What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about Fox News will leave your jaw on the ground

One picture got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in hot water.

And it’s a hole she may not be able to dig herself out from.

That’s because what she said about Fox News will leave your jaw on the ground.

Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones tweeted out a picture of his upcoming report from the border where he was wearing a protective vest.

Fake news reporters – that want the country overrun by illegal aliens and lie to the American public about there not being a crisis on the border – roundly mocked Jones.

Ocasio-Cortez jumped on the pile to twitter shame Jones.

Jones explained that Customs and Border Patrol mandated he wear the vest.

The Fox News correspondent was reporting from a dangerous area of the border where there have been shootings.

Democrats don’t want you to know that.

They want to belittle Jones as a means of smearing President Trump as a liar for claiming there is an emergency at the border.

Ocasio-Cortez’s attack also exposed the Fake News Media as rank partisans.

So-called “reporters” hyperventilate about Trump turning America into 1930s Germany when the President calls them out for being bad at their jobs.

But when Ocasio-Cortez ridiculed a journalist for doing his job there was silence from the Greek chorus of Trump critics in the media.

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    who spent time chatting to you. The most amazing lady to wear stockings and lingerie.
    Good luck to her. . X

  2. Porkus says:

    Every time that she opens her mouth, cow farts come out.

  3. Alois J Lohn says:

    I think the young lady mixes up her cocktails with politics.

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