What Adam Schiff just did to the U.S. military will make you sick

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is running point on the Democrats’ coup attempt to overthrow President Trump.

But Schiff is a controversial figure who is awash in scandal.

And what Adam Schiff just did to the U.S. military will make you sick.

Adam Schiff’s numerous controversies are taking a toll on the Democrats’ impeachment crusade.

Schiff lied about not being in contact with the so-called “whistleblower” before they filed their complaint against President Trump.

During his opening statement at a Congressional hearing where acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testified, Schiff fabricated a conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian President to try to frame the President as guilty.

Finally, Schiff selectively leaked text messages from former Ukrainian special envoy Kurt Volker to paint the President’s actions in the most negative light possible instead of releasing the entire transcript of Volker’s testimony which would have helped prove the President’s innocence.

Now, Schiff is harassing the Defense Department.

Beitbart reports:

House Democrats on Monday subpoenaed the Pentagon and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for documents related to a Trump administration decision to temporarily withhold military aid from Ukraine, according to a report.

Democrat chairmen of three committees leading an “impeachment inquiry” into President Trump sent letters to Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Acting OMB Director Russell Vought, according to the Hill. They have requested documents by October 15.

“The enclosed subpoena demands documents that are necessary for the committees to examine this sequence of these events and the reasons behind the White House’s decision to withhold critical military assistance to Ukraine that was appropriated by Congress to counter Russian aggression,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote in the letter.

Last week, the Pentagon announced its general counsel had called on offices to save any documents related to the delay in aid to Ukraine in anticipation of any requests from Congress or the Pentagon inspector general.

Schiff’s checkered record running the House Intelligence Committee led 73 Republicans to sign a resolution demanding Schiff step down from running this kangaroo court.

The latest salvo in Presidential harassment — trying to drag the Pentagon into this fake scandal — will only add to the calls for Schiff to step down.


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158 Responses


    Why drag it out There are faster and more effective ways

  2. This jackass thinks he’s God in reality he is a drooling idiot and a liar and a thief

    • Schiff is a child molester he paid off a 13teen year old to keep quite about his sexual aproach
      Get a Grip America we have child molesters in our congress and just elected a Governor who was convicted off child molistation was send to prison now he is Governor off Virginia what the hell is going on

  3. Tony says:

    As I have stated many times:

    Face it folks, the left’s ideology is not sustainable – period.

    ***** Lies, false accusations kill trust.

    ***** Gay marriages do not procreate.

    ***** Abortion kills potential genius.

    ***** “By any means necessary” kills truth, honesty, integrity, trust, justice, etc…

    ***** Evolution lie kills God’s presence, removing God’s blessing and guidance.

    ***** Support of Islamic doctrine of sharia law “All Muslims are obliged to kill the infidel”.

    ***** Illegal immigration kills American citizens opportunities and culture.

    ***** Gun control, confiscation, kills honest citizens.

    See a pattern here? Democrats are the party of death!

    They have nothing to look forward to but death, no wonder why they are so angry.
    They should try God, give themselves a future.

  4. LONE WOLF says:

    For all of you numbnuts out there, can’t you see what’s happening? The POLITICAL MAFIA is doing everything that they can do, to stop Donald Trump from “draining the swamp”! Why would they do that? I’ll let you figure that out on your own……

  5. Doug says:

    I never knew there were so many brain washed people.

  6. Tony says:

    ALOT of anger out there folks…. Now it’s time to focus it like a LASER BEAM….. Against those DC SWAMP BLOOD SUCKING PARASITES… Who had it all given to them by the common Americans hoping that they would make America great again… Not the case…Remember the last verse of the star bangle banner… After the night of WAR…. When the dawn came and the sun light came upon America….. OUR FLAG WAS STILL THERE…. DO NOT F@CK WITH US!!!!!!!!! Not a WARNING JUST FACT…. There is no GOLDEN RULE FOR YOU…. You F@CKED US get ready to be F@CKED a horrible JUSTICE for You, and your family…. You Political self serving Hacks resign leave now while you have the chance… IF NOT the HISTORY BOOKS will tell the rest of the story….. 1st and 2nd Amendment… We are NOT ASLEEP…

    • JusticeforTrump says:

      Another sick right wing thug with threats here, and you slugs buy into his crap, and even worse the complete fiasco of Trump’s reign of terror.

      • Me says:

        JUSTICE FOR WHO????LETS SEE IF YOUR favorite Politician pays YOUR Bills when you and you family are BROKE JOKE ON JOKER…People like you are ALWAYS LEFT BEHIND…. Sleep well…Seems like you have a mouth full after sucking your own Di@k… I love the 1st amendment… So suck away and blow some more BUBBLES

      • alicia cervera says:

        oh shut up you idiot!! What reign of Terror?
        Reign of Terror was when we couldnt say Merry Christmas, when we couldnt say certain words because they called us racists homophobes, white supremacists and all the garbage your left wing hacks invented,! Go away!

        • FBI reports and increase in hate crimes since Trump took office. Love one another is Jesus’ command to his followers not hate.

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Hate crimes that were instigated by the democrats with the support of their patron saint, Soros, cheer led by the MSM and the fruitcakes of Hollywood. At least two of the mass shooters were staunch democrat supporters.

          • Bob V says:

            Joseph Strychasx. I agree with the hate crimes , except it’s the Jessie Smoletts out there creating the fake hate crimes. I see a lot of hate crimes happening out there, but all I have been seeing lately is groups of black thugs beating white guys. Oh wait a minute, those aren’t called hate crimes.

          • Susan glancy says:

            The only dividing of this country is coming from the hate filled liberal left. Conservatives don’t riot, spit on people for a difference of opinion, call their fellow Americans nazis, racists and bigots because we chose a different candidate to vote for. When Obama was elected, the next day….we went to work, and got on with our lives. Whether liberals like it or not, President Trump is our duly elected president, and no amount of violent protesting is going to change that. We have a process here in America. It’s called ELECTIONS. Every four years the American citizens have the chance to vote for whoever they chose. ALL the hate is coming from the left. The worst thing I ever called Obama supporters was …bottom feeders, cause they wanted free phones and cheap, or free healthcare. How did that work out for them.. high unemployment, higher insurance rates and crappy healthcare. You may not care for Trump…I get that. I hated Obama with every fiber of my being. But never once thought of rioting, suppressing free speech, or hating the people who voted for him. Instead, I went to the ballot box and helped elect the person I thought would be better for our country than Hillary. So…STOP the hate and the dividing of our country and go VOTE in 2020. I’m sorry your choices are so mediocre, but then so was Hillary. You are letting your hate blind you to the fact that this is AMERICA, and this country belongs to us, the people., and we are taking it back. Sorry you don’t like it, but you can’t sustain such a high level of hate and maintain any kind of mental health. You are letting it rule your lives and rot your brains

      • Emma says:

        Your a very funny person.
        YOU need to get real.
        It’s not a joke what the Democrat’s are doing. And it’s like you are all for a Democrat controlled country. Where you don’t even breath unless they say you can. Your nuts if you agree with that. Any moron can see what those people are doing. You need to open your eye’s.

        • The Real M says:

          Emma, This Justice for Trump is the same troll as Racists for Trump among other names. It has nothing to offer to far superior Republicans who support DJT! It is an agitator trying to discourage and break down our confidence!

  7. Clarion Caller says:

    I believe that you’re right on! Our history seems to support your wisdom, Sandy. We have already brought the right leader into office. Now it is up to us, each of us, to place the sword of justice and honesty into his hands by cleaning the temple of Congress of the sludge and filthy blockage that continues to obstruct the progress of our blessed country. Fascinating how providence provides us with the right leader to move us forward during vulnerable times. Blessed are we! How did you become so wise at such a young age? Whippersnapper. I’m 85.

    • Sandy K says:

      Just some good basic training and teaching from a public education system that allowed us to start the day with the pledge of allegiance and the Lord’s prayer…no PC limitations. Reading, writing and arithmetic — skills to get along in life. Takes us old fogies to remember the days when right was right, and wrong was wrong….maybe it will take us old fogies to right the ship of
      state and get things back on track….GET OUT THE VOTE!

      • Clarion Caller says:

        Count me in.

      • alicia cervera says:

        RISE UP AMERICA !!! VOTE MAGA 2020! VOTE straight GOP! Vote TRUMP!

        • Sandy K says:

          Remember the “silent majority”? It is time that we stand up and be counted….we must bring our values back to what they were. I am still a proud second generation American who was taught to work for what I wanted, to earn my benefits, not expect a handout….and by golly we did just that. How many of you remember the days of “lay-away” plans and Christmas Clubs and save up to get something. Before “Buy Now, Pay Later” politics took hold. It’s time to return to the “Pay-as-you-go” policies … before we sell out to the buy now, pay later plans that will doom us. We must keep the faith and get back to our American values… God bless America …home of the free because of the brave.

      • Bobi says:

        Sandy, Hope you don’t mind but I printed your comment. It is one of the best i’ve read in the past many years. Wish you could be at a Trump rally to speak! I feel very privilegded to have been educated before liberalism infested our schools. We were proud to be American then and I still want to be a proud American. Thank God for Trump who sees this and is willing to sacrafice everything he has to MAGA! We can’t keep supporting the world, we barely can support ourselves. Just where do the libs think we are going to get all the funds they will need to support their multitude of “take care of everyone else” programs? How many US citizens want to be slaves to those who aren’t? I believe in compassion for those who need and desrve it, not those who expect it!

    • God has nothing to do with Mr. Trump being elected – your hate will lead to your own destruction To hate is against the command of Jesus Christ to love one another. Mr. Trump will face the judgement of Christ for his policies on migrants, the enviroment, access to health care for the poor. He is leading our country into fascism – I thought we defeated the Nazi. KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups support him. I prefer our democracy and following the mandate of Jesus

      • Mark Spencer says:

        Being a democrat as you are, I am amazed that you can quote what the Lord Jesus Christ has said. You claim divine intervention didn’t put Trump into office, what would you call it. Hillary, a known stinking satanist, was all set to take over the reins from Obummer. The MSM was pretty much telling us that this was inevitable. But myriads of us, God’s children, were praying for a miracle that she’d be defeated. Bang, she was! To the dismay of the swamp creatures, MSM, and Hollywood types. If that ain’t divine, then I don’t know what is. Your democrats don’t want Jesus to have any part of what goes on in this country, even voting Him off the party’s platform. Fortunately millions of us, We The People, want Him to be an intricate part of our country. And all of the witches and satanist that the democrats can scrounge up to defeat Trump, all of the weeping and gnashing of teeth for the satanic Hillary has yielded no results. So you just might as well accept defeat, even though it happened 3 years ago. You need to grow up and accept the facts, as we had to for those 8 miserable years of Obummer and 8 years of Clinton before that.

  8. Reggie Smith says:

    This man is a typical lying deep state pimp who is selling out this nation for the sake of his hatred of our President. He and Pelosi need to be charged with treason after word has come out that they lied about not knowing anything of this whistle blowing political pawn.

  9. Bill says:

    Every time I see Schiff on television with that smirk on his face and fat little cheeks, I can’t decide which of those cartoon chipmunks, Chip or Dale, he reminds me of. What is more troubling, however, is he seems to be trying himself to be a symbol of virtue and purer than the driven snow when, in actuality, he is rotten to the core. His every action is taken to prop up his image of himself and the expense of all others. He like all those congressional Democrats, harp to the Republicans to put country above party, yet everything the Democrats do is for party, not country. We, the American people, have a golden opportunity next year to rectify this terrible situation.

  10. chief1937 says:

    Not only should Chiff step down from the committee he should resign from congress for the good of the nation. His bias and vengeful attitude is disgraceful especially as a member of congress. We have plenty of problems already and do not need his senseless contributions along with the group of four.
    Time to rid our government of Democrats and rhino Republicans.

  11. libra says:

    Sack of Schiff has his own Ukrainian corruption story. His personal Ukrainian an arms dealer puts on fund raisers for Sack of Schiff. The fund raisers bring in from$1500 per plate to $2500 per plate. We do not know the extent of IGOR PASTERNAK’s generosity to Sack of Schiff. George Soros also helps Sack of Schiff in his nefarious dealings. I would love to see A.G. Barr examine the net worth of Sack of Schiff to see how much in political funds has found it’s way into his personal coffers.. Trey Gowdy would be a good example of someone as special prosecutor.. Why not? Congress has done nothing since Trump won the election except devise whatever it takes to remove him from the oval office and into a jail cell. While Trump in the meantime has done some historically good things in the way of stopping the southern invasion, improving the economy, unstrangling the economy from the Obama strangling restrictions and regulations. The day will come when the Obamas will be brought up on charges for their enrichments on tax payer dollars. Wait for COMING BIGLY ATTRACTIONS.

    • Clarion Caller says:

      Libra, you poetic nickname for Schiff is inspired, and so appropriate. I had thought that we could also start referring to him as “Schiff on a Shingle” in memory of the ubiquitous meal often served in the armed forces when in battle. Anyone else have a suggestion? How about “Schiff for brains”? We can put it on our “Schiff List”. Hey, this is fun!

    • Mark Spencer says:

      Nice wishful thinking about Obummer getting his, but, sadly, that’s all it is. Obummer and Hillary the Hun, George Soros and a whole of kindred people should have been investigated, tried and sentenced for their traitorous actions against this country, but just like Teflon, nothing sticks to them. Everybody knows they are guilty as sin, but getting convictions seems to be fruitless. One day, they will have to stand before the Supreme Judge, who can’t be bought, bribed or intimidated, no plea bargaining, and deal compromising. Then all of their smirks will be wiped off their faces and they will be going to a prison so much worse, than any prison on this planet, with no parole and no end. The only way they can hope to avoid this sentence is to get their acts together and have a change of heart.

  12. Luaghin atyou says:

    We need to get to vote on whether or not these idiot representatives get paid or not. This adam Schiff is clearly not worth a pay check to anyone

  13. John F Grychak says:

    Why does TRUMP continue to let the Corruptness continue in the Congress??? And the Judicial branch as well?

    • chief1937 says:

      John: The president does not have control over congress voters do however so blame them for congressional corruption. We are the ones that send these people to washington and the only control we have is vote them out or in some instances a recall is possible. As for the judicial branch they were already there and for a lifetime for some but once again no control of them.

  14. danrighty says:

    I would call shift for brains traitorous slime, but that would be an insult to slime.

    • The Redhawk says:

      How about having the DOJ appoint TREY GOWDY as “SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR” into ALL of Adam SCHIFFT FOR BRAINS “ACTS” of “STUOID LYING SCUM\”

    • Fredex says:

      LOL……I would call him scum but that would be an insult to filth.

      • TrumptyDumpty says:

        To all of you commentators critical of Adam Schiff: Are your heads stuffed so far up your collective anus’s that you missed the mindless abandonment by Trump of our Kurdish allies in Turkey? Do you not see the disgusting inhumanity in Trump’s move that will leave the allies we fought side by side with for many years to face near certain death at the hands of the Turkish military and air force which, this morning, have started intense bombing of our Kurdish allies locations on the border. Not just a heartless and thoughtless move by Trump but a move that will certainly have a negative impact on our relationship with our allies around the world. Trump is stupid enough to not see that we cannot stand alone in the world, his view of the U.S. as an all powerful nation, and his abandonment of our allies across the world can only end with our own destruction. Trump, by his action since taking office, make absolutely clear that he sees himself as our King and is responsible to NO ONE. It is with the support of self serving idiots in his administration, traitors that make up the whole of the Republican Party, and the fools across the nation that attend his mindless self aggrandizing rallies that will assure his presidency is our last as he moves us into becoming a monarchy the end of which can only come, as it did in 1776 in a bloody revolution. Problem is, the revolutionary army will be confronting the monarchy’s forces which now have all of the guns, a situation created by the far right’s lunatic obsession against gun control. We are doomed unless we rid our country of His Majesty King Donald Trump. At this stage we can accomplish his ouster with torches and pitchforks but that option is quickly going away/

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Interesting that again this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. While the Kurds are having issues by the Turks, that is true, but that is also an issue that’s been going on over there for hundreds of years. One American president is not at fault here or the final solution to the problem.

          The point is that for most of what is going on in THIS country, which is what THIS post has been about, it’s the democrats who have a major Cranial-Rectal Inversion problem and think that foul odor is in fact a breath of fresh air. Perhaps we could hope that some surgeon could fix this problem, but the saying goes, “You can’t fix stupid.”

        • Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

          Are you saying all the American boys who have died there and if this is allowed to go on will die is acceptable? There comes a time when you have to say enough. I was deployed in Afghanistan 3 times and saw hundreds ofoys sent home under flags. I have no reason to think it is any different in Syria.

        • Clarion Caller says:

          Dedicated to TrumptyDumpty:

          Conservative Schiff List

          Schiff for brains
          Stupid Schiff
          No Schiff?!
          You gotta be Schiffing me
          Schiff on a shingle
          Schiff and Shinola
          Aw Schiff!
          Scared Schiffless
          I’m in deep Schiff
          When Schiff hits the fan
          I Schiff you not!
          Up Schiff creek
          Feel like Schiff
          Look like Schiff
          You’re Schiffing me!
          Schiff out of luck
          Sorry sack of Schiff
          Oh BullSchiff!
          Stupid Schiff
          Shoot the Schiff
          Crock of Schiff
          Brick Schiffhouse
          Holy Schiff!
          Full of Schiff
          To be continued
          Feel free to contribute and don’t forget to dedicate to TrumptyDumpty

  15. Ted says:

    How can a person as crooked and stupid as Adam Schiff be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee? The only chair he deserves is the electric chair!

  16. Ted says:

    Every stinking rotten democrat are traitors to our Country! The penalty for treason is death! I would love to see every democrat traitor lined up and shot in the head. They are crazy anyway and serve no purpose to society. Their insanity shows in their bug eyes!

  17. Robert says:

    It won’t be long before the democrats cause a civil war they have fractured We The Peoples hope and were fighting made about it. All the democrats need to be tared and featherd and run out of Washington the American people are sick of the lies and the cheating, money grabbing and selling arm’s to Isis though libia while Hillary Clinton was in office. She’s killed more people than the black plague and now that the President is trying to clean the swamp the democrats are pissed because there losing money every day. That just a small part of it I’m sure it goes much deeper than that. ???????????????????????????? III%

    • trump the traitor leading us to fascism – FBI reports increase in hate crimes since he took office – you want to live in a Nazi state fine with me – I prefer democracy which your idol is destroying. Trump is a traitor and has alienated our allies – our word to our allies means nothing since he took office. He does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and is delusional thinking he is our savior – not. you see the flaws of the other party but not the 6000 plus lies by Trump the blind leading the blind.

      • Mark Spencer says:

        Let’s talk about another traitor. How about Obummer, though he probably wasn’t native born to this country. He did all he could to destroy this country. He was a muslim and he tried to change this country to that direction. Let’s see, he instigated racial tensions. He definitely was not for the police. He worked to destroy the Biblical concept of what marriage is all about (ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN), he whined about the United States being the sole super-power left. He bowed to a muslim leader (One thing a sitting U.S. President never does is bow to any leader of any other nation!). If he was going to do any bowing, I’d rather he had done it to Queen Elizabeth, who represented the country that initially gave this country it’s birth, than to bow to a Saudi king, who very may well have been instrumental in the 9/11 attack. He proved to be anti-Israel. If you ever bothered to read the Bible, in the Old Testament, God said that those who bless Israel would be blessed and those who cursed Israel would be cursed. The U.S. had been doing great, until Obummer, because we stood behind Israel. And on and on it goes.

        Also the Clintons were and are more traitorous than Trump ever could be. Making deals with foreigners in order to allow them to sleep in the Lincoln room in the White House, obtaining campaign money from China, of all places. The body count under the Clintons makes them one of the worst serial killers, ever, but no one bothers to bring charges. HtH sold a large portion of this country’s uranium to the Russians. Talk about Russian collusion Anything that will put a buck in their pocket, they’ll do it, even to the point of selling this country out. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE, ABOUT THE UNITED STATES, OR ANYTHING ELSE, EXCEPT THEMSELVES. So don’t go around foaming at the mouth about how bad Trump is. All you’ll end up doing is looking like a rabid dog, and I don’t need to tell you what’s down to rabid dogs, do I?!

  18. Jeffery Brooke says:

    These vile demoncratic bastards could be removed by force if our ball less ‘leaders’ won’t remove them for us

    • Phil says:

      Tak’em out back and shoot’em

    • Rani says:

      Agree. We need to scare the living daylights out of them and start protesting in crowds in front of Congress. The need to be kicked out fast. We’ve had enough of these idiots doing nothing and collecting large salaries and benefits. It would be good if we take away their salaries and their benefits for what they’ve been doing. It would be a good lesson for any DemoRats who think they can do the same thing as these losers.

      • KATH says:


    • Joseph Strychasz says:

      your language is unbecoming of a person who want to stress his position – your idol is the epitome of a self serving person who only thinks of himself. Our allies, the Kurds, are not happy about his abandoning them. One does not do this to friends and leave
      them to be massacred and have the Russians, ISIS and others take over the country leaving a void and more trouble for our country in the Mid-East.

      • Mark Spencer says:

        Talking about self servers, considering nthe self-serving Slick Willie and Hillary the Hun, they take the crown of self-seeking. You talk about the Kurds. Granted they are having troubles, by muslim Turks. But that has been going on for centuries. One man is not at fault nor the solution to that problem. What about Haiti? Oh, your heroes the Clintons went down there promising to help the Haitian people recover from their devastation. They set up a foundation to collect the monies to help re-build the Haitian nation, and what did they do? They built a few buildings and then pocket millions of dollars and fled the area! I know if HtH and her crooked husband want to be stars of the show, I am sure those in Haiti would love to give them that honor, at the end of a rope! The Kurds didn’t vote Trump into office. We The People did, to the dismay of HtH, Obummer, and the swamp creatures in D.C. Trump’s primary function is to lean US, he is not responsible for other countries. We can offer help, but we also need to take care of our own, which you demoncrats couldn’t care a fig about and refuse to allow Trump to do his job. The best thing we can do is take all of those swamp creatures, in D.C. and all of the democrat leaders and export them to Syria and let them help (Haaaa Haaa Haa) the Kurds. No doubt, they’d be giving aid to the Turks to help destroy the Kurds. You like calling Trump all kinds of names and criticize him for what he does, when the blame rest on you democrats. Look to your own house before criticizing another’s

  19. Rosalin Cruzada says:

    Adam Schiff’s fabrication of facts should be investigate by the Attorney General. He should be accused of lying and if found guilty in the court of law, Adam Schiff should be incarcerated. He should be relieved immediately as Chairman of this House Committee he presently heads

    • KATHY says:


    • marida binsted says:

      you have that right, Rosilin. Where are the Republican lawmakers. They can’t be afraid of that idiot who does nothing but lie. You can’t believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.

      • you see only the half empty glass but do not look at the lies trump has perpetrated over his years in office, e.g., all asylum seekers from the south are criminals contrary to a report by the FBI. Hate crimes have increased according to the FBI since he took office. History has shown that violence achieve more violence, e.g., Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Israel/Palestine. the only real solution is to establish justice then we will have true peace.

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Hmmmm. Joseph, let’s examine the lies of your idold: Slick Willie, ” I never slept with that woman!”, later, “All right, I did.” That was just one of a whole slew of them. Then there is your next all time idol, Hillary the Hun, who lied so much that if she were Pinocchio, her nose would have stretched clear across the country! And let’s not forget your other idol, Obummer, who lied like a rug. Before you start throwing those rocks, you need to check what your favorites have been doing. Each time any one of them move their lips, surely a lie is not far behind.

  20. bagster53 says:

    we need a privet agency to investigate all congress people , and when they are dirty they should be removed from congress , seeing how elections don’t work to get rid of them , once elected they just keep buying the next election

    • Tony says:

      We do Bagster We do… Attorney General, FBI, Inspector General.. These agencies have been there… However when assigned to investigate High ranking Goernment Officials it’s a far more complicated process… I worked for Federal Law Enforcement for 28yrs… When I retired it was the best day of my life…. I never looked back… Remember Comey just to say…. I read your concern Honorable American that you are… But don’t hope for something that probably will never happen any time soon… Also remember the the average citizen is not invited to the DC Banquet… Just ants gathering food feeding the top few… Something will come about whatever that is we don’t know.. Lets just hope we could survive this mess…..

    • why not investigate trump’s finances, he dealings with foreign powers, you will find more corruption and treason there than with others. Mr. Trump is no patriot – Senator McCain certainly one who was will to suffer for his beliefs – your idol is a coward and only want to cause chaos to maintain his power. Corruptio optima pessima – the corruption of the best is the worst – trump certainly is not the best – Washington, Lincoln, Rooselvelts, Carter, Regan were.

      • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

        Thank you, Joseph Strychasz! I don’t think these readers have really looked into Trump’s past and seemingly refuse to see the cracks in Trump’s illusion of greatness. Seeing the cheering people at his rallies only proves that we have failed to create an educational system that strives for truth through critical thinking. Sad. Very Sad.

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Perhaps you should answer your own question about the crimes and wrong doings of the Clinton gang, Obummer, the various sundry of Demoncrat leaders, and etc. You really need to carefully scan, though you won’t have to dig very deep, to see what things the above named individuals have done that has caused severe if not irreversible harm to this country. No mention of womanizing Clinton, who now may be considered a pedophile, the many people who were murdered under Slick Willie’s watch and his satanic wife, no mention of the sell-outs of this country by the Clintons, the millions of dollars that they stole, especially from Haiti, no mentioning of the American uranium Hillary the Hun sold to our sometime enemy Russia, for her own profit, No mention of how Obummer has done everything in his power to destroy this country? Gee, if you ever read a book, you should read a book or two by Dinesh D’Souza, about Hillary’s America or the one about Obummer. He found out that Hilary and Obummer’s hero when they were young was a man who made stealing an art, who did everything he could to damage this country, who was friends with Capone’s gangsters. Yeah, they were so good for us. BULLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. KATE says:

    George H W Bush was convicted of 9/11 conspiracy. JFK ass and Gold Laundrying with Barrack Gold(Arabs, Oil and Gun Running). Sold our land in Nevada while President to create Barrack Mining. Rouge CIA. Most Evil Man alive. Only Second to the Clintons in criminal behavior. Millions have died and suffered for “THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY”
    Convicted of Pedophilia and murder. Drug Running with Clinton.
    Death Warrant Signed by President Trump. Sept 10 , 2018 in Indictment in Arkansas. Look it up. We have been lied too gain.
    Rep and Dem’s Responsible for the Continued Distruction of our Country and Constitution for more than 100 years.
    Time to bring down the Bankster’s, Wall Street Criminals and the Oil Cartel Barons.

    • Andrew Caruthers says:

      Convicted? In what court?

    • Debra says:

      I heard about this from another source.
      It’s true. They made a deal so as to not embarrass their family. McCain was also killed by lethal injection. Both for treason. I wish it went public, but it will. There is so very much more that will make you, cry, scream and see red. God bless, pray hard.

      • Isabel says:

        Lethal injection killed evil McCain? Be serious!

        • Mike says:

          I watched John Kaisich on tv say these exact words. “When John Mcain was put to death” This was less than a month after he died. The TV host did not correct him. It is awfully hard to mix up the phrase When he died vs when he was put to death. I believe George Bush was also put to death for crimes against humanity (pe do file) George jr is going to answer for staging 911. On you tube there is a general proving a plane did not hit the pentagon. No airplane parts, no jet engines? One of the most protected buildings on earth and the cameras were either not working or turned off that mourning. How can anyone believe that bull s–t NOT ONE camera?

  22. Annette Dzwonczyk says:

    This is nothing more than a Kangaroo Court. And we all know it.

    • Tony says:

      Annette you are right on your FACTS… This is a total illegal impeachment case!!!!! The speaker of the house has NO AUTHORITY to conduct any Impeachment process against any one…. There was first to be a vote…. That didn’t happen… So this proceeding is NOT constitutional at all… Thats why the White House will not comply with Nancy Pelosi demands to continue…. Until those 8 DEM RATS follow the law… Can you imagine if you went to Court and couldn’t call any witnesses to speak… And the judge said your already guilty…That the judge did not allow you do process…What these four ranking Dems did was allowing any so called whistleblowers to state hearsay with out anyone having the chance to defend themselves.. So welcome to DC friends…. It’s not about you me and the rest of the Nation… It’s a battle for Power, Control, and Money… Guess what WEare not invited to that party… LETS HOPE FOR BETTER DAYS…

      • Daniel Brofford says:

        No Tony let’s not just Hope for better days. The founders gave us the 2nd amendment just for this situation. It’s time to use it.

        • Tony says:


    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      What is being suggested here? To take up arms against fellow Americans to save “Christian Nationalism” and “Western Civilization” under the name of Trump?

  23. Lorna Elliston says:

    Adam Shiff should be forced to resign.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Are you serious, he and the rest of the Communists within the Democrat party are Marxist, everything they been doing is right out of the Communist playbook..
      Educate yourself on Communism, that’s where the Democrats are and they are just getting worst, they lie to the American people 24/7 and the arm of the Democrat’s is Mockingbird propaganda MSM, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS they all parrot each other day in and day out..

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Sorry thought you said shouldn’t resign, my bad..

  24. Anita Tarvin says:


  25. NJ says:

    I believe it was Pelosi that pointed Schiff as the attack dog on Trump. Have you noticed every time Schiff gets in front of the news people, he never can face the camera and talk to the American people. His eye seem to be looking at all the walls. Could it be because he lieing?????? He can’t look anyone in the eyes?

  26. Serving THE PEOPLE in politics should be a calling not a career. So, why don’t we start by forcing a change in the number of terms one may serve in the House and Senate. The President traditionally serves only 2 4year terms. To eliminate a dictatorship in the legislative branch let’s limit their terms to a total of 8 years thus getting rid of career politians. They however could still serve 16 years, 8 in the house and 8 in the senate and 1 of them could possibly serve 8 years as president. That still is a political career but limits the back scratchihg good-o- boy corruption currently taking place.
    Now, I have lived through presidents Truman to Trump and I know for a fact, Trump hadn’t done one thing any worse thsn any one if them that came before.

    • Cromach says:

      William, you have your figures wrong. The term are 2 years for the House, 6 years for the Senate and 4 years for the Presidency. 8 years in the House equals 4 terms then try 2 terms in the Senate (12 years) and 8 years in the White House for a total of 28 years. THAT is at least is half a career! This still leaves the bureaucrats running the town and government dictating to these newbies but that is a fight for another day after settling into this new system a year or ten.

      • Trudy Hand says:

        Just go for 3 years, period. They can not serve in both houses pass that, period. Limit the president to only a 4 year term, period. If caught working against the peoples rights. Take them for treason and before a firing squad. Nothing else said. The laws are the laws for everyone including them ! We do not have to put up with their Bull, period.

  27. Desert Fox says:

    Adumb Schitt is going to jail. Looked up his family and there are two little schitts at home.

    • Tony says:

      ONE THING I FORGOT TO MENTION concerning things about JAIL..As a former CO…There are many PATRIOTS serving time for what they did wrong… But never the less… Having love ones on the outside..Living these RATS decision to take away from their FAMILIES.. The top DEM RATS when they go to jail will have to face them… When I served as a CO I would tell the trouble makers that I was not there to PROTECT THEM… I was there to make sure that they did not escape……. I was not their as there body guards… These POLITICIANS protected lives will never prepare them for that world…. OH WHAT A DESTINY………. To the ones that served and are serving their time when the time comes for release go home to your family love ones… Help stop these REALLY CROOKED CORRUPT GOVERNMENT PEOPLE from doing more harm to you and LOVED ONES…. Respect those who Died for our Country too leaving behind whole families and loved ones for us as a nation… You do have a voice…

      • Mark Spencer says:

        Sadly, though, if these morons do bu some fortunate twist of fate get thrown in the pokey, you can be darned sure they will not be thrown into a real jail/prison. Because of their wealth and power, they will end up in a country club type facility, where they won’t have to face the good patriotic citizens and their wrath. What should happen is not only should they be thrown into a nasty prison, with hard labor, but all of their wealth and trappings of power should be stripped away from them. Then they would have cause to fear. I sort of like the ideaof having them go to the Angola Prison in Louisiana, where there are chain gangs, guards on horseback with shotguns, and should they manage to escape, hungry aligators.

    • Isabel says:

      Two little schitts? I thought he was gay. Oh, well, that does not prevent one from leading a double life!

  28. The Real M says:

    Adam “Schit” is scum of the earth! He is worse than a common criminal! Nancy Pelosi had to be desperate to put him in charge of the Ukraine SHAM SCAM hoax! A sleazy liar and leaker with no credibility is the only caliber person who will do the un-American unpatriotic crimes against the Constitution and America that “Schit” has slithered on his belly in the gutter to do! I would be shocked to find even one Democrat who believes one thing coming from his evil serpent’s mouth!

  29. Randall clark says:


  30. Since there is no restriction on making fun of our president I thought I’d add one about Schiff. As I watch this man and his inability to not show his enjoyment in disrupting our president, and the constant “we found out” speeches I have come to the conclusion his tattletale personality started in elementary school. I wish we could hear from his teachers. That would be fun.

  31. Jono says:

    This excuse for an American is just plain dumb….. he doesn’t care about the security of our country, supporting the duly elected President or the legal citizens of the USA.

  32. Roy says:

    Listen up !!! Smoke and Mirrors here brought to you by the Powerful and Rich ??? What are they getting away with, as we all are focusing on the D.C. B.S. ???

  33. Will Penny says:

    Same old story just a different day , liberal stupidity at its best . We haven’t seen there worst just yet , wait a couple days or less they’ll makeup some kind of BS . That you can count on from the SIMPLETONS !!

  34. John Decker says:

    How can Schitt be making impeachment inquiries when the House hasn’t voted to have an impeachment? The Dems are trying to put the cart before the horse. They want verdict first, trial afterward. And Trump is guilty, we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence. Well, I just blew a whistle. You didn’t hear it because it’s make believe. And Adam Schitt is a serial killer. As soon as I’m done manufacturing the evidence, we can have his trial.

    • Pat says:

      They don’t want a floor vote on impeachment because, if passed, President Trump and the Republicans can issue subpoenas to the various Democrat led committees and individuals. Anyone who gets a subpoena from a House committee should tell them to shove it.

  35. Jim Ogilvie says:

    I think all of us who love this country want all this crap our ??leaders?? are wasting time with, because this isn’t politics — or anything else I can name !! Just STOP the tactics of hate, lies, and destruction of freedoms and liberty we have in our constitution. I’m really sick of it all as I’m sure 99.9% of patriotic Americans are also.

  36. Tony says:

    No Sandy your not wrong…. I believe that these kind of GOVERNMENT CRIMES had to take place for the people to see. This has been going on for decades nothing new…. But for some reason this time it’s different…. The Media, crooked politicians days are numbered… The 1 percent in DC Should not ever forget what Americans can do… Millions of well trained Patriots out there MILLIONS don’t forget that…. These hand full of Criminals don’t stand a chance.. These Criminals did not want the Swamp drained…. It was and is a Money machine for them… Now thats being exposed… The politicians that go to DC make millions of dollars… They are not thinking about the common people in our Nation at all, and never will… 300,000.000. plus Americans Sandy Those small group of Crooked politicians will regret it. Thinking America is asleep!!!! NO we are watching

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Will we ever stand up for President Trump? Or will we do what I think and that is nothing. We will let him get railroaded, and Schittforbrains knows it. We will allow them to destroy the great man we elected. I’m ashamed to be an American anymore. Our way of life is more important than getting up and doing something about it.

  37. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I have a legal $10.00 says Schifty Adam is expressing his sincere desire to come out of the closet and bare his……..whatever and aver his attraction to anything but women. How anybody could be so deluded as to lie to congress and the world a bout such an important but totally unwarranted charge against a sitting president instead of his friend, the REAL perpetrator of the cited crime of ‘Influence Peddling’. I see extortion by Creepy Joe Biden against The Ukraine government just AFTER Biden’s pal Victoria Nuland hired killers to go in and murder the Ukraine government mere weeks before Hunter Biden was hired on with ZERO experience to collect $50-80,000 dollars A MONTH to serve on an advisory board fora natural gas company, a field in which he had no experience. 2 years later, The Ukraine elected government found problems with this.

    • DCC says:

      Schitty Schiff is a gay pedophile supported by George Soros money. He is a liar, a traitor and an assh**e. Hopefully he will be indicted and tried and driven out of congress as he is sent to jail for numerous felony acts. When the big boys in Leavenworth meet up with him, he will quickly become their bitch. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

      • Tony says:

        When he Adam goes to the BIG HOUSE there will be alot of SCHIT EVER WHERE…Oh man what a destiny… Adam sleep your ass to the wall!!!!! Or while you have time Leave the Country save your ass, and I mean ass… I worked in Prison not a good place to be…. Different world all together…

    • mike says:

      His exact salary is 83,000$ a month. There is a fight going on in our nation bigger than the civil war. Common sense. The swamp does not want to be drained. Trump cant be bought. Worse yet for the swamp there are no tapes of Trump with little boys and girls

  38. Steve says:

    ” Step aside ” ? , No the little organized crime criminal should be in GITMO , under military justice for many counts of sedition & high treason against America & Trump !

  39. zee says:

    Any media Inking ‘subpoena ‘ IS bull.
    Dems are 0nly ‘issuing ‘letters of Threat’___
    No Formal Vote, even for ‘Inquiry’ has been taken___
    Rendering the word ‘subpoena’ IS False & moot.
    >So far, Pelosi WILL NOT ‘hold a vote’. She was in
    Washington State TODAY, trying to talk re Dem ‘policy’ ie
    ‘lowering drug cost/health care ( Of WHICH POTUS ALREADY
    Doing !) ,she avoided the ‘ I ‘ word . What does ‘that’ tell you ___
    (ex: As ‘Speaker’ – she Is 0ut of Control of her House ___) Not Good.
    (& she knows it)…

  40. Tom Curry says:

    It is going to be the end of the Democratic party come the 2020 elections, for the Democrats have shown there true colors and you can bet that the citizens have had enough of their corruption and unconstitutional acts!!! Why would any American want a party that lies cheats and taxes the crap out of you!!! The worse part of it all is these Democrats are after are guns, are freedom of speech, and out to destroy the rule of law and are Constitution!!! These Democrats are the evil in are country and if the citizens of this great country don’t stop them this coming election everyone is going to pay a huge price for it!!! I believe that history always repeats itself and this election will either end up in a civil war or the citizens will avoid it if they get rid of these Democrats and that is just a fact!!! For the citizens are not going to allow the taking of their guns and not going to allow the Democrats to take away any of their rights or to destroy are rules of law and are Constitution!!! A civil war will come and this war will end this countries survival!!! All the bleeding hearts in are country better start worring about their own survival and wake up to the fact we do not live in a perfect world for fighting evil is a fight we have everyday, and a war we have fought for generations across the world!!! If these bleeding hearts are looking for a perfect world then they are dreaming for humans across the world already know that heaven is the only perfect place and even to get into heaven their are rules!!!

  41. Charlieslic says:

    SCHIFF is a CRIMINAL and be put in JAIL

    • Ronald Gunn says:

      yes Schiff is a criminal and should be in jail but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Haven’t you heard democRATS are above the law. If you don’t believe me ask that idiot Pelosi!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Judging from your remark take it you feel the same way I do about a lot of these polls. Yes or No does not always fit the question & should have an OTHER box to check.
      I marked yes, but I really think what should be done to Adam Schitf & all of his fellow traitors beginning with Obama, Holder, Lynch, Clintons, & others is immediate removal from congress, arrest, detainment. indictment & prosecution as an enemy comatatnt to US & America.
      Hillary’s rant has already told us she & all included in her “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows……..if he wins” knew they were committing treason & knew the penalty for it. Swinging time is decades overdue already!

  42. James Franck says:

    SCHIFF is a CRIMINAL and be put in JAIL

  43. Paul M Cernansky says:

    When you think of the left you get sick in the stomick. Schiff makes you want to barf. We will rise to keep our real president.

  44. Gary Von Neida says:

    SHIFTY EYED SCHIFF needs to be “kicked to the curb”.

  45. renato says:


  46. Henry J. Gilbertson says:

    The millitary should tell lizard neck shiffs to go forniate himself.

  47. Elmer Werth says:

    The slimy deep state swamp lizard should hire five more whistleblowers to make his lies a bit more sensational. He could maybe get more slobbering press from the media and after all it’s no crime if you’re a Democrat.

  48. Jan says:

    Adam Full of Schiff is aptly named. He is one of the biggest jerks in our government. He has discovered that the only way he can remain relevant is to be a LIAR!

  49. dodgerday says:

    The poll reveals that 99% of the respondents think Adam S**t should step down. I’d like to know what the 1% were thinking when they checked the “no” box.

    • Tony says:

      I think that the 1 percent was Adam Schiff and family voting no… I have signed many petitions on the web… Seems like it’s not anywhere… What Adam Schiff needs is a GOOD OLD FASHION ASS WHIPPING… You know bitch slap.. Could you think that he would survive in jail…NOT!!! Adam there alot of WEIGHT LIFTERS waiting for you… They will knock that grin off of your face for sure…

  50. Clarion Caller says:

    Those of us who follow football at the college and professional level, are very aware of how lack of success affects the tenure of coaches. No success…no job. That awareness goes a long way toward explaining exactly why Trump doesn’t hesitate to fire and hire. Liberal media can be depended on to skew this issue to pretend that our President is emotionally erratic when he makes a change in personnel; but I notice when reporting on sports, the media accepts this as logical and common, to the extent of even being the first to recommend and predict change when a coach can’t win games.

    The upcoming 2020 election requires us to decide exactly what we call success for a president. Is it creating more jobs to elevate quality of living for all citizens? Is it increasing opportunities for minorities to have jobs and self-support for their families? Is it protecting our families by securing the borders against terrorists and free-loaders? Is it dealing up-front with other countries, instead of trying to buy friends? Is it protecting our precious babies from heartless murder and body-parts selling? Is it restoring our military to protect us, and discourage our enemies? Is it stripping corruption out of our political system? Or, is success, in fact, just the opposite? Each of us has to look into our hearts and decide what success really is for our country.

    When successful results are the only criterion for a job well done, when there is a battle to be won, give me a George Patton, a Ulysses Grant, a Bill Bellichick, a Donald Trump and to blazes with all the polite, timid, greedy ineffectual professional politicians. I want a strong leader who can get things done, to succeed in spite of all opposition.

    And while we are at it in 2020, how about getting a Congress that will spend its time doing its job, working for us, making things better for us, instead of wasting their time and spending millions and millions of our taxes on contrived political shams and schemes. It is boggling to consider what might have been accomplished in that time, with that amount of effort and funding, if only we had had an honest, incorruptible Congress. That is up to us to correct! Say Good-by to the seditionists with your vote in 2020, starting with Shifty.

    • Sandy K says:

      Amen, brother. Just remember to get everybody out to vote. This may be a turning point for all of us. I am 83 and have never seen such vitriol and sheer stupidity manifest itself….time we get it back to semi-normal and get this country on track again. We need some semblance of normalcy and concern for OUR welfare and everyday operation. Please help us return to sanity.

    • ROSE says:


  51. Eric says:

    Adam Schiff earned his stripes by gaining a conviction against a disgraced F.B.I. agent who passed secret documents to the USSR for money. No wonder lil dee trump and his supporters dislike Schiff. He made Putin mad.

    • PJ says:

      Betty?? Seems you have a lot of different “handles”. All one and the same leftist liberal ignorant troll.

      • Pat says:

        Betty or AlaskaWoman, no doubt.

      • The Real M says:

        PJ, You are very astute and smart as a whistle to boot!
        We have very few trolls writing under many different names! They try hard to use different personalities but, poor things just can’t pull it off! 🙂
        Am astounded everyone hasn’t noticed!

  52. Margaret says:

    The sooner the better. These traitors have taken too much time, money & resources in their attempted coup. The Dem committee heads need to be jailed..jailed. This is only way to prevent anyone getting idea they can destroy the Constitution with their political antics. These acts of treason are premeditated. Sentencing should be premeditated too. Hanging is the only method to shut the traitors up & discourage others from taking this path of destruction . Schiff’s eyes will really bug out & Piglosi’s botox will crack when noose is applied. Nadler’s weight of his big belly & butt will give an added snap when he dangles. Maxine Water’s big mouth won’t stop ranting after her last breath. Cummings will cry like a baby you bad you very bad.
    The country will cheer as these rats, turds, traitors get their due. Enough lies. No more corruption

  53. Dennis says:

    Better never show his traitor ass in Ozark mountains. He will be fed to mountain lions and bears.

  54. Dennis Brand says:

    He had better show his traitor ass in Ozark mountains or he would be fed to mountain lions. Hope mountain lions don’t get sick.

  55. Patricia says:

    Time to not only kick this rodent out, but put him in prison for his involvement at the Standard Hotel! This demented pervert is a known pedophile and should be locked away!

  56. Grizz Mann says:

    Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. A Democrat said that recently. Does this apply to Schiff?

  57. Tony says:

    WHO is protecting Schiffty Schiff… The way he talks he always has this Evil Deviant grain on his face…. Like he knows he got a free pass….I think it’s Nancy Pelosi that is behind all this… But like true Cowards they hide… If Schiffty Schiffs fails, and he WILL Pelosi is going to be the first one to cut his throat from ear to ear..How can a Rep stand in front of this nation a continue to lie. When confronted…It doesn’t bother him at all…FREE PASS

  58. Caterina Ghigliotti Mangrobang says:


  59. Robert Ratto says:

    What is he doing on the intelligent committee.. Because of his actions he should be banned from all committees.He being paid to do a job he is not doing and is doing damage to the country is sworn to protect

    • Skip says:

      You’d think that to be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee would require that the chair have intelligence. Obviously, that is not a prerequisite in Adam’s case.

    • Margaret says:

      Yes yes yes

      He should be removed from all committees. And he should be prohibited from speaking in the house. He needs to sit in the corner forced to listen but not allowed to speak ir take any actions. He needs to wear a sign “I am a liar and a traitor. Considering whar he has cost the country his congressional salary should be withheld.

  60. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Preferably by guillotine.

  61. A Seeker says:

    “The tree is known by its fruits!” Matt 12:34

  62. Schiff needs to step down NOW, sorry piece of CRAP, & take Pelosi & the SQUIDS just such a load of CRAP!! #TRUMP 2020 ALL RED ALL THE WAY BABY

  63. Patrick Henry says:

    $HITHEAD schiff needs to be REMOVED from office. Then that DUMBA$$ needs to be ARRESTED and CHARGED with TREASON by trying to OVER THROW the President of the United States!!! Once found GUILTY he needs to be EXECUTED on Pay Per View for the entire world to see!!!!

  64. Susan Dudak says:

    I didn’t think I could detest anyone more than I do Schumer, Nadler and Pelosi, but Schiff wins the award for my total disgust to the point where I hate the man. He is a danger to our country.

    • SandyK says:

      and the sad thing is. we cam all rant and rave and cuss them out, but in the long run there will be no accountability on the democrat ‘s part…until we
      vote them ALL out of office. Even then, I suspect there will be no justice served. Things will go on as usual…..only we, as voters, have the ability to make some changes. Bring the right people into office and maybe, jut maybe there will be a chance for a return to fairness and sensibility. But then , I am still naïve enough to think that this republic will survive and thrive. Am I wrong?

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