Sociopaths who don’t hesitate to hug you one minute and shame you the next. Ignore her and after a bitter fight, she will wither up and go away.

    • retired investigator says:

      Sadly this will not happen. Go to the root cause and you will have your answer. She went against another Democrat and that is your first clue. She WAS elected by the Democrats because she yelled the loudest and that is what they do. She will stay and be re elected because she still makes the most noise and they believe her, accept her and will vote for her again. Other Democrats are a ‘little’ smarter and see what she is doing to their party but, are helpless to stop her, she is elected just like they are. Nothing says you have to intelligent to be an elected Democrat, check them all out and you will see others who at least for me most part just do what they are told to do and vote party to make the leaders happy, (read Nancy and Chudkey boy). They live and breed and the mindless follow them. Do not be surprised to see her re elected a couple of times and then rum for POTUS, she is a loud mouth front….that is the last clue.

    • Fran says:

      Well said Ruby. It’s the same thing as teaching our children about bullies. They do it for attention and because they know it bothers you. Unless they get physical just ignore them and they’ll lose interest. The press promotes her because everyone keeps talking about her ignore her and the press will move on also. God Bless America

  43. Thomas Kukuruda says:

    There are strict reasons for the TSA at airports, and there needs to be the same strict entry at the borders.

  44. Bud says:

    I agree with the suggestions that AOC and others should actually visit the border to witness it first hand. It would be funny to see AOC be mandated to wear the safety vest while being there. Then it could be broadcast on national TV also.
    I would love to see her face as she saw thousands of these people approaching her and our border. She is probably too stupid to realize the danger even if she
    is standing right there.

    • srw says:

      The only think “visiting” the border would be to O Casio .. be a photo op. Which is what the Dems do…. And then announce the border is safe. A Trump hoax. BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN TO THE BORDER. These people only go where it looks good for them. Her is a politician who has been in congress about 4 months… but she has been subverting her campaign $ from the beginning. She earlier had gotten $ for small businesses… POOF… disappeared into her pockets. This is a person is someone who would appear at a family gathering, business event, etc and immediately demand the center stage. It is all about her. The only thing going for her is her mouth. She and Bozo with his flaling arms are 2 of a kind. PHONY, CORRUPT

  45. Thomas Kukuruda says:

    For any politician to say there isn’t any danger of illegals comming into this country, they are in denial. And need to be removed from office.
    We have a safe system of entry into this country and they need to abide by that safety net. For citizens of this country and for immigrants. PERIOD. No, exceptions.

  46. Pat says:

    I have an idea – let’s see —–All Mexicans, Guatamalans, Hondurans, etc are leaving Mexico to come to America. Let them. Then We can go to those countries. The land is cheap. We know how to build proper homes and businesses. We can build correct walls around our communities there so they can not come back to Mexico. We can oust the Mexican government and start our own. WOW. I love that dream. Too bad it won’t happen. Just a dream. Oh well, we will just have to live with American criminals like Nancy Pelosi (the Wicked Witch of the West), Aoc, Omar, Obama, Hillary (Hellary), and all the rest of those low life cockroaches.

  47. RICHARD C VAN HORN says:

    I am really getting tired of all the talk about how the Democrats are ruining this country. Why don;t you all shut your mouths, quit feeding the MSM with feedback and do something constructive. GET OUT AND VOTE THESE DUMBOCRATS O U T OF OFFICE ONCE AND FOR ALL. MAGA!

    • Linda H says:

      Richard, before we vote we need to know the person we vote for. The progressives are putting Dem progressives on the Rep ticket. Just because they have a R beside their name don’t mean they are Rep. They are starting with the District Attornys office and up. I saw this on The Brains Behind AOC Part II.

  48. Jimbo says:

    When you look up the word bimbo in the dictionary, you will find her picture!

  49. Ronsch says:

    The article above left out what reporters where “hyperventilating” about. Trump called migrants “vermin”, and “an infestation”. These are dehumanizing terms that have been used to justify genocides. If Trump supporters fail to call him on that language, they are complicit.

    • Richard Van Horn says:

      Ronsch. The truth hurts, doesn’t it ? MAGA !

      • Ronsch, I live in So Cal and it is an infestation If you haven’t seen it in person then you have no idea how big the numbers are. Like rats leaving a sinking ship. It is not sustainable. Trump should close the border and place American troops on the ground wherever necessary.

  50. chris HINES says:

    It still amazes me AOC is still mouthing off. She embarrasses herself and her entire party on a daily basis. How can anyone as stupid as she is get elected? Even though the people who voted for her are doing their best to find someone, anyone to run against her next election, they still voted for her. Was it a joke? Well, payback for stupid jokes like voting for her already cost them tens of thousands of great jobs and billions of tax money. Smart people would have shut her up and put her somewhere where she would not be able to mess things up until they are ready to replace her.

    • James says:

      She just got started, she plans to help ruin America with all the other George Soros followers ,which is the whole Democratic party.

    • Bill Beveridge says:

      When illegals and dead people vote, then you get people like aoc, Obama, Holder, Feinstein, Pelosi, Hilary, etc etc, in office.

  51. Patriot says:

    Who cares what this ignorant, unintelligent twit has to say? Her mouth will be bridled soon as there are 21 FEC violations filed against her. – and what did she say how she was going to fight it? She is a woman and a minority. What a joke. She truly believes because she is a woman she can break the law.

  52. Well, what would you expect she doesn’t like people or business’s that tell the truth, if anyone really cares about safty go to the border patrols web site on policy , and you will find that any news reporter depending on where they are reporting has to wear a protective vest for their protection, if the danger was as bad on the canandan border they would be requiered also if mis aoc went there she would be requiered to wear one also depending on where she would be.

    • Tink says:

      I say let’s call an exterminator to rid this country of the scumbag cockroach!!!! Spray her right in that horseface of hers!!!!!

  53. Craig Murphy says:

    So, Occasional-Cortex, when was the last time you were at the border? Never, perhaps?

  54. Dan says:

    AOC is a fool plain and simple. She
    is a puppet who is told what to say and
    do. Her own New Yorkers have
    turned on her. I pray she is a one term
    But I do hope they will let her stay
    around to mix drinks and give lap
    dances. In her college dance video
    she was actually kind of hot…some
    of the reason her mouth is shut.

  55. Someone please put this sick puppy to sleep, I look for her to start eating her own crap soon !

  56. MSPS says:

    I read that the idiota was actually selected to run by the dems who had a casting call for young women. Her brother saw the ad and signed her up for an audition. And the rest as they say is history. That is how the left is choosing who to run our country. This woman and her two sisters are going to be trouble to America if their crimes do not find them out first~

  57. John Raffa says:

    The democrats of today are a total disgrace. They promote hatred on a large scale,they don’t have any plate form that makes sence.Nothing but pipe dreams.

    • Alleccs says:

      Why is she still an active member of Congress? Why has she not been removed! She will hand the President his 2020 election victory! She needs to completely disappear a la bullet between the eyes!

  58. Kenneth Cox says:

    why hasn’t she got a delete button???As she would say the technology is there someone just needs to find it.

  59. Gerald Ladd says:

    Just look into her eyes. They tell you all you need to know. Lights on, nobody home!

  60. John Raffa says:

    Democrats make news their way. They are like pot makers they put the handle where they want.

  61. silvernotes says:

    Just one question….has AOC been to the border???

    I think the answer is NO.

    She is an ill-informed moron who just doesn’t when to just keep quiet.

  62. silvernotes says:

    Just one question….has AOC been to the border???

    I think the answer is NO.

  63. Dorothy Lewis says:

    Timothy Toroian – starting to sound like? She’s sounded like trust from the beginning.

  64. Jack Schiht says:

    She speaks the language why doesn’t she just go to a country that’s already what she is doing to the United States?
    Go where you belong, you’d be more comfortable in Benayzooayla.

  65. Michael says:

    Without a doubt FOX news is as real as it gets…the stinking Libs know it too… that’s why they are trying so hard to shut FOX down. Real news makes they’re mouth pieces CNN and MSNBC look like the amateurs that they are…Trump gets slammed for months over Stormy Daniels…But ole Uncle Joe Biden gets a pass from Pelosi and the Liberal press…I am a little pissed off at Fox… hiring that turn coat piece of CRAP Paul Ryan…and that sneaky liar who gave Crooked Hillary the questions in the Debate. .I believe they are Liberal moles infiltrating FOX…we have to watch them…snakes in the grass…Getting rid of Judge Jeanine…smells very much like the swamp to me!

    • Dorothy Connors says:

      I read that Shepard Smith had a lot to do with having Judge Jeanine suspended. It is evident that he is not a fan of the president!

    • Vickie Ross says:

      Fox News does tell more news then most. But I goto independent news sources like these. Plus I goto Infowars.com. Plus Endtime.com.

  66. The voting dems need to get involved and watch the news..[.not the fake news] and
    see how thier leaders are doing and acting…the way the dems are going they act like Obama
    trying to destroy the country………..They dont want to do anything to help the country just
    lie and cause confusion and trouble……….All they want is to destroy Trump ever scince
    Hillory got beat..They need to come together and support country as they swore to do

  67. Send her and whole House to southern border for several days

  68. Donna L Williams says:

    IMHO, bus these “ignoramus” politicians who are so adamant we don’t have issues on our borders, with little or no protection and see what type of self righteous attitudes they return with & also how many of these “refugees” will sheepishly accommodate their designer clothing and pompous a** arrogant stupidity. I believe they would croon a different tune!

  69. Randall Hawn says:

    How can a 26 year old who has spent her life in New York really understand the southern border. Maybe she should take a vacation and go see for herself how the supply chain (drug dealers, sex traffickers, hard core criminals, etc.) to evil starts below our southern border. And, then she might ask why Obama, Pelosi, Schummer and all of the other long term Dems supported it before they were against it. Stop the bickering and let the President protect us.

  70. Timothy Toroian says:

    She’s starting to sound like post-1935 Germany.

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